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1. Devika

We girls were sitting on the lawns outside, awaiting the clock to strike for the practical class. Just then a flying bird shitted on the jutting of my left breast, I mean, over my blouse. I looked up: it was a crane.

“It’s a good omen of luck!” opined my classmates.

My father used to say that I was conceived in a spiritual way and would bring good luck and fortune once I grew, but he didn’t have any luck to see it realized. And luck is here in the premonition of …

Oh shit! I had to have a wash and change. On my way to the hostel, I met Bhavana and she accompanied me into my room. Bhavana was doing her final year whereas I was a fresher in first year. She became my best friend from the very first day she rescued me of my college raking. And Hindi (though I knew little) was our common factor.

Once inside, I undressed and noticed no strain underneath, but the devouring look of my best friend. A bit shocked but riveted, I felt a weakness in my knees.

Moment next I was in the hold of Bhavana, with her hands so busy on my breasts and her breaths so hot on the back of my neck. In no time, we were naked together. Her boobs were double the size of mine. And so was her thighs and pudendum. Being a northerner and well fed, she was in total contrast in size and color of me, a southerner. A beautiful girl she was, and in her birthday suit she looked a real bomb.

She downed me on my back. Her hairs were loose. And when she eclipsed me with her nakedness, her locks cascaded and covered my face. Within its shade she robbed my lips with her mouth and tongued into me. And down below, she rubbed my mound with her hot one as if to set alight my moss, but dampened it with her gushing gash.

“Want mommy to show you her love, my little lass?” she purred.

“Hmmm.” I moaned and entwined her with my limbs and crushed her against me. It was my first ever involvement in sex with another person. And so what if it happened to be a girl?

She traveled down me with her wet kisses; kneaded my breasts with her palms and fingers and sucked at, with half of them filled her mouth. At my navel, she swirled and pried with her tongue. And then at the wet eagerness of the valley of my thighs, I received her soft mouth.

I raised my legs, folded at my knees, and presented her my little rose as a token of my love. I kept up my head to observe her lovemaking. She planted a warm wet kiss right on my slit. A shiver ran through my body. She lifted her head then and looked into my eyes with a mischievous smile. A blush crept into my cheeks.

She licked her lips and said, “Want mommy to love you deep, honey?”

I didn’t speak out, but ran my hands around my buttocks and, with my own fingers, pulled apart my pussy lips and bumped up.

“You little impatient whore!” she laughed and dived into my valley. Her tongue swept through my canyon. I let go my pussy lips to cling around her hunting tongue and ran my fingers through her locks. She got hold of my pleasure button and, on and around it, fluttered her tongue like a butterfly. I lifted up my hips and rubbed my gorge against her chin. She mouthed up my pussy lips and chewed them as if sucking at a mango slit. I pushed more of my pussy up into her eager mouth and was seized by a tremor. O Ambe (mother goddess)..!

And then she ploughed in with her tongue to enter me, but… she raised her head and wondered, “My God, you’ve not broken in yet!”

“Had you, then?” I inquired in a mocking silly voice.

She flashed her teeth, raised herself, moved on top in a 69 position and presented me with her cunt and said, “Find out the truth you yourself.”

I didn’t know how to assess. She inserted a single finger into my oozing hole and said, “Look! Your hole is not even big enough to receive a single slender finger. Now find out how many fingers you can put into mommy’s sheath.”

I put one, two, three fingers easily into her abyss and it was slippery like a butter pot that may admit even more fingers. I knew the answer right away, but remained shocked to ask.

With my three fingers inside her she tossed a merry laugh and declared, “Mommy is broken in, you know…long back…with thick real cocks.”

I didn’t miss to notice the plural use. I sighed at her gapping cave, but kissed at its slush to show her that I was not a square and thus commenced my first licking exercise.

“Ah, that’s it, suck my pussy and make mommy happy. I’ll fix a fatty cock, in return, to break in your virgin pussy.”

Her vulgar speech heightened my lust. I eagerly licked and sucked at her odd sourness. She dived again into my pussy and feasted there with all her skills. I was not able to hold it for long. Raising my hips I groaned. My groans muffled into the fleshy folds of her cunt. And I released flood after flood into her slurping mouth. Buried my face into her cunt I whimpered like a kitten. After licking for some more time, she got off me. I huddled into her bosom and she cuddled me and we kissed.

