The Gospel of Black Bisexuality

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“I am here to spread the Gospel Of Bisexuality,” said Bryce Bradley Cowper, also known as Mr. BBC. The big and tall, ruggedly handsome African American stud seethed at the way the Rap and Hip Hop world reacted to Rapper Joe Budden coming out as bisexual. It would seem that the same black women with tons of effeminate gay black male friends get mad when they hear that a masculine black man is bisexual. What can be done about that? Mr. BBC is on the case and the Bisexual Avenger is here to battle the Haters everywhere he finds them. Male or female or whatever else, nobody shall escape the full force of his power.

“Oh fuck,” Arlene Brown groaned, and the tall, large-breasted and big-bottomed black woman groaned as Mr. BBC spread her thick ass cheeks wide open and slid his cock into her butt hole. Like a lot of chubby black mamas, Arlene had a tight butt hole. Mr. BBC smiled to himself as he worked his dick into the depths of Arlene’s butt hole. Meanwhile, Arlene’s best friend, a skinny, light-skinned and super effeminate gay black male named Toni, watched as Mr. BBC fucked her in the ass.

“Oh yes, Big Daddy, fuck that’s slut’s butt hole and save some for me,” Toni said, and he laughed in an overly girly manner as he watched Mr. BBC’s magnificent big black cock disappear inside Arlene’s asshole. What do annoying bitches like Arlene and their queer friends Toni have in common? Both of them whine about their men folk all day and need to shut the fuck up. Fortunately, Mr. BBC is on the case. The only way to shut up annoying horny broads and their queer male friends is to cram his big bisexual cock in all of their holes. That’s how a masculine bisexual black man restores the balance of power in the Hood!

“Arlene, stop whining and take this dick, you’re always talking shit about Down Low brothers, well, I’m out and I’m here,” Mr. BBC taunted her as he fucked her butt hole. Arlene moaned deeply, and fingered her wet pussy as Mr. BBC’s huge black cock filled her butt hole. The chubby black woman loved the feel of the huge black ankarada yeni escortlar cock in her butt hole and if loving it was wrong then she didn’t want to be right. Bisexual black men exist to do those jobs that heterosexual black men and gay black men simply cannot do. These bisexual brothers have super powers, for real!

“Yes, sir, please keep on fucking me, sir,” Arlene said, and she took Mr. BBC’s dick up her ass. Face down and big ass up, that’s the way Mr. BBC likes to fuck all of his bitches, female and male. That’s right, male bitches exist and Mr. BBC has plowed countless male bitches asses in his day. Hell, sometimes, Mr. BBC fucks a male bitch’s ass and then fucks that same male bitch’s wife in her ass. The Bisexual Avenger doesn’t discriminate and anyone who crosses his path can get this work.

The way Mr. BBC sees it, he’s doing a public service by plowing the holes of female bitches and male bitches with equal passion. Loud-mouthed, annoying black women who always bitch about bisexual black men will experience a brand new world when the Bisexual Avenger’s huge prick visits their mouths, vaginas and assholes. Since the Bisexual Avenger doesn’t discriminate, annoying gay males who talk shit about bisexual black men will also get their holes plowed. When the Bisexual Avenger is on the loose, anyone can get this smoke, for real.

“Oh yes, Big Daddy, your cock looks so good sliding in and out of Arlene’s butt hole,” Toni said, still giggling. Mr. BBC nodded and continued to fuck Arlene’s butt hole as Toni watched. There is no need for gay black men and heterosexual black men to fight over bisexual black men because all bisexual black men have sexual super powers. The brothers who swing both ways keep both heterosexual black females and gay black males sexually satisfied because they’re stronger, smarter and better in bed than both heterosexual black men and gay black men. It’s just the way mother nature herself made them.

“You love this dick, huh, Marlene? I’ve fucked your best friend Charlotte and bayan escort elvankent her brother Damon and now I’m fucking you and your queer male best friend Toni, that’s how I roll,” Mr. BBC said proudly. Arlene simply spread her thick black ass cheeks even wider and began grinding her big ass against Mr. BBC’s groin, loving the feel of his big black cock in her butt hole. Big-booty black women like Arlene had tight, wonderful butt holes that were made to take huge black cocks. Mr. BBC is the right man for the job when it comes to all kinds of ass fucking.

“My ass belongs to you, sir,” Arlene squealed. Emboldened by Arlene’s submissiveness, Mr. BBC smacked her big black ass. When Toni giggled, Mr. BBC grabbed his neck and told him to shut up. The bisexual black man is the one true king of the sexual realm. Think about it. Gay black men can’t get their dicks hard to fuck women. Vaginas disgust them. Heterosexual black men can’t get their dicks hard to fuck men. Male asses disgust them. Bisexual black men can fuck anything on the planet and usually do. They stick their magical black dicks in every hole that comes their way. That’s why they’re sexually superior to everyone else.

“Hmm, that was fun,” Mr. BBC said as he pulled his dick out of Arlene’s butt hole. The big black woman sighed happily and farted a little bit as Mr. BBC’s big black cock exited her butt hole. Toni smiled and winked at Mr. BBC. Taking off the used condom, Mr. BBC put on another one. Toni got on all fours and, like a good friend, Arlene came over and lubricated his ass. That’s right, instead of fighting over black dick, the chubby black woman and her queer, effeminate black male friend have agreed to share black dick and it’s a wonderful thing. Bisexual black dick is the gift that keeps on giving. Heterosexual black women and queer black men must simply learn to share the eternal bounty that comes with bisexual black men’s huge, magical dicks. It’s definitely the way of the future.

“Oh yes, Daddy, fuck me hard like you fucked escort bayan etimesgut my female shopping buddy Marlene,” Toni squealed, and Mr. BBC laughed and smacked his ass. Arlene grinned and kissed Mr. BBC before watching as he slid his big black cock into Toni’s asshole. The effeminate black male squealed even louder than Arlene had as Mr. BBC’s huge black cock popped into his booty hole. A lot of queer, feminine black males think they can handle huge black cocks up their butt holes better than black women. Well, in Toni’s case, he has not been getting dicked down regularly so his ass tightened up. Mr. BBC decided to help Toni with his problem by lubricating his ass some more before plowing his cock into his booty hole. Good times…

“Bisexual black men are kings of the world,” Mr. BBC said, remembering all those annoying bitches, male and female, who refuse to believe in the validity of male bisexuality and insisted that men could only be straight or gay. Mr. BBC, a proud and masculine bisexual black man, continues to defy the stereotypes about male bisexuality being temporary by fucking as many women and men as possible. As Mr. BBC stretches female butt holes and male butt holes around the City of Atlanta, Georgia, the bisexual black stud makes the world a better place. Toni squealed and stroked his cock as Mr. BBC’s cock filled his butt hole. The hot action went on until Toni tapped out. Everyone must bow down before the superiority of the bisexual masculine black man’s amazing dick…

“Hmm, I knew you were a sexual superman the moment you walked into our salon, thanks for sexing us up,” Arlene said to Mr. BBC, and those sentiments were also echoed by Toni. Mr. BBC thanked Arlene and Toni for their visit, and then put them in a cab which he paid for since he’s nice like that. Mr. BBC took a shower and went to bed. There are lots of gorgeous women and handsome men in the City of Atlanta and the tall, handsome and masculine bisexual black gentleman intends to plow their butt holes until the stars fall from the sky. Someone’s got to satisfy both the ladies and the fellas, preferably at the same time. Mr. BBC is the man for the job. Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve got nice asses and want to get your butt holes plowed, the line forms to the right. The bisexual black superman doesn’t discriminate, word up!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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