Unicorn Hunters: The Dog Sitter

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Molly and Jason practically wriggled with excitement as they pulled into their driveway. Tonight was the night! They had hired Chelsea to watch their three Yorkies under the pretense that they were away on a wine tasting trip.

“Do you think she’ll be into us?” asked Molly, nervous excitement creeping into her voice.

“Are you kidding me?” responded Jason. “Every time you walk in the room she can’t take her eyes off of you, and she always giggles when I talk to her. I’m sure she’s into us.” And with that he turned off the engine.

They sat there for a moment, relishing the anticipation for what was about to come next. Molly and Jason had been married for several years, and when they weren’t working, or traveling, they spent their time seducing attractive bi-sexual women, who were also known as unicorns.

Chelsea had come into their lives when she had dog sat for friend, and they had agreed she would be their next conquest. Only twenty one, they had hired her twice and set a precedent of her spending the night in their guest room whenever they got home.

Walking in the door they found her curled up on the sofa with the three dogs watching TV. When she heard the door open she turned and greeted them with them with a bright smile. “Hey you guys! How was wine tasting?”

“It was perfect,” said Molly as she set her bags by the door and went to join her on the sofa. “We got you a bottle of wine, how do you feel about joining us for a glass?” asked Molly.

“Oh, I shouldn’t,” said Chelsea, “I have classes tomorrow and I was just about to head to bed.”

Molly pouted, “But we picked it out especially for you. Are you sure you couldn’t join us for one glass?”

Chelsea relented, “That’s really sweet of you guys. I can have one glass, but then I need to crash.”

Jason quickly poured the three of them glasses and joined them on the sofa. They toasted each other before taking their first sips. One glass quickly turned into three as Molly plied her with another and then another serving of wine, until Chelsea’s face was flushed and she was visibly tipsy.

Looking for just the right moment, Molly leaned over to Chelsea and whispered in her ear, “You know, Jason told me this weekend that he thinks you have the perfect ass.”

Chelsea bahis firmaları blushed, she wasn’t used to hearing that a married man found her attractive and the thought of Jason ogling her backside seemed so wrong…but also sexy.

Molly went on, “You know, I also think you are a very pretty girl,” and she tucked some loose hairs around Chelsea’s face before leaning in to kiss her.

Chelsea didn’t resist as Molly slowly separated her lips, and slipped her tongue into her mouth, exploring her gently. Molly was relieved that she seemed open to her invitation and they kissed for a few more seconds before Chelsea breathlessly broke off the kiss.

“I’m so sorry,” said Chelsea, “but this is…wrong, we shouldn’t be doing this!”

“Why” asked Molly, “We’re all adults here, and we all like each other. What’s a little kiss between friends?”

“Well,” and Chelsea hesitated, “Well, you’re married, and isn’t that wrong?”

Molly smiled, “It’s only wrong if you make it wrong. Jason and I like you, and we only want what’s best for you. I always share with my friends, and that includes sharing my husband. You should see what he’s like in bed,” she said with a wink.

Chelsea was quiet so Molly continued, “He has the most amazing cock, would you like to see?” and before Chelsea could respond Molly looked as Jason and said, “Honey, why don’t you show Chelsea what an amazing cock you have?”

Eyeing Chelsea for a moment, Jason stood up and dropped his pants. His semi-hard cock was already bigger than anything Chelsea had ever seen.

“Wow,” said Chelsea, “I bet that would feel amazing.” Her eyes glimmered with lust watching his member start to throb with anticipation.

“Only one way to find out,” said Jason with a grin.

“Well I don’t believe in letting a good thing go to waste” said Molly, and she got off the sofa to start gently licking the tip of his cock.

Looking back at Chelsea Molly said, “Why don’t you help me with this?”

Chelsea hesitated for a moment, a look of concern crossing her face. “I’ve never done this before…are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Of course I don’t mind,” said Molly, “It’ll be fun.”

Chelsea set her wine down and joined Molly and the two of them started sliding their tongues kaçak iddaa up and down the shaft of Jason’s cock as he moaned with pleasure. Molly took advantage of the closeness to occasionally let her tongue connect with Chelsea’s until they eventually abandoned Jason and started kissing each other.

