Desiring Anna

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Anna is the most desirable female I’ve ever seen. She’s not the most beautiful but sure is very attractive. Full lips, dark hair, dark eyes that seem to be saying, to me at least, that she’d rather be in bed making love. I remember reading about someone described as having “smoldering looks” and that’s Anna. She’s not voluptuous either; very slender in fact. Again, I’ve heard someone described as being “tall and willowy” and that’s Anna, too. Although she sure has all the right curves. Her breasts may not be huge but from what I can see showing through her tailored blouses they’re lovely and plenty enough. And her ass is perfect. Round and firm, athletic looking, without the saddlebags that many women have, even beautiful ones.

Others must agree. Since Anna came to work here about two months ago, every single man (and probably a few married ones) have hit on her in one way or another. My tries were subtle, friendly. I asked if she wanted to join several of us that were all going out to lunch together. She said “no” each time, as she has to every other pass, but she was very nice and friendly about it and always told me, “maybe another time”. In fact, she tends to be friendly and agreeable to everyone. Women often don’t like sexy other women but those in this office seem to like Anna. Apparently she does her work well and doesn’t act threatening.

I just I watch her and drool as she goes by or I go by her. She’s in Accounting and I’m in Marketing so we don’t regularly work together but we’re not far apart. There are about 200 of us in this corporate office, all on one floor of a large building. We’re now a wholly owned subsidiary of a large corporation that itself is an operating unit of an even larger corporation but so far we’ve retained our small-time attitudes. We even have a company picnic. Most everyone knows, to some degree or another, most everyone else. So, I’ve learned that Anna moved here, to the big city, after she broke up a long-term relationship with a guy. She’s apparently still trying to get over it.

Late this morning, I’m looking for a report I presented yesterday. I can’t find it and think that maybe I left it in the conference room where I presented it. We have a half-dozen conference rooms of varying size, all windowless in the middle of the building and all requiring being scheduled before use, although they’re empty more often than not. So, I go to the room and push open the door that’s slightly ajar. I start to reach for the light switch when I hear something. And also smell something. I know the smell, it’s a hot, aroused cunt.

I look around the dark room lit only by what light is coming in the door and spot someone, way in the back. It’s Anna. She’s sitting on one of the wheeled chairs usually at the conference table. She’s slid down and forward with her legs spread. Her skirt is up to her hips and she has her panties pushed aside and her hand is working fast and furious on her cunt. I start back toward her in the dark and either she doesn’t see me or she doesn’t care; she’s so far into this that arousal is more important than being caught at it.

I walk right up to her, saying nothing, and kneel on the floor between her legs. I lean forward, take her hand with one of mine, move it away and replace it with my tongue. I start licking and sucking in this hot, wet pussy and she puts her hand on the back of my head, holding me in to her. She’s already well along in her masturbation and is plenty juicy and tasty. I lick up and find her clit with my tongue and lips. Her hips start jerking a little and very quickly I can feel a real stream coming from her. I move my mouth down a little to lick and slurp it up and she tastes just great.

Her hand is really pushing me tightly into her. With my free hand, I unzip my fly and get my cock and balls out, still working my mouth and tongue on her. I pull my head back and sit up, nudge forward on my knees to get my cock to her. I like eating pussy all right but it’s really all aimed at getting my cock into it sooner or later and this seemed like the right time. She’s in mid-orgasm and wants more. Her hand moves to grasp my cock and help aim it in. I’m not sure whether she slides forward more to help me get in her or what happens — she’s already pretty far forward on the chair — when it shoots out from under her and bangs up against the wall. She ends up on the floor, her legs spread on either side of me, her hand still grasping my cock.

Her yabancı escort head comes forward a couple inches and her lips go over the head and she starts licking and sucking. Wow, is she good at this. It’s as if she’s been hungry for a cock. She slides down on me, taking more into her, then back out again, working her lips and tongue all the time. Her hand is holding me tight and sliding along behind her lips. She’s really at it and as she goes back and forth I start shoving my hips so I’m almost fucking her mouth. She just stays in sync and works on me like mad until I can feel my sperm starting to get ready to explode. I shove into her mouth and hold it but she keeps licking and sucking and moving on me and when I shoot off into her she never hesitates a second but just keeps sucking, draining every last bit out of me. It’s dark so I can’t see well but I don’t think she lost a drop.

I’m obviously done and her mouth moves off while she still holds my softening dick. “Is there somewhere we can go?” she asks, sitting on the floor holding me.

“Yes,” I say, thinking quickly. It’s past eleven, we can probably get away for lunch a little early with no one noticing. “We can take separate elevators. Meet me in the lobby in a few minutes.”

She let go of me and nodded. I helped her up, put my arms around her and kissed her. I’m certainly tasting my own sperm and she’s probably tasting her own cum, too, but it’s a great, warm kiss. Then I turn and leave and head through the office to the elevators.

