Burned Ch. 16

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My mouth fell open in amazement. Leah? How. When. What the fuck was she doing here? I turned and looked at Joe who had his classic smirk plastered across his face. The smirk grew into his even more classic shit eating grin. I recovered from my initial shock at seeing the Chris, Jean and above all Leah, naked and obviously involved in a very sexual tryst!

Jean’s face was pressed into Leah’s firm and shapely ass, her dark hair flowed and cascaded over Leah’s lower back, ass and thighs. Chris was intently watching his mom’s head slowly bob up and down behind her niece’s bum. Chris’ cock hung heavily between his legs, still chubby, but slowly losing its stiffness and length. A dribble of white cum clung stickily to the tip of his dependent purple glans.

I smiled as I reached over and boldly pressed the doorbell. Leah’s gaze shifted, slowly noticed our presence and finally focused on our faces. Her eyes opened wide with surprise as realization hit her brain that they weren’t alone, followed by an expression of alarm and then embarrassment that they were being watched. Somehow she remained immobile except for the to-and-fro sway of her breasts in response to Jean’s ministrations to her hidden nether region.

Chris’ and Jean’s heads snapped up at the sound of the bell. Chris glanced back at Jean, put his hand on her head and gently pushed it back toward Leah’s bum and pussy. He smiled sheepishly as he then walked across the foyer and opened the door.

“Umm, would like to come in and join us?” Chris asked somewhat sheepishly.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Joe responded as he intently surveyed the naked women. Joe and I entered the foyer as Chris closed and locked the door behind us.

I watched Leah’s face initially drain of color, then flood with a fiery red blush of embarrassment, evolve into a look of calm resignation and then a look of pleasure as she nestled her bum firmly against Jean’s face. She looked me in the eye and shrugged. I was amazed at her calm demeanor. Would she be so calm if she knew what Joe and I had so recently done with Chris? What would she think if, no when she saw the videos? Would she still be so calm? Or, would she be angry? Would she be disgusted? Would she hate us? Chris had fucked me. Joe had almost fucked Chris. Their dicks were separated only by the thin walls of my vagina and rectum. Joe’s thrusting had stimulated Chris to cum in my pussy as Joe’s cock pumped cum into my rectum. We had filmed our tryst. Leah would get to watch.

I winked at Joe and pointed at the pink obedience collars Leah and Jean were wearing.

“My oh my Chris, what a very naughty, naughty boy you have been. You’ve been very busy, haven’t you?”

“You wouldn’t believe how,…, well, I guess you would believe,” he responded with a guilty smile.

“I want to play,” I breathed huskily.

“Me too!” Joe chimed in without hesitation.

I smiled sweetly and suggested we draw straws for who would be master, or mistress, of the group.

“Who gets to draw?” Joe asked.

“The three who don’t have collars on of course,” I said. “There can only be one master. Or mistress,” I added coyly.

“Where are the other collars?” asked Joe.

“They’re in Mom’s bedroom,” said Chris.

“Go get them and and all the other toys we bought the other day. I’ll get the straws. Joe, you stay here and enjoy the scenery,” I said as I headed for the kitchen.

I returned with the straws precut and ready for the draw. Chris stood naked in front of us holding the sizable bag of toys in one hand and two additional pink collars in his other hand.

I presented the straws and let Chris choose first, followed by Joe. I opened my hand to reveal the remaining and, to my delight, longest straw.

“Chris, put a collar on Joe and Joe, put the other collar on Chris,” I ordered with a soft chuckle of pleasure and anticipation of the role I was privileged to play.

A guttural moan drew our attention to Leah who had dropped to her hands and knees. Jean was obediently still licking Leah’s pussy but had apparently concentrated her lingual talents aggressively on Leah’s clit. Leah’s moans became groans of pleasure as Jean expertly tongued her niece to an orgasm.

“Jean, you may stop licking Leah’s pussy. Attend to removing all of Joe’s clothing. Leah, after you catch your breath, go and fill the tub in the master bathroom.”

“Yes Mistress,” they both whispered somewhat breathlessly acknowledging and accepting my position of authority over them in place of Chris.

Leah padded off to the master suite. Still on her hands and knees, Jean hesitantly looked at Joe, who’s eyes were taking in Jean’s nakedness, lingering on her beautiful large breasts and nipples which hung obscenely from her chest. He really does have a thing for older women, especially Jean. He was nearly salivating. I could tell he was thinking of Jean’s large nipples and how they were going to taste as he drew them into his mouth. He stepped over to her kneeling form.

“Go ahead Jean. Don’t be shy. Joe’s cock isn’t shy int the least, is it? Look how big it’s getting.”

