Devil’s Playground

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It was about eleven o’clock when Lorie stood outside the restaurant ready to lock up. It has been a long day and she was tired. Earlier that day while helping some customers, a loud crowd entered. As they sat down Lorie brought them their water that is when she noticed him. He was the only quite one in the group and he was beautiful. He was 6’3″, had hazel eyes, and long brown hair, with blond streaks. He looked at her and gave her a small smile as the crowd grew louder. Then his eyes left hers and he turned to his friends and the noise stopped. Then he spoke. “We’ll have four pizzas and two gallons of beer.”

‘Sure” Lorie answered with a smile. About 10 minutes later Lorie returned with their food. “Thanks babe.” one of the men said. “My name isn’t babe, its Lorie, say it with me, Lor-ie.” She said, as she walked away she heard the laughter of the crowd and felt this eyes upon her. After they finished eating it was about 15 minutes until closing, so they paid the bill and left. Lorie walked over to the table and started cleaning. “Great they didn’t even leave me a tip.” She said upset. When Lorie returned to the front desk she found a twenty-dollar bill and a beautiful red rose, which smelled delightfully sweet. She went back, turned off the lights, grabbed her bag and left. Lorie locked the door, turned around and walked away while looking in her purse for her car keys. Then slowly her head rose and he was there in front of her on a red and black motorcycle. “Enjoy the rose.” He said smiling then he rode away. This continued for weeks, until one day when Lorie was locking up he was there awaiting her once again. “Get on.” He said handing her a helmet. Lorie put it on and hopped on. She knew that it was wrong, she knew that he may have been crazy, but she did not care, he was too sexy to say no. “So what’s your name?” Lorie said as the motorcycle started up. “That’s not important yet, lets go.” He began driving

“So where are we going?” Lorie asked as the held on. “To this club called Devil’s Playground.” From the outside, it looked like an old warehouse, but as they entered, the music grew loud and the lights were red. “Do you come here often?” She asked. “One could say that,” he said as he took her hand and led her through the crowd to the bar. “Bartender, I’ll have a long island ice tea and a…” He said looking at Lorie.


“A screwdriver” he repeated.

The bartender turned around and sat the drinks down and said “Hey, bağdat caddesi escort the club is doing great tonight.”

“Why is he telling you about the club?” Lorie asked.

“He should, I pay him to, and I own the place.” As they sat and drunk their drinks Lorie asked again, “Will you now tell me your name?”

“Not yet, would you like to dance?”

“Why not.

He once again took her hand and led her onto the dance floor. The music played, the speaker pumped out fast beats. He was a great dancer. Then suddenly the music stopped and the floor cleared. As the music started backup slowly, he pulled her in close. They danced slowly around the room when she placed her head on his shoulder. The drink she had earlier, along with the lights the smell of his leather jacket and his cologne began to take its toll. She wanted him and was not afraid to admit it. Then as he held her tightly against his body, he began to whisper in her ear. “I want you, so much. I knew it ever since I saw you. I want to take you upstairs, rip your dress off, tie you to my bed, tease your beautiful body and then put my cock deep inside you again and again, until you cum screaming.” Lorie felt her body react to every word he spoke, she looked around wondering id anyone heard what he said. No one did. Then he spoke again. “I love the way you look in that dress, black, my favorite color, it shows every curve of your body perfectly.” Then the music stopped and he led her off the dance floor, and to a little corner booth. As they sat down, he ordered a bowl of strawberries and whip cream. He picked up a bright red strawberry and placed it between Lorie’s lips then he bit off the other end. “Sweet.” he said happily. “Yes it was.” Lorie replied rubbing his thigh. Slowly, she moved upward toward the large budge in his jeans. “I want to feel you deep inside me, I want to take your cock in my mouth. I want to taste you.”

“You’re a very bad girl.”

“Yes, when I want to be,” she said as she felt the budge grow harder under her hand. “Would you still like to tie me up?” she asked as she gently squeezed his cock through his pants.

“Oh, yes.”

“Tell me your name and you can do what ever you want.”

“My name, my name is…Justin.”

” Well Justin, lets get out of here.” Justin took her hand again. “Wait,” Lorie said.” we can use these.” she picked up the bowl of strawberries. Justin smiled and led her to a room that bahçelievler escort was very different from the rest of the club. The room filled with fine art, candles, and roses. “Very nice, have you been preparing for this?”

