The Party Nun

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Wearing the nun’s outfit always gave Erica such a thrill ever since the time she had worn it to a fancy dress party in a country house hotel and used it to seduce a man dressed as a monk.

She had arrived in a state of excitement (not unusual for her), her tiny panties hopelessly wet under the light imitation of a nun’s robe, loving the feeling of walking into a room in that state and almost naked under a costume that was sure to attract male attention. And did…

She remembered how she had begun, while standing sipping champagne in the room full of characters. She had met the eyes of a young man dressed as monk and blatantly blew him a kiss from across the room. She then enticingly flicked her short brown hair from her bare neck and licked her lips before edging closer. She looked him up and down and fancied she saw a slight bulge around his loins; she could not help imagining he had a hard-on for her and she wanted to see how big he was under his robes. She had been tempted to tease him further right there in the room but she was desperately horny and saw the hunger in his eyes. So without a word she clinked glasses with him, downed her drink then took his hand. She led him like a puppy through the crowd, discreetly led him out of the room then upstairs to the top floor where she knew there was a secret chamber (her sex-mad friend who had invited her had described her own escapades there with one of the guards).

Once in the room she wasted no time and said nothing. As soon she had shut the door she grabbed his hand, led him to the bed, then promptly ripped off his robe, pulling it off, up over his head exposing his bare torso and bulging white underwear. This was not a time for much foreplay, she thought – maybe later with him again if he was any good. Or with someone else.

She lifted up her habit, slid it over her head and dropped it to the floor. She stood provocatively, pointing forward her bare pert breasts with hardening nipples, seeing his eyes widen with delight and disbelief. She smiled her best sluttish smile then in one quick movement she pulled down her wet panties and stood fully naked before him, a wicked grin on her face. She loved the feeling of power over the man, her almost hairless pussy swelling with excitement. She had then pushed him down on the bed and grabbed his pants, pulling them off in one smooth movement, watching with glee as his huge cock sprang out. She would not be disappointed with that one!

She had no time to waste – she was so turned on she could probably have made herself come by a simple flick of her fingers across her wet slit. But she wanted to use the young man for her pleasure. She climbed on top of him, straddled herself over him and immediately pulled his hard cock deep inside her eager wet pussy, spreading herself to take him, led by the powerful urge to just fuck him hard. She had ridden him quick and fast, his cock thrusting deeper each time, causing him to moan out loud until she suddenly felt him shudder and explode, pumping his cum up into her. At the same instant her orgasm peaked, she let go and felt her juices flooding out over him.

Having taken her pleasure she had left the guy on the bed and walked back down to the party room, once more wearing her innocent-looking costume, but with his cum still dripping down the inside of her legs and her soaked panties scrunched in her hand. She grabbed another glass of bubbly from a passing handsome waiter then waited a moment until the young man arrived back in the room, still red-faced from their illicit episode. Then she had walked up to him as if to chat, leaned close to whisper in his ear (“you made me veeery wet, you naughty boy”) and discreetly slipped her wet little thong into the pocket of his robe. She then promptly walked away to talk to another handsome hunk dressed as a priest. Now she had a real taste for men of the cloth. And only minutes later she had taken the next man by the hand and led him away for more amusement in the sinful chamber… It had been a great party!

And now here she was again, days later, wearing the same nun outfit – only this time it was at an old convent run by some kind of cult where she knew a young sister called Elena, secretly even more wicked than herself, who had given her friend an irresistible dare. She had invited Erica to pretend to be a novice who was seeking guidance from a visiting young priest, who Elena had already seduced one recent night in her private chamber. The naughty nun had enjoyed the illicit sex session so much she wanted her friend to enjoy him too. So now Erica had borrowed a habit and discreetly come into the convent late on a warm summer night.

On the way in her friend had first taken her by the cloakroom where a charming young man had taken her coat and showed her to a changing room where she had slipped out of her civilian clothes (skimpy white skirt and tight-fitting red crop top) and changed into the fancy dress nun’s habit. Elena had then led her to a quiet chamber and told her to wait. Elena bahis firmaları had made sure no one else would use it that evening and had resolved to distract the Master of the establishment herself so that he wouldn’t be out on his usual patrol, looking for errant novices up to no good at night (which he knew happened all the time). By pleasant coincidence Erica was feeling very horny so she relished the dare and hoped the young priest would succumb to her charms.

