Danny Ch. 01

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The sound of my heels echoed through the darkened hallways. There was always something about the last day of school before a long break; how quickly the chaos and craziness that is the day to day at St Paul’s Prep can turn to a peaceful quiet.

It was March of my first year teaching at the elite prep school. I had been lucky to get the job in the first place. A teacher left unexpectedly right as the year was about to begin. They normally would never hire someone right out of college, but I had done my student teaching here for two months the year before; so I guess the administration was comfortable with me. I had already signed on to be the JV cheerleading coach, and my parents were covering my rent and car payments; but the extra cash and stability of a full time gig certainly went a long way.

The workload was a little overwhelming, to be honest. I suppose it is for all new teachers. The long nights with the cheerleading team through the winter basketball season didn’t help matters, but considering it’s what for me in the door it’s not as if I could back out. Not that I would want to, honestly. I was a cheerleader from the time I was in middle school through college and wasn’t ready to give it up just yet. It helped keep me sane when things got really difficult with the teaching job. I loved being around the girls, who reminded me of myself at that age (which let’s be honest, at 23 wasn’t THAT long ago).

Coaching the team came with an additional, unforeseen bonus; it allowed me to stay in shape. I became a bit if a workout junky in college, but the early mornings and late nights grading papers with a bottle of wine really put a crimp in my routine. Thankfully staying active on the mats with the girls allowed me to stay active, but I was definitely looking forward to getting back into a regular workout program.

With the season ending a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been staying later and later in the classroom each day, catching up on grading papers and preparing for the upcoming final exams. I had passed on going on spring break to Cabo with some friends who I graduated with, thinking I’d need the whole week to catch up on work; but much to my surprise I finished the last or the papers I had to grade that afternoon, so I was regretting my decision. Oh well, I thought to myself. At least I can use this week to relax, take a few yoga classes and feel somewhat normal again. Hell, maybe even find my missing social life. Jesus, when was the last time I actually had sex, anyways? Shit, probably when I broke up with Mike in November. Maybe I’ll have to break Tinder out this weekend. Or hit up one of the towney bars near my parents lake house. This drought has to end.

I made my way through the darkened hallways towards the gym, looking to make a quick stop at my locker to pick up some workout clothes. I unlocked the door to the women’s coaches office and shoved my things into a gym bag. As I relocked the locker door, the distinctive sound if a basketball bouncing off the hardwood came through the door. A quick check of my cell phone showed the time as 6:06 pm. Who on earth could still be here on the last day before spring break?

I shut off the light and quietly opened the door that led into the gym. A sigh came over me as I looked off towards the sound of the bouncing ball; Danny Ryan, of course.

Everyone at the school knew Danny. How could you miss him? Standing 6’5″ with buzzed brown hair, blue eyes, and built like an Adonis, he was the subject of every girl at St Paul’s dreams. A quiet, shy kid, Danny had come to the school from out west on a scholarship. While he wasn’t the best player on the team, he was still good enough to earn himself a college scholarship for next year. He lived with a few other students who came from out of state in the school’s lone on campus dormitory. Almost all of the students who lived in the dorms we’re athletes, and all of them were from families much less well off than your typical St Paul’s student.

I walked across the gym floor, my heels clicking on the wood floor. Danny heard the steps and stopped to turn, dropping his head a little as he saw me approach, “Oh, hey Miss Smith.”

Danny had clearly been here for a while. His skin tight under armour shirt was drenched in sweat, the form of the wet fabric clinging to his chiseled abs. It was hard not to notice, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I blushed a little as my eyes caught a glance.

“Danny,” I said softly as I stepped up to him, “what are you still doing here? Shouldn’t you be on your way to the airport and back home?”

Danny stood there and shrugged his shoulders, “my folks couldn’t really afford the round trip flights, so I’ll be staying in the dorms for the week.”

I reached my arm up and placed it on his shoulder. At 5’9″ I’m anything but short, but compared to Danny’s huge frame I seemed quite petite. “There’s nowhere else you can go? No teammates or friends or girlfriends you can spend the week with?”

“Oh, well.. eve gelen escort I didn’t really want to impose on anyone. Besides I turned 18 a couple of weeks ago so I’m allowed to stay by myself now. It’s cool. I’ll be alright Miss Smith.”

