Deck of Cards

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It was a porn shop on the corner of Green and Maple. The small city of Hoover, Colorado wasn’t exactly content about the shop and it’s customers, but couldn’t do a thing about it. Every time the city tried to shut it down, there came a bunch of supporters of the first amendment and porn out to stop them. The faded green building with the neon sign, “ADULT SHOP” stayed open.

That was where Barry Brite found himself one Friday evening. It was pouring down, and he had stopped at the shop’s awning to get out of the rain. His jacket was drenched, the rain making soft pitter patters on his shoes. Barry looked at the rain. It showed no sign of letting up and Barry didn’t want to go to work wet. He had been warned twice, this time meant a dock in pay. He could barely afford his bills as it was.

Barry looked at his watch, he had fifteen minutes before he had to be at the local store. Barry turned his attention to the shop. The windows, covered in cardboard, showed pictures of different magazines, and neon signs. Barry looked with some interest as he saw the pictures. Nothing too revealing, little kids still had to go by the place.

Barry had never actually been in a porn shop before. He had a steady girlfriend once, he didn’t need some stupid magazine to help him get off. Since he moved, however, Barry was alone. He would occasionally masturbate, thinking of his girlfriend or someone who happened to be on TV showing a lot of cleavage. A few times Barry waited for those exercise infomercials to come on. They always had great looking babes. Barry stepped inside.

There was a strong smell that seemed to be coming from the shop itself. An old musk that usually came with aging buildings. It was surprisingly cool inside, and although it was raining, it felt good. Barry let the cool air hit his face, breathing it in.

There were two aisles going down the shop. Dildos and vibrators were all piled up on the wall, with batteries towards the back. The aisles consisted of magazines, books, candles, gels, lubricants, condoms, and edible underwear. Barry smiled, looking at all these new things he had never really seen before. Then the last wall consisted of the more fetish things. Barry walked down that aisle.

He looked at the assortment of whips, some looked like they were actually painful. Barry held one in his hand, he felt the sense of power it held over him. He almost wanted to use it, bow to it’s will. Barry could feel an erection coming on.

He walked past a bunch of different clothing. Mostly leather and full of zippers. He came towards the end of the wall, this place consisted of novelty items. He could see coasters with dicks on them. Car air freshener’s having sex with each other. Barry mildly looked at all of these, before something caught his eyes.

It was a deck of cards. He could see that each one had a different lovely lady telling you which card you had. Barry picked it up, curious. There was a picture of a very beautiful woman naked in a Jacuzzi. Barry looked at her, studying her body. She was gorgeous. His mind wandered to his stiffened member again.

“May I help you?”

The voice surprised Barry, he almost jumped. The deck he was holding dropped to the floor. The store clerk, a young woman, with long red hair tied back in a pony tail and a seductive smile picked them up. She turned them over in his hand once, examining them, then handed the deck back to Barry. He simply grabbed them.

“It looks like you like them…” the woman noticed the bulge in his crotch. Barry smiled, trying to conceal it. It was too late, however.

She smiled, “Nice choice. I like those myself. They have a nice array of women, something for everyone.” She smiled at Barry, going behind the counter. Barry looked at the deck, he wasn’t actually going to purchase these was he? Barry really didn’t play any sort of card games, he hadn’t played poker since he was back in high school. For some reason, however, he felt drawn to the counter. Barry looked at the clerk.

“How much?”

The clerk smiled, pressing a few buttons on the register. It was an old one, probably from the 60’s, “That’ll be a buck, and believe me, it’s well worth it.”

Barry grabbed for his wallet, still not quite sure why he was doing this. He seemed drawn, almost as if it were impossible for him to stop. Barry slipped one dollar into the hand of the woman.

“Like I said, good choice. This will help you on those lonely nights,” She grabbed the deck, putting it in a plain brown paper sack. Barry watched this in amazement, it was his property, he now owned 52 girls and the cards they came on. Barry grabbed the bag. halkalı ucuz escort

“Watch out for that Ace now,” the woman laughed, before going into the back. Barry was alone in the store again. He didn’t even know her name. Barry paused for a minute, smelling the shop, looking at the merchandise, and being in the moment without being a part of the moment.

