Blake Dreams in Video

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Blake Dreams in Video

The saying is, “youth is wasted on the young.” And in my experience, there’s most certainly truth to that maxim. But every once in a while, even a young man can recognize an enriching (or at least a must-do) opportunity staring him in the face and not fail to pursue it. This is an example of that.

It was summer. Blake lived in flyover country in the Deep South. He was probably the only Public Enemy fan in his neck of the woods and that summer their song “Fight the Power” was on heavy rotation in his old Mazda.

1989 the number, another summer, get down to the sound of the funky drummer…

Blake was chilling at his sister’s house one hot afternoon when his phone rang. “Hey, do you mind picking me up from work tonight?” Brandy asked. “Hannah borrowed my car to run up to Atlanta to pick up a camcorder.”

“Sure,” Blake responded. “But why is she going all the way up there for a camcorder? She can get one up at the Circuit City, I’m sure.”

“It’s for school,” Brandy said. “She’s taking a film course at State this fall and they’ve got a pre-semester project to do. Plus, I think she just wants to kind of mess around with it, make home movies and artsy stuff that she likes, you know…”.

“Cool,” Blake said, lighting a cigarette. “What time you get off?”

“Can you be here at like 7:15?” Brandy asked. “That should give me enough time to change and close out, etc.”

“No prob, see ya then,” Blake said.

Blake hung up the cordless and went back to TV watching. Flipping channels aimlessly, he settled on a pro wrestling broadcast and snubbed out his cigarette. Within about 15 minutes, he was snoozing.

“Hey, Blake!” Jimmy said, startling Blake from his slumber.

“Oh, hey!” Blake shouted, coming to and suddenly shuffling about in his sister’s Lay-Z-Boy. “‘Sup? I don’t think Natalie’s home at the moment.”

Jimmy was his sister Natalie’s longtime boyfriend. He and Blake were pretty tight, having played in bands over the years.

“It’s cool,” Jimmy said, laughing. “I just got back in town from Florida. I’m kinda road weary, gonna run upstairs and shower, make something to eat. What you got planned this evening?”

Blake paused for a moment as his head cleared. “Fuck, what time is it?” Blake asked, panic rising.

“Right at 7,” Jimmy said, checking his watch.

“Fuck!” Blake said again, jumping up from the recliner in a single motion. “Gotta split. Thank god you woke me! Brandy doesn’t have her car and she’ll have my balls if I’m late picking her up again.”

Blake fumbled about with his wallet and keys as he hustled toward the garage door.

“Tell Natty I’ll check her later,” he said as he exited into the garage.

“Sure thing, bro,” Jimmy said, watching Blake walk out.

Blake was a speed demon around his small hometown, but he needed to pull some extra tricks to get to Brandy’s work in 15 minutes. She worked at Simpson’s, a discount retail chain store in a small strip mall just outside town. He figured he could make it with maybe a minute to spare if he ran a couple red lights and hauled ass through a few neighborhoods.

Luckily for him, it was midweek and rather dead that night, so traffic was light and cops weren’t out in force. And sure enough, after committing about five or so “lose-your-license” level moving traffic violations, he saw Brandy’s figure exiting the store just as he entered its gargantuan parking lot.

He pulled up to the curb and gave her a nonchalant waive and a smile. He noted she looked hot as usual, her long dark hair buoyant in the early evening light, while her blouse was high-hemmed and her tight jeans rested just below her hips, showing her tanned midsection and ass.

She said she was half Puerto Rican and she certainly looked and acted the part. She was a petite, dusky little firecracker, with a dirty mouth and sometimes a temper. She had nicely proportioned tits for her size. She smiled as she got in his car.

“Yo,” she said, adjusting her seatbelt. Blake welcomed her spicy scent as she settled in. “Thanks again!” she added. “I coulda asked Kevin to give me a ride, but I figured you were game.” She turned to look at him with a smirk as he negotiated the car toward the exit.

“Game? Babe, I’m one of the good ones. You know it ain’t no thang. And fuck Kevin!” he responded, smiling back. “Actually, don’t fuck Kevin. If you don’t mind…”

Kevin was her manager. He and Blake weren’t exactly enemies, but they’d played on rival teams growing up and had something of a rivalry. Blake knew Kevin was into Brandy and, while he presumed and hoped he had first dibs on her, he didn’t take anything for granted. He and Brandy weren’t “official,” as the kids said, but for the last six months or so they’d been pretty much exclusive with each other. At least as far as Blake knew.

They stopped at the exit to the parking lot and, as Blake looked both ways, he suddenly felt Brandy’s hand on his inner thigh. He turned on his blinker and looked over at her with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, m’lady,” he asked dramatically.