Under the soft robe she was wearing only white silk panties and stockings. As she waited and daydreamed she rubbed her pussy mound gently through the soft material, feeling an ache as the blood started to swell her. Her nipples were going hard too. She knew it was time to sin again…

She had not heard the man enter the room. The first she knew was when a firm pair of hands gripped her from behind, holding her arms tight. She gasped and felt a thrill run through her. Was this him? Was she already having an effect without seeing him? His hands spread round her to reach her chest, fingers soon touching her bra-less nipples, gently rubbing them through the soft fabric. She couldn’t help letting out a small moan as he softly caressed and stimulated her. She began to wonder what was next: would he lead or would she have to seduce him? She felt his breath on her neck and a shiver went through her as he edged closer and his body brushed against her from behind. The sensation of his caresses was making her wet too, her pussy starting to ache for more. Then she felt something firm against her buttocks – his cock must be hard already, pressing against her! This was going to be easy!

Then his hands reached down and in one movement lifted up her robe, exposing her tiny panties, pert buttocks and long legs. She loved the feeling of vulnerability, giving her body up for their pleasure. She felt a small tremble of excitement run through her again. He held the robe high enough to reach her tummy then began to caress her there with his warm fingertips. She had wondered how she might seduce him but he was apparently even more horny than her and had taken the lead – Elena must have turned him on so much that he now had an appetite for young nuns!

Again Erica felt his hardness behind her as he gently pushed his body against hers. He kissed her on the neck and cheeks, touching his tongue against her neck, making her shiver with delight. She felt another swell inside as her pussy ached for more. But she knew she would have to wait for that. Meanwhile his hands continued exploring her lower down. With his left hand he lifted the robe high, exposing her belly and legs. She loved the sensation of being exposed like this, her sexy white lace stockings pristine against her smooth fair skin, her small white panties barely covering her eager newly-shaven pussy.

Then his right hand slid down her tummy, his fingertips slipping gently along the top of the underwear. She shuddered again, feeling a little throb inside and knowing she was getting wetter by the second! His fingers eased in under the elastic and started to touch and stroke her soft warm pussy. Soon she let out a small moan ‘yes!’ as he slid a fingertip against her wet lips. And suddenly a finger was inside – then two. She felt herself spread to receive his touch, her wetness oozing over his warm hand as he stroked her swelling clit, ever so gently flicking a fingertip over her until she gasped with lust, sensing her first climax coming – and as he expertly caressed and stroked her just where she wanted it, she thrust her body forward, letting herself go, swelling and aching as her juices flowed out in the bliss of a first orgasm. Now she wanted more – and something bigger inside!

And of course he sensed she was ready for that. And he was throbbing too, eager to feel himself inside this deliciously naughty nun. So he turned her around to lean her facing down against the bed; she propped herself up with her arms and leaned forward, her rear exposed, ready for him to do as he pleased, hoping he would take her from behind as it was her preferred position. And he wasn’t about to disappoint her, but wanted to tease her further and to relish her erotically exciting body. He kneeled down behind her and leaned towards her bottom, lifting the robe again. He kissed her soft warm buttocks and then took hold of the panties from each side at the waist, slowly peeling them down to expose her full rear nudity to his face and tongue, which he then used to lick her swollen pussy lips and taste her sweet juices for a few moments.

This only made her even wetter, as she loved the touch of his lips and tongue. As he kissed her fully on the pussy he managed to push his tongue forward enough to reach her clit again, licking it gently to turn her on even more. Then his tongue moved upwards, gliding its way all long her soaking pussy and continued even higher, reaching her other hole, which he gently rimmed with his wet tongue… oh, she thought, is he going to take me that way! She wouldn’t have kaçak iddaa minded anal but now she just wanted a hard dick in her cunt, not her arsehole. At least not yet…

Then he peeled the panties off completely, sliding them down over her heels, leaving her almost naked. The stockings would stay on, he decided – it turned him on anyway, to see them around her long slim legs. And now he was burning so much to be inside her he could wait no more. His cock was hard and throbbing, eager to enter the juicy pussy. She remained leaning forward, exposing her buttocks, getting impatient to feel him inside one of her wet holes (‘fuck it, take me in both of them!’).