“I told you that I wanted you since I first saw you.”

“And I wanted you.” She said as she moved in and kissed him softly.

“Good, but to soft.” He said as he pushed her up against the wall, then he kissed her roughly, and bit her lower lip. “Very Good.” He said as he stepped back. He slowly untied the string of her dress and it slowly feel from her body. Lorie reached over to a near by table where a small knife sat and picked it up. She pushed Justin against the wall and began to cut away his t-shirt, which revealed a well-muscled, hairless chest. In doing this, she made the mistake of cutting him, just a little. “Oh. I’m sorry, I would hate to be the cause of messing up such a fine piece of art. Let me make it better.” Lorie said as she bent down slowly and kissed the wound then she licked the small spot of blood from his chest. “You taste very good.”

“How do you taste?”

“I don’t know. How would you like to find out?” Lorie responded, then he kissed her again. Their tongues intertwined and she moaned deeply into his mouth. He broke the kiss, took her hand and led her to a bed lined with black sheets. “Lay down.” He said. As Lorie did as she was told, Justin handcuffed her to the bed. “You like?” He asked. “Yes.” Lorie replied. He then began to kiss her lips, her neck, her stomach. Then he used the knife to cut away her bra. “Very nice.” He said looking at her round breast. He picked up a strawberry, bit it and rubbed it over Lorie’s body, leaving a trail of sweet juices behind. Lorie moaned as his tongue slowly licked the sweet juices. The feeling of his tongue all over her body drove Lorie wild. Justin rose from the bed slowly and removed Lories jeans along with the black lace thongs. Lorie now lay handcuffed and naked. Justin climbed back on the bed and kissed her hard, while pulling her hair. The kisses continued and moved downward, until he reached the small patch of black fur between her legs. She knew just what he was about to do. He slowly opened her legs and allowed his tongue to flicker over her swollen little clit between her legs. Justin then inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. He slowly continued at his task, every lick, every touch, driving Lorie increasingly bahçeşehir escort over the edge. Repeatedly he licked, while driving his fingers into her, until Lorie came screaming his name. As she finally calmed, he removed his fingers licked the hard nipple of her breast and suddenly bit it gently. “Was my tongue talented?” he asked with a smile.

“Very. Now it is your turn. Please take these off.” Justin loosened her arms. “Now, lie back and enjoy.” Lorie licked his cock slowly and watched as it twitched, responding to her touch. Lorie took him deeply into her mouth, she moaned as it hit the back of her throat. She sucked slowly and then took the length completely from her mouth and flickered her tongue around the tip. Every time she sucked, she felt his body twitch, as he tried to control himself, but Lorie how ever wouldn’t allow him to. It seemed that just as he was gaining control, she found someway to make him lose it. She continued to suck and she knew that he was going to cum soon, but she didn’t care, she wanted to taste him. As her head moved in his lap he pulled her hair, this time begging her to stop, even thought it felt so good. She stopped just long enough for her to speak,

“Come for me, I want to taste you. I want to feel your cum sliding down my throat.” Lorie took his cock back into her mouth and began to suck again, picking up a steady rhythm. Justin couldn’t take it any more, he moaned loudly and shot his load deep into her mouth. He pulled his still hard cock from her lips and kissed her deeply. He was over come with desire for this girl. He pulled Lorie to her feet and pushed her to the bed. He couldn’t wait any longer as he lifted her legs, rapped them around his waist and drove his hard, wanting cock into her warm wet hole. Her nails dug into his back as she cried him pleasure, “Oh god yes, fuck me…mmm don’t stop, fuck me harder.” He then grabbed hold of her his and lifted her on and off his cock harder. Their moans and the scent of sex filled the air as he came shooting his hot, white, cum inside her wet folds. The feeling sent her over the edge and she came, their juices mixing inside her warmth. They laid their, bodies intertwined until their breathing returned to normal. She rose from the bed to but her dress back on, and Justin came up behind her and kissed her neck. “We must do this again. Same time tomorrow?” He asked, wanting nothing more than to be able to be with her again.

“You can bet on it, love” Lorie responded, kissing him. “Come one, lets get you home.” Justin said talking her hand. “Here put this on.” He handed her his jacket. “Are you sure.” Lorie asked.

“Yes I’m sure, I say you’ve earned it tonight” Justin said with a smile. “Yes I think I have.” Lorie said. The two laughed as she hopped on his bike, and he took her home.

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