The Kane Family Chronicles Ch. 02

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Chapter Two: Promises, Promises

Tabitha tossed her phone onto the dining room table carelessly, drummed at the wooden surface with her fingertips and sighed heavily. Her dark reflection frowned up at her from the unlit screen of the device and she spun it further away so she wouldn’t have to look at herself. ‘Six days,’ she thought and sighed again.

It had been six days since she had gotten into bed with her dad and she was caught between boredom and sexual frustration, which was never a good place to be. Her mom had come home early the next day and her dad was already out of bed when she woke up from her nightmares. The foul mood had hung like a black cloud over the last few days, but now it had faded into a generally glum fog of grey malaise leaving jealousy and desperation squatting like miserable, old toads at the back of her consciousness, croaking out their cranky irritations over the gloom. She picked up her phone, went through her quick routine of checking Facebook and emails and a few favorite websites for what felt like the thousandth time, then tossed it back to the table again in disgust.

Her pussy was aching from the lack of contact and she squeezed her thighs together and clenched her internal muscles hard, trying to make it calm down. Sure, Brian hadn’t been much of a lover, but her needy parts had become used to a certain amount of playtime and it was difficult to suddenly be without that regular touch. Personal resolve had melted away after four days and the orgasm she fingered out in the shower had helped a little bit, but it was nothing like what she had felt with her dad. Her little fingers couldn’t stretch her tender hole open and fill her up to the bottom the way his thick manhood did. It just wasn’t good enough by herself, and she knew she had to figure out a way to get him alone again.

“Hey, Tabby-cat,” her dad’s baritone voice thrilled her ears as he came walking into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator. He rummaged about for few moments, then brought a small armload of sandwich making materials over to the island of cabinets that separated the two rooms. “Hungry?”

“No, thanks, daddy.” She smiled brightly at him and closely watched his every handsome move. She really liked the way he looked dressed in simple clothes like the stone-washed blue jeans and cobalt polo shirt he was wearing today and she openly admired his lean physique, recalling the feel of his weight on top of her. “Where’s mom?”

Glen shrugged as he placed slices of turkey and Swiss cheese onto some bread he had laid out on a plate. “At work, I’d assume. I managed to weasel out an hour early today because I didn’t get a lunch break.” He cracked a crisp leaf off a head of dark green lettuce and laid it on top before squeezing on some blobs of mayonnaise and closing it up with the top piece of bread. “What are you up to?”

“Nothing much,” she sighed, put her phone in her pocket and got up to move around the island so she could give her dad a hug. “Just bored and missing you.”

“Awww,” he smiled and opened his arms to hug her back. “I missed you, too, sweetheart. It was a long day at work today. Way too many meetings.”

“No,” she drew a line down his chest towards his belt and pouted up at him, “I mean, I’ve really been missing you.” She slid her hand down over the front of his jeans and gently caressed his bulge. “I’m ready for my next lesson, daddy,” she purred as she looked up at him provocatively.

He flinched and pulled his sandwich back from his mouth, the surface of the bread still dented by teeth-marks. “Whoa, Tab. I wasn’t ready for that.” He looked out of the windows, glanced at his watch, then at his food. “Let me eat quick, then we’ll see what we can do before your mother gets home. I’m really hungry,” he pleaded.

“Okay, I guess,” she huffed and leaned back against the counter with her arms crossed. “It’s not fair! You spend all your time with mom!”

“She is my wife,” he said around a mouthful, “it would be weird if I didn’t.”

“Yeah, but you don’t even try to find time to be with me.” She pressed her hands to the juncture of her thighs, and whined, “I need some attention, too.”

He swallowed, then leaned over to kiss her cheek, “sorry, honey, but we’ve got to be careful. Your mother would probably divorce me for having an affair, but I think she might actually kill me because it’s with one of our daughters. Even if she didn’t, I’m pretty sure incest is illegal and I’m not interested in prison time, thank you very much.”

She idly scuffed at the floor with the toe of her shoe. “I don’t want to get you into any trouble and I certainly don’t want to split up you and mom.” She looked at her dad hopefully, “I don’t suppose she’d be willing to just share? I mean, it’s not like you’d be out all hours running around with strange women or anything. Just…you know…when she’s not here, or when she’s too tired to take bostancı escort care of you, maybe I could have a turn. If she’s not going to play with her toy, then why can’t I have a little fun? She is your wife, so I don’t mind being your second. Your,” her lips twitched into a wry grin, “concubine.”