I was in the lobby much longer than I thought I would be. After about five minutes I began to think that Anna had decided to chicken out. I decided to wait another couple minutes then go back up and then Anna came out of an elevator.

“I’m sorry,” she says, reaching out to put a hand on my arm. “Cindy stopped me and asked for some information and I pretty much had to get it for her.”

I just smiled and put my hand on her back and started toward the doors.

“I was afraid that you had changed your mind.” I said.

“I probably should. I know this is stupid or just plain wrong,” she blurted out as we got out on the sidewalk. Then she put her arm around my waist and squeezed a little. “I never intended to start anything with anyone at work but it happened. So, here we are. Besides, I need this.” I aimed us both into the doors of the hotel two buildings down from where we worked and we went up to the desk. I used my credit card and got a room. The desk clerk didn’t blink, acted as if renting a room to two people with no luggage at lunch time was unusual.

In the elevator, we held each other and kissed. She really swabbed my mouth out and pressed into me. I don’t know why I was so lucky but obviously she was ready to proceed with me. I wondered if the same thing would have happened if it had been someone else that came into the room. Or, what would have happened if no one came into the room. Which also made me wonder if she had masturbated in there often before. Then I realized that it made no difference, the only thing that counted is we’re here.

In the room we held each other and kissed again and she really pressed herself against me. Then she fairly calmly just started taking off her clothes. So I did, too.

“You said you need this,” I said as I undressed.

“I do,” she said. “It’s been months since I had sex and it’s starting to drive me nuts. You might be sorry you started this. I like sex.”

With that she’s completely naked and I can see her body is even more attractive naked than clothed. She gets onto the bed and lays on her back and starts masturbating. I get my underwear and socks off and go join her. She turns to me and we hold each other and kiss. I run my hand down onto her butt and she reaches between us and grasps my cock.

She lifts her one leg up onto my side and starts using my cock to masturbate. She’s rubbing my cock on herself and moving her hips around to help get it exactly where she wants. Then I can feel, the tip of my cock is actually in her. She keeps on kissing me but rolls onto me, pushing me almost onto my back. In the move, she also shoved her hips down and my cock is fully up into her. I can feel that warm, tight grip the whole length of my dick.

She moves her hands to each side of me and is sitting on me, moving her hips back and forth, fucking me, and she just keeps kissing me, our tongues getting yeni escort all wrapped against one another. Her breasts, even better than I had imagined, are gliding back and forth on my chest.

As my cock moves inside her — or really, she moves her insides on my cock, her tongue stops moving in my mouth and she lifts her head slightly. I can see it above me, a fixed smile on her face. Her eyes are looking at me but not seeing me; they’re focused, if focused at all, somewhere about five feet below me. Her mind is all on the feelings inside her. Her hips are in a rhythmic pattern — slide forward slowly, moving up my cock, then raise slightly and move back and down forcefully, shoving me back up into her. If music was playing, her rhythm is so continuous she could keep time to it; forward slowly, up a little, then back and down with a push, then repeat. I think she’s stimulating her clit a little on the forward motion, pressed down against me, then stimulating her g-spot with that push of me back up into her. It goes on and on as if she’s hypnotized and just repeating, repeating, repeating.

It’s fine with me, I love the feeling. Her cunt isn’t just a container for me as some have been, it acts like it wants this, is trying to suck me in more and more. It keeps me aroused but either doesn’t move me toward orgasm or else does it very slowly. I imagine it’s doing the same to her. I remember a girl telling me once that she liked to masturbate for a long time because she liked the feeling of arousal and resisted ending it with orgasm. That’s what Anna was doing now, on purpose or just by instinct, I don’t know. I know eventually she’ll get high enough that she’ll want to move on to orgasm, though.

I’m right. This goes on and on but finally she gives me a big grin, seeing me again, sits up more and starts lifting herself and then dropping back onto me with real force. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with some bruises from her bottom landing on me so hard but it’s sure great. It excites me, moves me toward orgasm, and it does her, too. I see that great body upright before me, moving up and down. The breasts that I had only imagined before are plenty big enough to be bouncing on their own. Lovely. I can see she even has a slight belly. And there’s her clit peeking out so I get the fingers of one hand on it and start massaging it as she moves up and down, over and over.

She’s soon leaking moisture out of that seal her vaginal lips make around my cock. Her sounds are louder and louder, going from uhs and little moans to big moans that sound as if she’s in trouble, to shrieks as I feel some real wetness coming out of her. She keeps rising and dropping but slower and then I can feel my cock jerking inside her, shooting and shooting off and she finally sits back down on me and looks at me with a big smile, her body supported by her arms, her hands both on my chest.

