The Perfect Partnership Ch. 01

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Thanks to shygirlwhore for editing.


My name is Francis, I’m forty years old, and have a wife Alana and one daughter Elizabeth , I call her Bunny, and we have always been very close, she’s definitely a daddy’s girl.

I married Alana when I was 19 she was 21 and pregnant with Bunny, I started working for her father in the family business. he taught me how to succeed, but this meant spending time traveling away from home, and it took its toll on our relationship.

As the years went by Alana and I started to argue about the time I was spending away, and when her father died 4yrs after our marriage and her mother 18mths later, things started to get worse, the business continued to expand, Alana became depressed and began to rely on prescribed medication and booze.

Apart from the odd indiscretion, I was faithful to my marriage, but home life was becoming hard, and the only joy in my life was Bunny.

From the time I walked through the door, Bunny would run up throwing her arms around my neck, lavishing me with kisses on my cheeks, and then plant a juicy kiss on my lips, she would look me in the eyes and say “daddy I love you,” I’d feel guilty because she had a hard time at home with Alana who had started to resent the relationship I had with Bunny, she became more depressed and became addicted to the prescription drugs and drinking.

Whenever I could I would take Bunny with me on my trips, hiring a live-in caretaker to be with Alana.

Bunny went college at 17 to do a 4yr business degree, during college breaks Bunny would come home, I would try to make sure I was there, and she would sometimes accompany me on my business trips.

Alana had gotten worse and half the time didn’t know what day it was, she became jealous of Bunny, who was growing into a beautiful young woman, I’d tease Bunny, about how she was filling out, in all the right places.

l had also noticed how the young men were looking at her, “are you jealous daddy,” I laughed and gently slapped her bottom you’re 19, half way through your studies, and besides you are my very special girl.

She turned, looked me straight in the eyes, nestled my cheeks between her hands as she always did, and then kissed me on the lips a lingering sensual kiss that a father doesn’t expect.

As I gently pulled away her hazel eyes peered at me, she smiled “you’re blushing daddy, you know no one is going to take your Bunny from you”.

She had a hard time with Alana who was getting increasingly more jealous of our relationship, Alana would scream at Bunny “why don’t you find a man your own ,it’s not natural how the two of you act, he’s your father not your boyfriend.”

Bunny retorted, “it’s a pity he didn’t have a proper wife instead of a drunken, drug addict.” The carer rushed in and tried to calmed the situation, Bunny ran from the room in tears, slamming the door behind her just as I walked through the door.

What’s going on I ask, “it’s that upstairs”, what’s happened, “I hate her”, but she’s your mother “she’s no mother to me and no wife to you, you need someone to love you and appreciate you”.

I’m sorry darling I know it’s not easy for you, I’ll talk to Doctor Lewis. Come and give me a hand to unpack, and as Bunny started to put my things away I went to my wife’s room, she was screaming at her caretaker and when I walked in she became even more scathing, we tried to calm her down, eventually we got her to take a sedative, and I called the Doctor.

It was decided that Alana needed proper treatment, we had endeavored with Alana’s treatment at home, but it was becoming impossible, and Alana was committed to a clinic. Bunny could see that I was upset and came over to me and gave me a hug, we stayed embracing for what seemed a long time, I found myself holding her tight rubbing my hand up and down her back and through her hair, it had been so long since I had felt such a connection, a closeness to a woman, it stirred feelings in me that I had forgotten, for her part Bunny was nestling her head against my chest.

When we parted she turned her head so she was looking into my eyes and without hesitation she gave me a loving, longing kiss on the lips, my body reacted, I found myself with an erection, what I was doing I pulled away, and apologized to Bunny, she put her finger to my lips, “don’t apologize daddy, it’s not wrong if we both enjoyed it.”

Bunny was due to return to college shortly after, and for the rest of her stay we enjoyed the time we had, apart from the occasional hug and peck on the cheek, there was no other contact, I was aware my feelings for Bunny, and that they were wrong.

As she said goodbye she said “what will you do now without mum,” don’t worry, I’ll sort out a housekeeper. “Make sure she is old with warts, I’ll be home for good soon and I don’t want some harlot moving in”. I gave her a hug, and said I have kartal escort bayan my Bunny, you’re all I need, “do you really mean that daddy,” of course I do.