“Sorry, etimesgut escort Devika, I made you miss your practical class.” she apologized.

“A better one we had, Bhavana.” I blushed.

“Would you then accept me as your guide and instructor?”

“You are my teacher. You are my lover.”


Bhavana was a day scholar for she lived in the city. I had to be a hosteller for my home was three hours journey away. My two other roommates used to be off the room all evenings, doing some additional courses. In that way Bhavana and I got plenty of time to be together in our lovemaking. Her parents, it seemed, never mind her arriving home late in the night.

One day she took me to her home. I felt shy to interact with her people, but they displayed warmth and affection. That made me relaxed. Her parents looked very young, unbelievably. I told them so and they were pleased at my observations. They insisted me to come to their house quite often. I capitalized on that and fell in love with Rahul, Bhavana’s brother, a handsome boy.

Rahul was 19 years old, just 1 year elder than me. He was doing his second year in commerce. Bhavana helped us, as a go between, in our love and in a short time Rahul and I became intimate.

Soon I came to learn that Bhavana and Rahul were not of the same womb, but only stepsister and stepbrother. Bhavana was born of Saroj but not of Dev. And Rahul was the son of Dev but not of Saroj.

That could be a reason why Bhavana and Rahul behave more like friends than as sister and brother.

Even after my involvement with Rahul, I didn’t give up my lesbian love with Bhavana. When we do lovemaking, she used to finger fuck me, in between cunnilingus, telling me that she had to make my hole wide enough to receive her brother’s cock. Thus she made my cunt to accommodate two of her fingers in onemonth time. My love with Rahul deepened meanwhile; and we started necking now and then. I decided to lose my cherry with him.

When vacation started, I didn’t proceed to my native, but moved into Bhavana’s house, with an intention on the back of my mind to trap Rahul in between my thighs. Bhavana’s parents were happy to have me as their guest.

Next day, Rahul took me to a movie. Bhavana too accompanied. In the darkness of the movie hall, Rahul started fondling my breasts. It would be his wont if we gained some privacy. On that particular day at movie hall, while he was playing with my boobs, Bhavana received a call at her mobile phone. And she left the hall to attend to her call. At once Rahul moved his hand on and in between my thighs. Conveniently I was with a skirt and a loose top on that day. I was also eager to feel his fingers at my naked pussy. So I rolled my skirt up and allowed him to fondle my pussy over my panty. But that led us to yearn to have more. I removed my panty and put it in my hand back. Then in no time I felt his thick fingers allover my hot mound. I slipped down on my seat, pushing my buttocks to the edge of the seat. That gave him more access and he inserted his middle finger into my vagina and finger fucked me.

Meanwhile, he took my hand and placed it on his rock-hard cock, freed out of his pants. First time I touched a cock. A thrill ran through my body. Fortunately, there was not much crowd on that day and none at the row behind. I was just holding his erection. I didn’t know what to do. He guided my hand to clasp around and pump his cock up and down. I did as he guided and got soiled my hand with a thin sticky secretion. And meanwhile he bathed his finger with my juices by finger fucking me. Unusual circumstances heightened my pleasure. I stifled my groans, stuffing my mouth with his shirt. I thought I was in heaven, but my bad luck, Bhavana retuned by then.

I lowered my skirt and he covered his thing with his hand-kerchief. I felt, out of shame, that it would be better if I could escape that situation for a few minutes at least. I begged excuse and went for toilet and had to spend some time to cool down my emotions. I put on my panty and, walking around the lobby, entered the cinema from the opposite end. In doing so, I lost my sense of location and moved accidentally through the row behind where I was sitting. Then, to my shock, I witnessed… Bhavana, sitting next to Rahul, was running her hand up and down her brother’s cock. I froze. In that very instant, Bhavana lowered her head and took her brother’s enlarged member into her mouth and…

I ran out in distress, chocked with tears.

On the way back, I didn’t talk much. I feigned I was not feeling well. As soon as the dinner was over, I retired to my bed. I couldn’t sleep. All my dreams about marrying Rahul were broken. To whom I could represent my case? Bhavana’s mother was an affectionate person, of course. But how could I shock a caring mother by revealing her children’s incestuous secret? Silent tears welled up and burned down my cheeks.

