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Now here is the thing I don’t get. The thing that confuses me. A pretty girl like you standing here with me. The money is on the table… the initial forty to come over and talk. Another twenty to take ten pictures of you. Another twenty for when you unbuttoned and pulled off your shirt. Another twenty to slide your jeans off. Another twenty and your bra is now lying by your feet and you are standing here awkward in front of me, a total stranger, in nothing but your panties. We met on the street. I’ve known you about an hour and here you are standing in your panties in front of me. I take five more photos. It is not hard to do. You are a stunning girl. You are breath taking. Hence my confusion. What the hell is a pretty girl like you doing shit like this for? I need to know. I turn you to the wall. I push your forehead against it and wrap a hand around your neck. My fingers trace up the back of your thighs to your panties, over your ass, up the small of your back.

When you agreed that you were coming back with me did you know you’d be taking your clothes off? When you agreed to come back with me did you know who I was or what I was capable of? You talked about school, church, boyfriend. You are a good girl. So why are you here?

You mumble something. I squeeze your neck a little tighter. You go a little more limp in my arms.

It’s okay, I whisper. I know. I know. It’s your cunt. You try saying something but I cover your mouth. It’s your whore-cunt. You are a good girl. I know it. I can feel it. It is part of what attracted me to you. It is this thing between your legs though…. it keeps getting you into trouble doesn’t it. It keeps wanting attention. It keeps putting you in situations you shouldn’t be in because it likes strangers. It likes danger. More then anything else in the world it likes getting fucked. Not laid down bahis firmaları softly and gently made love to but down on the ground slapped around dirty as hell fucked. Isn’t that right pretty girl?

My hand slides down your back once more and into your panties, over your ass and around to the dripping wet perv in question. See? I say as a finger rubs your clit illiciting a moan. A shift and I push it as far into you as I can illiciting a groan. You don’t have to say anything. It is okay. I understand. I GET it. It is hard for you to rationalize something like this. It is hard for you to make these two pieces fit together. Your parents love you. You have lots and lots of friends. That boy of yours dotes on you and if he were to see you here now he would be absolutely fucking crushed wouldn’t he. He’d probably cry, and you’d cry because you love him. You really do. And you try to do things FUN with him but he doesn’t let you because he thinks they are degrading. He thinks that you are debasing yourself when really… you’re being free. You’re cutting loose. You are being you. This is the case isn’t it girl?

I ssssh her when she tries to talk. I start working the rope onto her. I bind her arms, bind her breasts. My fingers pause every forty seconds or so to push and rub her clit through her panties. I grab a handful of her hair and pull her off of the wall. I pull her across the room to the big bay window overlooking the street. Mid day traffic is in full effect. The park across the road crowded with children, parents, dog walkers. She sees them all.

Wonder what they’d think of you now huh? Or when all these pictures start floating on the internet… this gorgeous girl who took off her clothes for twenty dollars a piece? I bind her to the hooks in the wall, pretty girl naked in the window. I pick up my camera.

Tied up in kaçak iddaa front of a window, broad day light…

I take some shots, put the camera down and slide her panties down to her ankles. I slide my hand up along her inner thighs and slap until she spreads. This girl, finger fucked in front of all of these people…

I slide one, then two, then three fingers into her… fucking in her with my hand in complete silence until I start to feel the contractions of her tight pussy against me and her moans become frantic.

Want to come little girl?

Yes, yes, yes please…

I pull out. No.

I stand up and slap her pussy, two, three, four times… enough that the pain shuts down the orgasmic process. I caress her face, kiss her, feel her up. I choke her, not out, but enough to make her weak and wet and play with every exposed part of that body. When I say open for the ball gag she opens wide.

When you came here you came here hoping you were going to get fucked didn’t you.

She nods. I put a hand to my ear. She mumbles yes through the gag. I slap her. Full sentences please. Yes, I came here hoping I would get fucked. Trying to speak has elcited some drool. I wipe it from her lips, brush it off on the side of her face. Her eyes roll, glazed.

I unbind her and move her over to the bed. She stands facing it. I stand behind her.

This is you isn’t it. The real you. This is the you that you are so afraid to show anyone because they won’t understand it. This is the you that you think about late, late and night when you are alone in your room isn’t it?

She says nothing as I kneel her down on the bed. A quick working of the ropes and her hands are tied to the bed frame between her feet and her ankles are bound far apart. Face down in the bed, ass and pussy up… presenting. I take some more pictures. kaçak bahis Oh these are going to be all the rage on the internet. I think I’ll make SURE that boy of yours gets some…

She tries saying something but I kneel beside her and push her face into the mattress. I then lay into her ass with good hard slaps. I lay off of her as I rub her ass down. No. I wouldn’t. No one in your world knows me. Why would I give evidence to my having something to do with your having vanished from their world? I honestly thought I could just take pictures of you. I honestly did. But seeing you now… presenting… you have the nicest ass… the most fuckable cunt I have ever seen…

I push down on her head again and slide three fingers into her. I start roughly finger fucking her. She struggles against the bonds but pushes back against my hand at the same time. Oh It is nice to meet the real you. Fuck it is nice to meet. you. You need to stop hiding from the world. You are a depraved, sick slut and so very, very awesome for it. Are you going to come for me slut? You wanna come? Say it…. I don’t care about the gag. Say it… actually scream it. You want to come. Tell me you want to come or so help me god I will end this and you right here.

And she screams it, and I let her come… relishing the feel of every muscle tensing… relishing the sound of her screaming into the gag and feeling all of the strength gush out of her with the liquid that sprayed out, soaking my hand, my pants and my bed…. holding her, petting her as she cries it out.

Unbound now, gagged, lying against my chest. A kiss to her forehead.

I am so glad to have met you today.

She weakly punches me. Holds me tighter.

Your coming back you know. Your coming back here lots.

She nods into my chest.

Not the school girl. Not the church girl. Not the prim and proper girl. Lay on your back and smell the roses with him. I want the real you.

She nods.

My name is…

She puts a hand over my mouth. She shakes her head.

I smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32