She through her arms around my neck and this time the kiss was so full of longing, emotion and tenderness without thinking I returned it. As we pulled apart, Bunny looked down at my trousers, she smiled “from where I’m standing daddy, you really will miss me”, I had an erection, once again I was embarrassed, Bunny just laughed and said “I’ll leave you with that and my love” she winked got into her car and waved as she drove away.

With Bunny at college I threw myself into the business, I had a housekeeper now, a motherly lady called Meg, and she look after everything around the house, After my trips she would welcome me home, hand me my mail with Bunny’s on top, and then prepare a meal.

The letters from Bunny started with how much she missed being home, how much she missed me, occasionally asking after her mother. But at the same time her letters became more suggestive, little things at first?? She would ask things like “I hope no-one is giving you any embarrassing swellings,” and how her lips haven’t tingled lately, LOL.

Time flew bye and after a couple more home visits during which time I managed not to mention the comments in her letters, it was finally time for Bunny to come home, Bunny said no fuss, just the two of us, so I ask Meg to prepare something simple and gave her the night off.

Bunny and I ate and drank wine, far more than we should have, but it was so good to have her home for good, after our meal we sat by the open log fire, me in my large chair, Bunny turned and asked if I would like a single malt with my smoke, she returned with our drinks and lit my cigarette, Bunny shocked me when she lit another for herself, she then sat down on my lap.

“Do you remember when I used to sit here with you daddy, and you used to tell me all about your travels.”

I do, but there wasn’t so much of you then, and I definitely don’t recall the malt and cigarettes.

As she put the tip between her lips there was something very erotic about her, as she inhaled she turned her head to the side and exhaled through her mouth and nose simultaneously, at that moment I realized that my little girl had grown into a very beautiful, and extremely sensual young woman.

As we sat there I was trying to ignore the bulge developing in my trousers, but Bunny had noticed me shuffling in my chair. I tried to defuse the situation, so I brought up the subject of what Bunny wanted to do now, we had discussed her joining the firm when she had completed her studies, “all I dream about daddy is being with you and helping you,”

I didn’t realize at the time, but those few words would change my life forever. Bunny flicked the butt of her cigarette into the fire, took a swig of malt and smiled, “my vices seemed to have had a growing effect on you,” as she gently moved her hips, “and you’re blushing” I push her off my lap, saying this wasn’t right you’re my daughter, this is neither morally right or legal, it has to stop here and now.

We’ve had too much to drink ,for gods sake I’m your father. She started to cry “I thought you loved me” the tears rolling down her cheeks, I’ve never seen Bunny look so hurt before, I do love you Bunny, you’re my life you know that.

Bunny got up, and ran to her room, I heard the door slam, I did something I’ve never before, I had not only hurt her, I had rejected her. I sat there pouring myself another whiskey or two, trying I suppose to blot out the fact that my feelings for my daughter were certainly not fatherly.

The following morning I woke up feeling crap, I had a shower and prepared myself for trying to amend things with Bunny.

Meg and Bunny were already chatting away as I entered the kitchen for breakfast, I asked Bunny what she had planned for the day, and before she could answer Meg said ,unaware of the previous evenings encounter, that Bunny was going flat hunting, I choked on my coffee, why? you’ve just got home ,why would you want to move out.

Meg laughingly taunted that she probably needed boyfriend space. For the first time I raised my voice to Meg, telling her it was none of her business and to do what she was paid to do.

I looked at Bunny and said we have to talk, “talk about what”, why you feel you need to leave, “you know why, it’s about time you found yourself a companion,” in case you’ve forgotten I am still married to your mother, “but she’s in a comatose state now thanks to the drink and drugs,” I know, but I can’t just abandon her, can we talk about this before you make any decisions.

Book somewhere nice, I’ll take you out for dinner, and I’m sorry Meg, for shouting, take few days off and go visit your sister, with that I gave Meg some money, kissed Bunny and left for the office.

