The Tackle Pt. 02 – Consequences

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Author’s Note


I’m deeply grateful to all of you who read “The Tackle”. If you haven’t, you may want to prior to reading this. On the subject, I received some truly excellent feedback and criticism specifically about character flaws and obstacles, as well as some very wise advice from the extremely talented writer Anomic, for which I am extremely grateful.

If you’ve read my other stuff, you probably know that I do love my drama. You’ve been warned.


Possible Futures – Mike


Two Years Later

“What, exactly, do you mean by ‘Maybe we should slow down,’ Michael?”

God, she was beautiful. Even when she was clearly both exasperated with me and uncertain about my intentions. She generally only called me Michael when she was very upset with me. It was like an early warning system. I’d have to be careful.

“I mean, we nearly got caught last night. You were loud and I was, well, far too involved in how good your pussy felt to even consider the world outside of the living room. We were stupid and god only knows what would have happened if you hadn’t heard the garage door opening.”

We were even luckier than that. Dad didn’t park in the garage a lot, because it was his informal art studio. If they had just parked out front and used the main door, they would have seen their children bonding in ways that they would not have approved of.

She looked like she was about to cry. Oh, fuck.

“Yeah? Well, to me it sounds more like you’re a little tired of the same pussy. You’d never even have worried about this when we first got together. And…and maybe it would be good if someone caught us. It would force you to either move somewhere with me…or tell me that you didn’t want to.”

“Is that what this is about? I’m not hesitating. I’m months away from graduating, then I can get a job anywhere, and start my masters. And you can transfer to any school you want. We can both go far away and live the way we want to. We talked about this. Agreed to it. We were both excited about it. What changed?”

“Nothing,” she said, but she didn’t believe it, “I just…you were so upset and I don’t understand why. Bad things could have happened but they didn’t. And you’ve been cold lately. Don’t tell me you haven’t! You’ve pulled away from me when I try to hug you. You’ve avoided me when I’ve been…very, you know, welcoming. And you keep getting texts at all hours”

“Well, I can’t help the texts. There are just some people who won’t let go. And I never meant to be cold, but you’re right. You’re right, and I’m sorry. I…I keep seeing what would happen if we were caught. How you would be treated. How your future could be impacted. Would we survive that? I don’t know, but I know mom and dad would be devestated. Can you imagine that?”

Oh god, now she was crying. Fuck. I am not very good at this long-term relationship thing. And the truth was, I already did have a plan if we were caught. I always told her not to say anything and let me do the talking, and being the trusting little sister she was, she agreed. I would confess to taking advantage of her, using her trust of me to manipulate her into a sexual relationship, and we’d see where things landed. She’d deny it, which would just make people think that I’d really done a number on her. Victims are treated differently than co-conspirators, even if there is no crime. I would do anything to keep the stigma of being my willing incestuous lover from my sister’s name. I might go to jail and I certainly would be out of the family. But she wouldn’t be.

Not that she’d ever agree to that plan, which is why I never told her that part. But I didn’t want that. I truly and really did want to move away with her, like we discussed. Well, mostly. The big difference between the two of us was life experience. I worried, a lot to be honest, about whether something this serious was good for her. Could I truly be said to be thinking like a good big brother while I was bending her over the kitchen table on the regular?

I had broached the topic of her dating other people. I would wait for her, maybe date but keep everything light and non-sexual if she wanted. I had been kind of a slut for years, and that just seemed fair to me. It would be…well it would be hell, even imagining Jamie with someone else made my heart ache, but I had to put it out there. This wasn’t a normal relationship and we were making up the rules as we went.

For some reason that I sincerely cannot understand, she interpreted this as a flimsy excuse. A smokescreen I was using to cover a cowardly exit from our relationship. Didn’t she understand that even bringing it up made me nauseous? Things hadn’t always been like this. In fact, they really didn’t get bad until the last month.

She’d gotten more clingy (although certainly nothing beyond what would be considered normal in a traditional relationship) and even hornier. pendik escort She’d also been more reckless than I’d ever seen her, and it worried me. If I refused her or deflected her advances, even if only until later in the day, she became silent and depressed. It was like I was the analytical and logical partner and she was thinking with her emotions and genetalia. I wasn’t comfortable with this switch in roles and I had no explanation for it.

