Wild In The Country

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Alicia Culverstone was running 60 mph in her V5 Volkswagen Bora when suddenly she heard a loud burst and saw the rear end of her car in flames. In panic she slammed down the brakes but not holding firmly on the steering wheel, the car veered sharply along the left side of the road and crashed into a tobacco plantation. Though uninjured Alicia was shaken.

Her foot hurt. When she opened the car door it managed only a crack. The car was jammed into the thick growth of the tobacco leaves. She shouted for help but nobody was around. Frantic at the leaping flames at the back of her car she scrambled to get out across the window. Half-way out of the window, she heard a galloping horse coming to her direction. “Help!” she hollered and flailed her hand. “Here!”

The horse neighed and rose its front feet as it stopped on its track and the rider quickly jumped off. He waded hurriedly through the dense growth to rescue her. “Take it easy missy, I’ll get you out,” he said. Pulling her out carefully and yet urgently, her bare beautiful legs flashed out of her short sun dress. When he lifted Alicia by his shoulder, his hand ‘accidentally’ slipped under her dress and felt the back of her smooth thighs all the way up to her ass barely covered by the gauzy cotton of her panties. That brief contact overran the feeling of danger he was rushing out from.

The young cowboy brought her out to safety sitting her down on a stump of a tree-trunk on a little clearing. Her shoulders shook as she coughed out the smoke. “Stay here,” the rugged cowboy said and ran across the road. He waved up his hat and hands to an on coming pick-up. Luckily the owner of the pick-up had a fire-extinguisher so at last he was able to douse the fire. Later, the triumphant cowboy paid the owner who in turn felt satisfied for being of help and for even profiting from the cost of the extinguisher.

The young cowboy sat beside Alicia and put his hat on her head to shade her from the summer heat. “Are you alright missy?”

“Yes, I am. I’m Alicia Culverstone. Thanks, that’s kind of you.” She stuck her delicate hand and he pumped it with his. “William Clayton, glad I was roving around here. Ah um… Just call me Bill.”

“And call me Lish,” she replied.

“Okay, Lish is it,” he said cracking a charming grin and rose on his feet. She cast her eyes on his brown pointed boots, and he to her bare legs and sandals. She was wearing a short sundress and he was trying not to take advantage of ogling at her. Moments like this needed behaving, so he thought.

“I’ll check what happened to your car.””

Alicia nodded and raised the tip of the hat. Bill was an attractive young man. Quite an ass, too, she thought as she watched him. Tight, firm, and probably no older than 25. How he carried her a while ago and touched her butt gave her a pleasant tingle to reckon with.

When he emerged from the afflicted area, she saw him talking to his cellphone and telling someone to drive to the place with the tow truck. When he came back he told her that the culprit was the grossly under-inflated tire at the back which in due course came apart rendering the reinforcements to catch up the heat and eventually the fire.

“Oh God, that’s a crappy car I suppose.”

“Well, shit happens even to the best of us. It doesn’t hurt to check the tires though before going on a road trip.

“I’ll remember that Bill. Thanks.”

“Where you headin’ by the way Lish?”

“Ashland, going to visit a childhood friend.”

“Oh, I see. How’s your foot?”

“Oh, think I bruised it when I slammed the brakes too hard. I panicked.”

“Yeah, I can see it’s swelling. I can fix that. I’ll bring you to my cabin so I can apply liniment and bandage to it.”

“Yeah. Well… ah thanks again,” she said smiling. You’ve got a fine horse there, Bill.”

A smile curved on his lips. “That’s a stallion. Ever ridden that kind of horse?”

“I’ve ridden ponies when I was kid.”

“Well, in that case it’s time to ride the big one. C’mon,” he said and assisted her to stand up. Bill made a whistle putting two fingers in his mouth and his horse trotted towards him.

Bill helped her mount the horse carefully but tried as he could not to ogle at her, Alicia preferred to astride the horse and so when she swung one leg to the other side Bill caught almost but not quite, a glimpse of her white panties. How could she help it? To Alicia it was the practical movement and besides Bill whom he considered her hero deserved a glance of her delicious package.

“Oh I’ve got to get my stuff in the car. I had a little valise, fringed boots and my back pack.”

“Alright some guys are comin’ here to tow your car and I’ll ask them to drop your stuffs to my cabin.”

“Oh I but I need my back pack ‘cos I have my cell phone there.”

“Okay, I’ll get it,” he said and ran to the car. His horse just stayed put sniffing the straggly grass on the ground.

“This it?” he said holding up the bag to her and then shouldering it. A moment later, Bill mounted the horse behind her and grabbed the reins and off they galloped to the path from where he came from.