If she looked “smoldering” back in the office, she looked “glowing” now and that smile of hers was definitely a happy one. “That was great,” she says, “thank you.” The thoughts ran through my mind in micro-seconds. Thank you? I should be thanking her. But being who I am, I answered, “You’re welcome. Any time.” Her smile grew even larger, if that’s possible. “Any time? You may live to regret that. I’m going to take you up on it.” She leaned down onto me and kissed me, a loving, nice kiss and not a passionate tongue-involved kiss. Then she lifted her bottom slightly, letting my now-soft cock escape from her, and rolled off to the side. I rolled a little to face her and put my arm up over her. “Why did you thank me?” I asked, caressing her back.

“I’m not all that experienced but in my history, it’s the men that should be thanking the woman.”

“Oh, I had a need and you helped me solve it,” she said almost hesitantly. “I’ve been used to regular sex for years and I’ve gone without for several months. It’s made me irritable and had me doing dumb things. Like taking time in the middle of work to masturbate. You’ve helped me. I think I’ve used you for my own gratification. So I thanked you.”

“I should thank you,” I said. “You’re the most desirable woman I’ve ever seen. I drooled very time you walked by. Being here with you is like Christmas and a birthday all wrapped into one.” She smiled some more and kissed me again. I ran my hand over her body, caressing her

“If my erection was up to it, I’d be making use of yenibosna escort you for my own gratification,” I go on. “In a few minutes, I will.” I slide down slightly to get my hands and mouth to her breasts. I could spend all day at this — lovely breasts, great feeling, sexy, sexy tastes. With nature taking its course, I move from her breasts to that small mound of a stomach while getting a couple fingers working on her pussy.

Then I lean down between her legs to get my tongue to her. I lick up and down as I spread her open with my hands. She spreads her legs to give me access. But I’m getting ahead of myself and start kissing back up her stomach, lick her belly button, get my hand back on her breast. “You can’t do that,” she says. I just look up at her as I’m about to start sucking on a nipple. “You can’t start licking me down there and stop,” she says. “You start that, you’ve got to finish it, one way or another. It’s like inviting someone to dinner and then never serving food. Or getting a hit and not running to first base.”

“I’m not hard again yet,” I say. “I intend to ‘finish’ it but not yet.”

“I can work at getting you up again,” she says, “but you can’t start something like that and then stop, you’ve got to get back down there. I mean, I’d like you to enjoy this but first of all, I have to like it.” I obey and get my head back down between her legs and my hands and tongue to her cunt again. I’m almost laughing to myself. I’ve never run into anything like this before. Boy, she sure expects to get what she wants. But then I feel her sucking on my balls, her fingers running almost up into my ass. I’ve never thought of my balls as being sexy, just functional.

And I’ve never had a female get at them the way Anna is but I think it’s working. I keep my tongue active in her, move it up to flick back and forth on her clit that’s starting to peek out of its hidey-hole. Now her mouth is around my cock and she’s sucking, pulling blood into it like one of those pumps I’ve seen advertised for guys that can’t get it up any more. And it works. She’s getting wetter and wetter and I’m up and ready. I almost hate to take my cock out of her mouth but I really, really want to fuck her. I pull away and move around and get between her legs. She reaches down and helps guide me into her and as I push, she does too and I’m all the way in. She’s laying on her back grinning at me.

I think maybe I want to punish her. I know a lot of guys see sex as a way to dominate a woman and I’ve never been that way. I’ve always seen it as something sensuous, sexy, even loving. But right now, I want to sock it to her so I start pounding into her as hard and as fast as I can. She gets her feet onto the bed and starts pushing her hips back at me. We’re really pounding into one another. I get an arm under one of her knees and lift a little, then get my other arm under the other knee. I’m now resting my body against her legs, that are up in the air, my cock pounding into her cunt, that’s lifted up off the bed. This is just so great!

There’s something sexy about being a cave man after all, using her to just fuck, fuck, fuck as hard as I can. And I think she likes it, too. Her head is shaking back and forth, she’s biting her lower lip but her arms are on the bed and she trying to fuck back at me as much as she can.

After cumming a couple times already today, this time it seems as if I could fuck forever. So I do. I go on and on. Looking at her, seeing how great she looks, my mind starts to change and I think I’d like to make love to her. I let got of her legs, slide my arms beneath her and kiss her as I keep pushing my cock into her. Her arms and legs come up around me and pull me even tighter to her. My feelings start to change and as I get more and more loving, I know that I’m not going to last all day, that I’m moving towards a climax. At about the same time, Anna breaks our kiss and starts moaning and her hips seem to almost jump, even as her legs stay up around me. Then I climax and shoot into her. We just stay like that, her wrapped up around me, as we kiss and my cock softens inside her. Finally, I start to pull out a little and she unwraps herself and I lay to the side and we hold one another and kiss again.

“This is great,” she said, “but sometimes I wonder about me. Every one else meets a guy, gets to know him, they decide they like one another and then they have sex. Me, I have sex and then get to know him.”

“Some people are just lucky,” I say, grinning. Finally, I think it was her that initiated it but maybe we just both realized it, we started to dress to go back to work. We’re in the elevator.

“The room’s paid for,” she says. “No use wasting it. We can come back after work.”

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