The Massage

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It was Friday at 1:00. It had been a bad week. To top it off, a last minute conference call had made me an hour late for my appointment, and I had missed my personal trainer.

I finally made it to the gym. As I stepped on a treadmill to warm up, I noticed that there was no one around except for a man who was stripped to the waist working with the exercise balls. He was tall, dark and very tanned. His chest hair was thick and unusual because it was so white. I had passed him on the way in, and his man smell had immediately grabbed my attention, taking my mind off my own problems.

He was doing some complicated bridging exercises requiring a good deal of balance, but what drew my attention was how his sweating made his skin even darker. I noticed he was watching me too, which made my nipples stand out in my light-blue sports bra. I wondered if he was thinking about my tan lines the same way I was thinking about his. In my hurry, I had failed to put panties on under my workout pants, so the sweat I was beginning to generate was marking my body in such a way that I was sure he would notice.

Finishing with the treadmill, I walked over to him, looking for another ball for my own routine. He rolled up so he was sitting upright on the ball and picked up a Purdue T-shirt to wipe the sweat that glistened across his upper body. As I approached, I saw him quickly appraising my curves, and I brazenly added some extra swing to my hips. He smiled for me, and I immediately noticed his warmth and his big hazel eyes. I told him that there was not much equipment or many people around, and he said that all the trainers had gone to meeting at another club and that most of the equipment had been locked up. He must have noticed my disappointment and asked if he could help. I told him I normally worked with my trainer and used some weights for resistance. He said, “I’m not a trainer, but I will be happy to work with you.” I should have passed right then, but there was something both sincere and sexy about this man, and I was drawn to him.

He gave me the ball, which I used against the wall. He stood very close in front of me with his hands on my shoulders. He applied pressure as I slowly moved up the wall. I gazed at the golden flecks in his eyes as he looked into my big blue eyes. I commented on not having seen him before, and he said he had an office close by that he visited from time to time and that a friend let him use a guest pass for the club when he was in town. He watched the muscles in my belly and thighs straining against the pressure, and I noticed bahis firmaları the flair of his nostrils as he drew in my scent. He said I smelled of bubble bath and…something else. From the darkening of those eyes I could tell what he thought it was. I smiled knowingly, and he said, “You have naughty dimples.” As I lay on my back, he removed my shoes. First he held my feet so I could do abdominal crunches. He commented that I must wear heels regularly because my calves were very shapely. Then he watched intently as I worked my abs, his gaze alternating from my heaving breasts and dropping to my V where my own sweat was gathering. He then stood over me and placed my feet against his chest. His chest hair and the moisture combined to make it slippery, so I had to concentrate to keep from slipping as he applied more and more of his weight to my straining thighs. I could feel his nipples hardening more as I squeezed them between my toes, and his eyes were becoming more desirous by the moment.

My back was sore, and I told him about the knots I felt there. He rolled me over, feeling them. He commented that he had seen a massage table down the hall and said he was pretty good with his hands. Having felt those long fingers and wanting more privacy, I quickly agreed.

The room was dimly lit, and I noticed he locked the door as we entered. He held up a towel for my privacy but lowered it again as my eyes made it clear I wanted him to see me undress. Shamelessly I put on a little show. I could tell he enjoyed my full breasts and the job I had done this morning shaving my mound — the little tuft of brown hair and the lips already plumping up and gaining color. The rose hue spreading out from my breasts and sex drew a short moan from him, but all he said was, “Lie on your stomach.”

Beginning with my neck and shoulders, his fingers felt wonderful as he first applied a lavender-and-sandalwood-scented oil, then used it to sweep away the knots from my difficult week. As he moved to my low back, I could feel his rhythm deep inside. I so longed for him to take my cheeks in his big hands and work them too… I began to softly grind into the table. He stopped for a moment, and I could almost hear the smile as he moved to my feet. The bastard! He kissed each in turn, sucking gently on the bottom, and then began moving up my legs. He spread them slightly, and I knew it was only so he could see and smell my excitement. When he got to the top of my thighs, he paused again.

This time I said, “Please.”