Alicia was exhilarated büyükesat escort by the ride and so was Bill. Her fragrance filled his nostrils like a powerful aphrodisiac. Gosh, he wanted to fuck her. It’s been a long time since the last. It took a great amount of will power to restrain his animal urges to ravage this beauty who came across him like an oasis in the desert. Soon enough for that, he thought and contented himself with her back nudging against him and her sweet, fresh scent.

Along the way they met the tow truck and Bill stopped momentarily to tell the driver and his companion to bring her stuffs in the car to his cabin.

“Yes boss,” they said.

“They’ll fix your car,” he said brushing his breath to her ears which pricked shivers on her skin. “Oh I’m so sorry I ruined those tobaccos and if that wasn’t bad enough my car had to even bother your men of the trouble.”

“Don’t be. They’re trouble shooters. Count your blessing you’re not harmed. Your life’s more important than those tobaccos.” Alicia could feel the comfort of his words as well as his hard muscular body enfolding her.

Down the valley was a beautiful ranch, filled with grazing cattle, horses, bluegrass and white wooden fences that surround something of a race track. It’s obvious that the Claytons have vast acres of land.

They passed through a road shaded by orchard trees and to the right inside a leafy environ stood a Tudor manor. Past the manor Bill pointed to her to a small cabin built like a replica of Daniel Boone’s dwelling. Bill halted at a hitching post, climbed out of the horse and helped Alicia dismount. . “Wow” it’s beautiful here!” Alicia said beaming at the sight of beautiful flowers suffusing the surroundings. “You live here?” Alicia asked. “When I’m here, yeah,” he answered. She limped and so Bill gave his arm for her. But she walked intently slower until Bill asked her that he’d carry her instead to the cabin. The moment she was scooped in his arms it felt like a dream honeymoon.

On the foyer were a rocking chair and a hammock. Inside the cabin, Alicia’s nose was tickled by an aroma of patchouli and herbs. The cabin appeared to have been furnished straight from the woods: antlers on the posts, a buffalo head over the hearth, a wintry tree captured in the Chuck Walker oil painting. She felt the intimate aura of the cabin. Bill seated her on a tilt chair covered by brown and white horse skin.

“Thanks for the ride. You’ve no idea how thrilled I am despite my aching foot.”

“The pleasure is mine,” he grinned. He walked up to a cabinet and got a bottle and a roll of cotton scarf.

“I’ll treat your foot, ok? I won’t let you go till you’re fine.”

“Yes doctor,” she said with a meaningful look.

“I am a doctor. Not quite yet. Am still studying at Lexington to be a surgeon.”

“Really. When I was a kid I also dreamed of being a doctor. Me and my playmates played doctor and patients.”

“When I was a kid I wanted to be a minister. But my dad wanted me to become a vet but I wanted more. You’d be a good-looking doctor, Lish. Why didn’t you pursue it?”

“Well it didn’t happen to be my path though.”

“Well what’s your path?”

“I’m studying acting to become a movie star like my idol Julia Roberts.”

“Pretty woman just like you. But I like your looks better than Julia.”

“Oh please don’t say that I’m embarrassed,” she said blushing.

“Promise, I will not embarrass you again,” he laughed.

“Okay here we go. First, I’ll apply this liniment on your foot. It’s a powerful healer for sprains. We use this on our horses whenever one gets hurt,” he said.

Bill sat on the floor and began to remove Alicia’s flat sandal. He tried not to glimpse higher than her feet as he didn’t want to be perceived uncool. But with her sexy legs how could he help it? Her white gauzy panties pouting between alabaster thighs held there breathlessly for his misbehaving eyes. At any rate he managed to be nonchalant about it and proceeded to be adept on his task at hand.

A mild shiver run through Alicia’s loins as Bill held her foot and rubbed gently the liniment from her ankle down the instep to the toes and sole. She wondered how fast her sex lubricated with the honey of her desire by his touch that she quickly pressed her legs together instinctively at the tingling sensation it gave her. His hand felt warm and soothing. After applying the liniment he slipped back the sandal on and put the center of the scarf under the sandal in front of the heel. He crossed the ends above the heel and then again over the instep. He slipped the ends under the bandage on each side and pulled tight. Then he wrapped again around the instep and heel, and finally tied across the instep. Bill struggled not to peek into her but the visual thought produced a giant boner raging in his jeans.

“This is just a minor sprain, so it’ll be gone soon. Won’t take a day to heal,” he said heaving a sigh.

“Really? Thanks, it feels good.”

Bill stood and walked into the kitchen. He washed his hands and dried them off with the hand towel hanging by the hook. çankaya escort Then he took a pitcher of drink in the fridge and poured it into two glasses.

