David Wilde Returns Home Ch. 02

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Sunlight streamed in through the window, landing on my closed eyes. I turned my head and opened them. The guest room in Mike and Lisa’s house faced the rising sun. Shielding my eyes I looked out the window. It was early still. Another beautiful spring day in the offing.

I dressed in track pants and tee shirt and made my way to the bathroom to freshen up. I had a semi hard-on from needing a pee. I aimed my cock at the porcelain and relaxed my groin letting the stream flow out. My mind wandered back to the previous nights events.

I had never had a girl quite like Amber. Refreshing and adventurous, she seemed to want to push the limits of whatever she tried. Probably part of her gymnastics training I suppose. I couldn’t get over how deeply muscled her pussy was. I was sure she could get me to come just by holding my cock inside her and working her muscles around it. Something to try.

Finishing at the toilet I splashed some cold water on my face, gulped a few glasses of water down and tidied up my hair. I was almost fit to face the outside world again.

The house was quiet. I hadn’t heard Mike and Lisa come in, but I saw their bedroom door was closed and looking out the front their car was in the driveway. I made my way to the kitchen, poured a glass of orange juice and sat at the table with yesterday’s newspaper.

I placed my bare feet up on one of the other chairs and held the broadsheet up in front of me. I had been reading for about ten minutes when I heard soft footfalls coming down the corridor. A female voice spoke out.

“Hi! You must be David, Mike’s brother. I’m Lisa.”

I lowered the paper to behold the vision of a goddess in front of me. Lisa stood about five foot nine; long tapered legs ran up to deliciously curved hips. She wore a loose fitting tee that came down to her waist hiding the expected continuation of the curve from her hips. White, high-sided panties were the only other attire on. Her breasts swelled under the tee, pushing it out slightly, nipples making indentations in the fabric.

Her long slender neck held an incredibly pretty face framed by tousled strawberry blonde hair that cascaded down to her shoulders in waves. She had a very sexy mouth and the deepest piercing blue eyes that seemed to see right through to your soul.

I blinked at her. Stunned for a moment.

“Hi,” I said.

Lisa stood there her mouth open about to say something, just staring at me. She looked behind her to the bedroom and back to me, and then repeated the motion.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “You’re twins!”

“Mike is such a prankster,” she scolded. “He never told me.”

I chuckled. Mike and I were identical twins. So identical even our parents couldn’t tell us apart half the time. I got up as she approached. She opened her arms and we hugged, her full breasts crushing against me as my cock twitched pressing against her belly.

“I’m so pleased to finally see you,” she said.

A little embarrassed, I relaxed my hug, but Lisa maintained her grip on me a little longer. The feeling of her breasts and soft warm body starting to make my cock stiffen uncomfortably against her stomach.

She finally relaxed her grip and we parted. I sat back down to hide my growing erection as I noticed her nipples were now straining fiercely against the material of her top.

My brother had good taste. I was proud of him.

“I’m really happy to have met you too,” I replied.

“How about fresh brewed coffee and breakfast?” she questioned as she walk into the kitchen. My eyes followed her, soaking in the details of her form. She had well-proportioned legs, dancers legs almost. Her backside was nicely rounded and firm. No wobble there when she walked.

We chatted about various things as she buzzed around the kitchen preparing breakfast. It was hard to keep from staring at her. If I hadn’t been so well taken care of by Amber last night I might have jumped Lisa if Mike was absent.

I immediately admonished myself. I shouldn’t covet my brother’s wife. Dammit! Sometimes my brain was all in my cock.

“Dave! You old dog!” boomed Mike’s voice. I looked up, there was my twin striding down the hallway, arms outstretched.

“Who you calling old?” I retorted. “You’re the one who came out a minute before me!”

“Hahaha, that’s what you think!” he responded. “You’re the one that came out a minute ahead!”

Truth was, no one really knew. The hospital mixed it up and because of our incredible likeness they had quickly got our birth times confused. It was always a point of friendly contention between us.

We hugged and slapped each other on the back.

Lisa piped up, “Ok you two, stand side by side.”

We did as she ordered.

“Serious faces now Mike, ok?” I said as I elbowed him in the ribs.

We stood there, bland faced staring at Lisa as she examined us closely.

“Shirts off please,” she commanded, twirling her index finger.

Shirts came off. She looked at us for a full minute, walking around behind us for a more complete picture.

