The Garden

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By Adam and Evie Lyn Zasse

The authors of this story are real. The event described actually happened. It occurred on a warm autumn evening several months ago. The experience had a shocking effect on a new friend, and brought Adam and Evie even closer together.

The authors welcome your comments.

Chapter one, Preparation

After her three mile run, Evie’s body glistened with perspiration. Her small firm breasts rose and fell slightly with each deep breath as she cooled off. One or two teenage boys in the quiet suburban neighborhood where she lived looked at her and smiled during her run. Now back at home, she quickly undressed and stepped into the shower. The hot, stinging water felt good. She covered herself in foamy soap and washed herself lovingly. Her hands cupped her breasts and she gently squeezed the puffy nipples to get them hard.

She lathered her almost flat stomach and allowed her hands to go lower. She parted the delicate folds of her vagina and washed the inner lips carefully. She wasn’t surprised at all to find that her small clit was very sensitive. She rubbed it for a minute, sensing rather that feeling the sensation it always produced. Time for that later she thought. She finished washing, rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. While she dried herself, she thought about the events that had led up to today.

Across town, Megan Kelly O’Hare was also stepping out of the shower. At five feet four, she was just an inch taller than Evie. But where Evie was trim and athletic, Meg was curvier. Her c-cup breasts were firm with large brown colored areolas and nipples. Her stomach had a womanly roundness. Thick, dark auburn, hair, still wet from the shower, hung down over her shoulders. Where Evie’s skin was light tan, Meg’s was paler. She was excited about the coming evening. Her nipples hardened in response to her thoughts.

Almost two months ago, the women had met, quite by accident at the neighborhood gym. After finished her exercise routine, Evie entered the sauna and sat on one of the wooden benches. Meg was sitting on the adjoining bench, having gotten there earlier.

“Hi, I’m Evie.” Evie said being polite in the small room.

“Megan.” Meg replied extending her hand. “I’ve seen you here before, you must work out a lot.” Meg stated.

“A couple times a week, sometimes more.” Evie said. “Sorry, but I don’t remember seeing you, are you new?”

“Oh, I just use the treadmill once in a while and sit here in the sauna.” Meg answered. “I’ve watched you on the machines. You seem…nice.”

But I have to get going.” Meg said nervously, and left.

Something about the other women’s words convinced Evie that they would meet again. Five days later they did meet again, in the same sauna. Evie was relaxing, letting the moist heat soak into her body, cleansing it and soothing the slightly achy muscles from her work out. When the sauna door opened, and Megan walked in, Evie sat up and smiled. Megan pointed to a spot next to Evie, as if asking if she could sit down. Evie nodded and patted the seat in invitation.

“Hi again.” Megan said, as she arranged her towel more comfortably around her.

“Hi yourself.” Evie said. Inwardly happy that Megan chose to sit next to her. “I’ve been wondering if I’d see you here again.

“Why is that?” Meg asked.

“I really don’t know, but I am happy to see you.” Evie said. “How have you been?”

“Oh, I’m ok I guess.” “Just have to get out of the house.” Meg offered.

For the next ten minutes, the two women chatted, exchanging short versions of their lives in small talk. Evie talked about Adam, leaving out the part about her husband also being her brother. Megan admitted to being recently divorced within the past six months and trying to get on with her life. Both women sensed that a friendship was developing. As Meg stood up to leave, she suddenly leaned forward and kissed Evie on the lips. Evie grabbed her hand and urged her to sit back down.

“Why did you do that?” Evie asked, not at all bothered by the kiss.

“I don’t know.” Meg said, almost ready to start crying in embarrassment. “It’s just, It’s just.” “You seem so nice, and….” Megan blurted.


Evie looked around, they were the only two in the sauna, at least for the moment. Evie released Meg’s hand. She reached out, cradling Meg’s head with her hands, and gently returned the kiss.

“It’s ok.’ Evie said cebeci escort in a soft soothing voice.”

