Daughter’s Slumber Party Pt. 04

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I grinned as Rita came home after classes the first day back at school, and asked me if Courtney and Judi could have a sleepover again this coming weekend. Since the Labor Day weekend had been so much fun, I had been eager to do more with my sexy daughter, and her very sexy girlfriends. I told Rita that it was certainly OK, and I’d certainly heat up their asses, among other things.

After work the next day, I was down at the adult toy store. Hmm, let’s see, ok, first, a 10-inch dildo and harness, the girls needed to be properly fucked by me. Next, four butt plugs, the ones with the jeweled base, all in different colors, with their desire to get their asses spanked, I felt they needed some more ass related fun. And I was not going to miss out on the fun of having a butt plug up my tight backdoor, either. I also selected a riding crop, I thought a variation on the spanking instrument would be good. I considered, then decided against a ball gag, it was too much fun hearing them urging me on to spank them, and listening to their cries of pleasure as I did exactly what they begged for. My 18-inch double-headed dildo was going to get a workout, it would probably be easy to get 2 of the girls riding that stiff cunt pleaser, while I fucked the other one. My cunt started to heat up, I imagined that I was watching Judi and Rita fucking each other with the double dildo, while I was fucking her very sexy friend Courtney. With those thick tresses of blonde hair, her perky nipples, and that wispy covering of blonde pubic hair covering her tight opening, I wanted to be the first to fuck her. She was a teen vixen, making my cunt cream, and I was eager to get between her thighs, and give my dildo and harness its first workout, by splitting open her almost virgin tight teen cunt, and fucking that sexy body of hers. Imagining the look of bliss, and her cries of orgasm as I rode her made my pussy burn with lust. Since I had popped her cherry with my double dildo, I was eager to be the first person to get my “cock” into her.

Here it was, Friday, and Courtney and Judi were over, they came right from school with overnight bags. They were eager, asking me questions about what was going to happen, but I smiled and told them that they would have all the answers, later, in bed.

At 10 PM, the girls couldn’t wait any longer, and truth be told, neither could I. They followed me upstairs and into my bedroom.

“All right girls, get your asses naked, and assume the position! Mom’s got some nice new treats for her naughty girls!” I barked at them.

As they stripped, I joined them, and tonight’s spanking panties were flame red and see-thru. In a few moments, they were all gloriously naked, and, since they liked my bare pussy look so much, they had all shaved themselves. As Rita told me, yesterday they had all gone over to Courtney’s house, hopped into the shower, and had shaved each other’s pussies smooth and bare. The sight of my brazen young daughter and her sexy girlfriends, displaying their smooth hairless pussies for me, made my own pussy pulse with heat. They then took their positions on my bed, with heads down and asses up, ready.

“OK girls, some new things, First, a new spanking instrument, I have a riding crop. Good for horses, and the tight asses of girls who need discipline! Next, I think that as I whip you, it would feel even better to you, if you had butt plugs up your tight assholes! Get ready Rita, you’re the first to get your asshole plugged!”

I pulled Rita’s cheeks apart gently, the bulls-eye of her tightly puckered asshole urged me on, and I started licking at the tight pucker, running my tongue around and around the tight twitchy rim, listening to Rita’s grunts and sighs of pleasure.

“Oh my god, it’s, it’s wonderful… beautiful… I love it… I love it,” Rita purred.

I then brought my finger into play, sliding it slowly into her, she moaned with pleasure as I slid my finger up her ass. I slid lube over the butt plug, placed it against her ass, and pushed. It slid in slowly, and my daughter gave a grunt of pleasure as she lost her last vestige of virginity. The plug locked into position, the sapphire blue jewel visible as her ass clamped around the stem.

“So, is my naughty daughter enjoying the feel of her ass being filled? That would make you such a naughty girl, who would certainly need discipline! So tell me, do I need to administer some discipline?” I playfully scolded.

“Oh fuck, yeah, fuck, it feels so good to have my asshole plugged, I’m very bad Mom, spank bahis firmaları me, fuck, do it!”

I drew my arm back and whipped the riding crop against her ass. She howled with a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Oh fuck, yes, more! Whip me again!”

