What Life Throws at You Ch. 03

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Author’s Notation: Ok, so I actually didn’t intend for this story to be this long or this drawn out or this late. This was supposed to be the final chapter, but one idea led to another and…well, this is how it turned out. Also, life kinda kicked me in the ass and bogged me down, so it took time to finish this. In any case, enjoy.

Final chapter coming soon. Hopefully sooner than it took for this to come out.


I came home from work to a sunny morning. It was actually kinda nice, the early signs of a perhaps pleasant spring day. The weekend had passed and thanks to my little interaction with Sharon a few days ago, I had missed my opportunity to head out Friday. Not that I’m sure I’d complain about that. There were other opportunities to take the day for myself. Like today, for example. I was off for the night and had long since made plans about getting out and enjoying the weather. I was gonna hit the city, take in some sites and attractions. Which ones could be called to question, but I’d figure that out once I get downtown.

Once home, I had showered and changed clothes, not wanting to have that aura of “I just got off work” on me. As I was redressing, my thoughts started to focus on Sharon. It was no secret between us that we were getting closer to one another. I guess I was starting to develop an attraction to her? I don’t know. Sure, we’ve been fooling around lately, but I haven’t seen or spoken to her since Friday when she blew me. A part of that I’m sure was because she knew she still owed me money and didn’t want to risk any potential altercation between her and I, something I assured her wouldn’t come.

But then there’s Craig, who should’ve been gone by now. Why that wasn’t the case right now was anyone’s guess. But I knew the sooner she got rid of him, the better off she would be. And all of a sudden, thinking of that caused me to contemplate the possibility of her getting with me instead. Heh, go figure. Two months ago, it wouldn’t have even been a concept. Now it’s something I’m giving some serious thought to. Funny what life throws at you, huh? I wonder what she’s doing today, too.

I picked up my phone and sent her a text. It was a little early, maybe 8:30 in the morning, but perhaps she’s up? After about 5 minutes, I got my answer in a reply saying that she had been up for a little while and her and Craig had been going at it. Currently, she was alone watching a movie that she really wasn’t interested in but just passing time until something came up for her. Shrugging to myself, I took the opportunity and asked her to join me for the day. Just the two of us. The reply to the request didn’t take long as she eagerly agreed saying that it was too nice to remain inside all day.

It took another half hour before Sharon was ready. When I finally saw her, I had to say she looked great. It was too warm for the puffy black jacket she had before, so she switched to a lighter jean jacket that only really came down to her midriff. She was also wearing a tight pink shirt which strangely accentuated her body, giving it a better physique than I’ve been used to seeing. It made her tits stick out a little more against her flat stomach. She was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans as well along with black sandals. Her red hair was in a ponytail, pulling away from her face. Again, admittingly, she looked great.

She beamed a bright smile when she saw me, thanking me for inviting her out. I smiled back and reminded her on what she said about it being too good of a day to remain inside. As she passed me while heading out the door, I caught a whiff of her perfume. It was strange mixture of vanilla and what I thought to be maybe rosemary or some exotic scent. It was intoxicating. Couldn’t help but feel a little captivated by it. I wonder if I just never noticed it before or if she wore that scent specifically for this occasion.

We discussed the different possibilities as we headed out to the bus stop, and by the time the bus showed up, we had our plan ready. Upon entering the city, we walked around the skyscrapers, discussing things as we took in the sites. Sharon was still bent on paying me back for the money she owed and didn’t want to put a rift between us because of it. I calmed her, telling her that as long as she can pay me back at some point, I won’t bug her for it and that she need not focus on that today. The day was to be for us to enjoy ourselves and not let heavy moods dwell over us.

While downtown, we went to see a couple of exhibition stage shows. Improv mostly, but still entertaining. They were shows similar to sketch comedy, doing different skits here and there. I could tell she was really enjoying the shows which made me smile as well, happy that she was enjoying herself. After the show was over, we headed along the lakefront. She was telling me that she hadn’t such fun in some time and was very thankful that I brought her with me. I figured that was what friends were for and I told her that. She seemed to regard what I had said, almost as if she took a little issue with it, but said nothing.

