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It was a hot summer day and Dan, with Sue on the back, was speeding down a paved curving side road on his motorcycle. She had her arms tightly around him, knees tucked in, and rolled with him as they took the curves, loving every minute of it.

A few minutes later they slowed down, then took a leaf covered path directly into a heavily wooded area. Moving slowly down the path, with the sun dappling on them through the trees, they finally came to a small clearing, where there was a grass covered knoll with a small brook meandering through, the gurgling sound of the water mixing with a slight breeze blowing through the trees. Dan stopped the machine, and Sue got off, looked around for a small piece of wood and found one, bringing it back to Dan to fit under the leaning post of the motorcycle, so that it wouldn’t sink into the soft ground.

She took off her helmet and shook out her hair, it falling in brown disarrayed curls around her shoulders. She pulled down the zipper of her leather jacket, shrugged it off her shoulders, caught it and draped it over the seat of the motorcycle. She was dressed in a red halter top and black shorts with running shoes.

Dan took off his jacket and dumped it on top of hers. He was also dressed in shorts, with a football sweater tight on his muscled shoulders. He moved over to her, put his arms around her and they kissed, their bodies moving sensuously together, their tongues entwining, the sensation stirring fires in their loins. She pulled from him and started to pace towards the little stream.

“Sue, were you going?”

She turned towards him. “Nowhere. I just want to stretch, take a look around!”

He looked a little puzzled. “Take a look around? We’ve been here half a dozen times!”

She gave a little shrug. “So? I just want to enjoy myself. It’s so beautiful and quiet here!” And she stretched her arms out and gave a half turn.

His loins made him impatient. He wanted to get to it. His hard cock was pressing tight against his shorts.

Sue stopped by the edge of the stream, knelt down and took off her running shoes, stood up and walked splashingly into the brook, the water spraying up in plumes from her feet. She started bouncing around like a little kid, giggling and splashing, her breasts bouncing around inside her halter top. She quickly pulled off the top and tossed it onto the ground a few feet away, letting loose her small pointed breasts, the lighter skin a contrast. She pulled down the zipper of her shorts, zipped them down her thighs, revealing a pair of black bikini panties, which quickly followed her shorts and top. Dan stood and stared at her naked beauty, never tiring of caressing the curves, crevasses and mounds with his eyes.

Dan quickly stripped, his cock at full tilt.

She turned towards him, spied his rampant hard-on. “Jeez, it sure doesn’t take you long to get ready, does it?”

She walked towards him. “Sit down, will you?”

He sat down on the ground as she came stepping on her toes towards him till she was standing right over him, her breasts jutting straight out over his head, the curves of her waist and hips perfection above him, her curly brown bush right in front of his face.

She put her hands on each side of her face, pressing her bush towards his mouth. “Dan – Dan” her voice was pleading. “Dan, please – please -” He moved his mouth up, to kiss her navel, kiss her taught curved belly, then turned her around, his mouth open, pressed his lips against the cheeks of her ass, placing his arms around her tightly. She squirmed within his tight grip, moving her body around, but as soon as her curly covered crotch came near to his mouth, he grabbed her arms and pulled her down to the ground. She looked into his eyes. “Dan, why can’t you – -?”

But he gave no answer. She leaned back slowly, letting herself down to the ground by loosening her grip on his arms. She pulled her knees up and spread her thighs, the sight if her pussy lips causing his cock to jump. He quickly moved his hand to her knee, pressed it against her other leg, then moved his body up to cover hers and started kissing her breasts.

She looked sad. “Ohh Dan, is my body so ugly? Do you hate to even look at it?”

Again he gave no answer, but kissed her on the lips, then moved his hand down beneath him to move her legs apart again. She moved her knees up and again spread her thighs and his cock pressed touched her pussy lips. She moved her thighs up until the knob of his cock found the entrance and he plunged within her, causing some pain, as her juices had hardly started to flow. He started a quick rhythm, and quickly reached his climax, with a heavy groan, lay quietly for a few moments, then withdrew. Without looking at her he went over to where his clothes lay and quickly dressed, then went and sat on the motorcycle, waiting, fingering his sunglasses.