“I’m sorry. It just seems like every day we move further apart and no closer to getting out on our own. Just promise that you aren’t leaving me behind. I just…I just need to hear it from you.”

I hugged her and held her close.

“Tiny, I’d honestly rather be hit by a car than leave you. I’m not going anywhere. It was your plan to take our time and be careful until I graduated, remember? I was the one who wanted to rush off and get a crappy local apartment so I could do more unspeakable things to you in privacy. Your way just makes more sense for our future together. We’d only have to pretend when we came home to visit mom and dad, or when friends visited us. I really can’t wait. I just want you to be sure that this isn’t too early for you.”

She smiled a little. Thank god. I could see her fidgeting with the string on my hoodie as I pressed her to my chest.

“I know. Its just getting…really hard. My brain keeps making up these…horrible scenarios where we fight and then you go back to lots of girls and I’m just…just me. Alone. I’m sorry I said what I did.”

And like previous storms, this one was over just as fast. I was certain that she loved me, but at this point I felt like everything else was up in the air, or at least resting on a very shaky foundation. I wasn’t sleeping well, I was having trouble dodging questions from my friends and family about my love life, and the combination of work and school was wearing pretty heavily on me.

“Things have been tough on both of us. Honestly, it’s only the thought of you that gets me through some days. Just give it time, and trust me.”

She nodded and cuddled more into my chest. I knew her well enough to know that my smell and the softness of the old hoodie I was wearing were both very reassuring for her. I hugged her because that was all I knew to do.

Everything would be fine. It had to be.


Interested Parties – Mike


Jamie glanced at the clock.

“Oh shit, its three! I need to change!”

It was, in fact, my 24th birthday. I’d invited my close friends and Jamie had done the same. Well, honestly, her friends had subtly also become my friends. I didn’t really mind though. I think she was looking forward to the party more than I was. It was an excuse to get together and talk about nerdy shit, which she was always up for and I found extremely endearing.

We had persuaded mom and dad to take a weekend getaway, telling them that we’d like to have a party and we weren’t sure how late it might go. Our parties were pretty laid back and the worst we got up to was smoking weed. As long as we stayed out of mom’s stash, they were fine with us and our friends. It would, not coincidentally, give Jamie and me some badly needed time together. I wanted her, almost as badly as I had before our first time together. Our last attempt had been interrupted by our parent’s early return, and before that we hadn’t had sex in two weeks.

I understand how that must sound, but for us it was a lifetime, even with late night mutual masturbation or cunnilingus. We were in love, and having my cock deep inside her as often as possible seemed to be as vital to both of us as breathing.

Unsurprisingly, Ellie and Julian showed up first. They tended to think we needed help with this sort of thing and they liked to come early in case there were any last minute tasks. They were right, of course. Our argument had lasted longer than either of us had planned, so we hadn’t completed a few of things.

“Could you guys cut the little things into smaller things? We really need to put the stuff in them and get them into the oven.”

She was talking about cutting some crescent roll dough from a can and filling it with some chorizo and then baking them into delicious little spicy savory meat rolls. Jamie could communicate like that, and her friends almost magically knew what she was talking about. Hell, I did too. It was another thing about her that I found adorable.

She noticed me looking at her as she finished frosting some cupcakes and she shot me a sexy little smirk. That was another new thing. It seemed like she was teaching herself how to tease me. Probably there was a subreddit she frequented and some spreadsheets with lists of behaviors and results noted.

I’m not complaining and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Sometimes I wonder if mom and dad would accept that we were lovers simply because we understood and just accepted each other in ways that only maltepe escort family could. It was wishful thinking.

She was dressed rather casually. Or at least that’s how others would see it. She wore a long-sleeved white sweater, just tight enough to show her curves but not enough to make out any detail of her fantastic breasts. Her knee-length skirt was a deep blue, and no-one could call it immodest. It was made of light material that hung off her hips just so, loose enough to rise and fall as she walked, tight enough to just slightly restrict her movement. She wore it for me, I knew. Partially because her preferred casual wear was simple pants and sweatshirts, but partially because of what she was doing.

