Before the Pill

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I would like to acknowledge two members.

Ms 13 (she knows which 13 she is) for, early on, appreciated comments and advice on writing style.

I am also very grateful to dianaprince_73 for much needed corrections to the story and for encouragement.

I thank you both…*s*


Before the Pill…

It was 1962. We were 22 years old, in love and curious about what life had in store for us.

Cindy and I had married out of high school; like so many in the late 50’s, early 60’s. While love was the main reason for marriage, many of the people we knew married to enjoy “adult” sex, or got pregnant and did the “right” thing. We were among the last of the sexually innocent.

Or was that sexually ignorant? What ever we were, we finally were able to have sex anytime we wanted and anyway we wanted.

Not many of our peers had a lot of experience, things were different before the Pill. Most guys were considered lucky if they had had 1 or 2 girlfriends who allowed sex and most girls wouldn’t because of fear of pregnancy.

Cindy and I fit that scenario. She was technically a virgin. She had given a few hand jobs on dates and had one boyfriend she engaged in oral sex with a few times. Somehow, I had been allowed “all the way” sex with 1 of my high school girlfriends. Lucky me.

Cindy and I were pretty open with each other. We had no problem talking about how hot this one or that one was. We talked often about how exciting it might be to have sex with another couple. Oh, I guess there was the usual ‘guy’ stuff going on. Would another guy do it better than me? Would she fall in love and want to leave me? In voicing concerns, I found that Cindy had the same questions. Maybe it wasn’t just a ‘guy’ thing after all.

We assured each other, as best as we could, that any sex with anyone else would only be an adventure, an experiment in pleasure. The thrill killer was lack of truly safe birth control.

We had a pretty close group of people we hung out with. Mostly couples who were just like us. Young, dumb and hoping to cum.

We would have parties at each others houses and one thing was the same at each party. There was always one dimly light room for dancing. Much of the dancing was slow and romantic. We would put a record of the Platter’s on the Hi Fi and hold each other close. Many of us stole kisses and caressed bodies to the extent we felt we could and generally made ourselves horny as hell.

The best part of that would come later for Cindy and me as we lay in bed, telling each other who made us hard or wet that night. It became a big part of our foreplay.

And oh my how we would fuck each other after talking about how hot the night was.


Our closest friends were Allen and Vickie.

Allen and I worked together. Cindy and Vickie hit it off the first time they met. Both girls were funny and lovely. Cindy was a bit more curvy with larger breasts, but Vickie’s olive toned skin and big dark eyes made her slender body as desirable as any girl I had known.

I wanted her.

The 4 of us would tease and flirt like crazy. We would kiss at the parties, and even engage in silly games like spin the bottle, just so we could “innocently” have fun together.

One night Allen and Vickie were over and we played our spin the bottle game. After a few bottle spins and kisses we just paired off, making out.

For the first time I actually dared to cup Vickie’s breast. I was nervous and afraid of rejection. To my delight she moaned into my mouth. Becoming more bold, I moved my hand down her body and caressed her pussy through her capri’s. The thin material couldn’t hide how turned on she was. I was as hard as I had ever been and did my best to press my hard-on against Vickie’s body.

Apparently Allen and Cindy were experiencing the same thrills because Cindy suddenly stood up and said that if she didn’t cum soon she was going to explode. With that she went off to the bathroom. Vickie got up and followed her, leaving Allen and I sitting on the floor with raging hard-ons.

Allen said “Phil, I’d give anything to fuck Cindy right now”.

“If we could be certain not to get ankara ucuz escortlar them pregnant, I’d sure as hell would like that while Vickie and I did the same,” I replied.

The girls came back to the room with a solution. Not a perfect one but a pretty damn good one, we thought.

Cindy spoke first. “Why can’t we make out to orgasm?” she asked.

“If we don’t actually do it, we won’t get pregnant,” Vickie added.

Allen and I looked at each other.

“All this time making out, getting horny, fantasizing and “this” was possible?” Allen blurted out.

We all laughed.

“Uh huh” Cindy said, winking.

Laughing out loud Vickie said, “Just keep the dicks away from the pussies and we will all be fine”.

With a giggle, Cindy took Allen’s hand and led him down the hall toward our bedroom.

Vickie laughed and called out “Don’t make any babies”.

Vickie turned to me and smiled as she pulled her sweater over her head. She unhooked her bra and exposed her lovely, petite breasts. Her nipples made me groan as they were a deep mahogany color and stiff as bullets. She unzipped her capri’s and hooked her thumbs into the waist band and slid them, along with her panties, over her hips, to the floor and stepped out of them.

My eyes were glued to the silky black hair covering her pubic area. The dim light reflected off of tiny droplets of moisture captured there.