I didn’t know when I went to sleep. Suddenly I woke up. etimesgut escort bayan I thought I heard somebody was crying. The room was so dark. I heard again the wailing. A fear raised in me. I switched on the lights. Bhavana was not there. I went out. Rahul’s room was in dark, but there was light in their parent’s bedroom. I heard noises coming out of it. I shouldn’t have done it, but out of curiosity I approached there and peeped in.

Saroj aunty was naked and sucking at Dev uncle’s cock. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and uncle was standing in front. It might be a common sight between a husband and wife, but to me, a first timer, it was a visual spell that charmed me in. As I was looking, Saroj aunty pulled away her mouth from uncle’s cock and said, “Dev is ready, Bhavana.”

I strained a bit more and found to my shock, on the same bed, Bhavana was jumping up and down, splitting her pussy on Rahul’s upstanding cock.

My head started dizzying.

Dev uncle climbed on the bed and seized Bhavana’s jumping breasts. And she ceased from her jumping and yielded to her stepfather’s pull. Her hand voluntarily went down and grabbed at Dev uncle’s erection. And uncle kissed her on her mouth. She dismounted her stepbrother and submitted herself to the embrace of her stepfather.

Rahul, in turn, went into the inviting hands of his stepmother. And aunt Saroj drew two pillows; pushed them under her buttocks, to position her cunt elevated, and pulled Rahul on top. Rahul grabbed aunt’s big boobs and entered her up-opened cunt with his virile wet cock. Aunt shouted, “Chodho mujjhe beta, jor se chodho. Chodhke chodhke, pod do mommy ki choot (Ah, fuck me my boy. Fuck mommy hard and rend her cunt).”

Bhavana, meanwhile, freed herself from Dev uncle’s embrace and moved on her knees and elbows and locked her mouth to her mother’s lips. Dev uncle moved behind Bhavana, grabbed her hips and knocked at her pussy door with the fist his cock. Bhavana lifted her head, tilted and threw her stepfather an inviting smile. And uncle entered her from behind.

Rahul moved up and down into aunt Saroj. And uncle Dev moved to and fro into Bhavana. And all of them moved and moaned.

With dizzying head I slogged back to my room, sat on the bed to get me back composed. Then I packed up my things and came out of the front door. I hid my bag behind a portico pillar and went up to the gate and awakened the watchman, who was sleeping already.

“Can you get me some tablets for headache, watch-man.”

“But, memsaaheb, at this night… one has to go to the main road to locate a medical shop opened.”

“You have to, please. It’s killing me. I don’t want to bother others. I’ll wait here at the gate till you return.”

He gave in. I gave him money. As soon as he turned the corner, I, with my bag, climbed and jumped over the gate and escaped. I could get an auto-rickshaw to Central Bus Stand and a bus from there to my native place.


The sky broke down that night and trees fell down all along the highway. My journey, thus hindered, took almost a full day and I could reach my town only on the next day night. I became dead tired of the tedious journey. I wanted to run in to the soothing hands of my mother. My mother was of a noble character. She could have remarried when my father expired, but she decided to give up all her pleasures solely to bring-up my elder brother Anand and me, her only children. What a great soul she is, I thought, among the filthy people like Bhavana and family!

Our house was on the bank of a pond. The town was already gone to sleep. A small town it was. I walked on the bank towards my house and it was pitch-dark. Frogs croaked in high pitch. Chances of snakes crossing my path were more. I walked up with my heart at my throat. All of a sudden rain battered again and I was drenched in no time. Luckily light shone in my house. I knocked at the door, but no answer. Probably the noise of the rain would have drowned my knocking sound or else my mother and Anand would have slept already, leaving the lights on.

The light was coming from the kitchen window. I went around to that window. The window was bolted from inside and the glasses were tainted. But I could spot a broken triangle-shaped slot in one of the glasses. I fixed one of my eyes on the slot and peeped in.

First it was not clear, but when it became clear it crashed on me as a thunderbolt. My mother was leaning forward, pressing her abdomen against the kitchen slab and her white sari was hiked well above her hips. Big orbs of her buttocks were jutting behind. And against them was slapping again and again the flat abdomen of my brother, driving his thick penis in and out of her depths. Her blouse being unbuttoned, her big boobs were overflowing his kneading fingers. And sinking his teeth on her bare shoulders, Anand was attacking at her yielding point, violently, like a wild cat. With eyes closed and face upturned, exposing her upper row of white escort etimesgut teeth, my mother seemed to be enthralled in their love game.

