Cynsational: Ode to My Lover

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I know you’ve had two good orgasms, lover…you always come so hard when I’m licking your pussy, thrusting deep inside you or tonguing your ass.

But I want to fuck some more.

Climb over me and sit right down on my hard cock. You’re still so wet my dick will slide right in. Now, start moving up and down…oh, that sensation is so nice. Take me all the way to the balls as you bounce up and down.

Now get off my cock and bring your pussy up to my mouth, so I can suck out the juices from our fucking. That’s it, feed me your cunt…rub your clit back and forth across my tongue. I love the feel of your smooth little pussy.

And mmm, you taste amazing. Come down and kiss me deep, so you can get a taste.

Back to riding the cock, please. Kiss me hard and fuck me, go up and down on my shaft. So, so good. Now pull off and go down to suck my cock to taste our cum. Take me as far into your mouth as you can.

Now come back up here and kiss me again. Let me taste us in your mouth.

Now back down on the cock. Ride me hard and fast until your cunt fills up again and I can hear it squish.

Time for another taste…only this time, swing around and put your incredible ass right down on my face.

I want to rim you, to make my tongue hard and fuck your asshole with it over and over. Wow, that is making me even harder and my cock is absolutely throbbing. Your little hole is trying to resist, but I work and work and finally get my tongue in.

Your wrinkled beylikdüzü otele gelen escort little butthole is so delicious…I probe into it and then lick up and down, and all around, your sexy bottom.

Now move around so you can kiss me again and suck my tongue…the tongue that was just in your tight, pink asshole.

More cock riding. You’re really wet now, and I can feel your juices leak down my shaft and over my shaved balls. Reach your hand back and rub those soaking balls while you fuck me.

Now, lover, climb off the cock again…but this time, get down low and suck my balls. See if you can fit them both into your mouth. Ah, yes…

Now go even lower, down to my puckered hole. I love it when you rim me, teasing my opening with your tongue. I want to really feel it this time…so turn me over on all fours, and bury your face in my ass. Slide your tongue into my butthole and jack that hard cock at the same time. Mmm, so fucking good…

Hold it, stop, or I’m going to explode. Come up here and kiss me again, so I can suck on your tongue after it’s explored my ass.

Now I think we should fuck in missionary. I can get so deep in you that way, cock buried to the hilt. Yes, pull your legs back and hook your feet up under the top rail of the headboard while I slide the pillow under your ass. Oh my God, you look so gorgeous and delicious all spread open for me.

Before getting inside you, I just have to beylikdüzü rus escort eat your sweet little cunt again. I get down between your legs and lick gently up and down the lips before taking my full mouth and trying to suck in your entire cunt. After that, I start tongue-fucking you while you rub your clit.

This goes on for quite a while, because I adore the way you feel and taste in my mouth. Eventually I pull away and admire how wet my mouth has made your pussy. But of course I can’t neglect your smooth little anus, and have to go back down again to bathe it with my tongue.

My cock is throbbing so much now I have to get it buried in your cunt. I move up and place the head to your labia and push right in. You’re so wet there’s no resistance and I can get fully inside you with one thrust.

We start moving together as we fuck, me thrusting forward and you pushing up to meet me. While we’re moving together we kiss wetly and deeply, tongues dueling. Then I move my head up and look down at the sight of my hard cock going into your bare pussy, over and over again. I wish you could have this view.

Seeing you before me like this, wide open and glistening, makes me want to devour you again. First I grab one of your feet from the headboard railing, and pull it to my mouth. I suck in your painted toes, and run my tongue between your toes. God, even your feet are maddeningly sexy to me. I put your foot back, then grab the other one and beylikdüzü türbanlı escort give it the same treatment. Then you take both feet and start rubbing your wet toes across my chest as we fuck.

But now it’s time to make me cum into that sexy wet mouth of yours. Before you start sucking me, put your finger into your mouth and get it really wet.

Okay, take your finger and slide it slowly into my ass while you move your mouth over my throbbing cock. Get a nice rhythm going…mouth sucking cock, finger fucking ass.

It won’t take long to drive me to the brink…and I’m going to have a huge load built up from all of our fucking.

We need to kiss one more time. Take your mouth off my cock and come up to me. Mmm, that’s it, kiss me hard and deep. Your mouth is very, very wet from sucking me…lots of saliva, and some pre-cum you’ve coaxed out of my cock…a delicious mixture.

Now get your lips back around my cock, and your finger in my ass. It will only take a few seconds of this wicked combination to push me over the edge.

Add a second finger to my ass…yes, yes, that will do it…a wave hits me and I feel an intense ejaculation as I groan loudly. I near you groan, too, as you back off a bit to let my cum shoot into your mouth. Your fingers are deep in my ass, and I can feel my butthole squeeze them tightly as you drink the juices from my cock.

Orgasm over, I’m both exhausted and exhilarated at how you’ve made my body feel. I gently pull your head off my penis, and move you up to my mouth so we can share the cum I gave you.

You groan again as our lips meet, and you push the semen you’ve held in your mouth into my mouth…we share a long, deep kiss, tasting the cum as our tongues duel furiously, before we swallow what’s in our mouths.

No one has ever made me cum as intensely as you do…and never will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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