“That’s bizimkent escort amazing!” she cooed. “If it wasn’t for David’s tan, I couldn’t tell you apart. You don’t even have any scars or marks that might help.

“You don’t have to take your take your pants off, but, ummm, the rest is identical is it?” she enquired, raising her eyebrows and nodding a little.

“LISA!” Mike laughed out. “He’s not ‘little’ brother and he’s not ‘big’ brother, if you know what I mean. Everything’s the same, well, you know, he’s him and I’m me and, god, this isn’t making any sense! Yes, we’re the same size! Satisfied?”

I burst out laughing as she turned beetroot red and covered her mouth and giggled like a little girl.

“I can see how a girl could get into trouble, with you two jokers,” she jibed.

“Don’t you know it,” I responded. “Maybe we can let you in on some stories over brekkie”.

She had prepared a feast in no time at all, and we sat and ate and talked about the last few years. I sometimes caught her looking at me strangely when Mike was telling some tale of our past.

We told her how we would team up with girls who didn’t know of our twins’ status. I’d fill in for Mike with one of his girlfriends when he wasn’t able to take her out and vice versa. It made for some very amusing situations as we would play pranks on each other by not giving some vital snippet of information about our girlfriend and see what end of trouble we got ourselves into.

Too soon, we had finished the food and the coffee had run dry. I had to get the hardware store for some items for the studio next week.

“I’ll shower and change,” I said. “Mind if I nick some of your wardrobe Mike?”

“Why bother asking?” he responded. “You’re always wearing my clothes.”

“It’s because of your good taste. I’m showing my appreciation by wearing them,” I quipped back.

We had always shared each other’s clothes, but it was another point of friendly contention.

I showered and went to Mike and Lisa’s room to get some clothes. As I was picking out items he came in.

“So, what do you think of Lisa?” he asked.

Growing up we had always sought each other’s opinions and approvals. It probably wasn’t necessary as we thought the same way mostly anyway, but it helped justify a decision if there was brotherly support.

“You have chosen wisely,” I said cryptically, using a line from an old movie.

I continued, “Mate, she looks like a goddess and can cook. What more do you want apart from the obvious?”

He beamed a big grin. “She’s bloody fantastic isn’t she?”

“She got a sister?” I asked hopefully.

“Sorry, one of a kind.”

“Well, I suppose I’ll just have to keep banging everything in a skirt till the right one pops up then hey?” I mused.

“Yes mate,” he added. “It’s a tough mission, but someone has to do it and I know you’re the man for the job!”

“Thanks bro.” I gave him a brotherly hug and we walked out.

I had donned my leathers and went into the kitchen to say goodbye to Lisa. Mike had headed for the bathroom already.

“Hey Lisa.”

She turned around. “Yes honey,” and then looked at me and pointed. “David? Yes?”

I nodded.

“This is going to be confusing. I should put a sign on you guys!”

“It’s easy,” I said, “I’m the good looking one.”

She grinned. “You’re both good looking. If I had my way…” she trailed off.

I raised an eyebrow at her. “I better be off. Thanks for the wonderful breakfast.”

“My pleasure, and thanks for looking after Christopher.”

“Hey, that’s what family is for,” I responded.

She walked towards me and opened her arms. I hugged her close and smelt her scent as her breasts pressed against me once again. My cock stirred, but the leathers did their job and reduced the sensations coming from her soft skin.

She saw me to the door and I donned the rest of my gear. I started the bike and looked back at her and waved. She waved back, her breasts swing freely under the tee.

‘Crikey,’ I though to myself. ‘How Mike isn’t a drained husk by now is a miracle.’ I shook the thought from my head and gunned down the road.


I wandered the aisles of the hardware store, picking items I needed for the studio when I heard a female voice behind me.

“Mike! Mike!”

I turned. Mike, Dave, David. I responded to all three names.

A woman in probably her early forties scampered up to me panting a little. She was wearing cut-off jeans and a thin blouse. A full bosom pressed out against the material, the outline of a bra just visible underneath. She had a very good body for her age. Trim and fit. The cut-offs accentuated her fine legs.

Light brown hair just short of her shoulders framed an eerily familiar face. Large green eyes and full lips.

“Mike, so glad I caught you. I wondered if you could help me out?”

“Errr, hi, ummm, I’m David. Mike’s brother. I’m afraid I don’t know you,” I answered.

