The Filthy Rich

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It really is true that the filthy rich are different from the rest of the world. We can do what ever we want, be who ever we want and we can fuck whomever we want.

My name is Leslie and I’m the daughter of old Southern money. I did four years of riotous behavior at Ole Miss, just because Daddy was willing to pay for it. My main interest was men, not marketing, and I snagged a go-getter in the business school by the time I was a junior. We married right out of college, then moved around a little bit with his work before settling down in Dallas, where we bought a big house on a secluded lot in an upper-class suburban neighborhood. Early in our marriage, I worked a few jobs, mostly department store sales, but since coming to Dallas, I haven’t had to work, which leaves me a lot of free time.

Robert is one of these A-types who works hard and plays hard. Robert’s business frequently takes him out of town for extended periods of time, which means we both spend a lot of time alone. Our relationship has never been monogamous, and we have a very open sex life, which is a good thing, because I have a ravenous sexual appetite. Ever since I was a young teenager and discovered the wonders of sex, I have loved to fuck, any time, anywhere. We tolerate each other’s little side affairs — no, we relish them — because we know that when we do get together, we’ll spend hours in bed retelling them to each other. We just know not to throw them in each other’s face. Robert is really a nice, funny man, once you get past the gruff exterior, plus he’s great fuck, always has been, and so am I. We’re very comfortable with each other and with our lives.

You could say we do occasionally flaunt our affairs, and that is when we meet for orgies with our sex club. Then it’s anything goes, and I mean anything! As time has passed, and I’ve reached my early 40s, I’ve found that those parties pretty much scratch my itch for strange cock, although I do spend a lot of time with my next-door neighbor and best friend. Rita, a petite redhead, was widowed suddenly when she was still in her 30s, and was left with a ton of money. She’s probably 38 now, and we pal around all over. We get together four or five times a week, either for lunch or to go to the gym, and most of the time we end up in her bed or in her den having sex.

It was during one of those sessions that she triggered something I had tried for a number of years to suppress. As I said, I’m in my early 40s, a little taller than average, with straight blond hair that I wear shoulder-length. Three days a week at the gym, plus careful eating, have kept me trim, and I have a nice all-over tan. My tits are a 34C, just plump enough to really grab onto, but not enough to sag, so that they still stand up on their own, and they are tipped with nice little pink nipples like pencil erasers. I keep my pussy shaved completely, because it looks better and tastes better.

And that pussy was getting a serious workout one afternoon in late spring, when Rita, between licks and kisses, told me a story about an encounter she had had a couple of months ago. I was splayed out naked across her sofa, with Rita on her knees between my legs, also naked. “Do you remember that orgy I was telling you about awhile back?” Rita said, as she came up for air. “Well, I didn’t tell you who was involved.” The redhead had an evil twinkle in her eye as she looked up at me, and I down at her. “So who were the lucky contestants?” I asked, as Rita began swirling her tongue around my clit. “Well it was more a gangbang than an orgy, and guess who was the ringleader?” Rita said.

“Who?” I answered. “It was Bobby,” she replied before she buried her face in my dripping crotch and began licking my pussy furiously. I was so distracted by her sudden oral assault that it took a couple of seconds before it hit me. Bobby is my only child, a 20-year-old junior at a private college in the East. He’s grown up to be the spitting image of his father, except that he is noticeably bigger. He’s more athletic than his dad, but otherwise they are just alike. I knew Bobby had done some yard and garden work for Rita over spring break, but it hadn’t occurred to me that my son and my best friend would hook up sexually. But why shouldn’t they be attracted to each other? He was a handsome, virile young man, and she was a sexy single woman in her prime. And, like I said, when you’re filthy rich, you can fuck anyone you choose.

“Oh, let me tell you, girl, those boys wore my poor pussy out,” Rita said after lifting her face from my crotch and plunging two fingers in my steaming cunt, then working them briskly back and forth in my snatch. “There were eight of them, and they spent three hours fucking me every which way. I had cum pouring out of every hole and cum all over me by the time they were finished. It was soooooo good.” Then, she hit me with it. “And let me tell you. Bobby was the best. He’s got the longest, finest-looking cock I’ve ever seen, probably 10 inches and meaty, and he knows how to use it. I don’t know how you feel about incest, but if I lived in the same house with that beauty, I’d have taken him down long etimesgut escort ago.”