Shaking my head, “no no no. Don’t be silly, Danny. Everyone needs to get out of this place from time to time. Come on; you can stay with me for the week at my parents lake house.”

Danny held his hand up, shaking his head, “No Miss Smith, really it’s fine.”

I slid my hand down Danny’s bicep, pushing his hand down, “you don’t have a choice. I insist. Why don’t you grab some things from your room and I’ll pull the car over to the forms to pick you up.”

Smiling, Danny reached over and gave me a little hug “thanks Miss Smith. I’ll be quick.” He grabbed his ball and jogged out of the gym.

As I watched Danny run out of the gym, I placed my hand over my blouse, feeling a damp spot; Danny’s sweat. That smell of a hot guy after a tough workout always drove me wild. “Careful, Heather,” I said to myself. “Don’t get yourself into something you’ll regret here.”

I shook the thoughts out of my head and headed to my car, a 2017 BMW X5. I tossed my bags in the back and drove around the school to where the now empty dorms were, idling outside as I waited for Danny.

Danny appeared at the door of the building a few minutes later, a gym bag tossed over his shoulder. He opened up the back seat and tossed it inside before hopping into the front passenger seat. “I hope you didn’t mind that I didn’t shower, I didn’t want to hold you up any.”

“Oh, yes; don’t worry about it. You can shower when we get there. It’s only about 45 minutes up into the hills, so as long as there’s no traffic we should be there fairly soon.”

The ride was fairly quiet, a few small conversations about school, college, and of course which girls on the squad had crushes on him. Danny blushed at the mention of it. I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at him. Those warm facial features combined with that jock’s body would draw the eye of any warm blooded female.

We pulled off the highway onto a sparsely populated country road that winded up the small mountain. About five miles down the road, I turned into a hidden, tree lined dirt driveway.

“Not exactly the cradle of civilization up here is it?” Danny quipped as he looked out the windows as the car passed through the densely wooded forest.

“My family has owned this property for generations. It’s incredibly quiet and peaceful. Only house for miles. It’s a great escape from the craziness of the city.”

The car pulls into a clearing, a small lake now bordering the road to the right. Up ahead, a small two story stone house sits on the edge of the lake, a small cleared out grassy area surrounds it. I pull the car up to the side of the house and turn off the engine.

“Here we are,” I say as I reach into the back seat. I grab Danny’s bag and toss it on his lap before grabbing my own stuff and opening the door. Danny hops out and meets me at the back of the SUV.

“Could I carry something for you Miss Smith?,” he says, reaching out to take my own gym bag from or my shoulder, tossing it onto his own.

“Thank you,” I say with a smile as we walk up to the front door. I reach into my purse and grab a pair of keys, unlocking the door and stepping inside. The house is cool and dim, lit only by the fading sunlight. “Hold on one second.” I walk over to a door that leads to the basement, reaching inside and flipping a switch on the fuse box. “My parents shut the electricity off if they aren’t going to be around for a while.”

“It’s a beautiful house Miss Smith.”

“Okay so let’s take care of this now; if we’re going to be staying here together for the week, please, call me Heather. I’m only Miss Smith at St Paul’s.”

“Okay no problem Miss Sm…,” Danny laughs, “Sorry, force of habit. Sorry Heather.”

I laugh as I shake my head, “Don’t worry about it. Let me show you to your room.” I lead Danny down the hall and open up a door on the woods side of the house. “This is you. I’m diagonally across the hall, and the bathroom and shower are next to your room. Make yourself at home. Anything you want, don’t be shy.” I give Danny a warm smile, “I’m glad you came for the week.”

Danny returns the smile, “so am I. Thank you so much for having me.”

“I’m going to get myself settled in. There are fresh towels in the bathroom so feel free to take that shower you skipped.” I smile as I step out of the door, walking down the hallway to grab my bags, dragging them into my bedroom. Taking a seat on the side of the bed, I kick my heels across the room, crossing my right leg across my lap. “I need to stop wearing heels,” I say to myself as my hands work their magic on my feet.

