Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 06

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Several days pasted without an email from Daddy about another appointment. I did receive confirmation for my flight to Cancun from Kim and had stopped by to pay the balance of my ticket. My passport was in order so other than packing this coming Thursday all the arrangements were complete.

I took time to visit the web site of that porn star Randy spoke to me about and sure enough I was not only impressed with the size of his tool but with the enormous load of cum he produced. Many a co-star was seen covered with his thick sticky facial money shots. I signed up for a trial membership and sent him a message explaining that I’d be interested in hiring him for Randy’s and my enjoyment. I really didn’t expect a reply.

Sunday afternoon was sunny and warm for the season so I decided to get a little sun so I’d have at least a base before I went out into the intense sun of Cancun the following weekend. Dressed in a pair of shorts that were probably too short and a skimpy tank top I headed out to the patio and sat down on one of the lounge chairs. The sun was warm and in no time I could feel its tanning effects.

“Afternoon Margaret” a male voice said from a distance.

I opened my eyes and looked in the direction of the voice. It was my neighbor Chuck who as usual was outside doing his lawn and garden thing.

I waved at him “Hiya Chuck.”

As always Chuck was standing right on the property line and I wondered how long he’d been there watching me before he greeted me.

“Getting some late season sun” He asked?

I smiled at him “Something like that.”

“You be careful it’s still intense enough to give ya a nasty burn.” Chuck commented.

I could feel the heat on my flesh and knew Chuck was right.

“I guess I should put some sun screen on.” I commented.

Chuck grinned then replied “Need someone to rub it into your back?”

Chuck had been looking for a reason to get close enough to touch me for the longest time and I decided to have a little fun with my older neighbor.

“Would you be kind enough to do that sweetie?” I asked.

His wide smile confirmed that he’d not only be kind enough but horny enough also.

“Let me run inside and grab a bottle of lotion.” I said as Chuck stepped across the property line.

While inside I made sure to tweak my nipples so they would invitingly poke at the cotton fabric of my tank top when I returned.

Chuck’s eyes got saucer size when I slipped through the patio door carrying a bottle of sun block and sporting a pair of erect nipples.

“Where’s the little woman this afternoon?” I questioned him knowing he’d never have the nerve to cross the line into my yard unless his wife was away.

“She’s at a baby shower for a friend’s daughter.” He explained “Won’t be home till after seven.”

As I sat down on the edge of the lounge chair I smiled. “So when the cats away the mice will play?”

He just grinned and took the lotion from me.

“Always ready to help a good neighbor like you Margaret.” He commented as he walked behind me.

“You’re a dear.” I replied with a sexy tone of voice.

I heard lotion squirting and in an instant his rough callused hand was applying lotion to my shoulder.

“Such strong hands” I commented as Chuck spread lotion on my shoulder then down my back to the fabric of my tank top.

His hand moved slowly across then up to coat the other shoulder.

“Don’t forget the front” I reminded him.

He squirted a little more lotion in his palm then returned it to my shoulder slowly moving his hand down the front and onto the soft skin of my breast. His fingers lingered as he neared the top of my tank and I felt him apply a little more pressure with his fingertips.

“You should use both hands” I suggested.

He was standing directly behind me and after rubbing lotion into his other hand he began again at my shoulders slowly moving down onto the top of my breasts. Again I felt the increase pressure of his fingertips as they met at the very top of my cleavage. I knew he wanted to slide his fingers down between my tits into the soft confines of my cleavage but I didn’t encourage him.

Once he’d rubbed the lotion into my soft skin he asked “Do you want me to do your legs too” His voice reflecting that he was seriously aroused at touching such soft willing skin.

I spun around to face him “I think I can reach my legs thanks. But if you’d like a beer there are some in the frig.”

“Love one” Chuck replied.

He hurried off to my kitchen as I began spreading lotion on my legs.

For an old guy Chuck moves pretty fast and in seconds he was back taking a seat on the lounge next to mine facing me.

As I reached down to sooth lotion around my ankles my tank top hung open giving him a chance to look into the deep soft cleavage he wanted to touch so badly.

I heard him sigh softly as I lingered on my ankles knowing he’d not seen such sexy tits for many years. As I slid my hands up to my knees and looked into his face his eyes were focused on my tits.

“You know Chuck I’d have sworn you were a legs man” I commented.