Jean reached up and unbuttoned Joe’s shirt and pulled it down off his shoulders and arms. I watched Joe’s swollen cock press against maltepe escort his fly as Jean fumbled with the top button of his jeans. She pulled the fly’s zipper down, pushed the jeans over his hips and then helped guide them down over his legs and feet. Jean’s eyes fixated on the large bulge in Chris’ underwear. Without further prompting, Jean grabbed the elastic band on each side of Joe’s hips and slowly pulled his underwear down. Joe’s cock sprang free and popped up into Jean’s chin. She gasped, pulled her head back and Joe’s cock sprang free of her chin and flicked the tip of her nose. She reflexively grabbed Joe’s hardening and elongating dick.

“Jesus!” Jean expressed in a throaty whisper starring at Joe’s sizable penis.

I didn’t rebuke Jean, I only smiled and began to think about and plan the pleasures and punishments ahead. So many options. So many combinations. This would be immensely pleasurable and fun.

Jean’s tongue flicked out and licked a large drop of pre-cum from the tip of his swollen glans. Joe thrust his hips forward and pressed his cock’s head against her lips. Her lips parted, Joe’s hard dick slid slowly into her opened mouth. Her tongue slid along the undersurface of Joe’s cock causing him to shudder with the pure pleasure of the soft, warm, wet and enjoyable sensation her talented muscle was providing.

“Slaves, listen up. I must remind everyone of the rules we all must follow and make use of as we each see fit.

1. You will be safe and never be hurt in any way.

2. Do not talk unless specifically asked a question or directed to talk.

3. Do not touch or attempt to look at anything or anyone, including yourself, unless directed to do so. Your eyes should be straight ahead at all times.

4. Do not change position once placed in a location or pose unless directed to do so.

5. If you break a rule, you will be punished in some way.

6. To stop any activity at any time, simply say “Red Stop”. This allows for punishment, but not anything beyond what you wish to endure and allows for you to stop the game at any time.

7. If you need refreshment or a putty break, say “Comfort”.

8. You will wear a collar, and or leash, and or restraints at all times unless otherwise directed.

Any questions? Do we all understand and agree?


“Yes Mistress.”


“Yes Mistress.”


“Yes Mistress,” Joe grunted out as Jean continued to lick and suck his swollen cock.


“Yethch, Michtrch,” she slurred around the shaft still impaling her slurping mouth.

“Remember, some orders may seem outlandish, some orders may seem uncomfortable and will actually be uncomfortable for you to obey. However, all orders can be done safely, will ultimately be understood and will be well worth everyone’s subservience, obedience and compliance.

The emotions playing across each face were mixed and covered the whole spectrum. Joe of course knew what to expect and exuded an air of calm expectation. Chris’ demeanor was one of questioning uncertainty, but the swelling of his cock confirmed his excited anticipation of the coming unknowns. He was in for a couple of unanticipated surprises. Jean wasn’t paying attention except to the cock lodged in her open mouth. She may be due some punishment I thought to myself. Leah looked the most uncertain of all. She was in for some big surprises.

I knew Joe wasn’t going to like it, but I needed him out of his comfort zone as well. “Joe, you will be my facilitator. No contact with anyone unless specifically so ordered. Understood?”

The look of anticipation turned into a frown of uncertainty. Yes Mistress,” he grumbled with obvious disappointment as he slowly backed away from Jean and his dick fell from her mouth.

Now, everyone to the master bathroom. We all have some freshening up to do.

The master bath had a large jacuzzi style tub and large glassed in shower to the left as you entered. To the right were cabinets with a beautiful granite counter top with two sinks. The entire length of the wall above the cabinets was mirrored. A door opposite the entry led to an enclosed toilet.

Leah had adjusted the flow of water into the tub. Her face revealed an inner turmoil of thoughts and emotions. The flush of color on her chest and face, the bounding pulse visible in her neck, and the expression of nervous expectation assured me she was definitely in the game.

“I know this might be difficult for you,” I said as I turned my gaze from one face to the next, “but this is part of your training, part of your learning obedience, and an the beginning of your coming enjoyment. “Joe and I will show you what to expect and what to do as we prepare ourselves for our total emersion in the enjoyment of our bodies.”

“Joe, help me out of my clothes.”

“Yes mistress,” Joe responded as he approached, gently removed my garments revealing my nakedness to the others in the room.

“Now, each of you go to one of the bathrooms, pee and poo to the best of your ability, even if you don’t feel the need, try. I’ll do the same here. Return and we will continue the rest of our cleansing and refreshing together.

My subjects obediently filed out of escort maltepe the room. I was very pleased to see that Jean’s toilet was equipped with a washlet toilet seat type bidet. I drained my bladder and evacuated my bowels. Then pushed various buttons and felt warm pulsating water cleanse and message my anus with a soothing warm spray. What fun!