“My what?” He paused in returning the sandwich ingredients to their homes and looked at her strangely, “are you alright?”

“Nothing, daddy. Never mind.” She waved the subject away with an annoyed gesture. “I’m just being stupid.”

“You’re not stupid, Tab,” he took another bite, then stroked her shoulder, “you’re just lonely. I understand. You spent a lot of time with Brian and now you don’t have someone to hang out with.” He carried the last few items to the fridge and came back to stand next to her. “I promise, I’ll try to make more time for you. Okay?”

“Promise,” she asked with her best little girl voice as she fingered the buttons on her thin, pink shirt, “really?”

“Yes, I promise. Really.”

She undid a couple of the buttons and stroked at the edge of her cream-colored bra. Brian hadn’t really liked oral sex for some reason, giving or getting it, and ever since tasting her dad’s cum the other night, she had become more than a little curious to find out about what it was like. “Are you almost finished eating, daddy?” Her other hand reached down to lewdly cup and rub at the crotch of her denim shorts, “would you like some dessert?”

He set his half-eaten sandwich down and smirked, “oh, my.” He moved closer and wrapped his arms around her to grab her plump ass cheeks with both hands, pressing his firm body to her nubile softness. “That sounds yummy,” he said, kissing his way down her neck and across her chest. His probing fingers crept along her bottom, under the leg of her shorts, past the elastic edge of her panties, and into her drooling cunt, then he brought them up to his mouth to lick her juices off slowly. “Oh, yes,” he proclaimed, “very yummy.”

She opened his zipper and reached in to pull his heavy manhood out, its engorged thickness swelling rapidly in her hand. “God, I’ve missed this,” she breathed huskily, tugging at his erection. It flexed and pulsated as she wrapped her fingers around its smooth stiffness and she cooed happily.

“Get those off,” he ordered, pointing at her bottoms, “and hop up on the counter. I want to taste you more.”

She giggled and unsnapped her shorts, then tugged the zipper down revealing the tiny beige bow at the front of her satin panties. Her neglected pussy felt puffy, wet and eager to be touched as she started to peel the fabrics down over her wide hips.

“Honey, I’m home!” Her mom’s voice called from the front door.

“Damn it!” Tabitha seethed as she closed up her shorts.

“Oh, shit!” Her dad whispered, his eyes growing huge with fear.

Tabitha ducked behind the counter, kneeling by his feet, and frantically worked to refasten her shirt’s buttons. She couldn’t help shaking with silent laughter as she watched him fight unsuccessfully to stuff his rock hard dick back into his pants.

“Glen,” the sound of her mom moved closer as she crossed the dining room, “there you are! I called your work and they said you’d left early. Everything alright? Oh, a sandwich! I could just do with one of those. I’m starving!”

“Here, Diane,” her dad said hastily, “have the rest of this one. I’m full and I hate to see it go to waste.”

“You sure? I can make one for myself.”

“Yeah, have it.” He leaned against the counter casually without realizing that position dangled the head of his cock right in front of his daughter’s face. “Aren’t you home a bit early today? I thought you got off at six now since the schedule change.”

“Why? Your girlfriend coming over?” She chuckled lightly as she chewed, “no, I just got to talking to Miranda from HR during lunch and she said I had three days of use-or-lose personal time about to expire. So, long weekend for me. Yay! I get to lounge around the house in my underwear and binge watch some shows. Go out shopping. Maybe give my husband some mid-day blowjobs if he comes home for lunch.”

Tabitha had been watching her dad’s thick sausage throb temptingly in front of her eyes, wondering what it would taste like, and took the word “blowjob” as her cue to lean forward and wrap her hungry lips around his delicious hard-on. He yelped and smacked the top of her head.

“What was that?” Diane gulped loudly and asked, “you okay?”

“Fine! Fine.” He stood up straighter, trying to get his rod away from Tabitha, but she had moved closer and his efforts only had the effect of shoving himself further along her wriggling tongue, deeper towards the back of her throat. He struggled to keep his voice even and under control as he spoke to his wife while his daughter sucked on his cock. “J-just banged my knee trying to shift position. Three whole days, eh? We, uh, we should make some plans. W-would you like to do something or go somewhere ümraniye escort bayan on this ‘vacation’ of yours?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it. Right now, I just want to take a shower and get laid.” There was a suggestive pause before she added, “maybe at the same time?”