I escort maltepe arrived home and looked about for Bunny, she wasn’t down stairs so I went up and knocked on her door “I’m getting ready I’ll be down soon,” I’m going to shower and change,” I’ve booked for 7.30, we can have a drink before we leave” she shouted back. I was waiting for Bunny downstairs, I heard her say “well, will I do,” I looked up and almost dropped my glass of wine, she looked exquisite as she glided down the stairs, she had a knee length dress that hugged her curve’s, she wore high heels and her legs so shapely in what I assumed were silk stockings by the sheen, her dark hair was immaculate and her makeup was perfect with eyes not to dark and the light red lipstick set off her beautifully shaped lips.

She had booked a small family run Italian restaurant, why here I asked, “because I’m told it’s very good, secluded, and we haven’t been here before.

I wanted this to be our special place, a place, where you don’t take client’s, or anyone else, a place where we could be any couple, not father and daughter.” We ate, talked and drank wine, she smiled when the proprietor ask if the entertainers could serenade my beautiful young lady, and she was so beautiful, god why did she have to be my daughter, my feelings were not those of a father.

We arrived home and Bunny said “why don’t you light the fire, I don’t feel tired, we can have a nightcap and a smoke, I’m going upstairs, be down soon, make mine a large malt,” I slipped my jacket and tie off making myself comfortable, poured the drinks and sat in my chair.

When Bunny appeared she was wearing her dressing gown, she sat on the floor at my feet leaned over took a cigarette from the box, put it between her lips and lit it, and after exhaling she smiled “I hope the lipstick doesn’t spoil the taste,” I’m sure it will add to the pleasure and with that she climbed up onto my lap, took her drink , and drank, she took my smoke and put it between her lips inhaled and exhaled so sensually, Bunny had taken control of what was about to happen.

She gently ran her fingers through my hair, down my cheek and lifted my head by the chin, she kissed my eyes, and each cheek and then my lips, “I love you so much daddy” I know darling but this, “no daddy, I love you, and I want to be with you.” But it’s, “it’s what we both want daddy, you can’t deny it”, I know darling but, and again she put her finger to my lips, “please daddy don’t fight the feelings we have for each other”, I knew at that moment I couldn’t deny her anything.

I looked at her, put my hand gently on her cheek and smiled, as I pulled her to me,I kissed her lips lightly at first and then more passionately, I let my tongue explore her mouth, Bunny let her tongue dance with mine.

I was holding Bunny in my arms, it felt so good, so natural, Bunny took my hand and slid it into her robe, and on to her naked breasts, I fondled those wonderful firm glands, gently kneading them like a artist with his clay. Bunny untied her robe and held her breast so I could suck and nibble her little hard perfectly erect nipple.

She gave a little sigh as I went from one to the other. Bunny lifted my head and started kissing, she looked at me, her smiling lips whispered “give me your hand.”

Taking it she put it on her knee and gradually moved my hand up her leg, and onto the inside of her thigh, then onto her vagina, she then took one finger and rubbed it up and down her wet lips, then inserted it into herself, “fuck me with your fingers daddy, please.” I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb whilst inserting one then two fingers into her wanting hole, we were kissing more urgently and I could feel her muscles tighten around my fingers.

She pushed her hips forward and threw her head back, she grabbed my hand, pushed it into her as hard as she could, groaning, “I coming, fuck me harder, harder”, I was ramming my fingers into her soaking pussy, I took her clitoris between my thumb and finger and she went rigid and just kept coming.

After Bunny had finished her orgasm, she took my hand and put one of my fingers between her lips and sucked, she kissed and licked my hand, then put the other finger in my mouth, she didn’t have to say anything, I closed my lips and sucked it, she smiled “now daddy ,do you like the taste of your little girl,” you taste wonderful darling.

Bunny slid off my lap and knelt between my legs, “now it’s time for daddy’s little bunny to play,” she undid my belt and zip, I raised my hips ,she pulled down my trousers and pants releasing my cock which sprung to attention and as it did so sprayed precum into the air hitting her in the face.

She smiled wiped it with her finger and licked it off, “well daddy, I can see that you are ready” with that she lowered her head and with her tongue, expertly ran it over the tip of my cock pendik escort collecting the sticky precum into her mouth.