Another lash with the crop, and another howl from Rita.

“Yes, yes, more! Tan my white ass, give it to me, hard!”

I drew back, and added a bit more force, whipping my daughter’s ass another three times, her howls of pleasure filling the bedroom.

“Ok Courtney, you’re next! Get ready you sexy girl!”

I was so looking forward to licking her tight pucker, then whipping Courtney’s sexy ass. I slid my hand around and around her cheeks, enjoying her coos of pleasure. Pulling apart her ass cheeks, I started to lick at the rose-shaped pucker of her sexy asshole.

“Oh fuck, what are you doing to me?” Courtney growled. She moaned with pleasure and added, “Whatever you are doing to me, keep doing it!”

Like I had done to my daughter, my finger came into play, sliding slowly up the tight pucker. I applied lube to her butt plug, the jewel was ruby-colored, for the tight asshole of such a sexy girl, and I applied it to her hole.

“Just relax Courtney, it will be inside you very quickly!”

I pushed, sliding it slowly in. Courtney grunted and moaned with pleasure, as her tight asshole was deflowered, as she took it all in, her tight rim clamping around the butt plug stem.

“Aha, another bad girl, that likes to get her asshole plugged, is that what you are? Are you a sexy little bitch that needs discipline?” I playfully scolded.

“Yes, oh yes, I’m such a fucking little bitch, I’m very bad, whip me, and beat the badness out of me!”

“Tsk, tsk, such a bad girl! Count out the strokes!”

I drew my arm back and whipped the riding crop across her ass. She let out a howl as I let her have it.

“One, yes, more please, spank me hard, tan my ass!!”

I did exactly as she asked, listening to her counting out the strokes, and her urging me on, as I whipped her ass with four more strokes, her grunts and moans and cries for more of the crop making me hot.

Judi was next, and I was quick to pull apart her cheeks and lick at her tight twitchy rim. Her grunts and moans of pleasure filled the room as I slid my finger up her, feeling the tight clamp around my finger. The third butt plug was ready, a dab of lube and Judi was no longer an asshole virgin, as it slid up her tight back door, plugging Judi’s sexy ass. I enjoyed the look of the emerald green jewel as she was plugged.

“Fuck, damn that feels so fucking good, whip me, beat my ass good!” she grunted.

“Very good, you know you have been bad, and are ready to take your punishment! Count out the strokes, you bad girl!”

I whipped the crop against her ass, enjoying her howl of pleasure.

“That’s one, fuck, and I want more! Tan my white ass, whip the badness out of me!”

I did indeed, whipping her ass four more times, watching her ass take on that crimson glow.

Rita got up, and with a smile, she pulled down my panties and put them on. I gave her the fourth butt plug, she knew what I wanted. I quickly joined Courtney and Rita on the bed, my head down, my ass up.

Rita playfully taunted me, “So Mommy, you must need your tight asshole plugged, like mother like daughter!”

I felt my body tremble as Rita pulled apart my cheeks, and I felt her tongue start to lap at my tight asshole. Fuck, it just about put me in orbit, the sensation of her hot, wet tongue, eagerly licking across the tightly puckered rim, was almost painfully exquisite. Soon, she slipped a finger up my ass, fuck, that felt so good. I have never had anything up my ass before, and I trembled at the thought that I was ending that right here and now, at the hands of my daughter, as she gently finger fucked my tight asshole. I was now the only asshole virgin left, just a few moments away from losing it, as my daughter slipped the butt plug into my steaming cunt, to lube it up with my own juices, then she placed it against me, and with one big push, the plug was buried up my asshole, I let out a cry of pleasure as my asshole lost its virginity, was stretched apart, and my first time with a butt plug filled my tight asshole.

“Oh yes, fits you perfectly!” Rita giggled, “and Mom, enjoying such wicked pleasures, how naughty! You must need discipline for such wicked desires!”

I grunted out, “Oh fuck yes! I love it, I love my ass being plugged, give kaçak iddaa me the discipline I need!”