“David?” she questioned. “Oh, yes! bostancı escort You bought Amber back home last night!”

It clicked. That’s why she looked familiar.

“I’m so sorry,” she continued. “I’m Jessica, Amber’s mother. She mentioned you and said you looked exactly like Mike. I must say, the likeness is uncanny. Twins yes?”

“Identical,” I replied. “You need some help with something?”

“Well, yes, but I shouldn’t really bother you.”

“No problem, I’m just getting a few bits and pieces, but can’t do anything with them till next week, so I’ve got some free time today.”

“Could you really?” she asked and I nodded.

She continued, “The kitchen sink is leaking, it’s that plastic tube with the bend underneath, whatever it’s called. It’s got a crack in it. It’s impossible to get a plumber, Ted is away on a conference and the girls, not that they are handyman oriented aren’t home anyway.

“It seems a fairly straightforward job, except I’m hopeless at those sorts of things. The assistant in plumbing picked out the things I need to repair it.”

She showed me the contents of her basket. Plastic u-bend, plumber’s tape, silicone grease.

I nodded, “That should do the trick. I’ll meet you at your house in thirty minutes. I’ve still got a bit of shopping to do.”

“Thanks so much!” she put a hand on my arm and leant forward to kiss my cheek. Her soft lips brushed my skin, perfume wafting past my nose. I drew a breath in and savored the scent.

I looked at her retreating form as she walked off to the registers. Her hips rocked sensually, inviting hands to grasp her buttocks and pull her onto your manhood.

She turned a corner and I shook my head. Better get those items and then go fix some woman’s plumbing. I smiled wryly at my own pun. What I probably was going to get was filthy hands and a nice cup of tea.


I pressed the doorbell to Jessica’s house.

“Come in,” she called out. “The door’s open.”

I walked into the house. It was nicely appointed. Beautiful wooden floorboards, tasteful furnishings. Some unusual artwork adorned the walls. A striking one from what looked like the Karma Sutra hung in the lounge. It was rather provocative. People’s taste in art can tell you a lot about them, sometimes.

Jessica met me in the lounge as I was viewing the artwork.

“What do you think?” as she pointed at the Karma Sutra piece. It was a man standing holding the woman up by her thighs, his rod impaling her.

“I’m not sure,” I said. “If the lady slipped, the guy could have an awful accident.”

She giggled, “As long as he can hold her up it’s ok. I’ve tried it, a long time ago. It’s fulfilling to say the least.”

I looked at her and she winked.

“Come on, kitchen’s this way.”

I stripped off my leathers and opened the cupboard under the sink. A small bucket was under the u-bend, half full of water. I emptied it and put it back. The position was awkward, so I had to lie on my back and work on the piping above my head.

Jessica had given me some latex gloves to put on in case the work got dirty. The pipes were held together with sections that screwed on. They were tough to budge but eventually moved. I pulled out the broken pipe and cleaned the fittings. Putting the new u-bend in place I was ready to place tape over the thread and a little grease, but I had left the items on the bench.

“Jessica!” I called.


“Could you pass me that roll of tape and the tube please?”

She stepped over to look for the items, standing over my chest. I looked up the length of her legs. The jean cut-offs she was wearing loose around her slim thighs. They were cut quite high and I could clearly make out her naked flesh beneath. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her labia protruded visibly out, inner lips hanging well out past her outer ones. Just like Amber.

I felt my cock stiffen as I stared at her naked sex just feet from my eyes. I forced myself to look further up.

She must have removed her bra whilst I was working on the sink. I could see under her loose top to the swell of her naked breasts. They were pendulous and full, defying gravity despite her years. My cock grew further in my jeans, making a visible outline in the material.

“Found them,” she called.

She squatted down to hand them to me, her backside making contact with my erection. Smiling she handed me the items and ground her crotch a little harder onto my member.

I gulped, “Thanks.”

She rose off me and I proceeded to tape up the thread. I had just aligned the new pipe to the existing fittings and was screwing them together when I felt my zipper being undone. I raised my head to look and banged it against another pipe.

“Agh!” I exclaimed, and then felt a warm wet tongue envelope the head of my cock.

“Ohhh, fuck!” I gasped in pleasure, the pain in my forehead forgotten.

Jessica had removed her cut-offs and was kneeling next to me, mouth surrounding my thickening shaft, her büyükçekmece escort bulging pussy pointed directly at me.

