Accidents and Non-Accidents at Work

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Alice sat at her desk, finishing up the latest report. Her bowels were informing her that she needed to visit the restroom soon, but she wasn’t desperate and had always been a bit of a completionist. Plus, it was only her second week at this job, and she still felt the need to prove her work ethic.

Finally, she though, as she saved the now-completed document and emailed it to another department. She was just about to make her way to the ladies room, when her boss, Jen, entered her cubicle.

“Do you have a minute? I’d like to talk to you in my office.” Perhaps seeing the anxious expression on Alice’s face, she clarified. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad.”

Alice agreed and followed Jen into her office. She would have felt awkward asking to use the bathroom first, and besides, Jen had implied that this wouldn’t take too long.

But she quickly found that it was harder to keep control while standing than it had been when she was sitting. She was so focused on stopping her poop from coming out – while not looking like she was desperate – that she was barely taking in what Jen was saying, and simply hoped that she was nodding at the appropriate places.

Their conversation (if it could be called that, as Jen was doing almost all of the talking) dragged on, as Alice clenched her butt cheeks together and subtly shifted her position to keep her load in. Then the unthinkable happened – a sudden cramp hit Alice, and she felt a large, solid log start to slide into her panties.

She tried to stop it, but by the time she regained control the damage had been done, as she could feel a lump in her panties. She waited, hoping against hope that her boss hadn’t heard or smelled what she’d just done, or at the very least that Jen would pretend she hadn’t noticed.

It was a vain hope. Jen abruptly stopped mid-sentence, and then, with an expression of shock on her face, asked, “Alice, did you just mess yourself?”

Alice could feel her face turning furiously red. There was no point in denying it. Jen clearly knew what had happened, and would know that Alice was lying.

“I must say, this is a rather unexpected turn of events,” Jen continued, taking Alice’s silence as a confirmation. “But no matter. You can use my private bathroom down the hall to get cleaned up. Your skirt should be fine, and while I don’t have any spare panties to lend you, there’s quite a selection of adult diapers in my bathroom, if you’d prefer not to go commando.”

Jen obviously could guess what Alice was thinking – wait, why do you have adult diapers in your bathroom, ataşehir escort does that mean what I think it means – and she explained, saying, “I’m no stranger to wetting or messing myself, although with me it’s not accidental.

“You see, I love the feeling of going in my pants, whether it’s the warm wetness of pee soaking my clothing, or the solid weight of poop filling my panties-“

“Stop!” Alice interrupted. “If you keep talking like that, you’ll make me lose control again.”

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t mine. But right, the bathroom’s the second door on the left; take as much time as you need to get cleaned up.”

Alice exited the office, and quickly made her way down the hall. Walking made her extra aware of the lump between her legs, but surprisingly, she found she didn’t mind it. In fact, she rather liked the sensation.

By the time she had entered the bathroom and locked the door, the rest of her load was quite desperate to be released. It would have been easy to get to the toilet and pull her panties down, but she was thinking about what Jen had said about actually enjoying pooping in her pants.

The thing was, Alice found she understood the appeal. If she ignored the mortification of having an accident in front of her boss, the sensation of her poop coming out, pushing against the fabric of her underwear, and the very noticeable weight of it as it slid to the base of her underpants, right between the legs, had been kind of nice.

And her panties were already soiled, so really, what could it hurt to see if maybe Jen was on to something?

Alice carefully took her skirt off – no reason to risk it getting dirty – positioned herself in front of the mirror, spread her legs a little, and stopped holding her poop in. It immediately began to come out, and in the mirror Alice could see the lump in her underwear grow. As she pushed to get the rest out, she could feel her panties sagging under the additional weight.

Once she had finished, she stood in front of mirror a bit longer, admiring the distinct bulge in her panties and they way they were starting to turn brown. It was completely obvious that she had relieved herself in her underwear, and she found that exciting. She even walked around he bathroom a little bit, enjoying how her load shifted around, before cleaning herself up.

Clean up didn’t take long, since her poop had been solid and there were wet wipes available, and Alice then faced the choice of whether to go commando or use one of the many adult diapers available in the cabinet.

It wasn’t kadıköy escort a hard choice. She had already soiled herself in front of her boss, and then willingly finished up in her panties, so wearing a diaper could hardly be more embarrassing. And she was curious about what it would feel like to pee in a diaper….