I heard the swish sound of the crop, then the force as it whipped against my ass, and the pain made my body light up. Fuck, it was almost too much.

I howled, “Yes, fuck, yes! Whip my ass, tan my white ass as hard as you can!!”

Rita was fired up, and she gave me the whipping of a lifetime, making my ass sting like crazy, as she delivered 4 more very hard strokes of the crop. My cunt was burning along with my ass, fuck, I was going to need fucking as much as my daughter and her friends were going to after this.

Listening to the sounds of Courtney and Judi, getting their asses whipped, their cries of pleasure and begging for more, urging on my daughter to whip their asses, just made it even more erotic.

Courtney took over the panties and the crop from Rita, and Rita joined me back on the bed, her ass up and ready for more.

Courtney gave me another good whipping, lashing my ass with 5 hard strokes, as I urged her on, she sure knew how to tan my ass good.

Rita urged Courtney on to whip her ass, and paddle her hard, and judging from my daughter’s cries of pleasure, Courtney did exactly that.

Then came the sound of Judi getting her ass whipped with the crop, and her urging of Courtney on to beat her ass.

Judi then took over, wearing the spanking panties, wielding the crop, she let me have another 5 hard lashes, my howls of pleasure filled the bedroom, as I urged her on to whip my ass. I could feel my ass stinging like crazy, my white ass cheeks crisscrossed with the deep red marks of the lashes. She dished out 5 hard strokes to Rita and Courtney, listening to their howls of pleasure, and seeing the same crisscross of red lashes across my daughter’s ass, and Courtney’s ass was wildly exciting.

After Judi’s administered the last hard stoke to Courtney’s throbbing ass cheeks, I took over control again.

“Ok girls, time for more fun! Let’s leave our butt plugs in place, and Rita, Judi, I want you to fuck each other!” I barked as I held up the 18-inch double dildo, “Ride this pussy pleasing tool, and make each other cum!”

Turning to Courtney, I strapped on the 10-inch dildo and ordered her to lie back.

“Now, my sexy Courtney, I’m gonna ride you until I make your toes curl in an orgasm! Lie back, and let me fuck your tight teen pussy!”

I watched, my pussy pulsing with heat, as Rita lay back, and spread her legs, inviting Judi to shove it in. Judi placed it at the entrance to Rita’s pussy, and she started to work it slowly in. Rita groaned with desire as the large head penetrated her, as she felt the head of the dildo stretch the walls of her pussy, as Judi worked 7 inches up Rita’s cunt. The other head was probing the air, waiting. Judi rubbed it over her own cunt, once her slick cunt made contact, it set her on fire. Wiggling her hips, Judi slid down the other side of the dildo, squealing with pleasure as the dildo spread her cunt walls apart, continuing to push the other end into Rita’s cunt, with slow even strokes.

Courtney and I were watching, and fuck, it was erotic. I quickly mounted Courtney, and penetrated her, listening to her cries of pleasure as I sank all 10 inches, burying it deep up her teen tightness.

As I power fucked Courtney’s sweet 18-year-old cunt, we watched as Rita reached out and grabbed Judi. Holding together tightly, they started fucking each other, using only their hips to propel themselves. They started out slowly, moaning with desire as the dildo slid in and out of their burning cunts. They picked up the pace, grinding their hips back and forth, humping at each other in a frenzy. They worked the whole dildo into their fiery pussies, groaning with pleasure as the dildo went deeper, and spread open the walls of their cunts, until their breasts were pressed tightly against each other. Joined cunt to cunt, humping back and forth, their clits stood up, erect and throbbing with desire, brushing heatedly against the plunging dildo. They fucked each other furiously, their sweat-soaked bodies slapping against each other, slamming their burning cunts down the thick dildo, again and again, moaning and gasping as the dildo fucked them closer and closer to orgasm.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, damn, it feels so good, fuck me, make me cum!” Courtney cried.

I pumped the dildo hungrily into her, relishing her cries of pleasure, and the look of joy and delight playing across her face. With her urging me on, I slammed kaçak bahis into her over and over again, power fucking her tightness, right next to us, the spectacle of Judi and Rita riding that double dildo making it all the more heated. She was grunting passionately, as her orgasm started to race at her.