“Here Lish, take this. It’ll cool you up.” He handed a glass of iced tea mixed with apple juice.

“Hmmm, thanks.”

“I’ll fix lunch,” he said and drained the glass empty into his mouth. “How about fried chicken southern style with baked potatoes and cheese and salad?” He asked staring at his open freezer.

“You’ve just made me starve. How can I refuse,” Alicia said, feeling more relaxed now.

“Good, just take it easy here and lunch will be served shortly.”

“You want me to help?”

“No. This is easy. Just relax. Besides this won’t take long.” ***

“Hmmm, it’s delicious. Where’d you learn how to cook?” asked Alicia.

“Used to watch mommy cook when I was little. Taught me how to cook ‘cos she told me if I know how to cook I could eat whatever I want.”

“Your mom’s probably quite a cook,” she said, licking her fingers.

“Yes she is. Do you cook too?”

“Hmm, some pasta lately.”

“We could exchange recipes.”

“Oh, but I’m not that good ‘cos I seldom cook.”

“You have siblings?” She asked changing the subject.

“I got a sister, older than me. Her name’s Shelby. She’s 27, married and living in Texas.” But the eldest was Aaron who died when he was four.

“Are your parents in the big house?”

“Yeah, but not right now. They’re on vacation in Africa. My parents love to travel and go see a lot of places every year.”

“You have a girlfriend here?”

He shook his head. “Nope,” he replied.

“Oh, hard to imagine you don’t have.”

“Well, this place is not much settled in especially girls as attractive as you. Oops, sorry about that, there I go again.”

“How long would you be staying here in Kentucky?” he asked.

“Oh not long, I have a busy schedule next week.”

“Well, Kentucky is a beautiful state, in case you still have time, I’ll be happy to give you a tour to some of the interesting places here.”

“That’s a nice idea.”

“Well, give it some thought.”

“I will, and thanks.”

When they finished the meal, Lish felt light and the sprain didn’t hurt as much.

“I’ll wash the dishes Bill.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I can still move around and I want to do it.”

“No don’t touch that. Say, have you called your friend of your coming?” Bill asked.

“Well, I didn’t. This is supposed to be a surprise visit as I no longer have her number. It’s been quite a long time.”

“But what if she’s not around?”

“Gosh, I took the risk ‘cos another reason was I want to drive my new Beetle Bug in the country.”

Bill walked over to a shelf and plucked a telephone directory book. “What’s the name? I’ll check it out in the listing.”

“Alfred Clayburgh III that’s her dad. Thanks,” she smiled and he began leafing through the directory. When he found the name and number, he circled it with a red pen.

Several rings and then a raspy-voiced of a woman answered. Lish introduced herself as Alicia and asked for Ann Clayburgh.

“Oh, she’s gone to Florida with her parents. They’re meeting Tom’s parents.”

“Who’s Tom?”

“Tom’s her fiancée.”

“Oh. When will she be back?”


“I see. Would you know of her cell phone number so I can call her?”

“Wait a minute, Lish I assume you are Alicia Culverstone?”


“My God, I’m talking to you! Oh I’d love to see you come around and visit us. You are one of the young actresses I admire,” she swooned.

“I assume I’m talking to Bernie, right?”

“Oh my God, yeah! You’re the funny little girl with braces on,” she chuckled. “I didn’t know you’d grow so beautiful and become an actress.”

“I’m glad you’re still there Bernie.”

“Oh I’d love to see you. I’ll be looking forward to your visit. And here’s the number.”

Just as Lish was on the phone, Yahawihii knocked at the door. He was one of Claytons’ farm help and a native of Hawaii. He was the man who towed her car and had her valise placed at the doorstep. Bill excused himself and walked to the door. He talked outside with Yahawihii and when he came back in, Lish had finished the call.

“Here’s your valise and boots, Lish. I just gotta attend to something, won’t take long. Ah, stay here and rest if you please.”

“Fine. If you have a tub here I could soak in and kill time.”

“Yeah, I have, I’ll fix it up for you.”

“No, you just run along now and I’ll do it myself.”

“The room’s to the right, won’t miss it,” he said. “Sure you don’t need help?”

“I’m fine Bill. I’m a survivor.”

“Spoken like a true one,” he chortled. * * *

Alicia spent about half an hour in the tub and afterwards wore an orange midriff cotton top and a long wrap-around Swahili skirt. As she combed and swept her golden brown hair into a semi-ponytail, she studied her reflection in the mirror. She noticed her breasts were bigger and felt heavier than usual when she cupped them. She had a good over-all feeling about herself to be flirty and ready ankara escort for anything. A young handsome, doctor why not? To amplify her sexiness she decided not to wear bra and even panties. The soft cotton top hugged the ripe swell of her breasts with her nipples poking pleasantly. She dabbed on little make up and put her favorite scent here and there and presto! She knew that only a man made of stone would not appreciate her beauty. Bill, you gotta be ready for me, she thought. After that she lingered at the porch to wait for Bill until she’d fallen asleep on the hammock.