That did it. The mental image of my son’s long pecker fucking my girlfriend’s hot pussy – fucking MY hot pussy – sent me over the top to a screaming orgasm. Believe me, I had been checking out Bobby’s physique since puberty, and I had a pretty good idea what he was packing. I had just always figured that screwing my own son was a little too depraved, even for a rich, amoral bitch like me. But I had always been a tad jealous of his dates, and I could never figure out why. Now I knew; they had been competition. Well, I began to think, the competition just heated up. Like I said at the start, the filthy rich can fuck whomever they want, and I had decided that I wanted to fuck Bobby.

As it happened, his school term ended the following week, and he would be returning home for the summer. During that time, I thought of little else except my son and his long dong. I pictured him on top of me sliding his fat dick in and out of my juicy cunt, or me on top riding him as his handsome face contorted in lust and he drove his 10 inches deep up my pussy. I began to peruse Internet websites devoted to incest, and found out it was quite a common fantasy for mothers and sons.

Bobby flew home on a Wednesday afternoon, and I picked him up from DFW. I wore a light white sundress that needed no bra because it fit snug over my chest. After we hugged, Bobby looked me over admiringly. “Wow, Mom, you look great!” he exclaimed as we walked to the baggage pickup. I responded very carefully, because I didn’t want to betray my intentions and perhaps scare him off, although I doubted that would happen. As we drove home, we exchanged small talk and caught up with each other’s lives. He had good news to report. He had been accepted for an internship at an ad agency here and would start to work on Monday. He was very skilled in computer design, and was a top student, a real achiever like his dad. I was proud of him, and told him so, with a slight flutter in my voice. As for girlfriends, he still didn’t have a steady, news I accepted eagerly.

That evening, Robert came home early, so we could have some quality family time together. Father and son worked on steaks together, and knocked down a few brews. I fixed a salad, then changed into shorts and a tank top. Throughout the evening, I flirted with Bobby, giving him generous peeks at my tits, which were naked under my shirt. I wasn’t blatant, but I wasn’t exactly subtle, either. Robert switched to scotch after dinner, and after a couple of those, he retired for the night. He’s an early riser anyway, and he had lots to do at the office the next day before leaving Friday for England and meeting with a top client. I considered making my play for Bobby right then, but decided to wait and let things simmer.

It was frustrating, though. Bobby left about 10 to visit some friends, so I retired, but not to bed. Rather, I went to our party room downstairs, where we keep the computer and a big-screen TV. It’s also got a nice double bed, and that’s where I take any lovers I may encounter. For me, the master bedroom is mine and Robert’s, and I don’t feel right fucking anyone there except him. I entered the room, shut and locked the door, stripped naked and pulled out the longest dildo I could find out of my rather extensive collection. I lay back on the bed and spent the next two hours fucking myself silly with the rubber dick, pretending it was Bobby’s cock. I came five times, and ended up squatting on the bed screaming out a terrific orgasm with the big dildo up my ass and a vibrator working my clit. Needless to say, I was drained when I got through, and slept right there.

Bobby spent the next day visiting friends around the city, while I went to the gym with Rita. After our workout, we sat in the sauna and talked. “Tell me a little about you and Bobby,” I said. “Is he really that good?” “Actually, I came on to him,” said Rita. “He was working hard in the garden, and just looked so good, I couldn’t help myself. I brought him a beer, and before long we were fucking. I hope you’re not mad at me, are you?” I assured her that I wasn’t, then asked how his cock compared to Robert’s. We had had several threesomes, so she knew exactly how big Robert’s dick was. “It’s about the same thickness, but at least two inches longer,” she replied. “I mean, he found places in my pussy that no man’s ever been, before or since. Why are you asking? Are you thinking about fucking him? Boy, if you do, be sure to tell me all about it.”

I promised I would, and took a rain check for our usual post-gym rendezvous. I had to get Robert’s things packed, then we had a dinner party to attend that night. We were both frisky when we got home, and since he would be gone two weeks, we were both eager to fuck. It was a typically hot fuck, but it left me strangely unfulfilled, and as I lay awake listening to my husband snore, I realized that I wouldn’t rest easy until I had seduced my son.

