Wicked vs Good: The Wager

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Good vs Evil: The Wager

The Archangel, Saint Michael, was strolling through the west wing of Heaven’s main garden when, unannounced, the Devil, in all her sexy glory, came strolling up beside him. In a total mockery, she was dressed in an eye catching, rather slutty looking angel costume.

“What are you doing here? You know you are not allowed up here,” Michael snapped at her while quickening his pace. She easily kept up, replying happily, “What, can’t a girl come visit her favorite brother every once in a while without raising a fuss?”

“There will be more than a fuss raised if Father catches you up here.”

“Don’t worry I have a history of not being caught,” she cooed sweetly back at him.

Michael snorted his disapproval before stopping and staring at her. “And just how did you get past the gatekeeper I am wondering?”

Batting her eyes at him the Devil quickly replied, “Oh I don’t know. “

“I should have guessed. You are hopeless, Lucy.”

“No, what I am is bored. Let’s have some fun. How about a wager?”

“What kind of wager?”

“Why, the best kind big brother. The kind that pits my sexy evilness against your saintly goodness.”

“A useless endeavor little sister. As the Almighty Father, our father, teaches us . . . Good will always triumph over Evil.”

“Well, then you should win easily so what’s the harm, unless, of course, you are afraid to put that little myth to an acid test. What I propose is simple. The both of us will float down to Earth and observe while our test subjects either be good, or be wicked, totally based on whatever their free will dictates. If they remain good and pure you win, if they turn wicked I win.”

“Sounds interesting but what kind of test exactly? I will not involve myself in anything violent, or that will cause mayhem, or even thievery.”

“Of course not. Getting humans to do violence, or commit mayhem or steal stuff is as easy as taking candy from a baby. I have something else in mind.”

They paused, settling themselves down on a quiet bench in a secluded part of the garden.

“Such as?” Michael asked.

“Corruption, but not of a monetary kind, again too easy, but of a physical kind . . . that is to say . . . sexual.”

“Come on sis. Really? We both know how easy it is to corrupt a human sexually. I mean just look at all the cheating that goes on in that most holy of unions . . . marriage. The whole thing is nothing but a joke now to those silly humans.”

Lucy smiled. She was sure she was about to shock her big brother’s refined sensibilities. “Yes, true, but I was not thinking of trying to corrupt a husband or wife but . . . hmm, how easy do you imagine it would be for a loving mother to corrupt her adoring son.”

“Incest? Really Lucy? There is plenty of that to go around too.”

“Maybe in broken homes with unstable parents and unwilling kids, but how about if I chose a boy and his mother from a good home and relatively normal backgrounds.”

“If I was to accept this wager the son would have to be of her flesh and blood . . . no step relations allowed you understand?”

“Oh, I agree. They will be blood related and just to allay any fears you might have let me assure you the son will be at least of legal age . . . eighteen or older that is, so you will not be able to claim he is a child and didn’t know better. So is it a bet?”

“Depends. Who are our test subjects for the bet and what exactly are we wagering?”

“Give me some time, a few months or years even, to find a suitable mother and son and I will let you pre-approve them. As for what we are both risking I am thinking the following . . . if goodness wins and our chosen mother and son’s relationship remains pure, I will cease and desist my corrupting ways on Earth for a period of six months. Just think of the all the good that can be accomplished in that six months without me steering our precious humans into being naughty.”

“And what am I risking?”

“If I win, instead of fighting me and protecting the flock you shall turn your back on my naughty ways for a period of no less than . . . oh three months.” The Devil reached out and squeezed her brother’s hand smiling at him. “So as you can readily see I am risking more than you.”

“Yes, in an attempt to get me to gamble which would be frowned upon by Father.” Michael paused as he mulled things over before he responded firmly. “Make it a year on your end and I must, as you stated earlier, approve our test subjects.”

“You are on brother,” the Devil replied with a knowing laugh.

Three years and eight months later . . .

Lucifer, after an exhaustive search, found her subjects and submitted them to her brother for his approval. After he took a quick look at the family, the bet was on.

Both Lucifer and Michael were at the test subject’s house, floating about unseen, as the night’s festivities began. Both were quite certain, at this early point in the game, of victory. According to the rules they had set, the chosen mother, Pam, would only have this one night to seduce güvenilir bahis her son.