She closed her lips around my cock and moved slowly and lustfully down it’s full length , fondling my balls with her left hand whilst gently holding my rigid cock between her lips, moving her teeth gently down to the base, and as she raised her head I could feel her teeth gently pulling the skin, she came halfway up before going down again and then easing her teeth, started to speed up, I grabbed her head and held it.

She got into a beautiful rhythm, it was fantastic, I took back control and gently gripping her hair I started pushing up and down, faster and faster. I looked at Bunny her eyes smiled, she released and as she lowered her head again, said ” fuck my mouth daddy, push your hard cock into my mouth and make me choke” with that I grabbed her hair and fucked her wet wanting mouth as hard as I could, it didn’t take long and I bucked my hips until I felt my come hit the back of her throat, I moaned and gave one last hard push down until she was choking and my come started to run down the corner of her mouth.

Bunny licked all the come from my cock, and brought her head up at the same time I lowered mine, our lips met tongues meeting in a frenzy within our mouths. I apologized to Bunny for coming so quickly, “oh daddy it was beautiful and we have all night lets get comfortable,” and she got up and while I stripped off the rest of my clothes, Bunny arranged the cushions in front of the fire.

I poured us another malt and we laid together enjoying a cigarette and drink. I wanted to try and make sense of what we were doing but at the same time I just knew for us it was right, Bunny lying in my arms both of us completely naked.

After we finished our smokes Bunny started rubbing my chest and biting my nipples, moving her hand down onto my cock and to my surprise it started to become hard again.

Bunny looked at me and winked she got up off the floor and sat on my chair and as I positioned myself between her legs she spread them wide, one over each arm of the chair, and with fingers pulled her pussy lips apart, dark pink folds on either side exposing the bright pink flesh of her wet and inviting pussy. “Use your tongue daddy make me come.

I want you to drink my love juice”, I lowered my head and started licking up and down the sides, moving leisurely towards the center, moving up and down and back up paying attention to her clitoris, sucking it into my mouth and tenderly rubbing it between my teeth.

Bunny grabbed the back of my head, pulled my face against her soaking wet cunt, and as she came, I drank the gushing sweet fluid endlessly flowing from within her.

she pulled me up, took my cock and slid it into her pussy, sliding her ass forward impaling herself onto my solid 8in cock, Bunny leaned over grabbed a cigarette and lit it, as she exhaled she smiled “fuck me like your whore daddy, you like your cheap fucking whore to smoke, while you ram that big fucking cock into my soaking wet cunt, do it daddy for Bunny.”

Slowly I moved forward and backwards, drawing my cock out and then forward pushing it so my balls slapped against her pussy, Bunny wrapped her legs around my body gripping me tight against her.

Our bodies moved as one and I could feel Bunny quivering, her eyes rolled and she begged, “fuck me daddy fuck me like your cheap slut whore, dragging in smoke she shouted, ” harder daddy fuck your little girl harder, make me your fucking filthy whorrrrrrrre,

Bunny slumped we were both shattered, I had never heard my daughter talk that way, we cuddled for a while then went upstairs.

We showered, I soaped her back and then moved my hands around to her breasts, gently running my thumbs over her nipples, down over her stomach, and on to the pussy, sliding my hand between her thighs and inserting a finger into her soapy pussy. Bunny had her hand behind her rubbing my cock, oh daddy, you’re insatiable, I love it.

Bunny got into my bed, I smiled at her and joking asked if she thought it was right her sleeping in her dads bed, smiling back she retorted our bed daddy, our bed.

As we lay there my arms wrapped around her and her head on my chest, we discussed all aspects, the dangers of this relationship and how careful we would have to be.

With regards to Meg, it was a problem having her living in the house, she would notice our unique sleeping arrangement.

Bunny smiled and said not to worry, she would sort it out.

All you have to do daddy, is stay fit, randy and ready to fuck me senseless on demand.

In return my pussy will be at your beck and call 24/7.

On Megs return we told her Bunny would be staying at home, that she had decided to join the company, so as we would be working together and traveling around it made more sense, Bunny turned and suggested I finished my business in the den while she had a girl to girl with Meg.

This was the start of what Bunny called our PERFECT PARTNERSHIP, I would teach her the business, and she would take control of all other business including my personal education.

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