Jason sat down on the sofa watching them kiss while he stroked himself. Chelsea hadn’t protested again so Molly reached under her shirt and gently pinched her nipple and felt her shudder with desire as she caressed her breast. Taking that as an invitation she slipped her other hand up Chelsea’s skirt and pulling her panties aside. She was dripping wet and Molly wanted to taste her.

“Why don’t we move this to a more comfortable location?” she suggested, and took Chelsea by the hand, leading her to their bedroom with Jason in tow.

Once in the bedroom Molly slipped out of her dress before slowly undressing Chelsea, kissing her body and running her tongue over her soft skin while teasing her nipples. Chelsea moaned gently as Molly slipped her tongue between her thighs while she pulled her panties down.

Once Chelsea was naked Molly led her to the bed and laid her down on her back. “Have you ever been with a woman before?” she asked. Chelsea shook her head “no,” her eyes wide with excitement and maybe a touch of fear.

Molly nodded, but didn’t say a word, instead she placed her hands on either knee and butterflied Chelsea’s thighs open. Taking her time Molly gently licked her her outer lips, sliding her tongue up and down until she made her gasp as her tongue skimmed her clit. “Oh God,” groaned Chelsea, her thighs shaking from the pleasure.

Molly was completely absorbed with Chelsea and didn’t notice Jason until he suddenly shoved his cock deep in Molly’s pussy making her release Chelsea from her mouth for just a moment.

After a few thrusts Moly regained her composure and slid her tongue back over Chelsea’s sweet spot, making her once again moan with pleasure. Jason had his hands on Molly’s hips and was pushing in deeply, lifting Molly slightly off the bed with every thrust.

Chelsea started panting, and Molly could tell that she was close to coming. Trying to ignore Jason, Molly applied more pressure, encouraging Chelsea to come. “Oh kaçak bahis God, oh God, oh God,” cried out Chelsea and her whole body began shaking, waves of pleasure cascading down her thighs, to the tips of her feet. Her back arched and she moaned again before putting her hand on Molly’s head, as if begging her stop.

Molly paused and then looked behind her, “Jason, why don’t you show her just how good your cock is?”

Jason nodded and placed himself between Chelsea’s thighs, her wet pussy glistening. He gently slipped inside of her, moving slowly until she had taken every inch of him. Chelsea moaned with pleasure as Jason began to move in and out of her, his thrusts going deeper with every movement.

Molly joined them on the bed and Chelsea reached for her and they began kissing. Molly slipped her hand between Chelsea’s thighs, making her gasp as she swirled her finger around Chelsea’s clit.

They made a great team, and Molly was sure they could make her come again before the night was over. Jason had started to speed up his rhythm, his cock thrusting deeply into Chelsea, making her groan with pleasure.

Chelsea put her arms around Molly, kissing her deeply, as the two of them pleasured her. Jason was deep inside, his cock glistened in the light as he moved in and out. Deeper he drove in, lifting her perfect ass off the bed with every thrust. Molly kept her fingers on Chelsea’s sweet spot until they were rewarded with another series of “Oh Gods,” as Chelsea climaxed for the second time.

Panting from the excitement, Chelsea’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she whimpered for them to stop.

“Do you really want Jason to stop?” asked Molly.

Chelsea shook her head “no” once again. “Good,” said Molly, “Because I think Jason wants to come inside you.”

Jason looked at the two of them for a moment before grabbing Chelsea’s hips and flipping her over. On all fours now, Jason shoved his cock in deeply making Chelsea groan with pleasure. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he arched her back as he drove himself completely inside of her. Deeper and deeper he went until the women were rewarded with his primal groans, as his hot cum exploded inside of Chelsea.

Panting from the exertion, he slipped out and lay between the two women. He kissed his wife, and then Chelsea, his smile made it apparent that he had enjoyed himself. The three snuggled together for a moment before Molly looked at Chelsea and said, “Have you ever heard of a unicorn?”

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