I quickly tore off all I was wearing and watched Vickie smile as she looked at my totally hard cock.

“I want that” she said as she walked to me.

We embraced and kissed deeply.

Not wanting to take the time to go to the guest bedroom, I settled to the carpet, pulling Vickie down with me.

I was torn between just holding her against my body and caressing every inch of her flesh. I broke our kiss and moved my lips down her throat to her sweet breasts, kissing one and then the other.

As I gently chewed on her nipples, my hand moved down to cup her pussy. She was soaked and so very warm.

My fingers slipped between her swollen lips and explored her inner pussy. Vickie arched her back so that my mouth could work over her breasts and then relaxed her upper body and lifted her hips to give me access to her pussy.

We were both moaning as I sucked her nipples and fingered her slippery pussy.

I had to taste her and moved my mouth from her breasts and kissed down her tummy to her pubic bone.

I moved between her legs, leaning into her, covering her pussy with my mouth. My head was spinning as I licked the length of her. Her taste was indescribable. I found her puffy clitoris and sucked it between my lips. It had already popped from its hood and was slippery and swollen with desire. I devoured every bit of flesh I could reach.

Quickly, too quickly, Vickie started to cum. Her body convulsed and a deep growl escaped her lips.

“Eat me baby” she said over and over.

I ate her as though I’d never have this chance again. I licked, sucked and chewed at her pussy and she came and came.

My face was covered with her sweet, warm and very slippery juices.

Slowly Vickie started to come down from her orgasmic high. I relaxed my eating of her and gently lapped at her pussy, bringing her down.

I had known that I would enjoy making Vickie cum, but never thought it could possibly be this wonderful.

I crawled up beside Vickie and held her close, kissing her, allowing her to taste the wonderful cum her pussy had poured all over my mouth and face.

Vickie kissed me deeply and reached down to grasp the shaft of my cock.

She sat up, smiled at me and said “my turn now”.

She leaned over me and just took me into her mouth. Her lips, teeth and tongue attacked my hard-on with a determination to please.

I moaned as I watched her suck me. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to hold back.

Vickie sucked me as though it was meant to be.

Within a few minutes I felt the cum building in my balls. I groaned and told her I was close.

Vickie pulled her head from my cock, stroking its shaft with one hand. My body jerked as I exploded. Spasm after spasm rocked my ankara üniversiteli escortlar body and my cum splashed against her throat and breasts. I came as hard as I had ever cum before.

When it stopped, Vickie looked at me and smiled.

“Wow Vickie” I exclaimed.

She crawled up beside me and laughed as she grabbed my T-shirt to wipe the cum off her body. “Messy boy”, she said, with a grin.

I laughed and told her that it wasn’t nice to mess up my T. Vickie said that Cindy would probably use my pillow case to clean up after Allen.

“Geeze”, I said.

Turning serious, we kissed sweetly and thanked each other.

Vickie reached for and lifted my limp cock and said, “One day I am going to feel this inside me Phil”.

“Oh yes, you will” I replied.

Soon, Allen and Cindy came into the room. Cindy had shiny droplets of Allen’s cum spread from her chin to her belly button.

Vickie said, “Your pillow case is safe Phil” and we started laughing which made them laugh and we all settled down to tell each other how wonderful this idea the girls came up with was.


After Allen and Vickie left, Cindy and I showered quickly and jumped into bed.

As we lay caressing each other, Cindy told me that she and Vickie agreed that this must be taken to the next level. That they both loved their husbands, but needed what the other’s husband could give them.

She told me of taking Allen to our room. Of how hot she was as they each undressed as quickly as possible.

Of how Allen’s hard cock jerked as he looked at her naked body.

Of how she sank to her knees in front of him, needing to hold his hard-on, to stroke it, to kiss it, to take it into her mouth.

As she gave Allen pleasure, she was aware of her own needs and so was Allen for he reached down and lifted her to her feet and onto the bed. Allen crawled onto the bed next to Cindy as he kissed her and cupped her pussy.

His strong fingers parted her swollen lips and slipped into her. It was exactly what Cindy needed, more than she needed, and her body started to convulse as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure took command of her.

Cindy’s hips jerked against Allen’s hand as though she was trying to take all his fingers into her needy pussy. It was as powerful a sexual experience as she could remember.

When she finally relaxed, she lay in Allen’s arm’s almost purring with contentment. Cindy said that it couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes since they entered the room. She had been that hot…that ready…that wanting of Allen…

Cindy told me of how she spent the rest of the time they were alone giving Allen everything she had to make him as happy as he had made her.

She stroked his cock, she sucked it and she even knelt by the bed and squeezed his hard-on between her breasts, and watched him work his hips, fucking them as he looked into her eyes.