She bahis firmaları had turned to face him, her expression more serious. She slid her hand up his thigh, his cock suddenly stiffening and straining against his jeans. Her fingers reached his bulge. She pressed on it slightly. She certainly had his attention now.

“So …” she started. “You know how Hannah got that camera?” She asked.

Blake looked back and saw that traffic was clear, so he turned left from the lot.

“Yeah, for school, or something?” Blake responded.

“Yeah,” Brandy said. Now she was tracing her fingers over his dickhead, his member fully erect within his unexpectedly tight pants. “So, she and I were talking and….” She paused as they continued uptown.

Blake looked back over at her. She was grinning like a little devil.

“And…?” he asked. Suddenly, a car pulled out in front of them and he had to slow rapidly. Once they resumed their previous speed, Blake felt Brandy fully cupping his package, which was now throbbing exquisitely within her grip. She squeezed his balls and he felt an explosion of sweet pain through his groin.

“By the way, we’re gonna crash if you keep that up,” Blake said playfully. He pretended to be focused on safely operating the car, feigning a professional air as Brandy toyed with his aching junk.

“We wanna make a porno!” Brandy exclaimed. “You, me and Hannah. Tonight!”

This was not what Blake was expecting. Not by a longshot. Not that he wasn’t into it. It was just a total surprise.

He’d known Hannah longer than he’d known Brandy. And while he certainly didn’t consider Hannah unattractive … yeah, she was pretty and had a nice body, but wasn’t she … a little butchy? She never wore makeup. She always wore ripped up jeans and t-shirts.

“So, like a threesome?” Blake asked.

“Well, she’ll be the cameraman, you know?” Brandy answered. “But …. Would you be cool if she, like, took part?”

Blake was, somehow, despite his throbbing, fully erect cock, getting more turned on as this conversation evolved. Fucking Hannah? It’d be pretty wild fucking someone so … non-girly….

Blake tried to play cool, but Brandy’s handiwork in his crotch had worked him up into an excruciatingly titillated lather.

“Sounds fun,” he said, gamely. “But how ’bout hands off until we’re ready to go? ‘Cos you’re about to make me cum my pants!”

Brandy smiled and turned back, facing the oncoming street.

“Excellent!” she said.


“Welcome!” Hannah said, standing at her doorway and eyeing the two of them expectantly.

Not waiting for a formal welcome in, Brandy brushed past her. Blake stood in Hannah’s doorway. They eyed each other for a moment, Hannah maintaining a little smirk. She was wearing ripped jeans, which were maybe a little tighter than the usual, and an old Beastie Boys t-shirt. No makeup. In a word, butchy. But now that he looked her over, she also had a hot little teenage body and nice tits. Blake stole a glance and noticed through her sheer shirt that her braless nipples were erect.

“Howdy, Hannah,” he said casually. Their eyes met. “I hear you got a camcorder?”

“Yup,” she said. “Two, actually. Nice ones, too. Best resolution you can get on video. I’m studying filmmaking at State.”

“I heard about that,” Blake said. “And we’re making a movie tonight?” He smiled at hear conspiratorially.

“I heard that too,” she responded playfully, stepping aside and gesturing him in. “Thank you for making our casting call.”

In her den, Hannah had set up lighting and the two expensive looking cameras on tripods. There was also a beanbag, her couch, a loveseat and a mirror on a stand.

Brandy was already pouring bourbon in three highball glasses. Blake set his keys down on an end table and turned back to Hannah, who was crouched near a power outlet in the kitchen, plugging in several cables. He walked back toward her.

“So, are we really making a porno?” he asked her with a whisper. She smiled as she stood back up. She stepped toward him and motioned him to lean down, as if to relay a secret to his ear.

“We’re gonna fuck on camera,” she cooed. He felt her breath on his ear. One of her nipples grazed his midsection. He could smell her, a musky, pine and anise scent. Her nipples were like pylons under her tight shirt. This bitch is horny as fuck, he thought. One of her hands grazed his thigh.

“So, you’re not a dike,” Blake playfully whispered back.

Hannah stepped back, smiling. “Tonight, I’m yes and no,” she said.

Just then they heard Brandy’s voice.

“C’mon, you two lovebirds,” she said. “I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready to fuck!”

“OK, OK,” Hannah said, shuffling past Blake and into the den. “Just let me do a final light reading and make sure we’re ready.”

Blake stepped into the den. He picked up two glasses of bourbon and handed one each to Brandy and Hannah. Then he picked up the third.

“Well, here’s to new adventures with friends,” he said as they clinked their glasses and each took a sip.