At home, Evie told Adam about her sauna adventure. There were no secrets between them, ever. In the following weeks, Evie and Megan met several times and drew closer. They went shopping together, rode their bikes and spent more time at the gym. Megan found herself wanting to hold Evie’s hand as they walked and talked. Evie did not object. Evie invited Meg to dinner one evening, where she met Adam and the three chatted into the night. When Evie walked Meg out to her car that night, she made it a point to kiss her goodnight.

“Wait.” Meg said as Evie stepped close. “Your husband might see.”

“He’s not looking, and besides, he knows that I want to kiss you.” Evie said, stepping closer. .

“But.” Meg stammered before Evie quieted her with a kiss. A kiss that hinted at more than friendship.

When Evie stepped back, Meg started to turn towards her car. Evie took one of Meg’s hands and guided it up to her breast. She saw Meg’s mouth open in surprise, but when she let her hand go Meg kept it there.

“I, Ah, Oh.” Meg blurted.

Evie felt her nipples stiffen and she knew that Meg felt it too. She felt a gentle pressure as Meg unconsciously tested the firmness of her breast.

“We’ll talk, I promise.” Evie said, and she watched Meg, mouth still open in wonderment at what had just happened, get into her car and leave for her home.

It was several days later that the two women met for lunch.

“I don’t know what to say.” Megan said, as they ate at an outdoor café. “I’ve never, I mean, Oh hell,”

“Did you like touching me?” Evie asked.

Megan blushed. “Yes,” she said in a quiet, almost little girl voice. “Yes I did.”

“Would you like to touch me again?” Evie pressed.

“Yes.” Meg answered in the same small, whispered voice.

“How long has it been?” Evie asked boldly.

“I’ve never been with another women.” Meg said, looking down shyly.

“How about with a man?” Evie pressed.

Megan confessed that it had been seven or eight months. Before she broke up with her husband.

“Have you thought about it?” Evie asked.

“Of course I have.” Meg admitted. “Why?”

“I have been thinking about Adam’s birthday.” Evie said. “Wondering what I could get for him.”

It took almost a full minute for Megan to realize what Evie was suggesting.

“You’re not serious”” Meg stammered. “You want me to be your husband’s birthday gift?” “You’re crazy.”

“Fooling around with you might be fun, but Adam?” Meg almost choked on the words.

“Why not. Adam and I have ‘swapped’ partners before. I’ve watched him and he has watched me.” “How much more loving could I be than to give my husband another women for his birthday.” Evie said. “And besides.”

“Besides what?” Meg asked, blushing.

“Besides” Evie paused. “I think you need a good fucking, and Adam is very good at that.”

The more Evie talked, the more Meg’s attitude softened. She did get excited more easily since meeting Adam and Evie. And Adam was good looking and quite charming. Maybe it was time to move on and put her past behind her, try new things. She felt her body reacting to the thoughts she was having. A kind of tingling that she hadn’t felt in a long time. It took more talking, more logical convincing. But the more they chatted, the more she thought about it, until finally she agreed.

Chapter two, Fulfillment

Megan carefully dried her thick hair and brushed it until it shined and curled seductively around her face. She took special care of the thick thatch of dark red pubic hair covering her vagina. She placed a drop or two of her favorite cologne below her belly button, and on each side of her ample breasts. A bit of makeup and she was almost ready. She packed a small bag, making sure to include the bathrobe that she and Evie had picked out. She dressed in sweatpants and a tee shirt. She didn’t expect to be wearing them long. She slipped on a pair of sandals, got in her car, and headed for Evie’s house.

Like Megan, Evie brushed her hair and then applied cologne to her inner thighs, under her breasts and behind her ears. She put on loose fitting shorts and a baggy sweatshirt. She placed her robe, identical to Megan’s, on her bed. She went downstairs, padding barefoot through the house to wait for Megan. She mentally went through cebeci escort bayan her preparations, deciding that she hadn’t forgotten anything. When Meg arrived, Evie took her hand and led her up to the bedroom. They giggled like schoolgirls as they talked and went over their plans. Megan felt alive for the first time in months. Her mouth was dry. She was nervous and excited, and just a little bit afraid. Evie was excited as well. It was Adam’s birthday, and he was getting a surprise.