When Allen finally came, Cindy stroked each spasm of cum out of his cock onto her throat, breasts and tummy. They were a happy and satisfied couple when they joined Vickie and me in the living room.

Listening to Cindy made me hard again and Cindy stroked it and said “put it in me baby, that’s the only thing I’ve missed tonight”.

I rolled between her thighs and entered her still soaked pussy. As I started to pump inside her she moaned that this is what she wanted with Allen. She needed to feel him inside her, fucking her deeply as I was doing.

The thought of that happening thrilled me and as we fucked each other to orgasm, I promised her it would happen.

All we had to do was get the birth control thing figured out and she and Allen and Vickie and I would fuck…We would have it all…

* * * * * *

For the next month we got together with Allen and Vickie. We were neglecting our other friends but for good reason. We were wild about what we were doing together and wanted more.

We graduated to same room sex and any fear of jealousy quickly passed. Watching each other became an unbelievable thrill.

We had established that Allen lasted a lot longer than I did. We thought maybe it was because he was ankara vip escortlar circumcised and thus was less sensitive to stimulation than I was but, no matter, it was a fact of life.

The good part was that Vickie usually got me off twice in the time it took Cindy to make Allen cum. I wasn’t complaining.

After each session we would contemplate how we could “go all the way “. We eliminated using condoms as none of us liked sex with them. We knew that soon the long anticipated Pill would be released to the general public, but we just couldn’t wait that long.

Vickie was using a spermicidal foam and she and Allen had one child with it and a few close calls.

Cindy talked and talked of using the diaphragm and of how well it was working for us. Vickie finally agreed to see her ob-gyn and get his take on that method.

In a few weeks Cindy told me that Vickie had called and told her that she had been fitted and as soon as she got used to her new diaphragm we were going to do it. We couldn’t wait.


We got together for the big night and it seemed as though we were on a first date. The air was thick with excitement.

We made this night special by going out for a nice dinner and a bit of dancing before we went to our home. We joked that this was foreplay, as we knew that there would be nothing but cocks and pussy’s when we got home.

When we arrived home, we all undressed as quickly as possible and Vickie and Cindy went to the bathroom to insert their diaphragms. Needless to say, Allen and I waited anxiously for them to join us.

When they came to us, Allen took Cindy’s hand and settled to the carpet, pulling her down with him. Vickie joined me on the sofa.

Vickie and I watched as Allen and Cindy caressed and kissed each other. They had waited so long for this that Cindy just pulled Allen on top of her and said “Its time Allen, just put it in me…please”.

Cindy lifted and spread her legs widely and Allen grasped his cock with one hand and guided its head to Cindy’s slit. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down its length and paused at her opening.

Cindy was totally ready. As Allen shifted his hips, Cindy lifted hers and Allen’s completely hard cock slipped into her pussy.

“Ohhh yessssssss “, Cindy cried out. Allen’s was actually, only the second cock to fill her pussy and she was so very happy.

Cindy wanted to be fucked and Allen was giving her exactly what she wanted.

Vickie said to me, “Phil, its our turn”.

I was so turned on that I had to confess. “Vickie, I want you so badly that I’m afraid I’m gonna cum as soon as I enter you”.

Vickie smiled and said, “No problem baby, we know the solution for that”.

She slipped off the sofa and knelt between my thighs and said, “Watch Cindy and Allen”.

Vickie took my hard-on into her mouth as I watched Allen plunge in and out of Cindy.

Never had anything been so sexy to me. This lovely girl sucking my cock as I watched her husband fuck my wife so intently.

I came almost instantly, just as Vickie knew I would. Vickie didn’t stop. As I watched Allen and Cindy, she sucked me hard again.

Vickie lifted her face from my cock and smiled. “You’re ready now baby”, she said.

I was more than ready.

I moved to give her room on the sofa and Vickie lay back and opened her legs for me. I looked up and down her sweet body and moved between her legs.

She took my hard-on in her hand and guided it directly to her opening.

I moaned out loud as I plunged into this sweet girl’s pussy. I so wanted her and now it was actually happening.

I was surprised at how tightly Vickie’s pussy gripped me and held me inside her. The girl knew how to use her muscles and it was like fucking a slippery, warm, tight fitting glove.

The rest was almost dreamlike.

Kissing Vickie.

Fucking her.

Hearing Cindy cum again and again as she and Allen fucked.

Feeling Vickie chew on my shoulder as we fucked and fucked. Feeling her tighten her grip on my cock as she came. It was awesome.

When it was all over. When each of us was completely satisfied, we all hugged and decided we couldn’t let this end.

The 4 of us slept together in our bed.

It was a night we would never forget.

No matter who we might do this with in the future, no matter how hot it would be, nothing would ever surpass this night.

We were 4 happy people…

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