What a Girl Wants

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It’s summertime and I suggest that we meet downtown for a drink and a bite to eat at a joint that I used to frequent.

We sit at the bar and have a few. The bartender is happy to see me again. She’s a cute 24 year old redhead. We used to do hot yoga together and she would flirt with me all the time. She pulls me aside on my way back from the restroom and asks me if you’re my boyfriend? I know what she wants …I whisper in her ear that we love to play suggest that she join us. I know she’d be into it. It’s just the vibe she gives off.

She asks if we want to go to her place to continue the party as soon as she gets off. She lives in a flat a couple of blocks away.

We get to her place and she lights up a joint. Her name is Sam and I remember what her body looks like from the showers. 5’7. Smith, milky white skin. Nice ginger bush. Round ass and small perky tits. She has a few vintage looking tattoos. One on her back and a couple on her arms.

We pass the joint bedava bahis around a few times and I’m feeling relaxed and excited to share this new experience with you. You sit on the edge of the bed and watch as I walk over to her and kiss her fully on the mouth. She tastes delicious and her lips are soft and eager at the same time. I pull her shirt over her head and undo her bra. She does the same to me. Our tits are up against each other and I am so turned on. I look over at you and smile as I see the bulge in your pants.

I kiss her neck and she moans. I lick one nipple and then the other. I get on my knees and unzip her jeans and help her as she wriggles out of them. I press my face into her white cotton panties and inhale her scent. I reach my hands over her ass and slide them into her underwear to take them down. I can feel her quiver with anticipation.

I take off the rest of my clothes and turn to you. I pull you up to stand and slowly undress bedava bonus you. I kiss you softly, my tongue exploring your mouth. I whisper in your ear that it’s your turn and lay you down.

I take Sam’s hand and guide her beside me. The two of us on either side of you. I show her what I want. We kneel down and run our tongues on either side of your hard cock meeting at the top to kiss. We do this a few times and then begin to alternate sucking you. You close your eyes and you are lost in the pleasure of identifying who’s mouth is on you. There are differences but they are slight.

I need you inside me. I guide Sam over to lie down at the top of the bed and kiss her tits, soft belly and hips as I make my way to her waiting cunt. I’m on all fours and as I spread her legs open to show me her glory you enter me with a big thrust from behind. I bury my face in her ginger bush and taste her sweetness. I suck her clit as you ram me with your cock and every deneme bonusu time you thrust, both her and I gasp with pleasure.

I want to cum but not yet…

I get up and switch places with her. You stand at the edge of the bed and pull her legs up over your shoulders and enter her as I kneel over her face so she can feast on me. I bend over and put my face right above her bush and watch closely as your hard cock pounds away at her. She is writhing and you hold her tight and under control. I can smell your scent and as she eats me hungrily I feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge.

We are ready and we all know it.

I lay you down and straddle you as she eagerly sits on your face. We slow down to catch our breath and I kiss her deeply. We start to move in rhythm. Slowly at first and then faster and faster as we climb the mountain and hover for a moment. She comes first with a soft moan that turns into a scream. It sets me off the edge as I ride you without abandon and I yell ‘fuck me baby! I’m cumming!!’ This is the hottest moment you have ever had and your cock explodes inside of me with an orgasmic wave that you have never before experienced!!

We fall over panting and exhausted into a pile of limbs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32