Just before Courtney went over the edge, Rita gasped out, “I’m cumming, oh my God!!”

My daughter exploded, I could imagine her cunt throbbing as it tightened down on the dildo. Her orgasm tore through her, I watched her body spasming and quivering in the climax. Rita howled as she exploded, and slammed her twitching pussy down on the hard dildo, fucking herself wildly as her orgasm ripped through her body. Judi’s wordless shriek of pleasure joined in, as she exploded, their pussies squirting like crazy as they went over together, their bodies squirmed and writhed together wildly, as they rode their cum for all they were worth.

Hearing and seeing Rita and Judi cumming like crazy did it for Courtney, and she gasped, “Oh fuck, oh my god, I’m cumming, oh fuck yes YES!”

Her voice rose to a shriek as it exploded inside her, her body shaking wildly as her orgasm ripped through her. Our heated movements slowed down, as Courtney shivered in blissful fulfillment.

I pulled out, and fuck, I was almost nothing more than a giant burning cunt, a horny volcano of lust, ready to explode. I was no more than a dildo plunge away from a badly needed orgasm. My daughter took over, she unstrapped my dildo and strapped it on herself.

“Time for you Mom to get the relief you need!” Rita whispered to me.

Lying back, I watched through lust glazed eyes as she notched the dildo against me. My own daughter was going to fuck me! I tilted my hips up as Rita smiled at me, and pushed, penetrating my burning cunt with the hard ten inches. I was so wet it slid in with almost no resistance, and two strokes later, my scream of climax filled the bedroom as I exploded in the most gut-wrenching, pussy churning orgasm I have ever enjoyed. Rita kept pumping me, and I was into multi-orgasms, exploding one right after the other, fuck, it felt like it would never stop. My feeling of the dildo and butt plug rubbing against each other as I was fucked was beyond amazing, it was so fucking great. My asshole was throbbing with pulses in time with the spasms wracking my cunt, from the butt plug stuffed securely up my ass, fuck, I felt like I was cumming like a train. After 10 roaring climaxes, my daughter slowed down and withdrew, as one last orgasm spent its force inside me.

We all huddled in for a short rest, but with our hands stroking at each other, it didn’t take long. The rest of the night was a blur of fucking and cumming, riding the double dildo with my daughter, Judi, and Courtney, fucking my daughter and Judi with my strap on, and having Judi and Courtney strapping on my dildo, and fucking my horny, eager cunt. We all made sure that we all fucked each other with the strap on, were fucked by each other with the strap on, and that we rode the double dildo with everyone.

Early in the morning, I asked them if they were ready to try oral sex. At their eager nods, I arranged us into a closed daisy chain, and as I dipped my head down, smelling the hot arousal of Courtney, I dipped my tongue into her and started to lick at the hot musk of her pussy. I could feel Judi’s tongue make contact with my cunt, and she started to lick me. Across from me, Courtney was licking Rita’s tight cunt, while Rita was giving her first cunt licking to Judi.

We were a daisy chain of pure lust, four hot and horny cunts licking each other wildly. The girls may have been new to it, but they knew what they liked, and applying it to the hot cunt they were licking, did the trick. My room filled with grunts, moans, and squeals of ecstasy as all four of us rode towards the climax, and soon, the room was full of cries and howls of orgasmic ecstasy as we all came, one right after the other.

When we changed positions, I felt no hesitation in plunging my tongue deep up my daughter’s soaking cunt. She squirmed around, then I felt her press harder against my mouth as I hit her sweet spot. As I licked Rita, I felt Courtney’s hot breath between my legs, as she worked her tongue up my quivering cunt, licking at all the hot, sweet flesh she could reach. Rita’s tight cunt was being licked to ecstasy by Judi, while Judi was giving Courtney a hot ride on her tongue.

We all made sure that we licked, and were licked by each other, cumming again and again, until we collapsed, totally spent, in a daze of ecstasy. Just before sleep took me, I could feel the girls huddled in close, our bodies pressed together, and Saturday night still lay ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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