She was finding a lot of excuses to bend over, and each time she did, the dress rode up a little higher. She wasn’t looking in my direction, but she was making sure that it stayed that way…until the next time. Finally, the skirt lifted up to show just the bottom of her lovely, upside-down heart shaped ass. Her skin was pale almost to the point of translucence and I knew from first hand experience how it felt firm but yielding in my hand. The chorizo wasn’t the only thing that was spicy. Her panties were clearly new as I hadn’t seen them before. They were black and lacy, barely big enough to be called clothing. I was transfixed. She’d never really wore sexy underwear, not like this. She was stepping out of her comfort zone, for me. And holy shit was it hot.

“Uh, wow,” Julian said. Being the only man I knew who was possibly more of a horn-dog than I was, he would be the one to notice. Thankfully his entire attention was diverted by the vision of loveliness that was my sister’s ass so he didn’t see me looking. God that was a sentence I never thought I’d write. Ellie hit him on the shoulder.

“Jamie, you’re giving this pervert a show,” she said, being a solid friend, as always. I liked her.

“Ow, I was going to say something,” Julian said, defensively, “In a minute. Or two.”

Jamie fixed her dress, but didn’t appear to be bothered that someone other than me noticed her shapely bottom.

“It’s no big deal. Its just you guys, and my brother,” she said, smiling innocently.

“Don’t encourage Julian. He’s got enough plates in the air,” Ellie said.

Ellie was probably right. Julian typically was dating between one and three people at any given time. He was the cute artist type so he could get away with it. Ellie, however, was a different story. She had deep olive skin and curves for days with well-proportioned very natural looking large breasts and ass. Some may have considered her to be overweight, but nearly all of the men I knew just called her sexy. She was confident with her body, not to mention smart and, like my sister, pretty nerdy. She’d been engaging in an endless war of teasing with Julian. He knew she would go out with him, but it would have to be exclusive. He wasn’t ready to give up the endless stream of college girls. I couldn’t blame him, but Ellie would absolutely have been someone that I would have pursued in the time before I acknowledged my feelings for Jamie.

I might look at Ellie, but what I felt for my sister meant that I was never tempted to stray.

She was working with Ellie and Julian, directing in the kitchen, moving things around, putting snacks on plates just so. Normally I would be right in there, doing whatever it was she felt most important. Today, I was prohibited from doing so on the grounds that it was my birthday. She had arranged everything for this party on her own, and had hinted at more when we were alone tomorrow. Our parents didn’t get home until Monday, and I was very much looking forward to whatever her vivid imagination had come up with. For a second I had a vision of her as a mother, maybe ten years older, managing a kitchen of laughing and running children. I realized that it was possible for me to love her more than I did, a prospect I found almost frightening. Knocking at the door disrupted my thoughts.

“I’ll get it,” I said, striding to answer it.

It was Stevie and Greg, who were still going strong, thankfully.

“I’m sorry, we had to park you in. Some jackass parked their silver Nissan on the curb so badly that there’s no room for any other cars,” Greg said, rolling his eyes.

“No worries, we’re not going anywhere until tomorrow,” I said, thinking hopefully about what might happen later tonight, after our guests left.

A few minutes later the rest of our short guest list arrived: Irwin, Trina, and Rebecca (who seemed to show up everywhere together anymore). I had invited a few other friends but, unsurprisingly, they had prior plans to fly to Vegas to drink and womanize for the weekend. It was the sort of thing I used to enjoy, so I didn’t hold it against them. We’d hit the bar together when they got back.

Time passed. We drank and ate unhealthy snacks. Irwin told stupid jokes. We hung out in the living room. Later we’d play Cards Against kartal escort Humanity. I could see how some people would see this as boring, but honestly it was everything I wanted.

A buzzer went off in the kitchen, indicating that something delicious was done. Jamie started to stand up but I waved her down.

