The Forbidden Muse Ch. 01

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(This story focuses on the progress of a profound romantic relationship between a 36 year old mother and her 20 year old son. This isn’t a quick, “wham-bamm-thank you ma’am” story, but rather a thoughtful and arousing look into the dynamics of a son and his mother who struggle to accept the taboo destiny that society has placed upon them. Enjoy!

Thanks to Mimi for her superior editing skills.)

Its amazing how common romantic and respectful incest are becoming these days among rational adults. Now granted, this lifestyle is still way under the radar, but Google the word “incest”, and I guarantee that most will find something that piques their particular interest. Most would be amazed by how many in this world have endured the undeniable incestuous cravings that pumps through their veins.

So take me, a 33-year-old single IT programmer, your average everyday white guy who is still trying to find that perfect girl who can make my all my fantasies come true. Most of my friends gave in and settled for women who probably will never fulfill their deepest desires. I’m glad I held out this long, but at times it does get terribly lonely. While I don’t let my looks go to my head, I do feel very comfortable with my looks and what I can offer an open-minded woman. I work out once a day to maintain my 6’2″ muscular build, eat right and treat people with respect and kindness. Plus I make a great living with my job, and feel as if my dark Italian heritage will hopefully (someday) attract the right woman.

The first hint of my own cravings came to me when I was 18 when I met my first serious girlfriend, who was a drop dead twin of my beautiful Aunt. I can specifically recall the moment I first saw her, and how deeply I fell in love with her on first seeing her. I even went as far as telling her how much she reminded me of my beloved aunt. But sadly, that was the only occasion of forbidden confession. Thankfully for her and my aunt, they both reinforced my passionate thirst for thick, rubenesque women. Not fat or obese, but women who packed all the right curves in all the right places. To me, there is simply nothing sexier than a sultry vixen with an hour glass figure with wide thick hips. It would be a defining attribute in all of my relationships after her.

In my day to day life, I’ve become friends with a fellow co-worker who recently invited me to his church. While I’ve never been much of a churchgoer, but I thought “what the hell” and decided to give it a shot. After about three visits in a row, I found myself truly enjoying the relaxed atmosphere his church offered. There was also an overabundance of seemingly beautiful single women who also attended, and given that the church was one of the city’s most popular and wealthiest congregations, I hoped for a “win-win” situation.

It was on my fifth visit that I sat directly behind the most beautiful woman in the entire assembly. Meeting an attractive woman was my furthermost goal that morning, but given this woman’s alluring features, I could hardly resist not taking notice. She stood roughly 5’5″ in a gorgeous form fitting black skirt that fell just sky of her delicious golden knees. My guess was that she was approaching 40. She wore a luscious white angora sweater that perfectly hugged all of her ripe, voluptuous curves. Added to the picturesque vista was her lengthy golden hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back, slightly curled and so deserving of an appreciative set of hands to caress their silky strands. This woman seemed to boil with a subtle hint of raw sexuality. A deep natural tan perfectly accented her alluring features… I was enthralled.

Later in the service, the minister asked the congregation to welcome everyone around them in an offering of peace and goodwill… a staple of his sermons, which I particularly enjoyed, especially on this morning. It was crazy at first with all the drooling old geezers making their way to the sexy blond to say hi. I motioned through the barrage of “hellos and hi’s” with other members before making eye contact with her while we both were greeting others. It was like I was a high school kid all over again, seeing a girl whom you knew you wanted to make wild passionate love to. I literally felt my heart lock up when I saw the salacious glow in her sapphire eyes. I froze… and what was so amazing was that she did too. It was like time stood still for me, connecting in some supernatural way.

“Hi.” Was all I could muster.

“Uhmm, hi.” She replied, stepping back slightly.

I blinked, making sure I was really looking at a woman who could truly be this beautiful.

“You got a lot of fans here.” I managed to say.

A wide graceful smile eased across her supple face. She looked like someone I knew… a sexier, fuller Elizabeth Shue. She gleamed with a beauty my eyes had not seen in ages.

“You think?” she answered.

I laughed, smiling right back at her before looking down, somewhat intimidated by cebeci escort the golden magnificence before my eyes. I decided not to be too brash in my obvious attraction.