Robert left the next morning, but so did Bobby, who headed downtown to start the paperwork for etimesgut escort bayan his summer job. I spent the morning by the pool, and that’s when I figured out how I would do it. A poolside fuck, I thought. What a turn-on! My hot, nearly-naked body broiling under the hot Texas sun ought to arouse him enough to overcome whatever inhibitions he might have about a sexual relationship with his mother. After all, the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his dick, and I was reasonably sure Bobby would be unable or unwilling to resist me. Fact is, I had never had anyone I wanted to fuck refuse me. Like I said, I’m a good fuck. I went to lunch that afternoon with Rita, then we went back to her house, where we spent two hours eating each other’s pussy. But I even had trouble getting off with her, and finally I just slipped on a strap-on cock and fucked her until she passed out.

That night, Bobby and his friends went out clubbing, leaving me to wander our big house alone, which I did – naked. I don’t know, maybe I hoped he’d change his mind, turn around, come home and see me naked, then fuck me right then. I finally ended up in the party room, where I put on a porn video and fucked myself to sleep with one of my vibrators. The next day would be Saturday, and the hired help would be gone, leaving me free to make my move. The next morning, I arose fairly early for a Saturday. I was giddy and a little nervous about what I was about to do. I checked on Bobby, but he was still crashed. They had gotten in late, so I knew I could take my time getting ready. I ate a light breakfast, then took a long bath and shaved all over.

When I was finished, I put on the tiniest bikini I have, a white thong that just barely covered my tits and my pussy, and pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail. I was ready. Moving to the bar, I fixed a big pitcher of mimosas, grabbed a couple of glasses, my shades, beach towel and suntan oil, then strolled out to the pool. The heat and brightness of the morning was intoxicating, and I felt a trickle of moisture seep from my crack. I lay my things down, then dove into the water to swim a couple of laps. I splashed loudly so Bobby would know I was out there. His bedroom window faces the pool, so I knew that once he was awake, he’d have to check out what was happening. I swam up and down the length of the pool a few times, then climbed slowly out of the pool.

I walked over to the chaise lounge, picked up my towel and leisurely dried off, making sure I faced Bobby’s window as I rubbed the towel between my legs. After spreading the damp towel on the lounge, I proceeded to oil my body for tanning. I took my time about it, and again I made sure I was facing his window as I ran my hands all over my gleaming body. I thought that if that didn’t do it, I wasn’t sure what would, because I was making a show of it, sensuously rubbing the oil over my stomach and over the tops of my breasts. Then I poured myself a drink and laid down on the lounge. As the sun beat down on my all-but-naked body, it was all I could do to keep from reaching into the front of my thong and fingering my bubbling cunt; I was that horny.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too long. I was well into my second drink and just getting a buzz, when I heard the patio door slam shut and Bobby walked out to the pool. The first thing I noticed through my slitted eyes was that he wasn’t wearing the usual baggy shorts that guys wear to the pool these days. No, he had on a pair of Speedos that he’d had from his days on the high school swim team. It was tight and skimpy, and did little to disguise his fat cock. “Damn, Mom, a suit like that’ll get you arrested in most places I know,” he teased. I just smiled and offered him a drink, which he accepted. Then he sat in the chair next to me, pulled a joint out of the fanny pack he’d brought out with him and fired it up.

Now I knew I had him. He would never have pulled out a joint in front of me without having some ulterior motive. I knew he smoked; so did I, occasionally, and a couple of times over the previous two years we had even shared one. I love the high weed gives me. It always sends my libido sky-high, and I was extra horny to begin with. After finishing the joint, Bobby got up and dove into the pool. I watched him with growing anticipation as he swam back and forth. Watching his muscular form at work sent chills down my spine and wetness to my cunt. It was time. Rolling onto my stomach, I untied the ties of my top and let the sun bake my bare back. I heard Bobby climb out of the pool and walk to his chair to dry off. After a few minutes, I opened my eyes, looked up, grabbed the bottle of suntan oil and handed it to Bobby.

“Would you please be a dear and oil my back, sweetheart?” I asked, hoping the nervousness in my voice didn’t show. “I can’t seem to reach too far down there.” He took the bottle, sat on the lounge next to me and squeezed out a liberal portion of the hot liquid all over my naked back. I almost came right then when his strong hands began working the oil all over my back. A couple of times, I felt his fingers escort etimesgut just brush the sides of my tits before moving lower, making me shudder.