We did lunch at this seafood cebeci escort place out on the pier on the lake. They had some great crab cakes as we both discovered, neither of us having ever been there before. Sharon had ordered some shrimp alfredo, I chose lobster. While there, we spoke on Craig and him remaining at the place. She was saying that he kept telling her that he was getting work but every time the appointment came, it would fall through. Which left him empty-handed. I didn’t think it was right that this continued while he remained there on borrowed time. She agreed, but was scared about giving him an ultimatum to either put in some money or get out. I didn’t exactly blame her, but insisted something had to be done. I didn’t want to cause her to fight him, but I didn’t like the idea of things remaining like this between them. Especially if they were always arguing. She told herself that she would do something about it. I reassured her that I would be there for her if she needed me, for which she was thankful.

We left the place and walked along the shopping district. Not sure why we went this way nor could I tell you what I was thinking when I realized where we were, but as soon as we entered the area, Sharon was overjoyed. I had no real intention on buying anything here, but I wasn’t sure if she did. However, as I thought of that, I had to ask myself with what money could she buy anything? As we passed a high-end women’s clothing store, she insisted on going in. I posed the question about her having money, but Sharon assured me that she knew she couldn’t really buy anything, but would love to try things on. Well, what could it hurt as long as I don’t get talked into buying anything.

We ended up going in and she browsed the different selections in the store. I simply followed, making generic remarks to some of her exclamations as she admired some of the designs here and there. I wasn’t much in fashion personally. You could easily tell from the clothes I generally wear: jeans, regular tees, maybe a sweatshirt occasionally, work shoes/boots. I haven’t worn anything that could be even remotely considered formal or even “fashionable” in about 10 years. I haven’t had a need to. My job doesn’t require me to dress up, and I don’t go much of anywhere that requires a more professional or upper-class approach. So most of the designs of the dresses and other apparel in the store were lost upon me. But Sharon seemed to appreciate looking around and was apparently enjoying herself. I chose against voicing my opinion here.

After a while, we found ourselves in the petite section and Sharon started picking out clothes here and there. I frowned and reminded her that she wasn’t in a position to buy anything here. She in turn reminded me that there’s no charge to see how it looks. She also heeded the warning that I wasn’t intending to buy her anything here either. Regardless, she gathered up the articles of clothing she picked out and headed to the back where the fitting rooms were. There was no attendant, but a sign posted said any unlocked room is available. We both went down the small corridor and examined the area. There were six rooms total but only one appeared to be in use.

Sharon went into another room, I waited out in the corridor with my back to the door of the room she was in. From behind me, I could hear her shuffling around with her clothes for a moment and after a while heard the click of the door behind me. I stepped away and turned as Sharon emerged from the room dressed in a silver-white V-neck long-sleeved blouse paired with a set of snowy white slacks. The blouse itself didn’t show much skin from her chest considering how small she was up there, not to mention it had some frilly lapels as well along the seams of the V-neck. But it did fit her, accentuating the outer curves of her tits and fitting against her slim waist. The slacks were pretty modest too, giving her the appearance of having more hips to her than she actually did. Despite the fact that she was barefoot, she looked professionally beautiful. Which was ironic since she had no job. She laughed at my remark, but thanked me for my opinion before disappearing back into the room.

As I turned back again away from the door, I heard the clicking of a doorknob. This one was a small distance away. I glanced over at a door down the corridor as it opened and a large woman came out of it dressed in a violet flower-patterned full length dress. She was carrying what looked to be a one-piece something in one arm. I couldn’t tell if it was a swimsuit or perhaps some sort of exercise suit. I was less sure that I really wanted to know. As she stepped out of the room, she saw me and scowled. My guess was that she wasn’t happy to step out to find a man standing there. Bitch, nobody wants to watch your fat-ass changing clothes anyway. Of course, I didn’t say this out loud, but I did make it written on my face as I glared back at her.