He ran his fingers over her wetness then stroked his lubricated fingers over his shaft a couple of times, even though she was so well self-lubricated they both knew he would just slide in, but he liked the illusion of power, the sensation of knowing she was waiting and that he could just take her any moment. It was as if her pussy was oscillating, willing something to enter. He rapidly lifted his robe up over his head and dropped it to the floor. His cock was fully erect, pointing horizontally towards her ass, ready to give her what she wanted. She felt herself tremble again, aching and getting wetter again as she waited. Then she felt a smooth but firm touch against her as the tip of him rubbed against the wet pussy lips, which easily spread to receive him, then she felt him enter her, just slightly, the tip pushing gently inside, smoothly into the wetness. The whole of the smooth head was inside. She felt him pause and felt it pulsating, spreading her opening.

Then he pushed harder, inside, a little deeper. She gripped him inside using her expert cunt muscles, loving the firm but gentle thrusts. She was aching to open up fully and feel him deep inside, so she moved onto one leg and positioned her right leg up on the bed, opening herself much wider as she spread. So then he made the first hard thrust, deep inside, causing her to gasp with delight and shudder with another pre-orgasmic wave – she felt like she was about squirt juices all over his cock as he thrust in and out.

Suddenly he pushed hard, all the way inside, grabbing her by the waist to pull her to him. She moaned out loud as he went deep again and again, spreading her and filling her with his hardness, until she couldn’t hold back – she arched her body and cried out as her second orgasm came, juices pouring out around the hard member. He too reached the point of no return and she felt him shudder, go even harder and throb powerfully as his first spurt thrust from him, up inside her. And again he pushed in and out, hard and deep, moaning and throbbing as he thrust his full load into her willing body, pouring his cum into her eager soaking pussy.

He pulled out and turned her over onto her back. His cock was still hard, springing up in front of her as she watched, grinning and licking her lips. He stood up and she sat upright on the bed in front of him, legs apart, juices seeping out of her. Her body felt alive, warm with pleasure – and already she found herself wanting more. She reached up to him and he leaned down to kiss her. After being taken from behind she was happy to see his smile and take his kisses and caresses again as he stroked her breasts, tummy and legs. She saw him admiring her nudity and teasingly spread herself again as if to offer more.

She noticed he was still hard – in fact, she thought, was he already getting bigger again?! As she admired his handsome face and slim body he pulled away and stood up, proud naked, smiling at her and apparently ready for more. He reached down to stroke his cock, wiping her juices from it and licking his wet fingers. She grinned.

They lay together for a while, kissing and caressing, exploring and teasing. Both knew there would be more. Well, she wanted to have something to confess after her night in this strange convent! As he lay beside her she stroked his member smoothly with her warm fingers, teasing the tip and grasping the shaft, feeling him go hard again. Briefly she moved down to kiss the tip, briefly licking and sucking him until he was strong and hard again. She sensed she could soon make him come again, but rather than suck him off she wanted him inside again – her pussy was aching for it once more.

So she lay him on his back and positioned herself over him, loving being in charge this time. Briefly she edged herself forward to almost sit over his face and he duly reached up and licked her wetness again. But she wanted more than a tongue in her. So she sat above him, straddling him, poising her pussy onto his swelling cock. He reached his hands up and around her body to caress her breasts, gently rubbing her nipples hard and making her wetter inside. Now she wanted him inside her again, aching to feel his powerful hardness. So she slowly impaled herself onto his long pole, opening herself up as she drew him inside. She felt him throb and swell and thrust, knowing he would explode again soon.