He looked up from my chest and with a flushed face replied “Normally I am beşiktaş escort a legs man but I’ve never seen sweeter tits.”

I grinned and answered “What a nice compliment.”

I slowly started moving my hands along my thighs curving my sexy fingers between and spreading lotion on the soft flesh of my inner thighs. His eyes followed my fingers as they reached the fabric of my short shorts just inches below the camel toe of material pressing my pussy lips apart.

I leaned forward letting my hands slid to mid-thigh then looked directly into his flushed face.

“You’d love to fuck me wouldn’t you” I asked?

He grinned then replied “Peg I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first moment I laid eyes on you.”

“But what about Gloria and all the other gossip bitches in the neighborhood” I asked?

His broad smile let me know that he could care less about his wife or the other wives on the block “Like you said when the cats away the mice will play.”

I sat back a little and looked him over. He was at least sixty five, gray hair and partly balding, his paunchy belly the result of too many beers over the years. But he had the lust of a twenty year old in his eyes.

I had allowed him across the property line only to tease him a little but the look in his eyes made me think he could be exactly the kind of man I might very well be escorting next weekend in Mexico. Perhaps Chuck could serve as practice if I had to work extra hard to arouse my weekend client.

I stood up and took a step toward him my knees touching his as he gazed up into my face.

“Well since you’ve wanted me for that long…..” I whispered reaching down for his rough callused hand.

As I lead him toward the patio door I asked “Does Gloria let you cum in her mouth?”

“You are kidding; she doesn’t even give oral sex.” Chuck quickly admitted.

We stepped through the door I stopped and turned to face him “Well when you’re ready to cum I want you to shoot it right in my mouth and coat my lips with it.”

His amazed expression confirmed that Gloria was a limp rag in the sack a one position lover and that was most likely missionary.

I stepped back far enough so I could undo the button holding my shorts tightly around my waist then quickly slid them down my legs and stepped out of them. Straightening up I ran my fingers between my thighs and into the moist folds of flesh below my clean shaven pubic mound.

“You like shaved pussy?”

Chuck’s feet were apparently frozen to the floor and his mouth frozen in a permanent grin because he didn’t reply to my question. I stepped back further until I could sit on the edge of the sofa. As my hands slid up across my thighs I hooked fingers into the bottom of my tank top and turned it inside out lifting it over my head giving him the first chance to see my full lush tits.

He finally spoke “Wow they are more beautiful than I’d ever imagined.”

I cupped my tits from below and lifted them offering the soft flesh to his lustful stare “Come over here and touch them.”

He moved quicker than I had ever seen him move before and instantly began feeling every inch of my tits.

As he stood before me running his calloused hands across my tits I reached out and undid his pants dropping them to the floor around his feet.

“You do want me to suck your cock” I asked?

He grinned “Yes indeed.”

My fingertips hooked in the waist band of his cotton briefs and slipped them down his legs. His fat cock wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected and I knew I’d enjoy feeling it grow in my mouth.

Dropping down on the floor to kneel before his loins I reached up and lifted his cock with my soft delicate touch.

Chuck began unbuttoning his shirt and in an instant it dropped to the floor beside me.

I leaned forward and blew hot breath on his cock causing him to moan deeply.

“I haven’t had a blow job in thirty years” Chuck admitted.

Knowing that he’d gone that long without having his cock sucked and that he’d wanted to fuck me since we first met twelve years ago I knew that Chuck would enjoy this little tryst immensely.

His lustful stare intensified as my mouth approached his cock. I kept eye contact wanting him to watch my expression as I first took him between my lips and then as his cock began to swell in my mouth.

Chuck is uncircumcised so his cock head is sheathed with folds of soft flesh. I parted my lips and extended my tongue until his cock rested on the flat part of my tongue and as it touched I reached up and stroked his shaft pulling the extra skin back exposing his flaring corona as my lips closed around the head.

“YES!” he exclaimed.

Keeping my hand tightly wrapped around the base of his cock I slowly began sucking and moving my lips back and forth softly caressing the sensitive flesh. His cock lurched noticeably in my mouth and began to swell not so much in length but in girth.

“Oh geez Peg” Chuck murmured as I swirled my tongue around his cock head and his shaft swelled even larger.

I let him slip from my oral grasp then dipped my head as I lifted his cock and slowly licked around each of his balls. His soulful moan signaling beşiktaş eve gelen escort he loved having his balls licked.