She had long since went about her way when Sharon stepped out of her fitting room. This time she was dressed in a beige halter top with a matching mid-thigh çukurambar escort skirt. She twirled around, giving me a full view. The top came to about the middle of her abdomen, showing off a bit of her flat stomach. Unlike the blouse, it was also a bit loose on her, giving her top very little figure. She shrugged, figuring it was something to try out. As she went back in, I noticed a patch on her left arm. When I asked about it, she told me it was a nicotine patch. She started laughing when she pointed out that I failed to notice her having not smoked all day. She was right, I didn’t notice considering that I should’ve known. As a person who doesn’t smoke nor really likes people who do, it actually did surprise me that I didn’t notice she hadn’t had a cigarette in her mouth at any point all day, and we had been out for several hours. I was impressed.

As Sharon changed clothes again, another woman walked into the fitting corridor. She stopped short when she saw me and giggled out a pardon. I assured her that I was not a pervert and was with someone here. She smiled at me and entered the room across from me, closing and locking the door behind her. To give the woman a little courtesy, I turned to the side and leaned against the wall next to the door where Sharon was. I could now hear shifting of clothes from both the left and right. I sighed silently. Yeah, I was bored. When I said getting out and enjoying the weather, this was not what I had in mind. I glanced at my watch. 2:43PM. Still had a few hours of daylight to kill and I was sure I didn’t want to spend it in a clothing store.

A clicking sound was heard, but I realized it was coming from my left, which was the room across from Sharon’s. The other woman had stepped out and was staring a little intently at me. I had given her a casual glance as she came into view at first, but ended up doing a double-take on her as I realized both the clothes she was wearing and the fact that she was asking my opinion on them. She was in a pink lingerie set, complete with a silk sheer robe and stilettos with little frilly poofs around the toes. I couldn’t help but drink in this vision I was witnessing, and since she wanted my opinion, I would imagine she didn’t mind my gaze.

She was shorter than me, but definitely taller than Sharon. Maybe 5’3″. She was olive-skinned, slender, and toned perhaps with an hourglass shaped body. Her C-cup titties barely contained in the fabric of the bra that she was wearing. And it wasn’t helping that she was shifting poses in the doorway, modeling for me. Her tits would jiggle and sway a little with each movement. She eventually turned around to show me the back, wiggling her hips a bit. The outfit left little to the imagination from behind, revealing quite a bit of ass even under the sheer robe. She turned back and repeated her question, wanting my opinion. After taking a moment to compose myself, I told her that whoever she’s with in terms of dating will definitely enjoy that. She responded with a tease, calling it to question of whether she was actually with someone. I knew better. A girl like that would never be in here trying to look sexy for no one in particular.

I was so enthralled by the woman that didn’t even notice that Sharon had stepped out of her room in something new as well. She had to slap my arm to get my attention. She teased by asking if I was enjoying myself, even though by this point the other woman had went back into her room. I teased back, calling her jealous. She shook it off and asked for my opinion on what she had on. This time it was a orange and yellow highlighted bikini. I actually didn’t realize she had picked one off to try out. I took a step back to get a better view of her, studying her from head to toe. As I looked her over, with every second I remained silent, she was getting more and more impatient, shifting her hips from side to side and giving me an annoyed look. I knew it, she was jealous and I called her on it.

Sharon denied it but couldn’t hide the look on her face. I placed a hand on her shoulder and told her that the bikini looked good on her, but she didn’t seem satisfied by my answer. What more could I tell her? I wasn’t gonna lie and say that she’ll make men drool. Unfortunately for her, we men love curves and Sharon didn’t really have much in that department. In her defense though, it didn’t help that I was just checking out a very curvy woman a moment ago. So yeah, compared to her, Sharon was about as curvy as a stick. It was at that point when I realized that she did kinda had a right to be jealous.

But just as my mouth was about to form an apology for being insensitive, I started questioning myself again. Sharon was not my girlfriend. What the fuck did she have to be jealous over? Not my fault the woman looked better than her and wanted my opinion. While I didn’t mention the part about the woman looking better, Sharon still took issue with the idea that I was asked. What else what I supposed to do? The woman wanted a man’s opinion. I am a man. I was here. So she asked.