I entered the large multi-headed shower, sat on the bench and waited for my minions to return. Joe was first back, his dick still engorged but dangling loosely against his scrotum and loose hanging balls. Chris came next with his semi-erect penis bobbing back-and-forth bouncing from thigh to thigh with each stride. Jean and Leah followed a moments later.

“Jean, I assume you have an enema bag?”

“Yes, of course Mistress.”

“Please get it and give it to Joe,” I instructed as I looked at Joe and merely raised my eyebrows.

Joe smiled, moved to the sink and turned on the hot water faucet. Jean opened a drawer, removed a plastic storage box and handed it to Joe. Joe popped off the lid and pulled out an aqua colored enema bag. He attached the 8 inch long bulbous tipped rectal nozzle and clamped the tube. Joe fiddled with the taps adjusting the water’s temperature and then filled the enema bag until it was full. He screwed in the top plug, picked up a tube of lubricating jelly from the enema box, stepped into the shower and hung the bag on the highest of the shower heads.

Leah had a look consternation on her face as the reality of what I was about to do was now clearly evident. “No,” she whispered with obvious anxiety.

“Yes!” I said as I stood, slowly turned and deliberately knelt in front of Joe purposely angled so the minions had an unobstructed view of my ass. “Leah, you may step inside. Joe, hand the nozzle to Leah and show her how to proceed,” I said as I reached back and pulled my bum cheeks apart to fully expose my puckered anus.

Joe spread the cool jelly on my dark anal pucker and lubed the fat rectal nozzle. I felt his finger tip gently press my anal opening to help it relax.

“Oh no I can’t,” whispered Leah behind me.

“You must obey Leah. Go ahead, it’s quite alright.”

Joe guided Leah’s hand to gently press the plastic tip against my anus and slowly helped her apply pressure with his practiced gentle technique. My anal muscle relaxed and the nozzle slowly entered my rectum. He helped Leah carefully slide the tip several inches inside my rectum showing her the correct angle of insertion and penetration. I heard the clamp release and felt the warm water rush into my body. I could feel it fill and stretch my rectum, then gurgle and surge into my colon. I groaned softly as my bowels began to cramp as the rushing flow of water stretched my bowels. Joe showed Leah how to press the clamp and slow the flow. I felt slightly nauseous and sweaty, but as the cramps faded, I nodded giving Joe the signal to resume the flow. I felt myself stretch and fill as the warm water resumed its flood into my bowels. My pussy tingled with excitement and pleasure as my filling colon pressed into my uterine and vaginal walls.

“Ummm, enough,” I sighed. Leah clamped the tube and slowly pulled the nozzle from my rectum. I squeezed my anus tight as the nozzle exited my body. I felt a dribble escape my clenched anus, run down across my pussy lips and drip onto the shower floor. I stood, stepped to the water closet and sat on the toilet. I relaxed my anus, the water rushed out of my rectum and jetted noisily into the toilet. I smiled as I watched the obvious embarrassed discomfort flit across everyone’s face but Joe’s.

I patted my bum dry, stood, flushed the toilet and returned to the shower. I looked at Chris and said, “Your turn.”

He smiled expectantly, looked somewhat guiltily at Leah as he answered, “Yes Mistress,” briefly hesitated and then stepped into the shower. While looking Chris in the eye, I pointed to the floor and said, “Joe, kneel.”

Chris’ look of expectation changed immediately to one of acute discomfort. He realized I meant for him to administer Joe’s enema.

“But, uh, I, uh,” Chris stammered.

“Shh,” I shushed as I took the enema tube and lube from Joe’s outstretched hands.

Joe knelt and presented his ass for his cleansing enema. Chris tentatively lubed Joe’s anus. “One more task before you insert the nozzle. Insert your index finger and message his prostate,” I said with a devilish grin.

“No, uh,” Chris began to protest.

“No argument!” I cut him off.

Chris reached out and hesitantly touched Joe’s anus with the tip of his finger. The dark circle of tissue winked in response. The tip of his finger slipped through the ring of muscle. As Chris’ finger disappeared from view, Joe groaned with a sound of pleasure. A large string of clear liquid oozed from his cock and dripped to the shower’s floor.

“Umm,” Chris hummed as he worked the tip of his finger against Joe’s internal organ. More clear liquid dribbled from Joe’s dangling cock and dropped to the floor.

“Enough. Proceed with the enema,” I huskily whispered with satisfaction.

Chris slowly removed his finger not noticing or merely ignoring the smear of poo it retained. He gently inserted the tube’s tip and maltepe escort bayan applied the enema. I watched as Chris’ eyes took in Joe’s impaled anus, scrotal sack, hanging balls and thick cock nestled between his thighs with a newly acquired interest.