Flattening my tongue against the base of his shaft I massaged the urethra as I ascended again toward the tip of his cock. My tongue circled the head several times before I took it inside my moist mouth and pressed him deeper than before.

His lustful stare was fixed on my face as I continued licking and sucking the head while my soft hand stroked his fat shaft.

I’ve always thought I have long sexy fingers but I was barely able to circle the entire girth of his now fully erect penis. I could hardly wait to feel it spread me open.

I let him slip from my lips and squeezed firmly on the shaft stroking down to the base and pulling the excess flesh taut along his shaft. Holding it up so I could examine his tool it reminded me more of a bottle than a cock. The head was normal size but beyond the corona where most men become thinner Chuck’s cock was noticeably larger.

“I can’t wait to feel this cock inside me” I commented.

Chuck smiled and replied “Me too.”

As I rose up his rough hands reached for my tits squeezing the soft flesh and sliding into the warm cleavage.

I stepped aside and pointed to the sofa “Sit down.”

Chuck instantly followed my lead and sat down spreading his legs apart.

I moved between his knees and bent at the waist my tits dangling in front of his lusty stare.

Bending even further I took his cock between my lips and suck him inside. Pressing further and further down his wide cock shaft spread my lips almost to the breaking point the soft flesh pulled tightly over my teeth and stretching the corners until it hurt.

Yes I couldn’t wait to feel this fat cock buried in my hot pussy.

I slowly lifted my mouth from him and as he slipped from between my lips a distinct pop sound was heard.

Moving closer to the sofa I lifted one leg and placed it outside his hips the other sliding across his thigh then dropping to the seat beside him my moist vulva pressing his fat cock down against his belly.

His hands instantly moved to my tits groping the soft flesh and tweaking erect nipples. I leaned forward and used one hand to lift a taut nipple toward his lips while the other hand moved down to grasp his cock and lift it toward my moist lips.

Chuck moaned softly as his lips closed over my nipple and my hand slid his cock head between the lips spreading them open.

I slowly lower my loins over him the cock head slipping inside followed by his fat cock shaft that just kept spreading me wider and wider until my ass came to rest on his thighs.

His cock felt incredible inside me “Such a nice fat cock” I remarked.

With his cock imbedded in my searing hot pussy I moved my hand to lift the other tit toward his mouth.

Chuck instantly took that nipple between his lips and began sucking hard on the hard flesh.

I lifted my hips and began slowly fucking his fat cock my hips raising up and slowly plunging down on him spreading me open and massaging my hard clit with the top of his shaft.

“Does my pussy feel good?” I questioned him.

He let my nipple slip from his oral grasp to reply “Feels fucking great.”

Chuck returned his oral attention to my tits licking sucking and kissing both nipples and running his broad tongue through the soft cleavage using this calloused fingers to lift one than the other to his mouth.

“I love having my tits played with” I exclaimed.

Chuck didn’t reply he just continued pleasuring my sensitive tits with his lips and tongue.

My hips began moving at a more rapid pace as my pussy became accustomed to being spread wider than I thought possible.

His hips began lifting to meet my plunges and his breath became shorter as my sexy humping of his fat cock continued.

Just as I felt the beginning of that awesome tingling in my loins that marked an approaching climax Chuck suddenly lifted his mouth from my tits and pushed me back.

I nearly fell off his lap catching myself and just dropping to the floor in front of him.

“I have to cum!” He exclaimed.

With that he stood up and grasped his throbbing fat cock. “Open wide now!” he exclaimed.

I leaned forward as I opened my mouth just in time to have him shoot a strong jet of thick sticky cum onto my tongue. His hand moved feverishly back and forth as his cock spewed another stream of hot cum this one splashing against my upper lip and dangling down onto my tongue.

He moved forward and placed his cock head just at the tip of my tongue then began oozing more sticky sauce into my mouth. His cum tasted very salty and as I closed my lips around the head of his cock I swallowed the cocktail of sperm he’d filled my mouth with.

Chuck’s face was beet red and he was now sweating profusely.

As his orgasm subsided and his cock began to shrink I let him slip from my lips and asked “Are you okay?”

He just shook his head then collapsed back onto the sofa his head back and eyes closed as he struggled to regain his composure.

I moved up to kneel between his legs and beşiktaş grup yapan escort again asked. “Are you sure you’re okay Chuck?”