“I’m Roger.” I replied, offering her my hand in a typical social salutation.

Her eyes immediately shot down to my left hand, where I knew she looked for a ring before extending her hand to mine. She tired to be so blasé about it, but instincts are sometimes unavoidable.

“Laurie.” She softly replied as our hands met.

Just at that moment, the congregation began to sit back down. Our hands parted, but I could sense that the two of us didn’t’ want to stop.

“Guess its showtime, huh?” I said, trying my best to pull back the monster of attraction I had for her.

Her only reply was another gentle smile before turning around to sit. I couldn’t help but admire the luscious round width of her ass as those bursting cheeks pressed down to the wood. I was hooked.

After church, I made it a point to continue getting to know Laurie. It felt somewhat odd trying to score with a woman at church, but there was an enduring fire in my soul for this woman. It had been so long since I had met anyone who intrigued me on all levels like Laurie. You could just tell by the confident sexy look in her blue eyes that she loved to fuck, and would relish it with the hunger of a thousand women.

I was thanklessly caught by a friend who wanted to talk after the service, allowing Laurie to slip away before we could continue our talk. Somewhat agitated, I blew it off and went about my business. But for the next few days, I was completely smitten by the intoxicating mystique and captivating mystery of who this voluptuous vixen was. That night, my insatiable thirst for a tanned, buxom blonde was quelled by perusing through the internet and watching as many videos as I could of healthy tan blondes being made love to in countless positions.

Demanding undaunted freedom from my ignited urges, I lathered my thick seven-inch cock with KY and began the familiar rights of passage as I watched a heavenly blonde receive the wonderful efforts of her lover while on her knees. My fingers, dripping with the slick glossy lubricant, gently begged my twitching cock for the indulgence of doing this to Laurie. The slushy pops and gurgles of my steady massage brought a flurry of images and torrid thoughts as I focused on the image of Laurie’s ass sitting down in that pew hours earlier. The video eventually stopped as my own fantasy of Laurie on her knees carried me away. There are good jerk offs, then there are fantastic ones where all elements of time and existence cease… this was one of them.

All I could think about was Laurie’s succulent ass, and how perfectly shaped it was. I simply loved a woman with a nice big ass… not fat or obese, but plentiful and buxom. Since I could remember, I was an ass man tried and true. I simply loved everything about an ass… its shape, the spherical grandeur of its intoxicating curves, and the beautifying mystery of the promise they carried. I imagined watching her cheeks ripple as I pounded her from behind, wildly clutching and clawing those golden orbs as her flesh summoned the seed of my essence. My body, now slick with perspiration, began shaking as my palm substituted for Laurie’s boiling pussy. In one final violent thrust, I growled some unintelligible cry as a series of thick ropes of sperm volleyed from my glossy cock. God, I must have shot it out five to six feet high into the air, knowing this was a orgasm for the books.

I must have sat motionless and spent at my desk for almost a half an hour before finding the energy to drag myself to bed. After about an hour of staring at the ceiling, I began to look back on my life and where my cravings for a woman like Laurie began. In the misty haze of memory, the most unexpected thought came to mind… my gorgeous Aunt. I tossed and turned in guilt for the next few hours as I envisioned my brunette, curvy Aunt Beth as she was years ago. It all made perfect sense as I fell to sleep… I had loved my Aunt as a kid, and as a man, I wanted a woman just like her no matter what the cost.

In the weeks after my self-revelation, I made it a point to get to know Laurie as best as I could. Church was something I actually found enjoyable as each week, I would get a fantastic show of Laurie’s new form fitting outfits and revealing blouses. And after about five weeks, I was finally able to get her phone number and ask her out for a date. I was beside myself. But in the back of my mind, I still couldn’t get the flurry of images and fantasies of my Aunt Beth to stop. I began perusing the Internet to quench my growing desires, and found a wealth of wonderful stories and videos that focused on my forbidden hopes. I even watched several mother/son videos and began envying the young guys who were lucky enough to score with their beautiful and still fertile mothers.