When Adam and Evie Lyn had first moved into the modest, two-bedroom home that they shared, the backyard was just a backyard. As the last home on the quiet, tree lined, dead-end street, it was more secluded than most. They installed a tall, privacy fence along one side and the back. Beyond the back fence, was unimproved prairie. A few trees and wildflowers, and a small meandering stream. The side adjoining their neighbors, they planted with several decorative shrubs and a trellis that was now covered with clematis and small tea roses. Their neighbors, an older couple that they had only met once or twice, spent half the year in Florida. They had been gone for several weeks now and wouldn’t be back until later in the year. Evie’s ‘green thumb’ had transformed the once rather plain back yard into a small garden. Tonight, the garden would be the setting for Adam’s birthday. The sweet scent from two flowerbeds perfumed the air and somewhere in the trees above, a bird sang.

Evie and Megan brought out a large comforter and spread it on the fresh cut grass in front of a small bench. Then both returned to the bedroom. They undressed and for a moment, studied each other’s bodies. It was the first time that they had seen each other without clothes, if you don’t count the towels in the sauna. They promised each other that they would make time to explore that aspect of their relationship soon. When they heard Adam’s car, they quickly put on their matching robes and ran downstairs. When Adam opened the front door, Evie and Megan were standing in front of the fireplace. The evening sun, shining through the window, highlighting their hair and casting playful shadows on the wall. The robe doing very little to hide Megan’s wonderfully rounded figure.

Adam stared at the two beautiful, but totally different women in surprise and wonder, his mouth hanging open. As one, both women slowly knelt on the soft rug, and Megan recited the words that she had practiced.

“To Adam on his birthday, I give myself to you.” She chanted. “May this night bring you pleasure and happiness. I am yours.”

Meg smiled demurely and Evie grinned happily.

Adam, tripping over his words, looking down at the two kneeling women and simple said, “Please me then, you have already made me happy.”

Evie and Megan rose, each taking one of his hands, and led him out to the garden. Once he was seated on the bench, Evie and Meg knelt down on the comforter facing each other. They unfastened their robes and tossed them at Adam’s feet. Adam watched, fascinated, as the two women came together and kissed. They had kissed before, but not like this. This kiss was deep and searching. Their tongues flicking out to tease, tasting each other. Evie raised her hands to cup Meg’s larger, rounder breasts. She squeezed firm, plump flesh and felt their heaviness. She heard Meg’s quick intake of breath as her soft touch sent a yearning through her body. Megan had never let another women play with her breasts, only her ex-husband had done that. His memory now almost forgotten. Evie moved her hands to rub Meg’s nipples. They were already swollen with desire, the tip’s rock hard, reveling in the new sensation. Evie could almost feel Meg’s breasts growing as her arousal grew more intense. Evie’s tongue became more demanding, her mouth pressing harder against Megan’s. Meg moaned, her senses reeling. It wasn’t just the kiss. It wasn’t just having another women touch her breasts. It was also the knowledge that Adam was watching. Hesitantly, Meg reached out to caress Evie’s smaller breasts. She felt the already hard nipples, the texture of her skin.

Evie at last broke their kiss. She pushed Meg down on the soft comforter, The grass underneath providing a soft springy cushion. Evie straddled Meg’s body. With her hands, Meg lifted her breasts, offering them. Evie accepted, greedily sucking on first one nipple and then the other. Meg’s chest was covered with delicate perspiration and saliva escort cebeci from Evie’s hungry mouth. As Evie started to move lower, Meg moaned again, in both pleasure and fear. This was new. Her ex husband had only kissed her pussy once or twice. He preferred regular sex. Evie’s lips moving lower, touching the thick tangle of pubic hair. The musky scent was intoxicating. As she moved lower, she put her hands on Meg’s thighs and gently pushed them apart. The sight and delicious odor of Meg’s dripping pussy was too much for Evie. She buried her face in the damp thatch her tongue searching until she found Meg’s swollen and engorged clitty. She clamped her mouth over the quivering bud and sucked, sending shivers of pleasure through Meg’ body.