Generously applying more oil, he began small circles kaçak iddaa on each cheek — first lightly, then with more pressure. Finally he pulled them apart. He deeply massaged my ass, making me squirm against his hands. He slid his thumbs up and down my crack, caressing my anus and making it open slightly, offering him another set of rounded lips and extending him an invitation. He talked to me soothingly, encouraging me to relax as he slipped his index finger inside and began to lubricate me. Upon his gaining entrance, I could feel him explore me and continue to lubricate me, this time with my own juices. As I lifted my bottom into the air, he carefully slid two more fingers in, making me gasp and come to the very edge where he held me on the plateau, continuing the circles inside, exploring me completely. I pleaded, gyrating my ass in the air as he worked those fingers inside me and whispered, “Relax into the pleasure.” As I began to whimper for more, he plunged the fourth finger in. I immediately began crying out and bucked against the exquisite pressure of his long fingers. All the pressure of the work week evaporated as an intense orgasm washed over me. I came and came. He continued to work my ass until I quieted and lay still. He let me rest for a few moments, then said, “Now that you are relaxed, we can begin the real work. Turn over.”

He began by voluptuously kissing my mouth, almost bruising my lips. At the same time, he spread oil over my breasts and kneaded it in. I moaned unabashedly around his tongue as the sensations from my nipples connected with my sex, so recently released, deep inside. He sucked in my full lower lip and ravished it. Then he moved his mouth down to my throat, kissing and sucking as he moved along, working his fingers into my chest muscles and then beginning the circles again at the outer edge of breast very gently but very deeply. He lightened up as he moved over the areolas, and his fingertips fluttered over them, causing me to arch my back involuntarily. Finally I begged, “Please suck them now.” Ever so briefly, he pulled my nipples into his mouth and lathered them with his tongue.

“Relax baby.” Again the smile — this time I could see it as he moved on down my body. He filled my navel with oil and began working it into my abs. When he found a knot, he stopped and worked it out. When my belly was completely relaxed, he gently kissed my brown tuft of hair and breathed in my scent.

He said, “I’m not being mean. It is just that, for me to do what I am going to do next, you will have to relax completely and trust kaçak bahis me. I promise it will be worth it.”

With that, he began massaging my legs, stretching my calf muscles and moving to my upper thighs, to the muscles of my outer hips, and then to my inner thighs. Kneading, stretching, finally reaching my sexual center, he spread the wonderful scented oil all over my most private places, and I moaned, pulsing into it. It felt so good. As he tugged gently on my abductor muscles, my pussy kept opening, giving hints of my excitement. My pelvis lifted, and he slipped his middle finger in until it hilted. The rest of his fingers were bunched in my crotch, pressing outward and making me squirm again. Swirling his finger slightly, he waited patiently for me to settle and gently slipped another finger in. As he twisted his entire hand, it felt wonderful as he massaged and stretched every muscle in my crotch. He explored me, and I reveled in it. He kept telling me softly, “Easy baby, it will come.” As he went to three fingers, I hardly noticed he had me so open, and the fourth one felt like heaven. I could feel my fluids flushing around his fingers as I felt the pressure of his thumb gaining entrance. I felt so full I wanted to come then, but he encouraged me to relax into it and I did. He began twisting his hand inside me and rubbing my mound with his other hand. I pinched and pulled at my nipples to take my attention away from the pulsations coming from my center, but it only made things worse. I did not realize what he was doing until I felt his entire hand slide inside me. I had never felt so full and content and excited at the same time. I could feel the waves building as he started to open and close his hand rhythmically in my womb. In a whisper he said, “You can let go now when you are ready.”

My orgasm started slowly, deep in my belly where his long fingers massaged me from the inside out. It moved into my nipples, which I pulled and twisted more roughly now. It exploded outward through my vagina and perineum , which were rubbing up and down his wrist. It continued up through my clitoris and mound, which he continued to stimulate with his other hand. My senses were being overwhelmed, and I began to scream, thrashing on the table. Wave after wave hit me, until I thought I could not come anymore, and then once again…

I’m not sure how long it lasted, but it seemed like forever. When it finally started to subside, my body was soaked with sweat. As he withdrew his hand, he covered me with a huge towel. He kissed me deeply and allowed me to rest for a few minutes.

I have no idea how long I slept, but I awoke completely relaxed. When I reopened my eyes, he was gazing deeply into them. Smiling, he said, “Perhaps we should be introduced. My name is Tim.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32