As I switch to my left foot, I hear footsteps in the hallway outside. I look up through the doorway to the site of Danny, now shirtless, fatih escort stepping into the bathroom across the hall. “My god,” I gasp to myself, my eyes locking on his smooth, chiseled body. Danny closed the door behind him, but left it slightly ajar. “Turn away…” I say to myself, but I can’t help but stay glued on the stunning young body just across the hall. Danny drops his shorts down to his ankles, kicking them aside as he steps to the shower and flips it on, leaning in to feel the temperature. His black Nike compression shorts cling to his legs, almost as if they were painted on. I see his hands come back from the shower and wrap around the waistband of his compression shorts, pushing them down. The last thing I see is his thick, limp cock before he disappears into the shower, out of my sight.

My heart is racing. “Oh my God,” I whisper. “Get a hold of yourself, Heather. He’s a student.” Shaking my head as I stand up, turning away from the door. I pull out a pair of sweats and a white t-shirt with the school logo across the chest, changing out if my work clothes, stripping off my bra and pulling on my the more comfortable clothes; trying to change the thoughts running through my mind. “Well.. I mean if I just met him out on the street nobody would think anything of it. We’re only 5 years apart.” Shaking my head and rolling my eyes as I pull the shirt over my head. “Listen to yourself. Jesus, I need a drink.”

I head down the hallway, fighting the temptation to peek further into the open bathroom door. I open the wine fridge and find a bottle of Chardonnay, pulling it out, finding the opener and popping the cork. I pull a glass off the overhead rack and give myself a healthy pour.

I’ve already finished my first glass and started pouring a second as the shower turns off down the hall. The second glass is about to hit my lips as I see Danny step into the kitchen, wearing a fresh pair of gym shorts and a blue tank top. Placing the glass back on the counter, my heart racing just at the sight of him. “Feel better now?”

Danny flashed that amazing smile, “yes, thank you. Much better now.”

Looking back at him, a silent pause hangs in the air for a few seconds before I motion towards the bottle with a nod if my head, “care for a glass? It’ll be our secret.”

Danny laughed, “oh I don’t know Mis… sorry, Heather. I’m more of a beer guy at parties. Don’t really drink wine.”

I grab a second glass and pour Danny a glass. “Well here’s to trying new things then,” I smirk, sliding the glass down the counter. “I insist. We can pick up some beer tomorrow if you’d like, but for now I need to unwind a little, and drinking alone is kinda sad.”

Danny smiles and steps towards the counter, grabbing the glass. He gives it a quick sniff before taking a sip, gagging a little as he swallows it down. “Oh man,” he says with a laugh. “That shit’s strong.”

Laughing, I take a big swig of my own glass. “It gets easier the more you drink it.” Smirking, I nod to the bottle. “Come on, grab the bottle and let’s move to the living room. The couch is the most comfortable thing you’ve ever sat on, I promise.”

We move into the next room, and I take a seat, leaning back against the arm of the love seat style sofa, sitting Indian style as I face the other side. Danny’s large frame takes up most of the other side of the couch, to the point where my knees are brushing up against his leg. He places the bottle on a table next to his side of the couch. I hold my glass up to him, “cheers to a great, relaxing week away from that place.”

Danny smiles, raising his glass up and clinks it with mine. “To a great week, and to nobody ever finding out that you gave me booze.” Danny laughs again, taking a bigger swig from his glass this time. “You know, I think I could probably get used to this.”

Smiles, “well we certainly have no shortage of wine, so that’s a plus then.” I finish off my second glass, “and yes, secrets are a wonderful thing.” I smirk, reaching across his body to grab the bottle of wine, my body brushing over his legs as I grab the bottle, sitting back against my side as I pour myself another glass. “I can’t imagine you’re really doing a whole lot of drinking in those dorms, though.”

I look over at Danny and see him starting back at me, sitting there silent for a few seconds before snapping to, “oh, um, yea, no. I haven’t really had anything to drink since before the season. Football homecoming, probably.”

I could sense the nervousness from Danny, even though the wine was getting him to be a lot more talkative than before. I could see a bulge starting to form in his shorts out of the corner of my eye. I bite my bottom lip as I look back to him, “well don’t drink too much too quickly then. We don’t want you passing out.” I take another sip from my fresh glass, placing it down on the floor next to the couch. I could feel my own inhibitions melting away with each sip of wine. “But come on, you haven’t halkalı anal yapan escort even finished a glass yet. I didn’t know I invited a lightweight over for the week.” I playfully push my foot towards him, kicking his leg.

Danny was raising the glass to his lips as I kicked him. He started to laugh as he was pouring the wine into his mouth, spilling most of the glass down his chin and over his tank top.