I heard the click of the clamp and then Chris withdrew the plastic tip. Joe stepped to the toilet and let the cleaning water rush from his bowels.

“Your turn Chris,” I said as Joe returned and refilled the enema bag.

“You know what to do Joe,” I said as Chris knelt in front of us.

Joe lubed the nozzles tip, applied a generous glob to Chris’ anal door and inserted his index finger without further instruction. Chris groaned as Joe expertly massaged his prostate. Chris’ meatal opening oozed copious amounts of the thick clear liquid. A long string of the viscous pre-cum clung to the tip of his glans. It glistened in the light as it swayed back and forth below his hanging cock. As Joe continued to milk Chris’ prostate, the liquid flowed copiously from his dick and added to Joe’s puddle of pre-cum already on the floor. Joe withdrew his finger, inserted the enema nozzle and let the warm water flow. He clamped the tube, helped Chris to his feet and into the toilet. Chris sat with a dazed look on his face as the water rushed from his rectum.

“Jean, Leah, both of you come in and kneel,” I ordered as I pulled two medium butt plugs from the bag of toys. Their eyes widened with surprise. They looked uncomfortably at each other realizing what must be in store. I filled the bag, hung it on the shower head and lubed both their bums. I inserted the tip into Jean’s ass, unclamped the tube and let half the bag flow into her rectum. “Hold it,” I commanded as I withdrew the tip. I handed a plug to Leah and pointed at Jean’s bum. Leah pressed the tip against the slippery concave surface of Jean’s anus. Her anus slowly stretched and the plug slipped through. Leah resumed her kneeling position with a look of anticipation. I realized the was enjoying being the center of attention. She received the enema and Jean inserted Leah’s butt plus without any fuss.

Leah groaned as the water rushed into, filled and stretched her colon. I closed the clamp, watched her wrinkled anus stretch as I slowly withdrew the enema’s tip from her body. I pressed it against Jean’s dark anal muscle and observed it slowly stretch and the tip slid through. I unclamped the tube and let the remainder of the water flow into Jean.

I pulled two medium sized butt plugs from the bag of toys. I thoroughly lubed the plugs and slowly and carefully inserted one into Leah’s anus and then one into Jean’s anus. Both were squirming in obvious discomfort very much needing to evacuate their full colons but unable to do so.

This is your punishment for not being completely obedient. It is expected to be uncomfortable as it is punishment. It will cause discomfort but it will not harm you.

“We are clean on the inside. Let’s clean each other up on the outside as well. Girls in the tub, guys in the shower. You may wash others, but not yourself,” I ordered with a mischievous smile walked over and turned on the tub’s hot water to get it back up to temp.

Joe blithely walked into the shower, turned the multiple heads on one by one, adjusted the flow and heat to his liking. “Come on in Chris,” he said with a smile. “Water’s great.” Chris smiled sheepishly and walked in and joined Joe in the impressive cascade from the multiple heads.

I stepped into the large tub, sat in the very warm water and looked expectantly at Jean and Leah who both grimaced and gingerly navigated the tubs steps to join me. They initially sat somewhat awkwardly on their plugs. We all reclined against the sloping sides of the tub facing the shower so we could observe the boys. The water was high enough that our breasts were semi-submerged and bobbed gently as the water sloshed back and forth over our naked bodies. We had a clear view of the boys and they had a clear view of us.

“Okay everyone,” I said and let it hang in the air expectantly staring at Joe and Chris. I was wondering how Chris would deal with having to give his best friend a bath. I knew it would be no problem for Joe. “You may touch and do whatever you like to each other. However, don’t touch yourself and no one is to have an orgasm, so be very careful. Begin.”

Joe initiated the action by grabbing a large bottle of body wash. He squeezed and spread a generous amount of soap onto Chris’ shoulders, upper arms, back and chest. Using his hands, he washed Chris’ arms, body and legs leaving his bum, cock and balls for last. He then washed and rinsed Chris hair, then carefully washed and rinsed his face, neck and ears. He then used body wash on Chris’ ass, cock and balls. Chris’ cock rapidly engorged and became fully erect. It bobbed violently as Joe rinsed it off. Joe whispered something in Chris’ ear. Chris hesitated, then knelt and leaned over the shower’s bench. Joe knelt behind, applied more soap to Chis’ ass and thoroughly washed his anus. Then to my surprise, it looked like Joe inserted first one, then a second finger tip into Chris’ anus. He very slowly pushed more and more of the two fingers into Chris’ rectum. Chris groaned as clear thick ropes of pre-cum ran copiously from the tip of his cock onto the shower floor as Joe messaged his prostate with two fingers. Joe withdrew his fingers and we watched Chris’ dilated anus slowly close over and hide the dark pink tissue of his exposed rectum.

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