One story in cebeci escort bayan particular caught my eye late one night… it was a story that depicted a 19 year old son going so far as to wed his own mother, lovingly impregnating her. My heart locked up in erotic trauma. Even though the story was fictitious, it was so well written with profound tenderness, handling the relationship with delicate care and regard. I kept going back to the same two sentences where the son was struggling with all of his might to make his mother pregnant. As outlandish and unlawful as that was, it seemed so completely natural to me. It triggered a long-forgotten sentiment within as I remembered back to my first few girlfriends, and how much I loved them and wanted to permanently “brand” them as mine with a child spawned from our unwavering love. Even then, the concept inspired me to no end. I took extra care in stroking my aching cock to an unbelievable and staggering orgasm that night as I envisioned Laurie as my very own mother, that curvy tan flesh atop me, milking my life giving cock for her son’s anxious seed. I did my best to pursue the marvelous story, reading the shocking revelations of incestuous need and desire. The mother began to beg her son to fulfill their destiny, to inseminate the very womb that he was created in. My eyelids fluttered, gasping in welcomed trauma of the richly passionate saga of mother/son intercourse. Each word seemed to epitomize the perfect coupling. How the son clutched his mother’s ass so dangerously as she rode him for all he was worth… the sweat that glued their bodies together, the endless gasps and cries for release and conception. I felt my body lock up, focussing on the hope in the son’s heart to forever emblazon his own mother as his woman for all time. I fell out of the chair to my knees as I watched a huge string of cumm explode from me. Another torrent gushed outward, imagining the mother’s belly swelled with her son’s child. I was in complete heaven.

One Week Later…

I felt like I was going on my first date. I thought at 33, I would be over the jitters of going out with a woman. But considering the fantasies I had been having, I did feel as if this was a “first” of sorts. After some harmless “get to know you” e-mails, I found out Laurie was three years older than me, 36. I had intentionally stopped jerking off five days prior to our first date to save up my stamina just in case I was lucky enough to go all the way with Laurie. By the time I knocked on her door that Friday night, I was like a caged beast eager for release.

The door opened, and instead of Laurie, I was face to face with a tall strapping fellow whom I assumed was Laurie’s boyfriend. My guess was he was in his early 20’s, but by the time I had sized him up, both of our Alpha Male genes had kicked in, ready for battle. I could tell this kid wanted nothing to do with me as he barely even looked at me.

“Mom!” he began. “It’s for you.” As he walked off, not even saying hi or greeting me.

Mom? Laurie was a mom? And of a young man that I mistook for her lover? My mind immediately took that notion into the realm of the forbidden, but I purposely stopped that thinking. I had to keep my impure musings out of this… at least for now.

Laurie finally came to the door as we both left for our romantic dinner across town. She looked fantastic. Her dark dress had an unforgettable “V” neck that showed off her deep motherly cleavage, and hugged her nice wide ass and thighs just oh so right. That bronzed tan and long flowing blonde hair made me melt, and just being in her presence was exhilarating. With our dinner and wine, our small talk had moved to the more significant topics. Come to find out, Laurie had just gotten out of an abusive relationship with an idiot who stole money from her and left her bankrupt. She and her son were forced to live in a one-bedroom apartment with her son having to sleep on a futon. I felt terrible for her, and as I listened to her talk, my taboo nature began whispering in my ear as I thought “If I was her son, I’d be in bed with you instead of that damn futon.”

That line of thinking made me ask her about her son.

“I thought he was your boyfriend when he answered the door.” I sheepishly commented.

“Yea, I get that a lot,” Laurie began. “Poor Brian just has a hard time with me dating.”

“Can’t blame him,” I thought to myself. “I wouldn’t want to share you either.”

After a few minutes talking about her son, I could tell Laurie was delighted that I was taking such an interest in her son, asking a barrage of questions. Little did she know that I was envisioning a sizzling relationship between Brian and Laurie. I even went as far as telling her some young guys prefer older women as the comment drew a subtle laugh. I did my best to keep my dirty mind out of the gutter for the rest of the evening, but all I could keep thinking about was how to get Brian in the sack with escort cebeci his mom.