Tabitha gripped the base of his cock tightly with one hand and shook her head negatively while she continued exploring his length with her tongue.

“Um, that…that sounds, uh, great, but, ah, I have to, um, to go p-pick Tab up from her friend’s house in a little bit. I-I’ve been expecting her to text me any minute now, actually.”

“Pick her up? But she has her own car.”

Without removing her dad’s cock from her mouth, Tabitha pulled her phone out of her pocket and sent her dad a quick text: ‘Yummy’.

“Yeah, she, uh, she said the engine light came on yesterday. I’m taking it to a mechanic tomorrow.” Several rising notes of a piano melody sang out from his pocket. He pulled his phone out and thumbed at the screen. “See, that’s her now.” He texted back: ‘Stop’.

“Well, can’t her friend bring her home?”

“I don’t know and it’s a bit too late to ask, I think. It won’t take very long.”

“Oh,” her voice sank with disappointment. “Well, that’s too bad. Maybe when you get back, then. See if you can talk Tabitha into doing something else so we can have some alone time. Give her some money if you have to.”

“Sure, Diane, I’ll see what I can do.” He leaned over the counter to kiss his wife and Tabitha strained her jaws wider and silently struggled not to gag as she felt him prodding at her tonsils. He lingered at the kiss for a moment as his daughter’s reflexive swallowing writhed around the head of his cock.

“Well, thank you for sharing your sandwich with me,” her mother’s voice trailed away as she walked across the dinning room and deeper into the house. “I’m going to go get wet by myself, I guess. Hurry back. Maybe you can feed me something else later.”

Several long seconds ticked by before he moved while Tabitha slowly bobbed her head back and forth, sliding him in and out past her lips. Firm suction made for a noisy “pop” when Glen yanked his cock away from his daughter’s greedy mouth, and he hopped about, frantically undoing his belt and wrestling the steely rod back into his boxer shorts. “What…the…actual…fuck, Tabitha? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I just wanted to make sure you didn’t run off with her again.” She wiped saliva from her chin, then strode over and put her arms up around his neck, looking deeply into his eyes. “I want my next lesson, daddy. I need it.” Her trembling lips pressed against his, insistently expressing her heated desires, then she pulled back and whispered, “please?”

“Let’s just get out of here before anything else happens.” He grabbed her elbow roughly and forced her out the garage door in front of him.

“Ow,” she cried, “you’re hurting me!”

“Sorry,” he said sourly and released her arm. “Get in the car.”

They drove off and weaved through traffic silently for several long minutes. Tabitha looked out her window, pointedly watching the familiar scenery and trying to not have to see her dad’s lemon-faced expression. Daddy’s little princess wasn’t used to not getting her way and she knew she wouldn’t get it this time by throwing a fit and being demanding. After a while, she reached over to touch his knee and murmured, “I’m sorry, dad. Please don’t be mad at me.”

He glanced at her, then back at the road and drummed on the steering wheel with his thumbs. “We’re lucky we didn’t get caught. You really shouldn’t have done that.”

“I know,” she replied. “I just couldn’t help myself. It’s been almost a week and your wonderful cock was right there…”

“This is so wrong, Tabby-cat.” His body seemed to deflate as he sighed. “I asked if you would regret it in the morning, and I really should have been asking myself. Thinking with the little head usually turns out badly. I shouldn’t be cheating on my wife, especially not with you.”

“What are you saying, dad?”

“I just don’t think we should be sneaking around like this. It’s not fair to your mom.”

“Oh, my god,” she put her face in her hands, her mind going numb with shock, “I’m so gross, my own dad is breaking up with me.”


“It’s because my boobs are small and my ass is so big, isn’t it? I must have been some sort of sympathy fuck for you and Brian, I guess.”

He took a hand off the wheel to caress her hair, “it’s not like that at all, sweetheart. I made marriage vows and you should really be with a boy your own age.”

“But I don’t want a boy my own age,” she insisted. “Boys my age are assholes. I want you! I love you, daddy!”

“I love you, too,” he said firmly. “But it’s not as easy as that. You can’t just say “I love you” and pretend your mom doesn’t exist.”

“Can’t you talk to her? I don’t mind taking turns.”