Hannah kaçak iddaa worked with the cameras, looking in each and adjusting a few settings. Then she brightened the room lighting. Blake stood there with this drink, feeling a little awkward.

“Brandy, lay on your stomach on the beanbag and act like you’re reading that book,” Hannah instructed, motioning to what looked like a biology book on a table next to the couch.

As Blake looked on, Brandy took the book and positioned herself stomach-down on the beanbag. He noted with pleasure how her pert, tightly bluejeaned ass stuck up, while her blouse was pushed up slightly, showing her toned and tanned lower back. She spread her legs a little wider, then looked up with a naughty smile.

“How’s this,” she asked, wiggling her little ass.

“Okay, perfect!” Hannah said as she positioned the camera. “Blake, stand on the porch, just outside the screened door and act like you’re dropping by for a visit. Just a neighborhood boy stopping to say ‘hi.’ I’ll count down, then you knock on the door and get Brandy’s attention, then she’ll motion for you to come in. Just come in and sit down on the loveseat next to her. Then y’all just make some small talk.”

As instructed, Blake walked outside and stood looking in. After a few more seconds, Hannah started counting down.

“Five, four, three,” she said, then indicating two, one, go with her hands.

Blake knocked and Brandy looked up from her book. She smiled and waived him in.

“Hi there,” he said, sitting. He tried to keep a straight face. “What are you up to?”

“Just studying some biology. Got a big exam coming up,” she said, casually leafing through some pages. She looked back up at him. “What brings you by here?”

“Oh, just wanted to see what you were up to,” Blake answered, trying to keep things moving. “Looks like a fun read.”

After a beat, Hannah said “cut.”

“Cool, now Brandy, agree that book is a little boring, but that you’ve been studying the section on human anatomy and it’s gotten you turned on,” Hannah said. “I’m going to use the other camera for a different angle. OK — five, four, three” two, one ….

“Ha, yeah, this is a pretty dry book, but …” Brandy paused. She seemed like a natural actor. Great instincts. She looked up to Blake as she leafed a few more pages and wiggled her bluejeaned ass.

“I’ve been reviewing the section on anatomy…. The human male anatomy,” she said suggestively, turning back to Blake. And it’s gotten me a little …” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “Turned on, you know?” She pushed some hair back behind her ear.

“Oh, yeah,” Blake responded, trying not to be too hammy. He sat up and leaned in closer. “Like what about it?”

“So, there’s this,” Brandy said, returning to the book. “It says here that your balls are outside your body like they are because your sperm needs to be cooler than your body to stay alive. That’s pretty wild, huh?” She giggled.

Blake nodded, as if pondering this. “I’ve never thought of that,” he said.

Suddenly, Brandy got up on her knees, facing Blake.

“Maybe, since you’re here, you’ll let me check out your balls in person?” She crawled toward him. “You know, to get ready for my exam….” She began working at this belt and zipper as Blake stood back up.

Soon, his pants were at his ankles, his erection bobbing before Brandy’s face. Hannah, after keeping one camera rolling, had mounted the other on her shoulder and positioned herself next to them.

With a mischievous grin, Brandy acted as if she were studying Blake’s cock and balls. She slowly pull his balls up and checked out his taint. She stroked his throbbing dick with her other hand. Blake looked over at Hannah, who was all business with her camera.

“Wow, your balls are huge and they hang so low!” Brandy said, with erstwhile surprise. “They must be filled with cum.” She cupped and played at his swollen nuts. “Are they sensitive, too?” She asked, looking up at him playfully.

“Well, they are now,” Blake responded with a slight grin.

“How does this feel?” Brandy asked, licking his balls. She took them one by one in her hot mouth while still stroking his dick.

“It feels really swell,” Blake said with a sigh. That got a laugh out of everyone. While she mouthed one ball, her little palm lightly banged the other with each downward stroke on Blake’s dick. A pleasurable pain spread through his groin and sacrum.

Brandy then went down on him while cupping and squeezing his balls. After several passes, she paused for a moment and looked back up. “So, how does having your balls in my mouth compare to your cock?” She took him back in her mouth.

“Hmm, really nice,” Blake whimpered. For a minute more, they were quiet as Brandy sucked him. The only sound was the slight smacking and mouthy sounds of Blake’s cock stuffing and exiting Brandy’s little hot mouth.

She took him entirely down her throat and came back up for air. “Your dick is, like, too big. I can barely fit it. Feels like my mouth is gonna split at the sides!”

As she continued kaçak bahis sucking him, she reached through his legs and cupped his ass. Her wrist pushed on his taint. She paused for a beat.