Sue lay for a moment, her thighs pressed tightly together, fighting back the tears. She slowly sat up, rose and then went and got dressed and took büyükesat escort her place behind him on the motorcycle. He pressed the start button, gunned the engine, flicked the gearshift lever with his foot and they sped off.

She was thinking to herself as she rode behind him, of all the macho type guys she’d balled, that they were all the same. Slam bang, thank you ma’am, never a thought for what might turn her on, get her going, blow her gourd. Oh how she yearned for some man to play with her pussy, put his tongue between her sweet cunt lips, savour the soft naked flesh – She started squirming on the seat, rubbing her pussy against the foam cushion between her legs.

Dan turned his head as far as he could. “Hey, Sue, keep still, will you?”

She stopped moving. She started to think of the different guys she knew at school. She thought maybe it was time she tried a different kind of guy, forget the macho type, time for something completely different. She laughed to herself, like Henry Torrence, for instance, poor little Henry, all pimples and nervousness, oh sure, wouldn’t that be fun, and she laughed again to herself, then paused, hey, maybe it’s not so far fetched, she’d seen how he looked at her, when he thought she didn’t notice, didn’t seem to realize she could see him out of the corner of her eye. He’s certainly not the macho type, likely hasn’t even been with a girl, jeez, now there’s something, could be fun teaching him what a girl’s all about, what a pussy is really for, showing him how to turn a girl on, and she started squirming again.

Dan turned again. “Sue, please, it’s hard to steer, with you squirming like that, will you sit still!?”

It was Sue’s last semester of her second year at university and her grades were abominable. She just couldn’t get interested enough to study. Her mind would wander during the lectures, she just couldn’t concentrate. She knew she had to do something to get passing marks and it sure wasn’t studying.

She started wearing tight sweaters with a low v-neck every time she attended Prof. Hanson’s class. She had seen the way he couldn’t keep his eyes off the girls in class, his eyes glued to the girls’ breasts or legs. Her seat was in the front row so she could really work on him. She would sit with her legs crossed, then slowly change legs when he was looking, his eyes riveted to her thighs. Every time she went to the front of the class to put something on his desk she leaned over to give him a good look down the front of her low-cut sweater, and give him a whiff of her heady perfume.

Late one afternoon just after the bell rang he motioned to her to stay seated.

After everyone had gone he came around his desk holding a folder and leaned back against the desk. “Miss Langford, your marks are terrible! I’m just wondering if you had any plans to improve them, or are you just giving up?”

She slowly shook her head. “Definitely not, Mr. Hanson. I am definitely not giving up. I just hope you’re not.”

He looked puzzled. “I don’t understand.”

She slid sideways out of the seat and moved towards him. “You know the old saying, Mr. Hanson. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” And she moved her hands to the buttons on her sweater and undid one slowly, letting even more of her breasts be revealed. His eyes were glued to the swelling mounds as he wet his lips nervously, then glanced quickly at the door to the classroom. The glass of the door was glazed, making it impossible for anyone to see in. Sue quickly strode towards the door, flicked the lock and turned, slowly moving back towards him, undoing another button, then another, till by the time she reached him her sweater was completely undone, her breasts swelling out of her bra.

She moved against him, her hand going down to the front of his pants to caress his cock. “Then there’s another expression. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” She looked deep into his eyes, moved her mouth to his and kissed him, her tongue pushing between his lips.

She got down on her knees in front of him, slowly unzipped his fly, slipped her hand inside to grab his throbbing cock and pulled it out. It was vibrating to the rhythm of his racing pulse. She looked up at him from her position on the floor, his cock a scant inch from her mouth. She smiled at him. “I think it’s what they call reciprocating!” And she popped his dickhead into her mouth, letting her tongue curl around the hot slick knob, squeezing the base of the shaft and moving her fingers tightly up along the length. It took about 30 seconds and then his load came bursting out. She stood up, pressed herself against him and kissed him again, holding his hand against her tits. “I’ve got a feeling that that got a passing grade. Am I right?”

He nodded, weakly “Yeah, you passed with honours!”

Henry Torrence was small, looked young for his age, and his face was a mess of pimples. He was the epitome of the wimp, never had enough nerve to ask a girl for a date, because çankaya escort he was sure there was no girl who would want to go out with him. His grades were good because he had all the time in the world to study. He had never had a date with a girl, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have the usual sexual urges. Especially when Sue came near. He would watch her out of the corner of his eye, loving every inch of her. Her pert breasts, beautifully rounded bum cheeks, dimpled knees and cute toes. He could just stand and look at her for hours, hardly daring to think of even touching her. He had seen her many times with Dan, one of the stars of the football team, and knew they were seen everywhere together. The gossip was that he was balling her.