I collapsed on the wet earth and remained there till I got strength to get up. I limbed back to the bank of the pond and walked away from my home. Frogs all around heckled at me. I wept along my way.

I didn’t know where to go or what to do. Walking back unconsciously to the junction, I phoned up involuntarily to Bhavana’s home.

“What’s got into you, bagli (made girl),” shouted Bhavana from the other end, but her mother’s voice interrupted. I cried. “Are you alright, Devika? Don’t worry, I’ll come over there and pick you up, where are you, my child?”

I wept bitterly. “On the national highway, auntie, under the cross flyover, south of city.”


I was brought back to Bhavana’s home. I buried my face in Soroj auntie’s bosom and washed down my sorrows with my tears. And I narrated her, in between my sobs, my brief spell of sex that ended in… “I’m sorry auntie, I’m unable to make it out… first, here, you and uncle with your children…and then, there, my own mother and brother…” I stuttered.

“I understand your shock, my child, but you’ll overcome it when you come to realize the corruption of love in society. We’ll show you a way-out.”

“Isn’t it wrong, then?”

“There is nothing wrong, neither in our relationships nor in that of your own mother and brother.”


“But tell me first, why did you call on us when you got disillusioned with your mother and brother?”

“I don’t know, because I called on you only on impulse. May be having such relationship with ones step children is not so… comparatively”

She smiled and said, “Comparison is good when it leads one to get close. Take some rest, baby. Later we meet.”


I didn’t know how long I slept. I woke up to hear some familiar voices. When I entered the hall, I found my mother and brother, chit chatting with others in a gay mood. I didn’t understand how come they arrived there.

Spotted me, my mother ran up and took me in a breath-blocking hug. “Oh, my darling, you’re a child of mother goddess. You’d brought us back luck and everything. You’ve made us happy;” my mother was overflowing with joy and said, “Dev uncle seeks your hand in marriage with his son.”

Aunt Saroj walked over to us, took my hand and led me aside. “Let her have something to eat, first.”

Once I had ate and settled down, they all surrounded me. Aunt Saroj took me to her bosom and kissed me so affectionately. “You don’t know what you’ve done to us. I love you… love you so much.”

I felt like a kid over-loved. I said, “I don’t understand, auntie, the way the life takes shape around me.”

“Nothing to worry, the life takes shape around you in a fine way,” Saroj aunty assured me. “To clear the cobweb off your mind, I’m going to tell you a story: my own story. Even Bhavana and Rahul are not revealed of it till now, but the time has come.”

Saroj aunty cast a look at Dev uncle. He nodded his head in approval. And she started narrating:

2. Sarojadevi

We were three children to our parents: meri didi (my elder sister), mera bada bhai (my elder brother) and me the youngest. I don’t know what happened between my parents, but my mother left us and went somewhere when we were very young. Our father brought us up. When I was around 15, my elder sister too had run away from home. Our dad though was upset, never failed to care for us.

At 18, after school final, I fell in love with a neighbor. He was ten years older than me; jobless too. But love is so blind it doesn’t calculate. My lover was insisting me to run away with him, because my father will never allow us to marry. I hesitated to do so for I didn’t want to hurt my dad.

And one day I went for a picnic with a few of my schoolmates. On the way, twenty km away from our town, our vehicle developed some problem and we had to give up our tour. All other friends phoned up their home to pick them up. I too phoned up and my brother arrived there with his bike.

While driving home, suddenly it started raining. Others, left earlier, could have reached home already. We spotted an old structure, a bit away from the highway. My brother and I decided to shelter there till the rain stops, but before we reached the building we were completely drenched.

The building looked like an ancient temple ruined by the course of time. Surprisingly the interior was clean, swept by the forest wind. My brother removed his cloths, squeezed out the water and started drying his hairs. I blushed looking at him only in his brief, wet with his bulge outlined.

‘What are you waiting for?’ my brother shouted at me. ‘Remove your wet clothes and get dried or else you’ll catch cold.’

I hesitated.

He laughed at me. ‘Look, I’m only your brother. It’s insulting to imagine me in any other way.’

Then I disrobed and squeezed the water out of my cloths, clad only in my bra and panty. But I felt a sudden change in the atmosphere. I looked up at my brother. I could feel the burning of his eyes on my skin. I lowered my eyes. Oh goddess! Clinging wet, my white bra and panty left nothing underneath to hide. Even the soft moss of my pubic hair was clearly visible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32