Our date came to an end as I shared my first kiss with Laurie in my car. I intentionally held back from going further as Laurie even complimented me on not trying to go all the way. I couldn’t believe my restraint. I actually found myself thinking that Laurie was, in some twisted path of fate, actually Brian’s woman. I couldn’t believe that I had turned down this remarkable chance to score with Laurie in favor of her son. All the way home, I cursed myself for thinking such horrid thoughts, especially considering I had met this woman in a church. But when I got home, I immediately went back to my computer to read a newly posted erotic story about a mother coming to terms with her irrefutable feelings for her son. “What are the chances of finding this particular story after my first date with Laurie?” I asked myself as I relished masturbating to the concept of Laurie and Brian’s hopeful coupling. Now that I had a mental image of what Brian looked like, it was easy to imagine Laurie nestled in his strong and protective arms.

What kind of pervert had I become?

In the weeks that followed our first date, my morbid thoughts only grew. I couldn’t focus on work, much less building a relationship with Laurie, yet I went to great lengths to include Brian on many of our outings. I took the two to a NFL game, movies, and even my company’s Christmas party. But Brian’s resistance to me was obvious, although when I was away from them, his disposition noticeably changed. Sometimes I would stand off, watching the two talk to each other and mingle. It was clear to me that Brian adored his mother immensely, and having me around only fueled his animosity. Watching how the two interacted convinced me beyond any doubt that they truly belonged to each other. Perhaps my involvement in their lives was to bring them together as man and woman. It started to make complete sense… so what if they were related? If Brian could make his mother happy and feel loved, who gives a shit if she gave birth to him? It was there that I began to see that true love comes in many different forms, far different than what I was taught. And honestly, Laurie looked so much happier around him than me… she seemed to be truly content.

For Christmas, I bought Brian a new Xbox with Grand Theft Auto IV. I knew that if I were to be the matchmaker between these two, then I would have to befriend Brian as well. That gift seemed to break the ice, as he loved playing it. Laurie commented that she had “lost” her son when I gave him the game, but I reassured her that at least he would always be home. She looked away with a thoughtful look, contemplating my off-handed comment. I finished the thought by adding, “at least he’s not out getting some girl pregnant”. I could tell that remark brought a mixed reaction of relief and possible longing, but then again, maybe I was looking way too much into it.

After the holidays, I asked Brian to go hit the bar scene with me one weekend while Laurie was out of town on work. He eagerly agreed as we hit all the popular bars and clubs, having a great time. He actually loosened up as we hopped from bar to bar. He had just turned 21, so he was due for some good times. While we drank and scoped out the women, we started talking about all sorts of things. I felt like we were becoming good buds as I pointed out a handful of hot looking girls his age. He was pretty good looking too, and could easily land any woman he so chose. He stood about 6’2″, short dark hair, and had a nice muscular physique on him. Hell, even I was envious of his muscular body and nice broad shoulders. I thought he looked like a pumped up Ashton Kutcher with his dark eyes and thick brown hair.

So after watching him go off chasing a few different chicks, he came back to our table and sat down to throw back another beer.

“Dude, we need to hit a strip club.” I said.

“Really?” Brian replied, as if a kid granted access to the cookie jar.

“Really. Let’s go.” I said, grabbing my coat.

It had been about a year since I paid a visit to this club, but knew a handful of very sexy mid 30’s dancers still worked there. Walking into the dimly lit establishment, I scanned the entire room for one particular dancer whom I remembered reminded me of Laurie. My plan was in place… pay off this dancer to spend about an hour with Brian, and all the while, pay her to refer to him as her “son”. Finding her in the back corner with her ass swaying in some lucky guy’s face, I had Brian sit at a table while I told him I had to go to the restroom. Of course, that wasn’t my intention, but he was too smitten by all the naked debutantes strolling about the club. Making my way back to where the blonde was, I waited for her to finish her dance, then approached her.

With my best smile and a $100 bill in hand, my eyes were filled with this buxom babe’s healthy sized breasts and hourglass figure. “Just like his mom.” I thought to myself as I said hi.

“I was wondering if you could do me a big favor.” I bravely started.

“Uhmm,” she replied, seeing my crisp currency. “Anything.”

Pointing out Brian across the room, I said “My buddy over there has a thing for girls like you.”

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