The Girl in the Cream Dress

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Big Tits

Every man knows it’s his duty and destiny to fill as many pussies as humanly possible with potent seed. If a cunt is unprotected, and can be impregnated, then any legal strategy is worth the effort. It is the duty, of every self-respecting male to knock up every cunt he possibly can.

Footnote: Arlene, you too are a delicious cunt, this story is dedicated to you. I would enjoy fulfilling you next!

Sutton, England, Chicago/New York Night Club. Friday Night.

I have been drinking some pints, waiting at the bar for a potential tart to have my way with. I notice the most delicious female dancing on the floor with her friends.

What a beautiful cunt! I want her! She’s perfect, she is! This is one hell of a woman! 5’4″ tall, blue eyes, short dirty-blond hair, cute face, hour-glass curves, early twenties with cream-like skin. But wow, she can move her hips! My God I think “To have my cock buried deep inside of a woman that moves like that would be utter heaven”.

She’s wearing a sleeveless cream coloured tight fitting dress. I can see her black lace brassiere as she turns from the side dancing. She shows plenty of sexy leg, beautiful! Dancing with four other friends I conclude “Must be some sort of Friday night after work party”.

I need a strategy. Eventually my cream dress will come to the bar. I patiently wait while slowly drinking my beer and enjoying her motion on the floor. Great things are always worth waiting for.

A half-hour later she’s comes to the bar with her friends. “Yes!” I think. She’s finally taking a break from dancing. I overhear the conversation with her friends. They’re out together for the office Christmas party as a group. Soon they will order drinks.

I accidentally, on purpose of course, bump into my beautiful prey spilling her drink. She looks at me surprised, maybe even shocked her glass having broken on the floor. “Sorry” I apologize with a naughty grin. “It would be proper to buy you another drink” I suggest.

She nods demandingly as I ask her what she’s drinking? “Coke” she replies.

I order her a RUM and coke. She shyly smiles back and accepts the drink. It was my chance, my game and I took it.

Striking up conversation, I ask her all the niceties. I need to find out about her if I am to get into her pants. Her name is Lacey, only 19 years old. She just moved to the London area, from a small town in Kent. She’s living with her aunt and uncle in Croydon until she can find some mates to move in with. She proudly tells me “I started my first bahis firmaları real job only one week ago in a publishing office, as a front desk clerk. Lacey is shy, but is enjoying her first night out in London. Her confidence is high, which makes her deliciously vulnerable.

I have found my prey that will be a sheer joy to strip her and fuck her. My strategy is simple basic separation. Separate her from her colleagues, her shyness, her inhibitions and finally the crowd and then she’ll be mine for breeding. These innocent country girls never see it coming. They move to the city young and naïve, rarely on the pill and prepared for what will shoot there way. They go out with work mates, and if you treat them right, get them drunk, you can fuck them silly six out of ten times.

After talking for some time, we dance. I focus all my attention on Lacey and we have become friends enjoying a good time. At twelve midnight two of her friends are leaving, separation is already underway. We chat at the bar between dances spacing drinks and dancing carefully. The plan is working beautifully. Her other work friends keep a close eye on her. By one o’clock I’ve already bought her four drinks, loosening up her sobriety and her sexuality. She is 19, new in town and having a great time clubbing. I must push her on.

The hardest challenge I face will be separating her from her friends from the office. After that she will be mine.

By one o’clock Lacey has enjoyed another strong drink. The drinks, music, dancing are all too intoxicating and irresistible. Her office friends, although not close friends offer to take her home protect her from the wolves. She struggles with her choices but after some difficult convincing Lacey agrees to stay if I promise to get her a taxi back to Croydon at the end of the night. I naturally agree, after-all she just isn’t ready to leave. Lacey is a grown woman, free to choose, her friends finally disappear and leave me alone with my prey, mine for the remainder of the night.

By two am, Lacey is at her maximum; she’s had six rum and cokes through the night. Lacey has lost her shyness, inhibitions and touch with reality. She’s been consumed by the atmosphere. We’ve been dancing slow and tight since her friends left us at the bar. Dancing, I wedge my knee between her legs, pull her ass tight as I kiss her. She lets me dart my tongue into her mouth as we grind slowly into each other. I can taste the rum. Holding her is delicious, she is beautiful, she is gorgeous, she is drunk. I want kaçak iddaa to fuck her, I will fuck her. I know she will let me.

