The Family That Play Together

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The family that plays together stays together, that was our family joke since my family and I have been playing together for about 5 years now. Last year, just after Sissy turned 18, that phrase took on a whole new meaning. Sissy, or June, had just turned 18. I am Larry and was 20 at the time. Mom, Sally, who had me at 16, was only 36 and the old guy of the group was Dad at 40. When I say that our family played together for over 5 years I mean: Mom played fiddle and sang; I played guitar and sang. Sissy was on keyboard and Daddy played drums. Our manager, Uncle Joe, Mom’s brother, has done very well for us. We were getting fairly well known at the local clubs and around the state. Most of our road trips were short and Dad and I would take the van with the equipment and Mom and Sissy would follow us with the car.

Last year Joe booked us on a tour. It was 5 states in three months and a chance for us to widen our name. Joe got us a really good deal on a motor home to rent and we put the equipment in a trailer in the back.

I guess I should say that we sang country. Mom and I were the lead singers and would sing together sometimes. Now some of those love songs and sexy cute songs were pretty passionate and Mom and I would sing to each other. She looked younger than her age and I looked older than my 20 years so we were able to pull it off. Most of the crowd thought Mom and I were married and sometimes out with the crowd we would play the role just for kicks.

I have to admit that more than once I got a boner on stage with Mom. I mean, how could I help it. Here was this very beautiful sexy woman pouring every ounce of passion she had into a song she was singing to me. More than once may be an understatement, every fucking night would be more like it. I guess I have had a thing for Mom ever since we started singing together but I would never admit it even to myself.

We loaded up the motor home and headed out on our first tour. I felt like it was our first family vacation though it would be a working vacation. We pulled into this town on Friday night and our first gig wasn’t until Saturday night so we had some time to relax. After our first show Saturday night things began to change in our little family.

I was lying in my bunk but couldn’t sleep. I heard a noise and looked over. There was my mother buck assed naked with Dad pounding her doggie style. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Not only was I watching my parents fucking but also this was the first time I came off stage and couldn’t get myself off. Mom had me hard as a rock as usual. Mom saw me watching her and just smiled and licked her lips. She tapped Dad and when he looked at me he just put his finger to his lips for me to be quiet. He just smiled and kept pounding Mom right in front of me. I couldn’t help myself; I reached down and started stroking my cock. I must have cum the same time they did, which was not long after I first noticed them.

Mom just blew me a kiss and Dad winked and lay down behind Mom. Somehow I finally got to sleep but couldn’t get the image out of my mind. Next morning I was the first one up and was sitting out side the motor home. Sissy came out wearing just a long nightshirt. She sat down next to me and very timidly asked, “Did you notice anything last night?”

For some reason I felt bold and proud that mom and dad had let me watch and said, “You mean mom and dad fucking last night?”

She looked at me and said, “Well I wouldn’t have put it like that but yes I mean mom and dad.”

Still feeling cocky I proudly asked, “Did you get yourself off as I did watching them?”

She slapped my arm playfully and started giggling. We talked and giggled about it for some time then mom and dad came out and we shut up. Dad asked, “What are you two giggling about?” We both busted out laughing and finally I was able to say, “Nothing, Dad. I guess we just got a case of the giggles this morning.”

Dad gave me a strange look and Mom came and sat next to me. Dad said he was going to check out the fair and asked if anyone would like to join him. I started to get up but Mom grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Sissy jumped up and said, “Just let me change and I’ll go with you.”

Sissy couldn’t have been gone more than 3 minutes tops but it felt like an hour. Not a word was spoken by me, mom or dad. The tension was so thick I felt smothered by it. Sissy came bouncing out and grabbed Dad by the arm and said, “Let’s go.” She had a funny kind of smile on her face. Once they were out of range Mom turned to me with this big smile and asked, “So did you enjoy the show last night?”

It was like the floodgates were opened. The tension was gone and the words just started flowing out of my mouth. “God, Mom that was the hottest, sexiest thing I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe how hot you looked getting fucked. It was like I was fucking you myself.” I grabbed my mouth trying to pull the words back in.

