A Frustrating Monday

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He sat at his desk in the office and could not focus on the work that was piling up in front of him. All he had in mind were the mental images of his wife, being between her legs, licking and sucking on her pussy, his cock straining against the mattress while he licked up her delicious juices. He had moved on top of her, slid into her wetness and started pumping. “Don’t come, babe. Not today.” Her voice was soft but determined. There was no arguing with her. She was in charge of his orgasms and today was not the day for him to earn a release


But he had continued to be an obedient husband and brought her to an orgasm by thrusting hard and fast into her. Hard and fast – that is how she liked it. But at this point, he had not come for days and his cock head was so sensitive that it became more and more tempting to just let himself fall over the edge. But he knew that coming without permission would have catastrophic consequences. So he continued – “Turn around, babe” – and now held on to his wife’s sexy ass while ramming his swollen member into her from behind. This was by far their favorite position. He loved to be in charge and hold her hips tightly. She could feel him so much deeper and more intensely when he was behind her. And she looked so incredibly sexy with her long, arching back and curly brown hair in front of him that he had increasing trouble to hold back. “Come on, babe, hard and fast … but don’t come. Give it to me!” He did not want to disappoint her and so he worked feverishly to please her, ride her, push her further and further towards a climax …

The phone ataşehir escort rang and he came out of his daydream. A brief conversation and he was back to his thoughts. His underwear now felt damp and he was wondering if there would be a stain in his pants when he got up. Thinking about his wife always got him so aroused that his cock started dripping. Today was even worse than many other days. After their long session last night, they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. Over the last several months, he had gotten used to falling asleep without reaching an orgasm when they made love. So last night was no exception. His cock felt heavy and his balls were swollen and sore. Already half asleep, she grabbed them and squeezed … hard … kissed him lightly and said: “Thank you babe. I came so much. I hope your balls are not too sore.” They were indeed but he was tired enough to ignore the feeling for now.

When he woke up in the morning, his cock hung heavy and semi-hard between his legs. His wife was still sleeping, spooning him from behind. He loved her warm body against him. On most days, she ended up sleeping with pajamas but last night she apparently had dozed off before she was able to cover up. As a result, he now could feel her naked body pressed up against him. Her breasts were brushing against the middle of his back and her right arm had settled comfortably at his stomach. Feeling her warmth created a stir in his cock and balls. He checked the clock on the nightstand and whispered: “Babe, good morning. I need to get up.”

She moved a little and swung her leg over kadıköy escort his, not allowing him to lift his feet out of bed. “I need to get up.” “Not yet …” She moved in closer, now pressing herself firmly against him. Her hand moved down his stomach, grazing slowly in circles and targeted his cock. “You have a few minutes”, she whispered. “Maybe you will get lucky…” His cock responded immediately at the thought and possibility to reach an orgasm … maybe. Her hand now held him firmly, squeezing his shaft and massaging his balls. “Get harder for me. You are still a bit too limp. Come on, otherwise, I will let go.”

He could feel himself responding immediately and once his cock stood at full attention, she started to slowly stroke him. Precum accumulated at his tip and she used the liquid to lubricate him. She developed a steady rhythm and could feel him bucking under her administrations. Faster and faster, she stroked him now. After a few minutes, he could feel an orgasm approaching. It was still distant but definitely on the horizon.

“Babe, I am going to count you down now. Don’t come before I reach zero.”

“10” – He was so excited; will she really allow him to come?

“9” – She was working his cock with a devastating rhythm and speed. More and more precum lubricated him and he could now hear his cock pistoning out of her tight fist.

“8” – His balls tightened and his cock became the focus of all his attention. He held on to his pillow and gave in to her being in complete control.

“7” – She smiled. He was so predictable. His cock always gave away bostancı escort bayan his intentions and it was amazing how single-minded he had been in recent weeks. His tongue had been working overtime and she realized how beneficial it was to not let your husband come except on special occasions.

“6” – He started moving his hips to increase the friction and get to his well deserved climax faster.

“5” – She whispered in his ear that he would be feeling so amazing when he only followed her commands.

“4” – Faster and faster she stroked his cock. The head was now swollen and hard like a steel mushroom. She could feel the veins on his shaft on every downstroke.

“3” – Sweat was dripping from his body. His sole focus was now on shooting the biggest load possible.

“2. Get ready, baby. Almost there” – He was in a frenzy. The flood was building more intensely every second.

“1 … and STOP.”

She let go of his cock and grabbed his balls. The new sensation confused him and it was painful how tightly she now squeezed his swollen sack. His cock tried desperately to find the friction necessary to come, to achieve a climax, to release this pent up frustration and excitement. But he could not get there. So close but now seemingly so far again.

“I am sorry, babe. You did not think I would let you come? We need to get up and there won’t be time for you to lick me. So you can’t come either. Get up and go to work now.”

And with that, she had pushed him out of bed, his cock swollen and mad. Angry cock. That is what it felt like and what they called it sometimes when he held back without release. I would take quite a while for him to be calm enough to focus on work later that day and his thoughts frequently returned to her, her sexy body, his frustrations, and how much he needed to get back in bed with her tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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