Sharon said something about fixing this ankara escort and backed into the fitting room. However, as she did so, she grabbed a hold of my arm and pulled me in with her, setting me down on the bench amidst the strewn mixture of her clothes as well as the clothes she was trying on before locking the door. I glared at her, questioning her thought process of bringing me in since she was still in the bikini and would need to take it off to change clothes. She reminded me that I practically had already seen her naked. And with that, she took the bikini off, leaving her entire body exposed to me. She spun around, showing me everything. It still wasn’t a supermodel’s body, but to her credit, it was doing something since after a second spin she reached down and placed a hand on my bulge in my pants that I didn’t even know I had.

She smirked at me, asking me if I still thought she was inadequate. I never said she was, it was her who didn’t like the answer I gave her when she asked about the bikini. As I told her this, she started stroking the bulge in my jeans, causing it to grow even further. I was going to start wondering when did I have this, but almost immediately stopped caring as Sharon went to her knees and unbuckled my jeans. I gave her a wide-eyed look as I grabbed her hands, calling her crazy for even considering anything like this. She countered by saying how couples do this all the time even though I pointed out that first, she had no proof of that; and secondly, we were not a couple. I realized at the last second that she must’ve been waiting for me to say something like that as she gave me as sexy of a grin as she could muster before suggesting that we could be.

Call it sexual interest or whatever but I gave in and lifted my hips, allowing her to pull both my jeans and my boxers down. Sharon started telling me about how it would be alright with her if I did in fact start thinking of her as my girlfriend more than Craig’s. Almost to prove her point, her lips made contact with the head of my growing exposed dick, causing me to jump a little. I was suddenly reminded as to how much I enjoyed the blowjob she gave me last week as she started flicking her tongue against the head of my dick. It was also at this moment that I realized that I didn’t care about the way she looked or what she may have been lacking. She was still a woman that could at least give good head. And as long as she was willing, I wasn’t gonna complain about much else.

I tilted my head back against the wall as Sharon started bobbing her head on my shaft. I let out a soft moan as I felt the warmth of her mouth engulf me, stimulating my dick with every stroke. I looked back down at her as she pulled her mouth off my dick and started stroking it with her hand, staring up at me. She started taunting me, betting that I wasn’t thinking about that other woman across the corridor. She was right actually, I hadn’t been until Sharon mentioned her just now. Sharon would continue to bring up how it wasn’t her that was blowing me right now as she would alternate between sucking and stroking me. I wouldn’t respond with anything worth listening to, but instead reached down to rub her titty. I realized that I actually do give her too little credit. Her titties were small by comparable standards, but she still had them.

I gave her nipple a pinch as I rubbed her. She, in turn, trapped the head of my dick in her mouth and started running her tongue around the tip of it, licking off the precum that was oozing out. That was starting to become my favorite thing for her to do as I let out a louder moan, telling her how much I was loving it. She said nothing, but pulled my dick out again so she could lick along my length. She also captured and started sucking on my balls as well. I grinned with a groan, giving her tit a squeeze. I could hear a moan of her own escape her lips from that.

After a moment, she stood up. I hadn’t cum yet, but I figured she wanted me to work on her somehow. I reached out and managed to run a finger along her wet slit before she slapped my arm away. As I gave her a quizzical eyebrow, she told me that she didn’t want a fingering or such. Instead, she turned around and start squatting in my direction. Taking the hint, I took her by the hips and lowered her to my lap, lining my swollen dick to her wet opening. Upon contact, she straightened her back against me as I inserted myself inside her, nearly losing it in that instant from her tight hole encasing my manhood. I commented on that, considering that she was still 40 years old. She told me to take it as an indication as to how long it’s been since she last fucked.

I told her how insane that was as she started bouncing in my lap. If Craig wasn’t hitting this or paying his way, what the fuck was he still doing there? Ok, sure, I could imagine him cheating on her, but this was ridiculous. Sharon didn’t discount the idea either, but had neither the proof nor the desire to continue talking about it. Instead, she leaned back against me, taking my hands and pulling them to her titties wanting me to play with them. I granted her request and started rubbing and squeezing on them softly as she bounced on me. She let out a satisfied gasp as I pinched her nipple and rolled it with my thumb and forefinger. I leaned back a bit as well, giving my legs a bit more room to work with as I started pumping into her from underneath.

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