Mom just chuckled and started stroking the arm she still had hold of. She was looking etimesgut escort down and said, “I have seen how turned on you get singing with me.” I don’t remember doing it but I pulled away an in trying to catch me mom’s hand caught my leg. She continued, “It’s ok, baby. I just want you to know that I get just as hot by you. Every time we have come off stage I had to get your father to fuck me as fast as possible. He knows that it is you that gets me all hot. Last night when I saw you watching us I came right then. Then when your father came inside of me do you know what he did?”

I thought I had seen everything but said, “No, what did he do?” She came very close to be and whispered, “He whispered in my ear, “God, Mom that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

All I could manage was “Mom!”

She started stroking my leg now and asked, “So, did you get yourself off watching us last night?”

I put my hand on hers and cooed, “Of course I did.”

She stroked a little higher and said, “I’m so glad. I was hopping you did. I wanted you to.”

Feeling very bold I pulled her hand up onto my cock and told her, “I came the same time you both did.” She was rubbing my cock through my shorts and I lifted her head to look at me and continued, “But I’m not the only one.”

Mom jerked her hand back and pulled away from me asking, “Sissy saw us?”

I pulled her back to me and her hand fell back on my cock. I said, “She had a better view of dad’s cock going in and out of you than I had. It was all she could take about this morning.”

Mom put her free hand over her mouth but kept one hand on my cock. She looked puzzled and shaking her head said, “This is going to complicate things. No wait, maybe this will help work things out.” She kept babbling in partial sentences and I grabbed her head and turned it to me. She stopped talking and I asked, “What are you talking about?”

My hand was still on top of hers on my cock. She pulled her hand away and took my hand and brought it to her pussy, she was wearing panties and I could feel how wet they were and then she said, “The last thing you father said to me before we went to sleep was, “How would you like to be satisfied by the source?” and I came right there with out even being touched. Jim just laughed and said, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

This time I jumped and pulled away, “You mean he wants us to you and I are going to we the two of us together?”

She laughed and pulled my hand back to her pussy and kissed my lips gently and whispered, “All he wants to do is watch like you did last night. We just didn’t know what to do about Sissy but if she was as excited as you were this might all work out.”

Just then I saw Sissy and Dad coming back and motioned to Mom. She gave my cock one last squeeze and said, “We’ll talk more but I think Jim and I need to talk first.” I didn’t notice at the time but Sissy and Dad seemed a lot closer than when they left and I was about to find out why. Growing up in “the band” Sissy and I never had any long-term relationships. We both dated when we could, since we were busy most date nights. The only ones we were ever close to was each other. Even with two years between us we were closer than most twins were. We shared everything. We started kissing with each other. She showed me her tits and once even her pussy. I have rubbed her panted pussy and she has stroked my cock over my shorts much like mom was just doing. So as mom and dad went off to “talk” about a few things Sissy and I went in the motor home to “talk”. That’s when I found out about Sissy and Dad’s morning. Just like mom doesn’t look her age neither does Sissy. At 18 she looks more like 14; a very well developed 14.

Once we got inside Sissy was bouncing all over the place and without even asking about mom and me she started in about her and Dad. She couldn’t get the words out fast enough. Sissy started her story, “When Dad came out and asked if anyone wanted to join him I saw mom pull you back and knew she wanted you alone so I jumped up. I also wanted to be alone with Dad. I know he didn’t know I was watching too last night but somehow I was going to let him know. I also wanted to make it clear to him that I wanted in on it. Did you and mom get it on while we were gone?”

I was as excited to tell her about me and mom so I jumped right in, “No, but she stroked my cock through my shorts like you have and she let me feel her pussy over her panties. Her panties were so wet I am surprised I didn’t cum right them.”

Sissy stood up and pulled her skirt to her waist and asked, “Was she as wet as I am? Feel this.” I looked and her panties were so wet I could see right through them. I reached over and stroked her pussy and she moaned. She ran her fingers through my hair and cooed, “Why don’t you take them off while I tell you the rest of the story.” I reached for the side of her panties and as I slowly pulled them down she just stood there watching me. She had shown me her pussy once before etimesgut escort bayan but that was one time when she was not wearing panties and just pulled her skirt up for a quick show. Now here I was pulling them down and looking right at one of the most beautiful pussys I have even seen; and I have seen a few. This time she was in no hurry to cover it up. In fact she sat down with her skirt still up and opened her legs. I sat on the floor in front of her just staring at her pussy. This seemed to excite Sissy and as she talked she even lightly stroked her pussy for me.

