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I carried my briefcase walking through the exhibition stalls. There were a number of college kids popping up here and there excited and having fun. As I walked in the busy crowd I was linked by a girl. It must have been a mistake as she looked at me surprised, as if seeing me for the first time but then shrugged her shoulders and dragged me into a tent with a Hall of Mirrors.

She was lovely looking with blonde hair hanging loose and laughing blue eyes. She was dressed in a maroon blazer almost the same colour as my jacket, which perhaps caused her mistaken identity, a grey skirt, grey stockings and flat maroon shoes.

“I thought you were my friend but it doesn’t matter. Anyway it’ll do you good to see the hall of funny mirrors. You’ll see yourself differently and we can all do with that.”

I looked at the variety of shapes and sizes; short and fat; long and narrow; long forehead and body, short legs long arms. Whether because of the distorted shapes or her ebullience I laughed with her.

It had been years since I had taken time to see myself differently and it was fun. I’d always been busy striving in my job and dressing in the same businesslike manner.

“Yes I think you’re right.” I replied.

As we approached the exit I felt sad that the experience with her would soon be over.

“Would you like a coffee?” She looked disapprovingly. “Sorry ice cream or something?”

She smiled looked me up and down and said.

“Yes. Ok!” As if I had passed the acceptance test.

And still linking my arm dragged me to an ice cream vendor. I could feel her breast against my forearm, full and firm. It was good.

“I love the Cornish style.” She said.

I bought her a large cornet casino şirketleri of ice cream with a chocolate Flake sticking out. I got myself a smaller one.

As she gorged on hers she said.

“I have a sweet tooth.”

“I can tell.” I replied.

Her light pink tongue curled and captured the melting ice cream on the rim. She caught me looking and laughed through her half-closed mouth and mumbled.

“Please don’t look. It’s so messy.”

Even her mumble had the plumy English accent common in private college girls. She was probably heir to a huge fortune, unlike my blue collar ancestry. My father left me with an addictive personality that I constantly battled and tendency toward heart disease.

We found a table near a hotdog vendor and sat down. The crowds were thinning out but I saw one or two other girls in the same uniform as her.

“College outing?” I asked. “My names James by the way.”

“Oh hi I’m Victoria.” She offered her long thin hand over the plastic covered table, which I shook lightly. It was cold and slightly clammy but perfectly manicured. She smiled broadly revealing unsurprisingly white even teeth. “Yes we’ve come to see what’s on offer. Business Studies course.”

She had the confidence bred into her class. When I talked she had this way of paying full attention to me as if everything I said was so very important. It was both flattering as well as intimidating. I became more conscious of what I said.

“What career are you interested in when you leave college, I mean?” I asked in a parental way.

“Loosen up!” She disparaged my question laughing and showed the contents of her delectable mouth. It was as if she knew I was this ‘Salary man’ with casino firmaları the pursuit of money my only goal, my interests solely mammon.

She began sucking up the main body of the ice cream, her soft bow shaped cushions resting on the white confection. She looked up and caught me staring at her. She snorted and was about to tell me off again, but I was saved by my ice cream trickling down my hand onto my trousers.

“Damn!” I said and looked for a tissue to wipe it up.

There was a chrome plated dispenser on the ledge of the vendors wagon.

“You have to concentrate on what you’re doing James. Haven’t you been told that?”

She was mocking me playfully. I took no offence. I had been told that many times in my past. At home, in school, my early working experience. In fact I now said it to my staff on a far too regular basis.

I found a tissue, dumped my ice cream in the bin and began furiously wiping the front of my pants.

“It’ll leave a terrible stain there all day.” She said unhelpfully. I looked up.

“I know.” I replied rather irratibly.

“People will wonder what you’ve been up to.” She said coquettishly. Then giggled.

I was red and flustered. She finished her ice cream and stood up reaching for some tissues and water from the vendor.

I couldn’t help look at her perfect legs as she stretched up. They were the best legs I had ever seen. Perfectly proportioned. Not too thin, no fat. An athletic leg straight and even, revealed to the back of her mid-thigh. She turned. Each time she turned her hair flicked which captivated me.

“Here, let me fix that.” She said in a commanding voice and moved to the side of the vendors wagon, out of the güvenilir casino main thoroughfare.

She bent down and rubbed the front of my charcoal grey pants. A lump came to my throat. I looked down and could just see her grey covered knees slightly open. The hem of her skirt trapped between the backs of her thighs and calves. Oh to lift that skirt.

The stain was disappearing but at what cost to my dignity, as I stood in a public space being cleaned down by a young girl. She raised her hand and tucked it inside the waistband of my pants, in order to gain more purchase. She massaged the stain. I had to use all my concentration to avoid thinking of this young girl with her hand in my trousers rubbing away at the front.

“Not hurting you am I.” She looked up smiling. “It’s just you look a little pained.”

“No … er … no carry on.” I replied. “Just taking your advice. Trying to concentrate”.

I was breathing erratically she smiled.

It was no use. Her perfume wafted up to me distracting me from my concentration. I started getting hard. The rubbing moved from against her fingers to the lump in my pants and she never flinched.

“That’s better.” She said continuing to rub faster and without looking up.

My eyes rolled in my head as I felt such pleasure. She rubbed until I disgorged myself into my underpants. She stopped rubbing as her other hand in my pants touched my wet penis.

“I think we need more tissues.” She said. She stood up facing me completely unfazed.

“Yes.” I said embarrassed I came so quickly and in a public place.

A girl came running up dressed in the same uniform.

“Vic Vic! Where’ve you been.” She looked me up and down with a mixture of curiosity and contempt. “We have to be going.”

“Ok just coming.” She said this wiping her hand dry.

As she went to leave I said.

“Will I see you again?”

“In your dreams.” She said and left.

And do you know what? – She was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32