Then, as quickly as Barry entered the shop he left. The rain had let up. He quickly made his way to work, stuffing the bag in his jacket, making sure it wouldn’t fall out. He would hate to have explain this to someone.

Work went by pretty uneventful. He bagged the groceries, took them out to the car, pulled in the stray carts when customers started to complain. His mind wasn’t on his work, however, it was on the deck of cards in his jacket. It was hanging up in the break room. Every half an hour or so he would go back there to check. Just to make sure that no one had stolen what was his. Barry didn’t understand how he could become so greedy over a deck of cards, but he couldn’t help it. He felt as if he was the sole owner, and no one else deserved to even touch them. They were his.

When his shift ended, Barry sped home. He locked the door, making sure the deadbolt was on too. He took the phone off of the hook, although no one had called him in over a month. Barry put the deck of cards in the middle of the floor. He then went into his bedroom where he took off all his clothes.

Barry walked out into his apartment naked. He closed the blinds on all the windows. Barry went over, and lit a candle as he turned off all of his lights. There it was; perfect, a romantic setting for their first meeting. Barry lied on the floor, making sure he would be able to maneuver for his cock. Then he opened the bag.

The front stated how 52 girls in the nude wanted you to “play” with them all night. The candlelight flickered as he opened the deck. Inside there they all were, the cards, lined up neatly just for him. Barry pulled them all out, he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in.

Silently, he lined them all up, trying not to look at them individually just yet. He lined them up into a huge square on the floor. Then, Barry moved so he could take each card’s beauty in one at a time.

The first was a 9. She was a beautiful blond with perky pale breasts. Barry saw she gave a seductive smile as she showed him what she had to offer. Barry looked at her in the candlelight. She was straddling a chair. He looked at her, imagining her, what she would sound like, smell like. How would she feel near him, touching him, loving him.

Barry shifted, his cock was already fully erect. He moved a hand down there to rub it slowly, he didn’t want to climax any time soon though, he had to wait.

The second was of a deuce. She too was topless, but her breasts weren’t as big. She had jeans on, which turned Barry on. Since he was fifteen he had loved to watch women topless in jeans.

Her long flowing hair was captured in an eternal movement. Barry could tell she was moving it when the camera caught her shape. It was gorgeous, strands came over her face, they fell on her shoulders, her breasts, and came down to her arm. She wasn’t smiling, but looking just as seductive. Barry looked at her eyes, they said one thing, lust. He lusted for her right then. Her perfect shape, her eyes, her mouth. It was all so beautiful, how could he not lust for her.

Precum came out of his cock, Barry pumped slower, making sure he wouldn’t masturbate until he saw the right girl. He had too.

Barry went from one card to the next. Looking at their bodies, their intensified forms. The clerk was right, it was a diverse bunch of girls, and yet each one of them was perfect. Barry fell in love, no, not love, love is the wrong word for this, lust, Barry fell in lust with every single one of these ladies.

Then, he saw her. It was the second to last card. He looked at the top before he actually saw the woman. It was the ace of diamonds. He wondered who got the fitting privilege of being the ace. Barry looked.

It was a picture of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was a redhead, her long flowing hair going over her shoulders in a cascade of fire. Barry immediately felt his cock twinge, Barry reacted to her. She had a smile, one that was seductive, sexy and appealing all at the same time, but that wasn’t what got Barry, what got him was the eyes. Her eyes didn’t match the rest of her face. Her green eyes looked of hunger. She was hungry for something, Barry could just imagine what. She had breasts, but covered halkalı üniversiteli escort them by crossing her hands. Barry didn’t care however, without showing breasts he could tell this was the best of all the pictures in the deck. He wanted her, this instant. Barry couldn’t help it.