“I doubt it,” he said, then kartal escort looked at her oddly. “Where did you get that idea from, anyway? I don’t remember teaching my little girl about polyamory.”

She shrugged.

“‘Game of Thrones’ and the internet, probably.” He shook his head, “crazy shit these days. Wasn’t like this when I was a kid.”

“You’re not that old,” she reassured him and reached over to massage his cock through his pants. “It’s not like you need a little blue pill to get it up or anything.”

He swerved wildly, scaring the drivers of the cars around him, and swatted at her hands. “Tabitha!” He got his vehicle back under control and glared at her. “Are you trying to get us killed?”

“Oh, daddy,” she teased, still rubbing at his quickly swelling bulge. It felt like she was back in the first days after losing her virginity, her newly awakened libido revving into overdrive. “You need to live a little and have some fun. Don’t pretend you don’t like it. A hard dick makes a great lie detector,” she unzipped his pants and dipped her fingers inside, hunting for the flap of his boxers, “and you promised to teach me.”

“Stop it,” he said, pulling at her wrist. “Or at least let me park somewhere before you go waving my cock around.”

“The windows are tinted,” she told him. “And besides, only truckers would have a good angle to see us, anyway.” His hard rod finally sprang free from its cloth confines and she stroked at it with her fingertips while she purred, “you should just keep driving.”

“Dammit, Tabitha!” He tried to fend her off, but she would not be deterred and driving took too much effort and concentration. It had been a long time since Diane had been this wild. It had been longer than he wanted to remember since a hot and horny teen aged girl had thrown herself at him like this and he found it difficult to maintain his objections. He told himself he didn’t want to risk an accident as her stroking hand gripped his shaft and his resistance quickly faded. She undid her seat-belt and adjusted her position so she could get across the center console and put her father’s cock in her mouth. She slowly slid it in and out past her circled lips and sighed with contentment. His eyes flicked back and forth between the other drivers in the traffic around him and the back of his daughter’s head bobbing up and down in his lap. He gathered her hair up with one hand and groaned, “when did my little girl become such a nympho?”

She chuckled slightly and moved faster, pulling at the base of his dick with one hand in time to her oral attentions. The way his strong fingers felt tightly twisted up around that make-shift ponytail sent electric shivers across her scalp and down her spine into the cleft of her nether regions. His tangy pre-cum flavor and musky cock-scent had her mind intoxicated with lust and she couldn’t help slipping her other hand between her thighs to press at her sensitive button. Her sucking made lewd, wet noises as she happily slurped and swallowed at his fleshy lollipop, eager to taste the creamy center.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“I’ll take care of this one, then after we get home, you can spend some extra time warming up mom while you recharge. You’ll be able to focus on her better without the urgent need to cum right away and she’ll appreciate the attention.”

Glen grinned and shook his head, “you’re so bad.”

“You can return the favor later,” she murmured. “Maybe give me a special goodnight kiss when you tuck me in to bed?”

“Oh, no. Bad girls get spanked,” he joked. He had managed to maneuver his vehicle across the lanes and around a turn onto a quieter street and he eased down the shady, tree-lined road with one hand on the wheel as he reached over with the other to pat his daughter’s thick, round ass appreciatively. “That might be a lesson for another night, though.”

Tabitha’s twitching pussy clenched at the feel of her dad’s hand on her bottom and she groaned at the thought of being turned over his knee like a naughty child, with those gentle taps becoming the hard swats she had never gotten when she was younger. She rarely realized just how erotic such things could be, but now suddenly her body was telling her it wanted to be handled roughly, to be taken and used by her dad. Brian had been something of a timid, rabbit-like lover and she had never gotten the chance to explore some of her darker fantasies. Now half-formed day-dreams and the few times she had pressed certain books closed, pink-cheeked and breathless at a passage about getting tied up or being choked came flooding back to her mind making her tingle excitedly. She renewed her fervent efforts, bobbing her head up and down eagerly as her tongue twisted and writhed against the tiny cleft on the underside of the knobby head of his cock.

“Oh, god,” he thumped his head back against the headrest of his seat and thrust his hips up at her. “Just like that.”

The world around her melted away as she worked his shaft quickly, feeling its excited throbbing pulse against the insides of her mouth. Frothy, slick rivulets of spit drooled from her lips, bathing her fingers as she slid them up and down in time with her sucking. She needed to feel him explode, to taste his cum again, fresh from the pump.

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