Date Night

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Cathy and Tom had been together for awhile. They both had an appetite for sex and all that went with it. Between the two of them, they’d bought every sex toy imaginable. They also loved to role play. Tonight was one of those nights.

Cathy had bought a little black dress with a low neck-line to show off what she felt was her best assets. She teased her hair and piled on her make up. She topped off her outfit with knee-high come-fuck-me boots. She purposely left off the underwear. Her tits were huge, but perky when unrestrained. Her nipples almost always showed her arousal, a feature Tom loved, even if other guys took notice of them.

Cathy always had the fantasy of rough forced sex, not rape, or at least not completely. But, considering she was almost a nympho, sex was never forced with her. She looked herself over in the mirror then caught a cab to the bar. She’d been there about innovia escort an hour when Tom showed up. He had a rugged little beard going on, a wife beater and jeans. She had already knocked back a few drinks when he came up and offered to buy her a drink. They introduced themselves as Noreen and Dave.

Finally, Dave asked Noreen if she’d like to join him for a quick dance before he left. Noreen hesitated, but he grabbed her by the wrist and drug her out to the floor. It was a hard rock song the DJ was playing, but he grabbed her and pulled her body to his. He loved the feel of her tits pressed against his chest, and had his hands around her full hips. Cathy always got into her character very well, so she resisted his attempts to kiss her lips. When he grabbed her ass, her pussy was soaked, she could feel the cum leak down between her legs even as she feigned istanbul escort resistance.

Dave whispered in her ear that he wanted a private dance from her. Again, she pretended to resist as he put his arm around her waste and led her towards the back of the bar. Even though she knew it was role-playing, she could feel the danger of the situation, her heart started racing. Dave lead her out the back door of the bar into the alley and then he pushed her back against the wall.

She tried to turn her head but he grabbed her by the chin, forcing his tongue into her mouth before flipping her around, forcing her into the wall. She felt him raise her dress and the cool evening air cup her ass and pussy, suddenly making the cum on her thighs cold. She heard his zipper as she begged him not to do it. He roughly pushed his hands between her legs to part them, feeling kadıköy escort her wetness. “Oh, you’re a horney little slut, huh”?

She felt her face against the brick wall as he pulled her hips out towards him. In one swift motion he was in her. She started begging for him to stop, he told her to shut up and enjoy it. Her pussy spasmed around his cock even though she was lost in her character. Dave reached around and freed one tit from her dress, squeezing her nipple, causing her sweet little pussy to explode. Noreen had stopped begging for him to stop and began enjoying the sensations of the cool air on her most private parts, the rough brick wall and the cock that was invading her.

Suddenly she felt Dave’s cock swell as his thrusting became harder, scraping her face on the wall. Between the pain in her face and the thrill of the situation she cried out, cumming with him.

Tom turned Cathy around and kissed her face. He told her he was sorry for hurting her. She smiled at him and kissed him, thanking him for helping her live out another fantasy. They walked out of the alley, hand in hand, talking over their favorite part of the evening before catching a cab home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32