Adam watched the two women kiss. Mesmerized by the sight. When Evie reached for Meg’s tits, he reached for his cock. He massaged his straining dick through his pants. When he heard the first moan escape from Meg’s throat, he stood and took off his pants and boxer shorts. His shirt followed and as he sat down again, naked in the evening air, he saw Evie pushing Meg down on the comforter. He followed every movement, lightly stroking his erection.

When Evie felt Meg starting to pant, she lifted her head and looked into the adoring eyes of her husband and brother. She moved from between Meg’s legs, silently inviting Adam to take her place. As Adam knelt down, Evie raised her mouth to his, kissing him passionately. Adam could taste Meg’s juices on his sister’s lips. He savored the moment. He looked down at Meg’s pussy and smiled. He saw Evie’s small hand reach out to grasp his cock just behind the head. She tugged, urging him closer. Using her hand, she rubbed Adam’s cock up and down Meg’s soaking wet pussy, covering the head with Meg’s own special lubrication.

Megan felt Adam’s cock. She knew it was time. She wanted him inside of her. She wanted to feel him fill her. She wanted it, oh God how she wanted it. She spread her legs wider, opening herself to him, giving him her body.

Evie tugged again and pressed the head of Adam’s cock into Meg’s waiting hole. She removed her hand, and Adam pushed his cock into the hot moist tunnel of pleasure. The sound that came from Meg’s mouth was half scream and half grunt. Her eyes opened wide and her hands clutched the fabric of the comforter. Adam fell forward, catching himself on his outstretched arms. He pulled his throbbing cock out of Meg’s vagina, her labia lips trying to hold him in. And slowly, again, entered her, pressing his entire nine inches as deep as he could go. Meg started to gasp as Adam started the in and out rhythm that caused both of them to feel the pleasure that only a man can bring to a women. He pressed down, knowing that he was massaging Meg’s clit, rubbing it, teasing it.

Megan sensed more than felt the old familiar stirring that signaled an approaching orgasm. An orgasm that she hadn’t felt in a long, long time. She felt the waves building, rising. She lifted her arms to hug Adam’s body to her. She lifted her hips to meet his thrusts. She was no longer aware of anything except the incredible, exquisite, pleasure. She was dimly aware that Adam was kissing her, covering her mouth with his. She felt the wave crest and wash over her, enveloping her. She rode the crest as Adam’s orgasm peaked. His pulsating cock, pumping spurt after spurt of hot cum into Megan’s vagina. When he was drained, he stopped moving, leaving his cock in place. As it became flaccid once more and slipped out, he saw Megan open her eyes.

In an almost inaudible voice she said. “Happy Birthday Adam.”

Adam rolled to one side, finding a more comfortable position. He saw Evie settle next to Meg on the other side, sandwiching her in the middle. He traced his fingers along Megan’s body, lightly touching her breasts, her tummy and her thighs. He ran his fingers through her damp, matted pubic hair. He saw Evie doing the same on the other side. He saw Evie delicately slip a finger into Meg’s pussy. He watched as she brought the finger to her mouth and sucked both of their juices into her mouth. He raised up on one elbow and leaned over Meg towards Evie. Evie did the same. He whispered to Evie, knowing that Meg could hear him.

“Thank you for a great birthday and this precious gift. You’re an incredible sister.” He said. They kissed, listening for Megan to say something. After a moment, their lips parted and they both turned to look at her. Megan’s mouth was moving, but nothing was coming out. They both smiled and nodded. The evening breeze, still warm, caressed their bodies. Adam and Evie Lyn clasped hands and lowered them to rest on Megan’s breasts. They each kissed her. They laid there, the three of them, in The Garden.

The End…for now

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