“You can sit for a while, I haven’t done anything. I’ll plate the food and bring it out. Anyone need anything while I’m up. Beer?”

Jamie shook her head but Irwin and Trina waved empty bottles at me. I took them and went to the kitchen.

“I’ll help,” a familiar voice say behind me. And that’s how Ellie got me alone, in the kitchen. I don’t know how I missed her obvious intentions.

While I eased the food out and set it on the stove top to cool, Ellie got beer for Irwin and Trina, which was nice of her. What I didn’t expect was how close she was standing behind me when I turned around. It was actually a little spooky how quietly she had moved. Like a panther stalking its prey. She had a knowing little smirk on her face as she moved even closer.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately,” she said ominously.

“Oh?” I said, trying to hide my anxieties by quickly swigging my beer. My history of promiscuity was, yet again, coming back to haunt me.

“I’ve been wondering why it is, that no matter many signals I put out or times I flirt with you, you’ve never just taken me back to your room, bent me over, and given me the good hard fucking that I deserve,” she said, stepping so close that her nipples, which I could now see very clearly through her tight black shirt, were maybe an inch from my chest.

I barely avoided spitting my beer out on her. Jesus Christ where was this girl three years ago? Probably underage, I reminded myself.

“I, uh, kind of gave up the player life,” I said lamely, “it wasn’t really satisfying any more.”

“Hmm,” she said, thoughtfully, her voice low and husky, “I figured as much. But…you know it wouldn’t just have to be sex if we were together. It could be more. If that’s what you wanted.”

Fuck, I was getting an erection despite myself. I slid desperately around her, snagging the snacks and moving back towards the living room.

“I…I’m just a little weird about being romantic with my sister’s friends.” I doubted that she bought it but it was the best I could come up with being as flustered as I was.

“Mike,” she said, calling to me back from the kitchen. Thankfully she didn’t seem upset by my rejection, but she didn’t seem to have given up, either.

“Yes,” I said over my shoulder, stopping briefly.

“I’m going to find out who your secret lover is. It’s the only explanation for why you haven’t fucked me or any of the other girls I’ve noticed throwing themselves at you. I don’t know why you’ve kept her from us, but you must have your reasons. I’m going to find out who she is and tell her that she has competition. I’m very good at finding things out, you know.”

I made a noncommittal noise and moved back into the living room. She was a journalism major and was, in fact, very good at investigation. God, thats just what I needed, Ellie watching me like a hawk. Jamie gave me a raised eyebrow when I came back into the room. I just shrugged helplessly. The irony was that if I could just tell her that I was with her best friend, she’d back off, immediately. She wouldn’t ever betray Jamie. Neither would I.

Thankfully, aside from some intense gazing, Ellie didn’t press the issue any more that night. It was, on the whole, a fun and successful event, and relaxing. Jamie even managed to usher everyone out fairly early talking about how tired I had been. It helped that the weather was turning nasty and we could hear thunder in the distance. I was tired, but I wasn’t going to sleep until I’d had want I really wanted for my birthday. What I desperately needed.

Jamie had just finished showing Rebecca out. As soon as she had turned around I was on her, pushing her small body against the closed door. I wasn’t rough, but I was firm. She whimpered a little, in anticipation. I pressed my body up against hers, feeling her softness yield to me, her nipples already hard like pebbles. She was so much smaller than me, it made me want to protect her. It made me want to take her. I stroked her hair how she liked and leaned in and kissed her. She responded with her whole body, the way no other girl did.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me closer and then raised her leg and hooked it around mine, grinding against me. I was so hard that I hurt. My need to get laid was overwhelmed by my need to be with her. We spent so much time pretending, so much time concealing. We we let ourselves come out, we were barely in control.

I reached down, pulling her skirt up, putting my hands on her bare legs. God they were so smooth and soft. I didn’t care if she ever shaved but when she knew we would be together she always did. Once she knew that something that she did turned me on, she never forgot. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs completely around my waist. She was so light, so perfect. I tried to focus on walking up the stairs but she kept licking and kissing me on my neck. I made it up and took her to my room. To my bed.

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