“I also read that I can press on your prostate and put your hard-on on overdrive,” she said. “Can I try that?” she asked, smiling.

“Hold just a sec,” Hannah said, positioning her camera just under Blake’s ass. “Blake, spread your legs a little more so there’s more light back here. I wanna be able to catch her sticking her fingers up your ass.”

As Blake duly complied, Hannah positioned herself. “Action!” she said.

He suddenly felt her little fingers pushing into his rectum. “Ooh,” he cooed involuntarily. “Mmm, feels good.” A blissful pressure built deep up his ass as Brandy sucked and sucked.

“Damn, your dick went from rock hard to, like, steel hard,” Brandy murmured.

After several more minutes, Hannah called action.

“Okay, how about this,” she said. “I’ll come to the door and catch you guys in the action. You can waive me in and invite me to join you sucking Blake’s dick. Sound good?”

“Mmm, hmm,” Brandy mumbled, her small mouth filled to the brim with Blake’s pulsating cock. Blake just nodded in agreement.

Hannah quickly reset the cameras and checked the lighting. Then she walked out, closed the screen door and stepped just out of sight. After a moment, she casually walked up to the door and paused, her eyes widening and her face full of feigned surprise.

For another minute or so, she watched rapturously as Brandy worked Blake’s dick. She started squeezing her breasts under her shirt and sucking on a finger. Then she unzipped her jeans and started fingering herself. Finally, she crept through the door.

“Hey, you lovebirds,” Hannah said. “Can I join in?”

Without waiting for a response, she joined Brandy on her knees before Blake’s bobbing, glistening member. Brandy switched to Blake’s balls while Hannah stroked his dick and looked up to him. “Blowjob lesson, huh?” she asked playfully.

“Something like that,” Blake responded.

For another couple minutes, the two girls sucked and slurped and cooed away over Blake’s engorged, slippery penis. He placed his hands on their heads and stroked their hair.

From there on, it seemed that the “acting,” to the extent there was any, was put by the wayside.

Brandy and Hannah switched to kissing and caressing each other. Then they took each other’s shirt off, but still paying periodic attention to Blake, as he looked on.

Hannah leaned in and nibbled on Brandy’s earlobes, then kissed her neck and moved toward her breasts. Brandy moaned in pleasure; her eyes closed. As Hannah tenderly sucked on Brandy’s hard little nipples, she moved her hands to Brandy’s crotch. She started fingering her beneath her underwear. Brandy gently moaned and rocked with pleasure.

“Damn, you are wet as fuck,” Hannah whispered.

Brandy leaned back as Hannah peeled her jeans off her and went down to munch her pussy. Hannah adjusted herself on all fours and shot a quick, inviting look back at Blake.

Blake crouched down and positioned himself behind Hannah. He clutched and spanked at her tight ass as she ate away at Brandy’s fire-red snatch.

Blake leaned down and took some of Hannah’s jeaned butt in his mouth, biting lightly. Then he reached under and started undoing her fly. He began working her jeans off as she helped by shimmying her ass. Blake noted hungrily that she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Finally, her jeans were off. Blake gripped her bare buttocks, which were toned and shapely. He spread her cheeks wide and leaned back in. He tongue fucked her from behind and she let out a muffled moan as she chewed at Brandy’s box.

Delirious with horniness, Blake decided to up the ante. He put two of his fingers in his mouth and then slowly inserted them in Hannah’s pink, puckered little asshole.

“Ooh,” Hannah said, briefly looking back Blake. “Fuck…” she panted.

Blake spit several times into Hannah’s dirt chute to continue moistening it up. Then he positioned himself to enter. As he approached her back passage with his bulging cock, Hannah reached back and grabbed his incoming plunge to pause him.

“Hold up,” she said, turning around. Quickly turning about on her hands and knees, she took Blake fully into her mouth, sucking away at his pulsing cock. As she did this, she arched her back and reached a hand around, plunging several fingers into her asshole.

Hannah’s nose repeatedly touched Blake’s abdomen and he noted with wonder that she, like Brandy, seemingly had no gag reflex. His balls bounced in Hannah’s chin.

After several more passes, Hannah returned to Brandy. She shimmied her ass playfully, inviting Blake to enter.

He spread her cheeks wide and slowly, then relentlessly descended his cockhead into her pinched dirt star. Hannah reflexively inhaled sharply and clenched at the sudden penetration of her rectum. Blake paused and felt her asshole gripping his dick like a ring. He took in her body, her teenage ass high, as she perched herself on all fours. He reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair. He pulled back lightly. She turned her head to the side, a blissful smile on her face. He edged his cock further into her asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32