Quickly, Barry turned over, pumping his dick harder and harder. He imagined the woman on top of him, driving herself onto him. Barry smiled, he thrust wanting to be inside of her, thrust. Then, in a rush of weakness Barry came. It flew high, landing on his stomach. He relaxed, waiting for his breathing to return to normal.

Barry felt the cum on him, the lust cum of him and his ace. Barry felt happier than he ever had in years. He turned back over, looking at the ace again. Suddenly, Barry saw the Ace. He recognized her, he knew who the ace was. Long flowing red hair, it was ridiculous he hadn’t recognized her before. Quickly Barry ran into his bedroom, putting on some clothes. He came back out, putting the deck away. He put them all back in the bag, except for the ace. He stuck the ace in his pocket.

Barry ran back to the porn shop. It was near 11 but he hoped they weren’t closed yet, not yet he had to see her, he had to meet her.

The porn shop, with it’s neon sign was still open. Barry breathed in a sigh of relief as he went inside.

“Ace,” he called out to the empty room. There was no one in there. Barry wondered how a place like this could stay in business. Suddenly there was a crash from the back room.

Barry ran to the register, not wanting to go any further in case she wasn’t there, “Ace, is that you.”

The voice was female, “You figured it out?”

She emerged from the back, her hair no longer in a pony tail, but now flowing across her shoulder. Barry’s heart skipped a beat as his cock flinched. He looked at her green eyes. Barry took out the ace, and put it up to her face. An identical match.

“It is you, isn’t it,” he knew it was her, but he wanted her to say it.

“Yes, it’s me. I did that a while ago, I usually do a shoot once every few months, to keep this place open. You understand,” Barry saw she looked tired all of the sudden, he understood.

“My name is Barry.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Barry, call me Ace.” they shook hands, that was very adult of them. Barry could feel his hard on pressing into his jeans again.

“I want to know why, why did you sell these to me?” he looked into her green eyes. They looked just as hungry now as they did in the picture. She was hungry.

“Barry, I have been noticing you. You came by my place every day and never came in. I thought you had a girlfriend or something, but you don’t. You are a just a single lonely guy. I wanted you to know there is someone else.”

She took his hand. Barry felt an instant spark, he squeezed the hand.

“I didn’t know,” a tear streaked down his cheek, “I didn’t kn..”

“Ssshhh,” she cut him off, touching Barry’s lips. She leaned in, kissing him. Barry let the card drop to the floor as he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her deeply. Barry tasted her, smelled her, he fed upon her. Barry knew that he was hungry too.

Barry picked her up and Ace wrapped her legs around Barry’s waist, wanting him not to let go. He slowly walked to the back, kissing her all the time. He didn’t want her to go either.

Barry carried her past the boxes, and past the vibrators waiting to go on sale. He kissed her while he made his way to the back. Ace, finally broke the kiss.

“The bed…” she was out of breath, and so was he. She pointed to the far corner, where a bed was waiting. Barry smiled at her, she had planned this all along.

He kissed her again, making his way to the bed. Barry then softly let her down while he took off his shirt and coat. Ace tore away her blouse. Barry removed his jeans as Ace slithered out of her skirt, she wore no underwear.

He moved across to her on the bed. Barry grabbed her, not wanting to ever let go. Ace answered back by kissing him, long and pleasurable. Barry moaned in the back of his throat, it was a dream come true.

Barry’s hand moved down to her ass, he slowly rubbed it, then gave it a good squeeze. She squealed with delight as she started to kiss his neck. Barry could smell the aroma of sex in the air, quickly he lowered his head. He took her breast, massaging it in his hand, then with a playful tug, he enveloped the nipple in his mouth. It tasted even sweeter than his mouth. Ace started moaning with pleasure. She grabbed onto the sheets to control herself. haramidere escort Barry grabbed her hips, pulling her up into the air as he sucked on her nipple.