“Ummmmm, that feels sooo good,” I said huskily as his hands moved to my buttocks, which were exposed by the thong bottoms. As I felt his fingers carefully pull the thong out to run his fingers over my pussy, he spoke for the first time in awhile. “I think you want me to do more than just rub oil on your back, don’t you Mom,” he said with lust in his voice. His fingers found my throbbing clit and began to slowly circle it as he continued, “Are you sure you want to do this, Mom? If you don’t, you’d better say so now, because otherwise I’m going to forget that you’re my mother and fuck the shit out of you.”

In answer, I simply rolled over, exposing my lush tits to my son’s horny gaze. I reached up with my right hand to pull his face to mine and with my left hand I squeezed his cock through his suit. “Fuck me, Bobby. Make your mother’s pussy sing the way you made Rita’s sing,” I whispered. “I don’t care about anything else, just put that glorious meat in my pussy and make me cum!” Then our mouths met and we lost ourselves in a long, passionate kiss. Bobby’s hands cupped my oily breasts and his fingers caressed my nipples as our tongues danced together.

Standing up suddenly, he abruptly pulled the thong off of me and there I lay, naked in front of my only child, with my legs spread and my wet pussy exposed. As he did that, I pulled down his suit as well, and we each gave an involuntary sound of appreciation. His was a low whistle as he appraised my body; mine was a gasp as I saw the size of the salami bobbing in front of my face. It was a legitimate 10 inches, all right, maybe closer to 11, and it was fat, at least two inches in diameter.

I did what anyone would do. I grabbed it at the base and ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, then over the bulbous head. I opened my mouth and covered the head with my lips and sucked him slowly into my throat. People have said that I give the best head in Texas, and I had never before met a cock I couldn’t deep throat. But I could only get about two-thirds of Bobby down me before it wouldn’t go any further. Nevertheless, I pulled back and began sucking his cock vigorously, moaning and drooling as I did. Bobby had reached down and was working his fingers like a craftsman on my pussy. For long minutes we played each other like maestros. I’d bring him close to shooting in my mouth, then stop. He’d twirl my clit with his fingers until I was on the brink of a shattering orgasm, then he’d stop.

Finally, I had had enough teasing. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I lay back, spread my legs again and panted for Bobby to stick that monster in me. “Fuck me, please. I need it sooo bad,” I begged, and this time he didn’t tease me. Without hesitation, he climbed between my legs, planted the head of his cock at the burning entrance to my fuck hole and slowly pushed it in. As soon as he got the head in, I started cumming, the pent-up emotions of the previous few days flowing out of me in one white-hot moment. He stopped for a second to give me a chance to catch my breath and to adjust to his size, but I was having none of that. I wrapped my legs around his waist, grabbed his succulent butt and forced him in, inch by inch.

“Fuck my hot pussy, you mother fucker,” I practically snarled at him. “Fuck me hard, keep fucking me hard and keep making me cum.” After what seemed like an eternity, he reached bottom, and, what do you know, it was a perfect fit. Just as the head of his dick reached the entrance to my cervix and threatened to split me in two, I felt his coarse pubic hairs on my clit, and I came again. Then Bobby really started fucking me, hard, but at a measured pace. Rita was right. This man knew what he was doing. He varied the angle of his thrusts so that his cock always seemed to hit my clit from a different direction as he pounded my pussy with his rampaging dick. Our oily, sweaty bodies rubbed together hotly, adding more fuel to our forbidden lust.

“Jesus, Mom, I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” Bobby whispered in my ear as our arms wrapped themselves around each other’s body, bringing us closer together. “I can’t believe how well we fit. It’s almost like we were made for each other. I’m telling you, Mom, this is the best fuck I’ve ever had.” Bobby then lifted himself up, grabbed my ankles, put them over his shoulder and began to fuck me with long steady strokes. By then, I had lost count of how many orgasms I’d had. They seemed to all be flowing together, leaving me nearly incoherent.

Pulling my right leg over, he deftly rolled me over onto my stomach, keeping his cock embedded in me all the time, then he pulled my hips up so that I was on my knees with my face buried in the chair. Doggie-style is one of my favorite positions, because the thrust is much deeper. I pumped back hard on his twitching cock as he grabbed my hips and worked his cock relentlessly in my box. Then, he did something I didn’t expect. Pulling my butt cheeks apart, he pressed a finger to my wet asshole and began to finger me there. I lost it right there. I lifted my head and screamed out yet another orgasm as my tits swayed on my chest. I thrashed and jerked back hard on his dick, wanting even more of it in my quivering pussy, and I pushed back on his fingers, as well, trying to get more of them in my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32