She watched me looking at her pussy and ran her fingers through my hair and went on with her story. “As Dad and I left I was hanging on to his arm with both hands just like a little kid. That’s just how I felt, a little kid in love with her daddy. I took his arm and put it around me and pulled it up close. This put my tit right in his hand. He didn’t play with it but he didn’t pull away either so I knew I would be able to talk to him. I wanted him alone but some where he couldn’t run away from me. Where could we go at the fair? I made him take me on the Ferris wheel.”

“We got seated and bolted in and the bucket started to move. We were just like any father daughter out having fun; that is until we were about three buckets up where no one could see us. I took dad’s arm and pulled in around my back and under my arm. I put his hand firmly on my tit and held it there to make sure he knew it was no accident. He tried to pull away but I held him there. I said, “I watched you and mom last night and I saw you watching Larry watching you.”

Dad was shocked and stammered, “I’m so sorry baby. If I’d known I would have stopped.”

I got mad here, “Why? Why would you stop because of me and not Larry?”

Dad was still stammering, “Well he’s……”

I was very upset now and said, “Well nothing. I know you think I’m attractive because I look just like mom. Only I look like mom when she was 12. Is that it? Do you still see me as a little girl?”

Sissy continued her story “Dad admitted that was part of it. He also said that he always knew that is was you that got mom all worked up on stage. He just enjoyed fucking her brains out afterward. That’s just how he said it “fucking her brains out”. I was shocked at first but since he was now playing with my tit on his own. I mean the movement of the Ferris wheel doesn’t make a squeezing motion. I don’t think he even realized he was doing it. Anyway, he said that he had never thought about you and mom together until last night when you were watching them.”

“The Ferris wheel was starting to slow down now. We were stopped almost at the top as they let people off. I started stroking dad’s leg and told him, “You know last night when you said Larry could fuck mom as long as you could watch like Larry was doing?”

Dad couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “You heard that?”

I said, “Yes, dad, I heard “everything” you said last night. My first thought was that I would love to watch Larry fucking mom too.” Then I reached over and took hold of his cock and went on, “But what I would really love is for them to watch you shove this big cock into my pussy. I’m not that little girl and I’m not even a virgin. I’ve been on the pill for three years”

We stated moving and the look on dad’s face was like he was deciding the fate of the free world. We stopped again at the top. Dad turned and looked in my eyes and he almost scared me. His eyes were wild and he had this big grin on his face all at the same time, Then he grabbed my tit hard and was playing with it. This was no mistake, he knew he was playing with my tit. His hand shot under my skirt and didn’t stop at my panties. He had two fingers deep in my pussy and his tongue was in my mouth.

There was no build up no nothing. One minute I was stroking his cock and the next my head blew off in the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. I totally soaked his hand and my panties.

She stood up and asked, “Would you like to taste it?” She didn’t even get the word “it” out and I was lapping her juicy pussy. Panting and moaning now she went on. “From first touch to orgasm was less than 10 seconds. He pulled his hand from my pussy and I tried to get my breath as the Ferris wheel started again. We got down and got off, the Ferris wheel this time. Then dad put his arm around me and said we should go see what you two were up to. I think he was hoping to catch you fucking, I know I sure was.”

At that point she lost the ability to speak except to scream, “OH, GOD OH, GOD YES!” Then I was rewarded with the most juicy treat I have ever seen a girl produce, and it was as sweet as honey. I licked and lapped and sucked every drop I could get. Even when Sissy fell back on the seat to the table and briefly passed out I kept licking. I just could not get enough of her pussy. I was just planting little kisses all over her pussy by now. She finally was able to rise up on her elbows and weekly said, escort etimesgut “Now it’s my turn to taste you while you tell what happened between you and mom.”