When Bill came back he saw Alicia on the hammock sleeping like an angel with one leg amply displayed from where the edges of her wrap-tie skirt parted. He knelt on one knee on the floor board and laid his eyes on every plane and contour and curve of her body supplying his imagination with the details her clothes hid. Finally on her beautiful face he watched her pink sensual lips, the thin upright nose, her thick lashes thinking to himself that he could bite a rock with her kind of beauty. Moreover, her arms were held above her head making her breasts seductive and vulnerable for fondling and sucking that his hands and lips ached for. Then her skirt caught a slight breeze and one end flapped up revealing more skin of her leg. At that instant, he was clued in that she wasn’t wearing underwear for if there was and even though how tiny it was, he would have seen it under his close scrutiny. Now to part those ends of the skirt carefully with his fingertips would give him an eyeful of her pussy. Although the temptation was potent, Bill was held back by his all but ‘gentleman’ nature.

With careful steps he walked inside the cabin with the discomfort of a giant hard-on. He fixed himself a drink and chose Scotch. The image of Alicia lingered in his mind. If it weren’t for that incident he wouldn’t have met such an incredibly pretty babe. He smiled at his incredible luck. He took a cold shower to shrink his erection. Right after that he slipped on khaki shorts and a Kenneth Cole short sleeve shirt.

Before long he saw her through the window awakened and swinging on the hammock. So he stepped out and greeted her. “Oh I didn’t notice you’re back,” Alicia said.

“You’re asleep.”

“I know. I never had a nap like this in a long time. It’s so peaceful here. What have you been doing inside since you came.”

“Well, preparing dinner.”

“This early?”

“Well, I’ve got to marinate the steaks and see if I still have a stock of the perfect red wine for our dinner.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize I’m having a date,” she said with a trace of her sweet smile.

“Be my guest and stay the night. Your car won’t be ready until by tomorrow afternoon. They have to repaint it.”

“Jesus, that must have cost much,” she said.

“Don’t worry about that, that’s settled.”

“Tomorrow I’ll give you the payment, but I have to go to the bank first.”

“If you say so, but that’s the least thing you have to worry. Told you it’s settled.”

“Bill, your name says a lot of your character,” she said reflectively.

“How’s that?”

“You fixed the bill,” she said and they both laughed.

Suddenly there was lightning streaking the sky followed by a loud thunder.

” I predict there’s gonna be heavy rains tonight.”

“I believe so.”

“Well, come inside,” he offered and took her wrist. “How’s your foot?”

“Guess it’s ok.”

Once inside, Bill asked her if she’d like to play scrabble while listening to some music.

“Cool, haven’t played that in a long time. That’ll be fun.”

“Good, then sit by here and I’ll get the board.”

“What kind of music do you have?”

“I have CDs of Sting, Sarah Maclachlan and some funky music, legal or otherwise.”

“How about funky first, then Sarah later?”

“Good choice.”

Alicia was first to put in the word. She giggled under her breath staring at the letter blocks that formed IL FUCK U.

“What’s funny?”

“Ah, nothing…not the best word for starters.”

“Well, same as I have here.”

Alicia put the word FLICK instead of FUCK that she originally intended to.

“Hmmm, not bad. You’re going to be an actress I can see that.”

“You can read my mind.” She grinned.

“Aha and here’s mine.” He put PO on top of K and added E R below it.


“And you’ll be a surgeon poking underneath your patient’s skin,” she said giggling.

“Yeah, that’ll be happening for sure.”

By the time they were ready to supper the rain started pouring. I couldn’t believe this is so romantic. I could freak out. She thought looking at the lighted candles and flowers on the table. Just the light above the kitchen sink was on. Like Alicia had expected she enjoyed the meal and their conversation.

Alicia could tell that Bill is a beautiful guy, caring and nurturing. And he’s rich and gallant. His lips, were not too full nor thin. They’re just right and well-chiseled. She wondered how they taste when kissed. The day old stubble around his chin was appearing and the tiny curly hair darkening his chest added to his manly appeal. His dark brown hair was tousled and looking reddish by the burning candle and his eyes looked very charismatic. The more she looked at him the urge to kiss him raged within her. While he brought the dishes to the kitchen, Alicia walked about the room and felt sexually ripe for the taking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32