The Plan Ch. 03: A Mouthful

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Just a Mouthful

This short story outlines one memorable afternoon with my two lovers, a married couple, Justin and Racheal. I’ll be writing more about our adventures…so stay tuned because they love sex as much as I do!

I had been seeing them for eight months or more, at the time. I didn’t know where it was all going and still don’t; but I (we) love each other’s friendship and cherish our time together. They have just adopted me as part of them; part of their marriage. We even have toothbrushes and clothes that that we keep at each of others’ homes. As the story unfolds, it’s clear that they, both, love to taste, suck, savor and even worship cock…the sex has been amazing. Anyway, they invited me over for drinks at their place. That usually meant I would be staying the night, but not always. Sometimes we couldn’t sync schedules and I would head home or vis-versa. So, it all begins with Justin and I sitting down with Manhattans…love the classics, especially when it’s made with rye. We were talking about work. I was talking through some programming I was working up for next year.

Justin changed the direction or topic (not unusual for Justin), “You’re a connoisseur; how’d you like the cherries?”

“They are very good; where’d you find them?”

“I made them by soaking them for two weeks.”

I replied, “They are better because they weren’t as sweet as the maraschino cherries, often served.” “You can actually taste the cherry.”

With that he said something about Racheal and ran off suddenly. I thought he was going to get the cherries or help Rach in the kitchen…maybe getting another drink or some kind of food. That wasn’t the case…they both came back into the room, wearing nothing, yes nothing. Racheal grinned and asserted, “We are both ready for you.” A little cliché…but they bahis firmaları had needs that needed to be fulfilled and I was ready for whatever they had in mind. To just complete this picture…yes, Justin was already hard going to movies or art exhibits, going out to eat…the things couples do. We were a couple of three. Last summer went camping together, but that was an orgy. Fortunately, it was a very isolated area in the mountains, otherwise, we would have been jailed for public nudity, indecency or something. Another story…maybe later…a digression

Ready for me? I smiled, what do you have in mind?

Racheal, “It’s been a couple weeks and we have missed you…we both need you….”

Justin got down to business with what he wanted, “I want you to use my throat and then I want to watch you fuck Rach’s throat, the same way.”

DTF or just ready to go…they eagerly removed my clothes and ran their hands all over my body, they rubbed and kneaded my back, shoulders, legs and, especially, my cock. Eventually focusing, they stroked me, together. It was already hard and pulsing with their touch…a nice deep, burgundy head…you get the picture. We made our way to the bedroom where they both kneeled in front of me, as if they were bowing or worshiping. Flanking my upright cock, they started to lick the sides, Rach on the right Justin I wanted to split it and cover both of them. So, I pulled out and thumped it on his chin to shake off the orgasm; I couldn’t go yet. I couldn’t. With my cock, I slapped his cheeks and drug it over his face, rubbing the underside over his lips. He sucked and lapped at it while I pressed it against his face. I could almost see an impression of my cockhead on his skin…I was leaning into him and rubbing his cheek so hard.

In one sweeping move, I shoved it hard kaçak iddaa into his throat, pulled out and jumped over to Racheal. She moaned and welcomed me by raising her head to meet it. I slid all the way in, slapping my balls over her face. She strained to take it and I could feel her exhale and warm the skin of my balls. Shoving it deep and fucking her throat, I

kept going until I had to pause…again. This time, I held it deep in her throat…it was so tight…I could feel a pulse through my cock as it pressed against her tightness.

I think she could feel it too, because she seemed to move her fingers with greater urgency. She was on the edge and wanted to cum. My launch delayed, I started to stroke her again. After some good pumping, I pulled out and moved around to slide it parallel through her pursed lips. I repeatedly stroked it across her, pausing at times to press my cockhead into her lips. Justin moved up and positioned his open mouth to take the tip as I slid the shaft across his Rach’s lips.

I thought to myself…how crazy is this shit? Rock hard, I picked it up and thumped and bounced it over her lips and on Justin’s face. Both showing their satisfaction, Justin moaned and Rach squealed. Her little squeals abruptly stopped when I pierced her tight lips and began stroking her again. She gagged some but took it deep, where we had left off. Long strokes…deep strokes…she took it all!

It was an intense fuck session between three lovers! I just kept moving back and forth between them…they fucked me with their faces and I fucked them with my cock…none of us could get enough! Edging hard, I knew I was going to shoot a huge load. I was so fucking close but I just wanted it all to continue…it was incredible sex.

Racheal was close, because she started to groan around the kaçak bahis length of my cock; the vocal vibrations only pushed me closer. Her lips started to shudder around my cock…she was cumming!

I looked over to see huge white strands shoot from that gorgeous purple head. Damn…they were both cumming! Justin’s had spanned the length of his torso, landing cum across his chest with a few drops on his neck. Racheal screamed with incredible pleasure when I pulled out. Both, seemed to enjoy a long satisfying finish…which was amazing to watch. Fucking amazing!!!

Spent and sweating, they lay there waiting as I wildly stroked over them. I had held back orgasm a half a dozen times, but now it was time. They had their mouths stretched open, waiting for it…I attempted to center myself between them and pump with great, long strokes. The both begged, “Give it all to us…spray it all over us.” “I want to taste you…we need it…make it a good one.” “Please give it to us….please”

I grunted out a huge load over their faces…I think I hit Justin’s mouth squarely with a couple shots…it was an incredible release with all my body pushing the load as hard as I could. Both took it with great joy, grabbing all they could, working their tongues to gather any left on their lips.

Racheal grabbed my ass and pushed my cock into her mouth for the last of it. Justin reached over to help stroke it into her mouth. She sucked hard, pulling out the last drops. I almost expected to hear slurping sounds like the end of a milkshake. They finished me; and I pulled out and watched them savor and swallow every drop. To finish things off, they cleaned each other’s faces…and exchanged kisses and cum till it was all gone.

Racheal asked, “Honey can you stay the night…please?” “I want to wake up in the morning with my two guys…I love sausage in the morning”…we all laughed.

Justin replied, “Hey, I want some, too.”

We passed out together with Racheal trailing off and saying… “I just want a mouthful…just a mouthful.”

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