I stood up and put out my hand to Sissy to help her up. As we changed places I told her that there wasn’t much to tell. It was a good thing there wasn’t because I wouldn’t last long in Sissy mouth. She got on her knees in front of me and pulled down my shorts and briefs in one move. My cock sprang out and as she stroked it she looked up at me and said, “Maybe not yet but I’m sure there will be and I hope I can watch.” With that she took my cock in her mouth all the way and mumbled, “Start talking.”

It was very hard to even think let alone talk with my cock balls deep in Sissy’s mouth. I told her what mom and I had said and how she stroked my cock like Sissy did before. I told her things were going very well till I told mom about her watching too. Sissy was bobbing up and down on my cock and with the story she just told and the thought of what might be, I said, “I told you there wasn’t much to tell and it wouldn’t take long.” That’s when I started screaming, “And it is a good thing because here it comes. I’m going to cum.”

I expected her to pull it out and finish me with her hand but she just kept sucking and WHAM! I started shooting like never before. I didn’t think I would ever stop and Sissy didn’t stop either until I fell back on the seat drained. She continued to suck and lick until there was nothing left and let my cock drop from her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled and said, “I think you gave me more than I gave you. I owe you and any time you want to collect let me know.”

I was sitting on the seat totally limp, not just my cock, my whole body. Sissy was sitting back on her arms making sure her skirt was up and her legs open, she has learned fast how much I like looking at her pussy. She put her hand up and I helped her stand. She came and sat on my lap making sure her bare ass was on my lap. I put my hand on her tit for the first time and found out she wasn’t wearing a bra. She saw the look on my face and said, “Yes, that’s just what dad felt this morning.” She pulled her top up so I could feel her naked tits. Her head was tilted back as I played with her tits. I don’t know size but each one was more than my full hand. She sighed and said, “I wish dad had felt them like you are.” Then she leaned down to look at me and asked, “I told you how much I wanted to see you fucking mom, how do you feel about me and dad?”

Not taking my hands off her tits I answered, “So much has happened since last night that I haven’t thought about anything. I’m just absorbing it all. I think watching you and dad would be even hotter than it was watching him and mom. I also think it would be even hotter if my cock was in this beautiful mouth of yours while he was fucking you.” I pulled her down and kissed her lightly.

Sissy pulled away and broke our kiss. She said, “Both of you at the same time, I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Then you could both do mom. That I want to see.” She held my head in her hands and kissed me again. A very wet wile passionate kiss. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and said, “I think we should wait for mom and dad out side. If we don’t they will walk in and catch us fucking right here on the table.”

I smiled and jokingly said, “And that would be a bad thing?”

Sissy just smiled and said, “We have both given them the green light. Now I want to see them seduce us, their own children.”

Sissy stood up and just dropped her skirt. She didn’t bother with her panties or a bra. I had never looked at Sissy like this before. I mean she was just a little girl and my sister but now she was this very sexy young woman. Her nipples stood out proud under her top. I never noticed but that’s how she must have looked coming back with dad this morning. I didn’t notice but I’m sure mom did. I just sat there staring at her in a whole new light. She saw me staring and said, “You’re looking at me like you’ve never seen me before.”

I shook my head back to reality and responded, “I haven’t, not like this.”

She just flipped her skirt up flashing me her pussy and said, “Get dressed, it’s not going anywhere.”

I knew she was right but I felt if I looked away it would all be a dream and none of this ever happened. I pulled up my shorts and we went out side. We were sitting there waiting for mom and dad like any two children except we were holding hands and would kiss every now and then. Mom and dad came back and there was a glow about them. They were hanging on to each other like newly weds. Mom smiled and said, “I think our kids have been naughty.”

Dad kissed her neck and said, “I think our kids are naughty.”

Dad suggested we go get something to eat saying that it looks like we could all use the energy and we still had a big show tonight. It was about 4:00 now and we had to be on stage at 8:00. We walked around the fair and found a table at this barbecue place. We got our food and sat down the sexual tension was high even though no one had said anything. We were all just so close and touchy. We all took our normal places, Sissy next to Dad who was across from Mom who was next to me. No one said or did anything but everything we did say and do took on a double meaning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32