With that in mind, she purposely didn’t relieve her bladder before put on the diaper and her skirt, and then went back to her desk, where she took a long drink of water. She returned to her work – she still had to do her job, after all – and waited for her bladder to fill up.

When she had to pee but wasn’t desperate yet, she decided to let some out into the diaper. She wasn’t sure how much it could hold, but she wasn’t planning on releasing that much pee, and her skirt was black, so even if she did leak it wouldn’t show much.

It took a little while to start wetting herself – peeing anywhere other than a toilet felt so forbidden – but after a minute or two she managed to let a decent-sized squirt out. She felt the diaper grow wet and hot under her skin, and the sensation was amazing. She couldn’t resist letting out another, longer squirt to prolong that sensation, but then forced herself to stop. She still had a while until the workday was over, and she didn’t want to saturate the diaper too quickly.

For the rest of the day, she periodically let out small streams of pee into her diaper, and found that she especially loved peeing herself around other people. By the time it was 5 pm, the diaper was wet, verging on squishy, and when she stood up it was heavy between her legs. Alice made her way to Jen’s office, filled with anticipation.

Once she had entered and closed the door, Jen immediately started to speak. “I was really forward earlier, and I realized that it very well might have made you uncomfortable. It’s just – what happened was so unexpected, and I let myself get carried away, and I’m sorry about that.”

Alice smiled and reassured her. “It’s alright. I mean, I guess you were kind of forward, but you were right – going in your pants feels amazing, and I might not have realized that otherwise.”

“You mean – you liked it?” Jen asked, barely able to believe it.

“Yeah. When I got to the bathroom I still had to go, and what you had made me curious, so I finished in my underwear. And you were so right, having a warm, heavy load in my panties felt great. And after I had gotten cleaned up, I took you up on your offer of a diaper – and I’ve been peeing in it all day, and loving it,” Alice said.

Alice bostancı escort bayan could see how excited Jen was. “Well, maybe I should see just how wet you’ve gotten your diaper, and maybe afterwards you can see how wet mine is.”

“I think I have an even better idea. You see, I’ve been drinking a lot of water all day, and I have to go pretty bad. Maybe you’d like to find out with me how much more my diaper can absorb?”

“Are you sure? I’d love to, and I mean really love to, but only if you want to.”

“Oh yes, I want to,” Alice replied, and her expression made it clear that she meant every word.

“Alright, and the floor’s easy enough to clean up, so go ahead.”

Alice took off her shoes and stepped out of her skirt, revealing a diaper that had already swelled quite a bit from the pee it’d absorbed. Alice spread her legs just a bit, and released her quite full bladder.

She actually let out a short gasp as the diaper became hot and moist all over again. “I can feel it growing heavier,” she narrated for Jen’s benefit. “I’m still going, and I don’t think this diaper will hold much more.” She had barely finished her sentence when rivulets of pee started to run down her legs, forming a sizable yellow puddle on the floor by the time her bladder was empty.

Alice looked up to find Jen staring at her. “That – that was – it was amazing, Alice,” Jen spluttered.

“I thought so too. Now, I think you said something about your diaper being wet?”

“Yes, and I’m desperate to pee again, especially after your performance. In fact, I don’t think I can make it out of my pants first,” Jen continued, with a wicked smile.

Alice hesitated. “But your pants are gray, if you leak it’ll show-“

“I’ve got spare pants. This won’t be the first time I’ve intentionally overfilled my diaper.”

“Oh. Well, go ahead, then.”

Jen stood, and it was only a few seconds before a wet patch appeared on her pants, followed quickly by another one. The leak pattern made it obvious that Jen had a diaper on underneath – the insides of her legs were soaked, but the center of her pubic region remained dry, at least until the urine spread through the pants fabric. When Jen finally finished, there was a large puddle around her feet too.

“Wow. That was – umm – wow,” Alice said, unable to find word for how much she enjoyed watching Jen wet herself.

“Thanks. Now it’s getting late, and I imagine you want to get home and shower. Feel free to put on a fresh diaper in the bathroom if you want.”

“Don’t you want me to help clean up?” Alice asked, as she pulled her skirt back on and stepped into her shoes.

“Nah, it won’t take long, and I’m not in any hurry. See you tomorrow?” Jen asked, looking hopeful.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Alice replied, and then exited the room.

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