Pam was just settling down in front of the television preparing for another boring Friday evening by herself when the doorbell rang. Even though it was her birthday, she was not expecting anyone.

She told all her friends not to make a fuss over her as she was in no mood to celebrate. What was there to celebrate? She was turning thirty five– which only meant she was officially halfway through her thirties and barreling toward forty.

Since she was not expecting anyone, Pam simply ignored the doorbell, even after it rang a second time. A second later, her phone started to buzz. Sighing, she picked it up.

Mom its Billy open the door

Pam smiled. Her son, bless his heart, he remembered her birthday after all. Rushing to the door, she flung it open.

“I thought you couldn’t make it home this weekend? And why are you ringing the doorbell? Why didn’t you just use your key?”

“I wanted to surprise you, but then you wouldn’t open the door. Happy birthday, Mom.”

“Well, you surprised me alright. Here let me take your coat.”

Billy took a minute to freshen up in the upstairs bathroom, while Pam went to her bedroom to change herself.

Maybe in a mood to show off, Pamela had been working out at the gym religiously four times a week while watching what she ate, since Billy left for college four and half months ago, she changed into a pair of snug fitting jeans, and an equally snug white button up cashmere sweater.

Despite her worries of being halfway to forty, Pam was still easy on the eyes–albeit even if she was the beneficiary of a bit of help from Lucifer’s devilishly magic in the looks department.

Lucifer had chosen the subjects of their wager carefully. After peering into millions of hearts worldwide over the course of the past forty-four months, Lucifer found a boy and his mother in a small upstate New York town she believed to be perfect.

Pam checked all the boxes in what Billy found physically attractive in a woman. To start with he liked attractive, mature women. Pam checked both those boxes easily. He liked women with black hair. Pam’s sable-black hair, falling just past her shoulders, easily qualified. He liked lean, muscular women, deeply tanned, with a pair of healthy sized breasts. Again, his mother, checked all those boxes across the board.

Adding to her physical attractiveness, Pam possessed a demure, yet playful personality, and, most especially, a hands on, flirty disposition she saved mainly for her only child. In short, Lucifer found the perfect mother and son for her needs as young Billy was in love with his mother, albeit secretly, in that certain naughty way that only a eighteen year old teenage boy, still a bit naïve about sex, can be.

As for the doting mother, she too was nearly perfect being bored, restless, and sexually frustrated with her neglectful husband. Despite finding a pair of near flawless subjects, Lucy knew she would have her work cut out for her– if she was to get the two of them to be naughty together.

“Are you hungry? Can I make you something to eat?” Pam asked her son.

“No, I ate on the road. I’m fine. Maybe later we can order a pizza, but for now, I just want to hang out with you. Hey, but maybe do you have any beer by chance.”

“In the fridge I think there is about three or four left from the twelve pack your dad bought last week.”

“Speaking of dad, where is he anyways? Still not home from work?”

“Actually he skipped work today to go ice fishing up in Canada.”

“Really,” Billy snapped angrily. “He skipped work not to celebrate his wife’s birthday with her, but to go fucking ice fishing.”

“Yeah, my birthday, unfortunately, fell on a day that was totally inconvenient for him.”

“When is he coming back?”

“He will be gone all weekend. He is supposed to call later to wish me happy birthday but you know how he is . . . maybe he will call, maybe he won’t.”

“Yeah, I know,” Billy replied with a sigh. The way his father treated his mother was a source of constant irritation to him. “Anyways, forget him. I came home actually hoping he wouldn’t be here.”

“And?” Pam’s motherly instincts told her there was more her son wasn’t saying.

“And what?” he replied shrugging his shoulders.

“And you made the two hour drive home on a snowy, freezing cold January afternoon just so you could hang out with your mother because it’s her birthday. I’m not sure if I believe that.”

“Well, you better believe it as I’m here . . . aren’t I?”

“Yes, but why. Tell me now. I know there is more to this story than you’re telling.” Her voice had that serious edge to it indicating he had better come clean with her.

He sighed heavily preparing to tell her the truth. “Susan called me.”

“God damn it. That bitch!”

“Mom, that is not very nice.”

Susan was her best friend and knew all her secrets.

“Well, I talked to her in confidence and she should have respected that.”