Just then he saw her coming out of Mr. Hanson’s room and she was just buttoning up the top button of her sweater. That was kind of strange! Oh, maybe she had just noticed that it had come undone. He pretended he was busy with stuff in his locker as she came towards him. He waited for her to pass so he could watch her walk away, the cheeks of her ass moving inside her shorts. He jumped when she spoke.

“Henry, you’re just the man I’m looking for!”

He turned around, his eyes wide. “I – I – am?”

She nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! You are!”

“Ah – ah – you want me to do you a favour?”

She nodded, with a grin on her face. “Yeah, that’s it! I want you to do me a favour!”

She took him by the hand and practically dragged him down the hall. They rounded the corner and stopped in front of the photocopy room. She quickly looked up and down the hall, opened the door and dragged him quickly in, then shot the bolt of the door. The light shone through the glazed glass of the door revealing a small room with two photocopy machines, their different coloured lights bright in the darkened room.

She stood close to him.

He could hardly believe his luck. Here he was alone with his dream girl. “What – what was the favour you wanted me to do, Sue?”

She looked straight at him. “Henry, I’m hot, really hot!”

He looked a little puzzled. “You’ve been exercising?”

She grinned. “Well, you might say that. But no, I mean I’ve got the hots for a man!”

He gulped. “Y-y-you’ve got the hots!?”

She nodded – Kiss me.

Henry looked at her full lips, took her in his arms and caressed her lips with his, softly moving his mouth back and forth, all the while his hands moving slowly over the taught mounds of her ass. On and on they kissed, him moving her body slowly back and forth, her body filling his arms, her perfume filling his mind. Finally her pulled back and released her.

She grinned, her eyes wide. “Well Henry! I’m surprised! Were did you learn to kiss like that?”

His head went slowly from side to side. “I don’t know! I don’t know!”

She looked steadily at him. “Well, Henry, let’s just see what else you can do!” And she undid the buttons of her sweater, dropped it onto the floor and reached behind to undo the bra fastener. Henry stood staring at her revealed curves, gave a moan as her nipples popped into view with the dropping of her bra, moved quickly to her and buried his face between the thrusting mounds.

His voice was muffled. “Oh God, you’re so beautiful! They’re so beautiful!” He cupped her breasts with his hands, running his hands along the under curves, moving his mouth first to one nipple then to the other, sucking in the soft yet taut flesh, his tongue playing with the nipples.

“And again, Henry, we’re did you learn to do that!?”

He suddenly stepped back, again utterly surprised at himself. Again he shook his head. “I-I-don’t know! I’ve never ever had a date with a girl, let alone played with her – ah – “

“Tits!” Sue grinned.

“Her-her ti-tits!”

“Well, Henry, I’ve got something else for you to play with!” And she pulled down the zipper at the side of her shorts, undid the button and yanked them down, then quickly pulled down her panties. She backed up against the photocopy machine, raised the lid and lifted herself onto the glass of the photocopy machine, Henry all the while staring at the curly patch of hair, the full pussy lips, the tight curve leading down between her ass cheeks.

“Oh God, Sue, oh God oh God!”

She raised her knees, spread her thighs, her pussy lips lit by the control panel lights of the photocopy machine. Henry moved slowly between her thighs, curled his hands round the outside of her thighs and slowly lowered his face down to the enticing slit. He moved his mouth to the soft flesh, feeling the soft curls against his lips, then moved his mouth slowly lower to the opening of her pussy lips, pushing first this way then that against her lips, his tongue curling out, wetting here, wetting there, finding the little nub of her clit, teasing it with the end of his tongue, then moving again lower to the entrance, his nose squeezing between her lips, his tongue tantalizing the pink entrance. At his first ankara escort touch, a tremendous feeling of sweet affection filled her, to see his face between her thighs, then the trilling, beating vibrations started, racing up and down her thighs, beating through her upper arms, pulsating back and forth between her pussy and her bum hole and she started to moan, low panting moans.

