The Family Reunion Ch. 07

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Neither Becky nor Lydia had ever been with a girl before, but they were both fast learners. Lydia’s first taste of pussy had been slow and tentative, but once she tasted the cum on her tongue and allowed the Virus to break down the last of her resistance, she dove in enthusiastically, causing her daughter to scream for her mommy, again and again.

Becky was enjoying the dominant role she got to play; after leading her mother’s head to her pussy, she sat back and enjoyed her mom’s administrations. It wasn’t quite as exciting as getting pounded by a nice thick cock, but it was just as erotic, and she could feel an orgasm swelling in no time. She held onto her mom’s head, and bucked her hips forward, pushing her cunt into her mother’s face, rubbing the mix of juices into her mother’s talented mouth.

Even after Becky had finished orgasming, Lydia continued to explore her daughter’s privates with her tongue, trying to drink down as much cum as she could. If she had a taste for it, she would have quickly recognised some of it as her husband’s, but she swallowed down the combination of Zack and Albert’s sperm without as much as an inkling as to whose it was.

The feeling of her mother’s tongue burrowing deep inside her asshole gave Becky an idea; she told her mother to stand and disrobe, enjoying the sight of her normally strict, prudish mother obeying her every command, taking off her clothes slowly, obviously trying to turn her young daughter on with the sight of her body stripping.

Lydia’s inhibitions had completely disappeared – if, a few hours ago, she’d known that later in the day that she’d not only find herself lapping at her eighteen-year old daughter’s pussy, but that she’d love doing it and want to go again, her head would have burst. She was loving doing what she was told, being a slave to her daughter’s voice and the urges of her own hungry pussy. All she wanted to do was cum, again and again, and help others do the same.

Becky stood next to her mother, who shuddered with pleasure as her daughter started exploring her body with her hands. Becky cupped her mother’s breasts, and tweaked her nipples, making Lydia jump in surprise and arousal. She ran her fingertips up and down her mother’s stomach, dancing around the tangle of hair between her legs, pinching her full, round arse.

She was a full head shorter than her mother, but as Becky stood in front of Lydia, all she needed to do was tilt her head back, and Lydia bent down to kiss her. Within seconds, the two were rolling around on the bed, hands roaming freely around the other’s body, finding the sensitive spots and pushing each other’s buttons.

The vibrator had been a novelty gift at first – a joke from one of her friends, given to her at her birthday party to embarrass her in front of everyone. But it had only been a week before Becky’s etimesgut escort curiosity had overcome her and she’d tried it out. Soon it had become a regular part of her sex life, and Becky had almost forgotten how she’d masturbated without it.

Now, the vibrator had found a new use, as Becky turned it on and inserted it into her mother’s tight anus. From the look on Lydia’s face, Becky deduced that she’d either never had anything there before…or never enjoyed it this much, at least. No wonder her father had been so excited to fuck his daughter from behind; it was a brand new experience (and one that Becky was happy to introduce her mother to as well.)

When Lydia didn’t object to her own daughter taking her anal virginity with a vibrator, Becky took it as a personal challenge to see if she could find her mother’s limits. She got her mother to go down on her, to eat out her ass, to lay still as Becky pissed on her and drink as much as she could, to take a full fist in both her holes…but no matter what Becky did, Lydia not only obeyed, but seemed to get off on it. She was insatiable, and after a full eighty-three minutes of non-stop sex, Becky was finally exhausted. She’d been thoroughly fucked that day, in all her holes, by both her authoritative father, her obedient mother, and her childhood crush to boot.

Lydia watched her naked daughter fall asleep in her arms, and when she was confident that Becky wasn’t going to wake up, got up, tucked her in, and left, looking for someone else who could satiate her needs.


It had started as an innocent game. Jack and Kelly had wandered away from the party, and stumbled upon the family’s game-room. A chess set on one side, a dart-board above it…but most intriguingly, a rug in the middle of the room, in the design of a Twister board. A few minutes of foraging through the game chest had led them to the spinner, and the game had begun.

Jack and Kelly were twins, and had always been close. They were never forced together – both parents had known what it was like to come from a big family, and so they’d made sure to give their children their own rooms, and allowed them to make separate friends, participate in separate extra-curricular activities. Their freedom to live separate lives had let them choose to be friends, and so they had – they got along better than most siblings, and actively enjoyed each other’s company.

At eighteen years old, both of their sex drives had started kicking in strongly that year. Their separate bedrooms had allowed Jack to explore the joys of masturbation and internet porn without fear of interruption from his sister, who had recently discovered her mother’s old collection of romance novels, and the bold, handsome heroes within, participating in enough sex scenes to provide fodder for a whole etimesgut escort bayan year’s worth of self-pleasure.

As the game began, the Virus made them very aware of each other’s bodies.

“Left hand green!” Kelly yelled, wondering if Jack had noticed her ass in his face as she’d leaned over to spin.