“She is türkçe bahis worried about you. I’m worried about you.” And he was. Susan had told him plenty, but most especially how his mom seemed to be slipping into a worrisome depression, and how he was the only one– in the whole world– who could bring her out of it.

What neither Susan nor Billy knew was how Lucifer used her wicked powers of influence to cause Pam to become a whole lot more depressed than she should have felt. Susan, just as the Devil presumed she would, took notice and promptly called Billy, just as Lucy hoped and planned she would.

This was not cheating, as stupid Michael only specified she could not outright possess either of the two parties involved. He said nothing about her using her powers to quietly influence someone’s feelings or actions.

“So what exactly did Susan tell you?”

“She told me you were feeling depressed about turning thirty five. Something about feeling old coz you were halfway to forty, and she also told me you and Dad were fighting a lot, but she said your depression was about something more than that.”

“She didn’t tell you what exactly?”

“No. I think she had some idea, maybe, of why you have been so down lately but she didn’t come right out and say it. I was hoping maybe you would tell me yourself what exactly is wrong.”

“See . . .” Pam said almost happily, “I knew there was more to you coming home.”

“Mom. Stop. I came home to hang out with you because I miss you, and if you wanna talk and tell me why you are acting in such a way to worry your best friend that would be nice too.”

“Well, maybe. We shall see what the night brings,” she answered. Wanting to change the subject, Pam jumped to her feet. “I am hungry. Let’s order that pizza. If you aren’t hungry now that is OK you can just watch me eat and keep me company.”

After ordering their pizza, they continued to talk about nothing much in particular, while simply enjoying each other’s company. Billy, much to Pam’s relief, did not press the matter of why she had been depressed, but after having a glass of wine with her pizza, Pam was relaxed enough to open up a bit.

“OK, so you wanna hear about what’s really bothering me? Susan was probably exaggerating a bit but I have been feeling blue lately. I guess it’s just your father and our increasingly crappy relationship . . . and well, turning thirty five I have to admit really doesn’t help either.

“Is that all?”

“Promise you won’t overreact and tell me you are going to drop out of Albany and come home.”


“Promise me or you get nothing out of me,” she said sharply. Considering her harsh tone he knew there was no choice but to agree.

“OK . . . fine. I promise. I won’t drop out.”

“Fine, well it’s just you honey. I miss you being around. Your father is his usual distant self and with you gone now I am lonely.”

“Well, I am here now so you don’t have to feel lonely.” He took her hand, staring at her seriously. “And don’t worry, even though I am older now, I still love you and need you as much as ever.”

“Yeah, well if only I could really believe that. You are eighteen and off to college and I am stuck here alone.”

“What if I was to do something about that?”

“You are not dropping out of college and moving back home. Remember you already promised.”

“I know. But I could start coming home on weekends more often . . . especially on those weekends when he leaves you alone.”

“That would be nice but it’s just such a long drive honey and I don’t want to impose on your social life.”

“Mom, it’s no problem really. Heck, especially . . .” He held up his beer and took a big swallow. “If you let me drink here. I mean that is all we do up there on cold winter weekends is drink beer and get stupid drunk.”

“And you would rather get stupid drunk with your Mom than a bunch of your college buddies your own age, or better yet, some pretty young co-eds.”

“Some pretty empty headed young co-eds you mean. Honestly, I prefer mature women . . . like my pretty mom.”

The Devil poked Michael in the ribs at Billy’s comment, eliciting a quiet groan out of him.

“You are still so charming, hon. Yeah, just like when you were younger and always paying me the sweetest of compliments.” She took a sip of her wine, trying to fight back the sadness threatening to overtake her whenever she remembered how they used to be.

“So it’s settled right? I will come home more on the weekends and keep you company.”

“I suppose that would be helpful.”

“You don’t sound so sure. What is wrong?”

“Nothing, I am just afraid you will get bored is all hanging out with your mother.”

“I don’t know why you are worried about that. I used to hang out with you all the time when I was younger and was never bored . . . never.”

“Really? Never? Not even when I wouldn’t let you watch your scary movies and made you watch one of my stupid romantic comedies on our traditional Friday movie nights.”

“Hey, I remember those nights,” Billy güvenilir bahis siteleri said with a touch of excitement. “Dad would be off hunting or fishing, leaving us all alone.”

“Yeah, just like now. Kind of funny huh?”