Her kaçak bahis young naked body trembled and arched as she expertly raised herself up and down over him, sliding his member inside, a little deeper each time. She was losing control, pushing herself even harder down to force him deeper up inside. She felt his thrusting and throbbing increase, so she pushed more, her own orgasm swelling up, her body almost floating as she felt the wave come, and felt him surge and spurt inside her, flooding her with cum as she poured out her juices yet again. What sinful bliss! Finally they collapsed and lay wrapped together, kissing, caressing and promising more to come: it could be a long night.

When she woke she was alone, lying naked on the crumpled sheets in a wet patch. She grinned to herself. Sighing, she stood up and found her robe and underwear. The panties were still wet and she thought, “Fuck it, don’t need them”, and left them on the bed, not caring if they were found by the Sister or the Master or the embarrassed cleaner or whoever the fuck. All she wanted was more sex, even if she had to go looking. It could be a long and very satisfying night.

She walked along the shadowy corridor of the upper floor, lit only by moonlight coming in through the window at the end. It was silent at first, but as she reached the top of the staircase she heard something. It was coming from the last chamber, behind a large wooden door. In the centre of the closed door was a sign: Master. The sound was louder – and then she recognised it: an excited moan that could only be sexual, she thought. What was he up to in there? And with who? Elena? She leaned up to the door and held the handle. It turned easily. Dare she peep in? She couldn’t resist.

As the door opened a little she could see the room was lit by dozens of candles. It was a large chamber with four-poster bed in the centre and a free-standing bathtub beside it, next to which was a pile of clothes. She could make out a dark robe and a kind of slip or nightgown, and a small messy shape of shed underwear. Aha! Of course. She heard the moaning again. And on the bed she saw two figures in silhouette. They hadn’t noticed her, so she slipped silently into the shadows of the candlelit room to see more. If she couldn’t find someone to fuck at least she could watch – who knew, maybe the Master would want seconds after he finished with whoever this was on his bed.

Erica quietly edged closer. On the bed lay a woman’s shape, spread-eagled, naked. As the moonlight came in through the window she could see the white flesh and the little mound of pubic hair. The girl’s arms reached out to the corners of the top of the bed, as if she was tied to the bedposts, and her legs were spread below. If she wasn’t bound she was certainly submissive. And then the Master appeared from the far side of the bed, tall, wide-shouldered – and stark naked. She could see the silhouette of his very large member, swinging forwards as he climbed onto the bed, to take his position above the girl. Just at that moment the girl’s head turned towards Erica and she recognised her friend!

Elena noticed her at the same time and her eyes widened with disbelief. Erica wasn’t sure if her friend wanted her to leave, watch, or join in! Once before they had had a threesome with some guy they picked up in a nightclub and they had both admitted to enjoying watching each other being taken and using the man’s body for their mutual pleasure. But this time? Erica moved back further into the shadows and watched for a moment. Her friend now had to look up at the Master, otherwise he would notice the intruder. He was now about to enter her, his huge cock at full attention and hovering over the wide-open pussy below. Goodness knows what foreplay they had been up to in the bath but it didn’t surprise her to see the man so excited.

As she watched, the long member slowly entered the supine girl, who moaned again as he went deeper and began to thrust. Erica felt herself getting turned on even more so she rubbed her hand over her mound, through the silky robe, knowing she too was wet and ready underneath. But she would need to find someone else this time. She watched a few moments more, hoping her good friend would get a good hard long fuck from the man who, she realised, must be her ‘boss’. Perhaps this was part of the weird therapy they practised in this strange place. No wonder Elena had recommended it to her. But it was time to leave them in privacy and find her own amusement. There must be someone else she could seduce.

She found her way back down to the cloakroom, where the handsome attendant was still at his post. And of course it only took her a second to form her next plan. She acted immediately, asking with a smile for her coat and bag. She had no intention of leaving but she wanted to change back to the skimpy clothes and see if this guy could be of any more useful service. ‘Let me help you find it,’ she said as he went into the back room. She followed him into a small room where there were some coats and bags on a row of hooks and others on what appeared to be a large bed. It reminded her of those parties where everyone puts their coats on the bed in the spare room. And she had an idea…

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