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She brushed the stray strands of hair away from her forehead. Even this early in the morning, it was hot. It was one of the rare occasions where she had been scheduled to meet their normal Wednesday morning delivery guy. She sighed as she straightened the counters for the fiftieth time.

Just then she heard the rumbled of the delivery truck pulling in behind the little diner. She grabbed the keys to the storeroom and moved towards the back door.

“Its about time” she muttered. She unlocked the back door at the knock and opened it. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight that greeted her. He was absolutely gorgeous. His hair, black as pitch, hung over one shoulder in a long thick ponytail. His eyes were a piercing green and his lips full, sensuous and kissable. She felt a syrupy heat pool low in her belly. His body was all hard muscle and bronzed skin.

“Hey’ he said with a heart stopping smile, “Can you… sign for this.”

He let his eyes wander over her. She wasn’t the usual girl who was here on Wednesdays. She was taller by at least a foot. Her body was supple and lithe where Abigail’s was curvaceous. Her breasts were full but not ample like Abigail’s. He found himself getting hard just looking at her. He wanted her… bad.

“Yeah, not a problem” she said in a husky voice. He saw the desire building in her eyes as she watched him. He smiled at her again and watched her breath catch.

She led the way through the narrow hallway to the storeroom. Her rounded hips swayed in a natural grace. Unlocking the door, she preceded him inside as he carried the first box. She went out to the truck to help him. They worked out a system to maneuver through the tight hallway, one moving out of the way of the other. She felt herself breathing a little heavier as she watched his muscles ripple with each movement. God she wanted to fuck him and now.

He waited until the last two boxes were being carried in. Then he didn’t move out of the way when she came back out of the storeroom. She looked at him a little hesitantly and turned to the side. He followed suit and they tried to move passed şirinevler escort one another. She stopped dead in her tracks when her stomach was brushed by something rigid, very rigid. Her breath caught again as she looked up into his eyes. They were slumberous and dark with desire. Her nipples tightened beneath her uniform and she felt the hot wetness of her need. He put the box down and stared into her eyes. Then he leaned down and kissed her hard. He thrust his tongue passed her full lips and deep into her sweet mouth. She moaned in response as she returned his kiss. He pressed her up against the wall, letting his hands move to her hips. He pulled her tight against his erection, brushing it back and forth against her.

Suddenly she pushed him back, her breath coming in heavy pants. He looked at her with a question in his eyes. She smiled seductively and, bit by bit, began to unbutton his shirt. She kissed her way across his chest, suckling hard at his nipples, making them ache with pleasure. She held his gaze as she swirled her tongue down his stomach and dipped it inside the waistband of his jeans. She chuckled softly as he growled. Then she opened his denims, letting his huge erection free. She gasped at the size of him and felt her pussy begin to throb with the yearning to have that hard shaft fill her to the hilt.

She gradually dropped to her knees. Looking up at him, she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue over the tip of him. He quivered in response and buried his fingers in her hair. He moaned loudly as she slid her lips over him in one long deep slide. Leisurely, she ran her tongue around the crown of his penis as she sucked lightly. She met her lips with her hands and stroked him as she pulled her mouth almost completely off him. Then quickly, she took him in again. He moaned as he watched her tease his cock into an even harder erection. God she was good at this, really good.

Soon he felt the tightening inside him. His muscles tensed as the pleasure built and built until he couldn’t take it any more. He pulled her mouth from him.

“When şirinevler elit escort I come I want to be buried between your thighs,” he growled as he pulled her to her feet, “So now it’s your turn.”

He pushed her back against the wall and ran his eyes over her. Holding her gaze, he reached for the first button on her uniform. Slowly he flicked it loose. Then, caressing the skin bared to him, he opened the second button. He repeated the moves until her uniform hung open and her lithe body was bared to his hot gaze. Her full breasts were encased in deep purple lace. Matching French cut panties hid the core of her from him. He smiled. He loved purple and lace. He flicked the front closure of her bra open, spilling them into his hands as he ran his hot mouth along her sleek skin. She moaned as he ran his thumbs over her hard nipples, sending lightning bolts of pleasure straight between her thighs.

“Yes” she moaned, arching her body into his hands. He squeezed a little harder. He took one aching tip deep into his mouth. He flicked his tongue against her nipple and then suckled her. She nearly screamed with the pleasure. With a snarl, he moved down her body, nipping as he went until he was on his knees. He drew her panties down her long legs and tucked them in his back pocket. He nipped at her hip as he leisurely stroked her. Her curls were hot and damp with desire. She trembled. He slid a single finger inside her, testing her. His entry was easy and he fought to control his hunger. Then a second joined the first and slowly he thrust them into her. She whimpered and trembled, her body giving another rush of liquid heat. He began slow and then increased the pace as her body tightened. When she began to push against his hand, he replaced his fingers with his mouth.

The pleasure assaulted her as his tongue plunged inside her. His breath taunted her as he licked deep, tasting her essence. Her fingers tightened in his hair. He flicked his tongue over her clit faster and more rapidly as her muscles began to quiver and tighten, striving for her peak.

“Yes… oh yes…. şirinevler escort Ah” she moaned as her body tightened. It was close, so very close.

Just as her orgasm began, he pulled his mouth away. She moaned in frustration. Her moans turned into a gasping scream as his hard shaft thrust inside her. He filled his hands with her buttocks as he lifted her to accept all of him. Wrapping her legs around his waist, he began thrusting into her aggressively. She encouraged him with hand, and mouth and body, matching his movements with equal intensity.

“Yes more… harder…”

“Yeah… um” he growled as he captured her mouth and mimicked his body. The dual sensation sent her flying into her orgasm. She grasped him with her thighs, arching her body and pulling him deeper.

He continued to thrust into her, deep and shallow. Deep. Deep. Shallow. Shallow. Deep. He moved his mouth down along her throat to her shoulder. His body tightened as he felt her second orgasm begin. Her inner muscles rippled along his length. She tried to pull him deeper inside her hot sheath, milking him, draining his control.

When her hot mouth locked onto the curve of his shoulder and began to knead with her teeth, he lost it. The sounds of his thrusts a drum beat against the wall behind her. Her nails dug into his back and raked downward as she felt his seed spill deep into her body in a volcanic hot rush. He roared his release against her throat

Slowly he slid to his knees, taking her with him. She ended up straddling his hard thighs, still holding him deep. She trembled at the sensation. Her head fell to his shoulder. Their breathing slowly began to return to normal.

She stood up on shaky legs, smiling contentedly. He returned her smile and rose. Unhurriedly, he clasped her bra and buttoned her uniform. She straightened his shirt and jeans.

“What a shame” she murmured as she zipped his jeans, concealing him from her gaze. He chuckled quietly.

Just before he walked back out to his truck to finish his route, he pulled her into his arms for a fierce hot kiss. Reluctantly she pulled away and then gave him a seductively hot smile.

“See you when you get home…. ”

“Most definitely…. Happy Anniversary.” He returned her smile, climbed into his truck and drove away, waving at her with her own lace panties. She chuckled, knowing she would have to pay an exquisitely lovely and erotic ransom to get them back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32