At two fifteen the lights come on, its closing time. We kiss and grind until it’s time to move on. We’ve been tight and close, together since her friends left an hour earlier. She is hot from the contact, I can sense it.

Taking her by the hand, I guide her, lead her towards the door. She stumbles. I slip her quickly through a door. We‘re in the men’s room, in the last stall against the wall.

Both of us leaning against the old brick wall at the end I kiss her deeply. Slowly I unzip her from behind while continuing our kissing and grinding. Her cream dress falls slightly forward and open. I pull her arms out of her dress. Lacey is willingly allowing me to separate her dress from her body.

I kiss her deeply, my hands now cupping her tender ass cheeks inside her dress. Combined with our kissing and grinding motion her dress already freed from her shoulders begins so slowly to slide lower and lower eventually falling into the pool of wetness that lacey stands in. Revealed to my eyes is pure beauty. Lacey’s black lace panties match her brassiere and her name. Her slender torso is perfect; I admire every feature of this creature. “What a perfect fucking cunt before my eyes!” I want to fill her with my seed.

I unclasp her brassiere revealing her firm round young tits. Lacey doesn’t resist, she is dizzy. Her eyes closed, I take her globes into my hands and fondle and arouse her perfect nipples while still kissing her. I am nearer my goal.

I kiss her hard and deep while sliding my hand down and into her lace panties. Her bush is sopping wet. My finger caresses her lips, Lacey is ready. She allows my finger to pass between her swollen lips.

The slow dancing did it, as most always it does. No woman can dance tight for an hour, while drinking heavily and keep her clothes on. Lacey was no exception. The time had arrived. I slowly push her panties down to the floor revealing her nakedness, except her shoes. With help she steps out of her lace panties.

I’ve unzipped myself and dropped my jeans getting ready for pure joy.

In slurred words she asks me if I have a condom. Lacey understands, she knows I will fuck her. She indeed wants to be fucked! “Yes” I lie.

“Not on the pill?” I ask.

“No” she mumbles with eyes closed.

“Perfect, perfect!” are my thoughts, as I smile inwardly. I will not use a condom. I will knock up my perfect little slut.

With kaçak bahis my hand I gently lift Lacey’s right leg and wedge her three inch heel onto the edge of the commode. Lacy is prepared, spread open for my joy and pleasure. I hold her tightly around her small tender back, not letting her fall and not letting her go. I position the tip of my cock carefully at her ready cunt lips. Spreading her tight lips open I begin pushing up into her juicy cunt. Lacey moans as I piston deeper and deeper into the depths of her reproductive system.

“Feels good, you stupid cunt?” I tell her.

Only word she mumbles is “Yah”.

What a wonderful feeling, hot tight cunt gloving my cock with a cool breeze against my balls. Slowly in and out I go, as I gradually increase my pace.

I’m fucking Lacey in a stall. This beautiful woman has been separated and reduced to a naked, baby producing slut purely for my pleasure! I bang hard and deep, in and out. Lacey whimpers as I drive up against her cervix with my balls slamming against her ass.

The slut squeals exquisitely as I explode, spewing streams of my potent seed deep into her fertile womb.

I carefully make sure all my seed is planted perfectly within, holding Lacey tightly in place, hands on both her ass cheeks while spewing into her womb. With each throb of my cock I push forcefully forward and up for depth, carefully transferring every drop of cum from my balls into Lacey. Each push is met with a squeal from Lacey as I work hard to knock this cunt up! Life is wonderful!

As I pull up my pants Lacey mumbles “Shit” realizing cum is dripping down her leg, I have filled her cunt, now sloppy with my seed and she knows it, I used no condom.

“Where’s the condom” she feebly asks.

“For God’s sake don’t ask stupid questions cunt” I respond grinning in pleasure. Lacey understands my answer.

I help her dress quickly, her clothes wet from the floor. She’s a mess. As Lacey pulls her panties on I slip her brassiere into my pocket as a souvenir of my victory, my trademark.

The doorman calls a taxi for her after I triumphantly escort Lacey to the entrance of the club. I am sure he wonders why the slut’s dress is wet. But I know. I kiss her good night on the cheek, and leave proudly knowing millions of boys are hard at work searching for her eggs.

Nearly eight months later, in June, I see Lacey getting off the train at Victoria Station. I couldn’t forget her beautiful face. She doesn’t see me, thank heavens!

She waddles carefully walking slowly away from the platform. Lacey has a nice fully developed belly.

During the taxi ride home that night one of the boys had plenty of time to find his way!

I did my duty, very very well!

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