“Or maybe its fate. Think about it . . . It is Friday night, Dad is gone, and we are alone just like before. Do you have popcorn?”

“I do,” she replied.

Maybe this won’t be such a lonely birthday after all, Pam mused as she hopped to her feet.

“Well, what do you think, Mom? You wanna brush off an old tradition and relive a bit of our past. It might cheer you up. We could share some popcorn, and watch a movie, while we cuddle on the sofa. Maybe it will help you feel young again since you are so worried about this age thing.”

“I am already on my way to the kitchen to make the popcorn so I guess that would be a yes.”

“Maybe we should go old school and watch a DVD. Do you still have some DVD’s stored away in your closet?”

The Archangel turned to Lucy. “Having them cuddle while watching a movie. That is your plan? Not very creative on your part I must say. Regardless, Pam is a good girl I am sure nothing will come of it.”

“We shall see.” Lucifer replied with a smile. So far everything was going to plan.

“I think I still have a few DVD’s stashed away in my closet someplace. Should I pick out something with Goldie Hawn or Meg Ryan in it?”

“Mommy . . .” He paused, smiling at her, letting that word sink in before continuing. “Really . . . Meg Ryan or Goldie Hawn.” He turned and made a face at her–just like he used to. After all, they were reliving the past with their planned Friday movie night.

“Now that does bring back memories . . . calling me Mommy and making that childish face. Yeah, the same one you used to make whenever I picked out a movie you didn’t like. Keep it up, you are doing a good job of making me feel young again, hon.”

After taking a big swig of his beer Billy smiled broadly. “No problem. I know how to act childish and immature.”

She reached over and squeezed his hand. “If you truly wanna take me back to a time when I was young again I would prefer you act sweet and innocent and maybe a bit needy while letting me cuddle you . . . just like you used to on our Friday movie nights.”

“I think I could do that, but you know cuddling is better, especially under a blanket while watching a scary movie . . . as opposed to, you know, watching some romantic comedy with Meg or Goldie.”

“I think my clever young son has a point. So how about this. Instead of heading off to the kitchen to make the popcorn, I will go upstairs, pick out a movie, and then change into something a bit more comfortable.” She paused, giving him a sly smile before adding, “Scary movie night comfortable that is . . .”

Billy now stepped in to finalize their plans saying, “And I will go make the popcorn and get a blanket ready for us to cuddle under and be waiting for you downstairs . . . Mommy.”

From across the room the Devil told Michael, “I think I will join my client upstairs and render a bit of advice.”

“Advice she will doubtless ignore, but remember no possessing her. I will be able to tell when she comes back down remember that! The possessed, or recently possessed always have that . . . look about them. I will be watching for it.”

“You worry too much big brother. I will play fair. I am just going to whisper a bit of wisdom in the old girl’s heart.”

“As I said, Pam is a good girl. I am confident she shall ignore you and your so called wisdom,” Michael replied smugly.

Inside her bedroom, Pam stripped off her jeans and sweater and was about to put on what passed as her pajamas these days– an old ill-fitting nightshirt, quite boring to say the least– when the Devil arrived. She arrived just in time to offer Ms. Pamela an intriguing, and quite daring, option to her dull nightshirt.

Pam straightened up, staring at herself in the mirror. She was just hit with a powerful thought out of the blue. Dropping the nightshirt back into the dresser drawer, she suddenly decided it might help her mood if she did not dress like some old maid.

Pam’s workouts at the gym over the past six months had shown startling results. The extra weight she naturally accumulated over the years–gone– replaced by lean muscle, almost magically, it seemed.

Yanking open the top drawer, Pam whispered aloud, “Yeah, why not show off a bit. It might do your self-esteem wonders . . . especially if he notices.”

She fumbled around a bit, not exactly sure what she should wear instead of her usual nightshirt, when finally she came across a white tank top she rarely wore anymore. Actually, she bought it brand new about two years ago, but it turned out to be a little too snug through the chest area, so after wearing it just one time, she stuffed it away in her dresser.

Holding it up she wondered how it would fit her now. Even tighter than before she imagined as over the past few months (more of the Devil’s handiwork in preparation of the wager) Pam’s breasts miraculously somehow had grown larger. Where before she could comfortably fit into a size 34C bra, she now required a 36D bra to be comfortable. Ironically, 36D was her breast size after getting pregnant with Billy.

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