“Right foot red!” Jack had announced, hoping that Kelly hadn’t realised his hand didn’t necessarily need to brush against her on its way to the green circle.

“Left foot yellow!” Kelly lied, counting on her brother not checking the spinner. He didn’t. Moving her left foot to yellow allowed her to spread her legs wide, right in his face.

“Left hand red!” Jack replied, blushing as he looked at the only available red dot, positioned in such a way that he had to move forward to reach it.

The game continued, each twin aware with every fibre of their existence of their own body, and its proximity to their sibling’s. It was fairly even; the closest that Jack came to falling was when he got distracted by his sister’s hint of cleavage and almost toppled over, and the only time that Kelly was in danger was when she noticed her brother’s erection and started subconsciously moving towards it, without taking gravity into account in the process.

“Left hand yellow!” Jack shouted, and when they were both able to move to the spot easily, remembered how he’d won the game as a kid. The trick was to become as entwined with your opponent as possible – make it harder for them to move, be in their way wherever they wanted to go.

Kelly had grown pretty good at reading her twin, and when a cocky grin appeared on his face, she knew something was up. Over the next few moves, she worked out what his technique was, and decided that the only way to counter it was to join in.

“Right hand blue!” Kelly read, slipping her arm around her brother’s waist as she moved.

“Left hand blue!” Jack said, placing his hand on hers, and moving his shoulder firmly against her breasts in the process.

“Left foot green!” Kelly panted, positioning herself underneath Jack, able to feel his erection resting on her leg.

“Right hand yellow!” Jack grunted, pinching Kelly’s ass as his hand travelled to its new position.

“Right foot yellow!” Kelly moaned, wrapping her legs around Jack’s torso, wondering if he could feel the heat of her vagina through her jeans.

“Left foot yellow!” Jack whispered, his movement forcing him to press his hard cock between Kelly’s legs.

“Right foot red!” Kelly murmured, not even bothering to look at the spinner. Her weight was resting on her right leg, and as she moved it, her whole body collapsed, bringing Jack down on top of her.

The Virus was present, seeping into their brains slowly, but it wasn’t dominant – it was a whisper, escort etimesgut a hand tracing across their leg, not the loud voice ordering them to fuck, or the insistent desire for sex that it was for Zack or Becky, or its other victims. So while both siblings were turned on, they remained extremely aware of how wrong their current predicament was. Kelly knew that her nipples shouldn’t have been hard, that the feeling of Jack’s breath on her face shouldn’t be sending shivers down her spine. Jack knew that he shouldn’t be thrusting, ever so slightly, against his sister’s prone body.

Yet he did.

Neither of them spoke a word as Jack continued thrusting, and after a few seconds, Kelly started thrusting back. Their faces were both bright red with embarrassment and guilt, but that didn’t stop Kelly from reaching down and slowly unbuttoning her jeans, allowing her to feel Jack’s thrusts directly on her panties. Both twins continued to stare into each other’s eyes, allowing each other to object, as Jack mirrored Kelly’s actions, unbuttoning his jeans and lowering his briefs.

When Kelly pushed her panties to the side, Jack spoke, the first sentence that didn’t include body parts or colours for the past twenty minutes.

“Are you sure?” he’d simply asked, and Kelly had simply nodded in reply. He’d stared into her eyes for a few more seconds, until he was confident she knew what she wanted, and then with one quick thrust, taken his sister’s virginity.

She’d gasped in pain, and then almost immediately moaned with pleasure as Jack entered her, filling up her tight vagina with his hard cock. He’d gone slowly, allowing her muscles to relax as more and more of his shaft entered her. When he was all the way in, the feeling of his pubic hair mixing with his sister’s took the last of Jack’s patience, and he withdraw almost all the way, and slammed back into her.

Kelly’s eyes rolled back in her head as Jack pounded into her – the warmth from her pussy were spreading right through her body, and as Jack sped up, she could feel herself approaching orgasm. “Fill me up,” she begged, not realising that Jack was planning to do that no matter what she said. “Oh god, Jack, you feel so good. This is so good…so…oh god…”

Jack threw his head back and bellowed as he came inside his twin sister; the person he was closest to in his life, and always had been. He couldn’t believe how good her body felt, how well they fit together, like two halves of the same being. He’d never seen a girl orgasm before, but from the way she was pounding the carpet and screaming, he guessed that was what Kelly was doing.

They lay together for a few minutes afterwards; Jack was amazed to discover that his penis didn’t soften after his orgasm after it normally did, but decided to take advantage of his continued hardness, and started sliding in and out of his sister again.

Kelly opened her eyes and grinned when she realised what Jack was doing, and lifted her head up to whisper in his ear.

“Jack,” she said quietly, enjoying the feeling of his hard shaft inside of her, “do you think mom and dad would mind if we started sharing a room?”

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