“Oh my God,” I say with a laugh, “I’m so sorry.” I sit up, leaning towards him. I place a hand on his chest, wiping at the wine. “Yea I don’t really know what my hand is going to do here but it seemed like a good idea.”

Danny laughs as he puts the glass down on the table next to him. “Ah it’s okay. I’m just sorry I got it on your couch.” Danny wipes some of the wine off his chin and then wiped his hand on his tank top, brushing against my hand as he wipes his over his abs.

“Well this can’t be comfortable now,” I tug at his wet, tight fitting tank top.

“Not exactly”

“Well that seems like an easy fix,” my other hand reaches up, and I pull on Danny’s tank top, lifting it up. He raises his hands over his head as I lift it up, tossing it to the floor below. “Better?”

Danny simply nods his head. I can hear his breathing pick up as the cold air hits his bare chest. My hand runs over his chest, damp from the soaked in wine. My eyes locked on his as my fingers brush over his left nipple. I run my left hand up his neck, resting it on his cheek, my thumb brushing back and forth on his smooth skin as I turn his face towards mine.

“I guess we should probably not tell anyone about this, either,” he says to me with a nervous smile.

“Probably for the best,” I say with a smirk. My thumb drags softly over his lips. I uncross my legs, propping myself up onto my knees before moving over to Danny, straddling my left leg over his lap before sitting down. I lean in and press my lips against his, feeling the sweet moistness of the wine on his kiss. I smile as I slowly pull back, staring into his beautiful blue eyes. “We’re going to have one hell of a week, Danny.”

I feel his cock grow stiff underneath me as he simply nods, starting back into my eyes. My hand moves behind the back of his head and I pull it up to mine, pressing my lips back against his, our tongues finding each other. My hips slide forward, moving along the length of his cock as I press my body up against his. My hands run over his buzzed brown hair, pushing his head tight with mine as our tongues dance together in our mouths.

I can feel Danny’s hands move onto my back, sliding down till they cup my ass, pulling me tighter against him. I pull back from my kiss, gently holding onto his bottom lip with my teeth before letting it go. A devilish smile on my face as I slowly start moving my hips back and forth on his lap. My hands reaching down to grab the bottom of my shirt, lifting it up over my head and tossing it to the floor. I take Danny’s hand and slide it up my torso till he’s cupping my right breast. His head leans in as his tongue finds my left nipple, flicking it a few times before his lips envelope it, sucking it into his mouth. His tongue flicks at my nipple as he keeps his lips locked around it, while he twirls his fingers over my right nipple.

My face flush as I push him off me, his back against the couch. “My turn,” I grind, leaning down and flicking at his nipple with my tongue. I twirl it around, teasing it with the tip of my tongue as my right hand slides down over his tight abs. I push my hand don into his waistband, sliding my fingers over his cock. It must have been at least 8 inches long, and very thick. I can feel him twitch and moan as my hand wraps around it. “Jesus Danny,” I say softly, as my lips start kissing down over his abs.

I slide down onto my knees, positioning myself between his legs. My fingers wrapping themselves on his waistband as I slowly pull his shorts and boxers down to his ankles, allowing his rock hard cock to spring free. I wrap it in my hand once more, stroking it a few times. I lean in, my tongue dragging slowly up the length of his shaft. I flick at his tip a few times before taking it into my mouth. I work my mouth about halfway down his thick cock before pulling back up again. Starting up into his eyes, I can already feel his young body tensing up. I spit on his shaft and wrap my fingers around it, stroking it a little faster this time. I take his balls into my mouth, sucking on them one at a time as I continue stroking his thick cock.

I pull my hand off as I lick up his shaft, his cock starting to tense up and pulsate. As my tongue reaches the underside of his cock head I feel a warm shot of cum hit my forehead. I quickly wrap my lips around his head to try and take the next load, his cum shooting off the back of my throat. My mouth moves up and down on his shaft, milking the rest of his load as his cock slowly stops twitching. I can feel Danny’s body melt as he finishes shooting.

I pull my head up, reaching my hand to my mouth and wiping some cum that shot out before I could wrap my mouth over his cock. My eyes locked on Danny’s as I slowly swallow. “Yum.” I say as I climb up onto his lap, my lips finding his. I’m a little surprised by how eager he was to meet my tongue with his.

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