Still keeping me in her hot mouth she undid my belt and pushed my jeans off my hips to half way down my thighs. Her hand felt for my testicles and gently pulled the scrotum and rolled my balls in her hands.

I melted at the sensations. I peeled off the gloves and reaching up with one hand stroked a finger along her bulging lips. Her legs parted, opening a cleft in her labia. I probed her hole. It was already wet. I stuck my finger in a little way and she moaned around my cock as she lashed it with her tongue.

I drew the wet finger down through her thick labia and over her clit. She responded by swallowing more of my cock and moaning around it. The humming sent exquisite sensations down the head of my cock, making it spasm.

Drawing my finger back up to her hole I gathered more moisture and once again ran it down between her clasping inner lips over her clit. As I repeated this move, she increased her moans around my cock, forcing more of me into her throat.

We kept up this dance of oral and digital stimulation until she suddenly pulled her mouth off my fully erect and throbbing cock, swiveled on one knee and straddled my turgid member.

Her eyes were wide and her chest heaved as she panted hard. Saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth.

Reaching for the base of her top she pulled it off in one deft motion, freeing her full bosom. Large dark areolas surrounded long thick erect nipples that jutted upwards. Her tits were fantastic. Better than I’d seen on most women half her age.

She reached a hand between us and grasped my cock. Sitting up she placed the bloated knob at the entrance to her hole and eased down. I slid into her hot tight depths. She took half my length before rising up again to plunge further down. Her inner labia hung erotically down between her legs, with my cock sliding up behind them.

As she impaled herself on my length I reached up and held her breasts, twirling and pinching the nipples. She arched her back and increased her pace, slick juices running freely out of her hole and over my balls. She was silent. Just the panting of her breath, getting faster and faster as she increased the pace of her thrusts down on me.

Her vagina was well muscled like Amber’s, but not as tight. Regardless, the sensation was phenomenal. I felt her legs start to squeeze me and she bucked harder, my full length penetrating her sex.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she wailed as her orgasm hit her and her legs tightened further around me, but she kept up the thrusts, impaling her spasming cunt onto my rigid cock.

As much as I was enjoying the ride I was far from cumming. Amber had pretty much drained me and it was going to take a long hard fuck for me to spurt this morning.

She gave one last thrust down, my glans tight up against the end of her vagina, spasms rippling around it, and then slumped forward, her pillowy breasts mashed against my chest and gulped lungfuls of air next to my ear.

A thin sheen of sweat covered her panting form. I gripped her buns tight in my hands and massaged them, feeling the firm flesh underneath, dipping a sweat soaked finger down the crack of her ass to run lightly over her puckered anus.

She shivered and I flexed my cock inside her swollen cunt eliciting a moan.

“Fuck!” she whispered as her breathing recovered. “I haven’t been done like that in years or with such a big pole.”

“We’re not finished yet,” I replied. “Let’s move to the lounge.”

She rose off my stiff, glistening cock. A foam of her cunt cream had formed at the base of my member and around the opening of her hole. As she walked to the lounge I removed my jeans and followed her.

The alluring rocking of her hips mesmerised me as it had in the hardware store. However this time she was unclothed, the bulge of her naked labia hanging down from between her legs like a ripe peach. The inner lips parted slightly, exposing her sopping hole to my sight.

Lust filled my brain like no other sensation. All reason had gone since she had forced herself on me.

I closed the gap between us rapidly as she approached the back of the couch and with a growl pushed her hard up against it, aiming my rock hard pole directly at her exposed sex and drove myself deeply into her in one swift thrust.

“Aghhhhhhhh!” she cried out, as the force of my penetration filled her suddenly, her upper body tipping over to rest on the other side of the couch.

Holding her hips fiercely, I kept her jammed between the couch, and myself pounding her slick pussy with hard rapid strokes. She didn’t have the energy to right herself and stood there, bent almost double as my cock ploughed her thick tunnel. The angle of my thrusts was causing my glans to rub up hard against the back wall of her vagina, sending strong tingling sensations down to my balls.

I slowed my thrusts and grabbed her arms to pull her upright. As she did I reached around and held a breast in each hand, feeling the soft weight, pinching and rolling her hard nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

Jessica started to moan constantly with the deep penetration and nipple teasing. Her soft breasts in my hands and tight buttocks slapping my thighs with every inward stroke, a delicious feeling on my skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32