“Yeeess, Henry, yeess Henry, ohhh God yes Henreee ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhh God yesss Henreee!”

Her whole body shuddered, and shuddered again. She pushed him away, slid down off the machine and grabbed his belt, undoing it in a flash, yanked down his zipper, then his trousers and under shorts, his cock bouncing into view, pointing to the ceiling, drops of moisture glistening on the end.

She had to do something for him. She knelt down and kissed the end of his cock. She found his cock adorable, enticing, inviting, and she moved her lips up and down the length of it, lightly fingering his balls, then slid her fingers between the cheeks of his ass as she popped the delightful round end of his cock into her mouth.

He found himself in heaven. Here was this girl he had been dreaming about for years, on her knees, her naked breasts pushing against his thighs and his cock – his cock inside her delightful mouth.

He pushed her back. “You’d better not keep that up!!

She looked into his eyes, nodded and got up.

She pushed him into a nearby chair, quickly straddled him, reached down under her wide spread thighs, grabbed his cock and slid herself down on it, taking it in in one fast lunge. They both gave a shuddering groan, then held, their arms tightly around each other, her breasts tight against his face. Then slowly she pulled up a bit and dropped again, their pulsations feeding to each other, and she moved again, the penetration of his cock within her the most loving, entrancing, thrilling, mind consuming thing she had ever felt in her life. It wasn’t just his cock, it was him, all of him. She knew they had become as one person, joined cock and cunt, emotion flooding through them as one.

There was nothing else, no world around her, no sound to be heard around her, only this shaft of hot hard pulsating hardness within her, washing her brain of all sensation except the fever consuming every tiny part of her body, building, building with her every downward thrust, till it exploded with burst after burst! “Uhhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh” and then a hot volcano erupted, his cum filling her, searing her, and they clung desperately to each other, as the vibrations slowly slowly ebbed.

“Ohhh God, Henry, that’s the most fantastic orgasm I’ve ever had in my whole entire life!”

He grinned a little sheepishly. “That’s the first orgasm I’ve ever had in my whole entire life.” He looked down, then back up again. “I mean, inside a girl.”

She pulled back from him a little, still siting on his legs, his limp cock still within her. She looked directly into his eyes. “So you’ve been playing with yourself.”

He stared at her a moment, then gave his head a small nod. “Yeah” and shrugged. “Well, you know how it is. A guy gets a hard-on, and what’s he supposed to do?”

She looked disappointed. “Jeez, if only I’d known. Known what it would be like with you.”

He raised his eyebrows in quick agreement. “Yeah.”

She gave a quick grin. “Tell me about it.”


“Yeah, tell me about it. Give me a blow by blow description”

His eyes went wide. “A blow by —?” Then he grinned, understanding. Then looked down. “I don’t know if I can.”


He looked up at her.

“Look, Henry, you’ve still got your cock inside me. If that doesn’t break down the barriers of embarrassment, I’m sure I don’t know what would!”

He grinned, gave a little laugh. “Uh, yeah, I guess you’re right!”

He gave her breasts a quick little kiss each. “Well, I got your picture out of the yearbook magazine. You know the one with you leading the cheerleaders at the final game of the season. The one with your skirt flipping high and your tight panties hugging those delicious buns of yours.”

Her eyes went wide. “You mean you’ve been beating your meat to my picture?!”

He looked down again.


His eyes raised to meet hers.

She looked straight into his eyes. “Henry, I’m flattered. Of all the girls in the school, all the girls in the world, you picked me!”

He nodded. “Your body has been turning me on ever since the first day I saw you. I was sitting out on the front lawn of the school as you came bouncing by on your first day, your boobs shaking inside your sweater, your tightly covered buns squirming inside your shorts.”

“Where did you do it?”

He raised his eyebrows. “Huh? Were did I do what?”

“Beat your meat! Jerk off! Blow your stones!”

He looked a little taken aback, then “Oh. Ah, mostly at home.

“I’ve got your picture sitting on the table beside my bed. Just before I would go to sleep I’d sit propped up in bed, take your picture, kiss you and — and –” He looked away.


He looked back at her.

“Please, Henry, please tell me!”

He gulped. “I would sit naked on the bed, put my feet together, prop your picture up on my feet and started to – to – jerk off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32