She squealed with delight again, Barry loved that sound, he could hear it all night, and more than likely would. Barry moved over to the other breast. Barry’s hand moved down to her pussy. He rubbed it slowly, making sure not to go inside. That would have to wait. He felt her clean shaven pussy, somehow he knew it was going to be clean shaven.

Ace put her hands on Barry, looking at him, “Lay down.”

Barry did as he was told. He rolled over, his outstretched member pointing towards heaven. Ace looked at it with her hungry eyes. She started at the neck, making a kiss trail down his chest. Barry slowed his eyes, enjoying the pleasure too much. She went further to his belly button. He laughed, she squealed again moving down again. Finally, she reach his cock.

Barry kept his eyes closed, but the anticipating was just as bad. He could feel her warm breath caressing his swollen member. It seemed to grow even more to reach up to her mouth. She then put her hands around the shaft, Barry moaned in response to her.

Ace kissed the head, one little kiss, and started pumping his cock. She would kiss it, more and more, then, she took her hand off. Ace kissed the head again, but this time she slowly made her way down the shaft to his balls. She played with these in her hands. Ace kissed all the way back up his member, before she used her tongue. Barry moaned again, she licked the entire head. To his surprise, she took it in.

Barry could tell he was almost ready to cum, he couldn’t stop her though, not now. She took the cock down. Moving slowly at first, Barry could feel her red hair sprawled out on his stomach. She used her tongue, moving his cock around in her mouth as she would go up and down. Barry felt his balls tighten, this was it.

Ace could tell he was about to cum, quickly she moved faster, going as fast as she could on his cock. Barry then grabbed her head, pulling her all the way down, and came inside her mouth. Ace gulped it all down, swallowing and then sucking for more. Barry laid spent on the bed, sweat gleaming over his body. He had never came with that much force before. Ace came up beside him, wrapping her arms and legs around him.

They both let their breath get back to normal before Ace spoke, “I love you.” She started playing with his hair, Barry looked into her eyes, wondering if she was serious or not.

“I love you too,” he said. She smiled, then straddled herself on top of him. Barry could tell his cock was hardening again.

“I want you inside me, Barry,” she moved herself down to his cock. It was already half erect. Barry smiled. One more time.

Ace grabbed his cock, playing with it. Little by little it grew more. Ace used her tongue again, within a minute his cock was erect and he was ready to go.

She positioned herself on top of him. Her pussy mere inches from his throbbing cock. He couldn’t help himself. With one thrust Barry rammed his cock all the way into her. She moaned then let herself down. Barry felt inside of her. His cock was tight and warm, perfect.

Ace started rocking back and forth on him. Barry did nothing, he wanted her to do this all on her own. She closed her eyes, moaning as she moved herself back and forth on his cock. Barry grabbed her hips, not wanting her to leave. She started to move fast, driving her hand into his chest. Ace pushed herself down onto Barry, he responded, but not too much, he made sure she was getting the most satisfaction.

Then, Ace rose from his cock, she looked at him with that hunger in her eyes again. She drove herself down upon his cock, once, twice, three times. She kept moving erratically until she started orgasming. Barry felt each one rock her body hard, she would stand straight up, then her body would rock hard upon himself. Barry felt the juices flowing onto his cock.

After three of them, Barry took control. He rolled her over, making him on top now. Ace started to say no, that she had had enough, but Barry started pumping into her. Hard and fast. She went into the motion, lost in her own world. Barry went faster and faster, his pelvic bone grinding into her. She squealed as another orgasm rocked her body. Barry put his hands on her hips again, making sure she stayed put.

Barry then felt his own orgasm happening. He temporarily lost control, he thrust as hard as he could into her. She screamed as the final, and best orgasm hit her. Barry then shot his load, right inside. He pumped his cock inside her, until he had stopped, then laid exhausted next to her.

Ace was out of breath, her red gleaming hair was sprawled over the bed. Barry scooped her up in his arms, not ever wanting to let her go. She responded, wrapping her arms around him, they fell asleep in each others arms. Barry dreamt about Ace, and Ace dreamt about Barry. This was their deck of cards.

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