He again shook his head and without opening his eyes replied “I haven’t cum that hard in years.”

I giggled “It was a good one, and very tasty.” I commented.

I reached up and slowly stroked his now flaccid cock gathering what little cum remained on my fingers.

Chuck opened his eyes just in time to see me lick the last of his salty seed from my fingers and make a smacking sound as I finished his load.

Looking up at his face I remarked. “Gloria doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

His expression changed when he heard his wife’s name and I knew a shroud of guilt was surrounding him.

“I should get back to the house.” He said.

I knew there was no chance he could recover enough to bring me to orgasm and still be waiting at home when she arrived so I just replied. “I understand.”

I moved aside and Chuck got up and dressed quickly as I leaned against the edge of the sofa watching him dress.

Once dressed he walked to where I was sitting and leaned down placing a calloused hand on my shoulder “That was one incredible fuck Peg.” He complemented.

I knew it was a once and done fuck but I’d be on the lookout for another bottle shaped fat cock in the future that I could stuff myself with.

“Be seeing ya around.” I remarked as he headed for the patio door.

I crawled up on the sofa and rested my head against one arm. As my fingers slipped between swollen pussy lips I thought “I’ll just finish myself off.” After fingering myself through a nice slow self-induced orgasm I closed my eyes and let myself drift off to sleep.

When I awoke from my nap it was completely dark both outside and in the house. As I lay there in the quiet darkness I thought about what had happen earlier. I had just fucked my senior next door neighbor not because I wanted the sex but because he did. I don’t find Chuck attractive but somehow just the fact that he has lusted at me for years almost compelled me to give my body to him for his pleasure. Giving in to that compulsion was something new to me. Up until the time months ago that I began seeking sexual pleasure because my husband was totally engrossed in football I wouldn’t have considered having sex just because I knew the man wanted me. Before Chuck all the men, or I should say most because there was Senator elect Johnston, I’ve fucked I found attractive and actually wanted to have sex with them. But Chuck was different I didn’t want him but I still mounted his fat cock and gave him what he wanted. I swallowed his cum load because he wanted me to.

I have to assume this change in me is because sex was now my job. As I sat there in the darkness I realized that as long as I was employed by Elegant Escorts that sex was going to be just that, my job. All the fancy trimmings of working for Daddy didn’t change the fact that I was a prostitute, paid to suck, fuck and swallow any man’s cum load who had enough cash to afford my services. While I still didn’t see myself as a common street corner whore begging every john to give me twenty dollars for a quick fuck I was still a whore. My ultimate plan is to work for Daddy until I have a comfortable nest egg built up for myself and then stop, but what scared me was how I’d ever be able to have a normal sexual relationship with a man after I quit. How would I ever get by the idea that sex was my job? I’ve only worked for Daddy for a few weeks so facing that issue wasn’t going to happen for quite some time so I kind of put it out of my mind for now.

I grabbed my laptop and picked up my shorts and top and headed to my bedroom. I decided a quick shower to rinse Chuck’s scent from my body would help my frame of mind but as I showered I couldn’t help thinking about my future. Not long term but short, I wondered how I would handle a client that absolutely repulsed me. Could I pretend to be enjoying sex with a man whose touch or scent made me nauseous? Or even worse a man so obnoxious that even the thought of having him inside me made my flesh crawl. I was fairly certain that man was in my future and the thought frightened me.

The shower and some soft jazz helped me put those concerns in the back of my mind. I tied my favorite bath robe around my waist and grabbed my laptop then sat cross legged in the middle of my bed. I had two emails in my in box. One was from Daddy which I opened first hoping he was writing me with information about another appointment.

He wrote: “Angel I wasn’t going to schedule you Jasmine or Tiffany for any appointments this week in order to give you all time to prepare for your upcoming Cancun trip. Unfortunately one of our long time clients recently saw your photo layout on the web site and contacted me to arrange an appointment with you. I explained that you would be unavailable after Wednesday knowing he always wants an escort on Friday evenings. Apparently he was very impressed with your pictures because he agreed to a Tuesday evening appointment. His name is Niles Sebastian and yes he is English. He has requested that you meet him at seven in the lobby of the Grand Hotel. You are to wear white exclusively and specifically asked that your hair be styled so that your entire neck be exposed. Please don’t be concerned with his requests but I can tell you from past experiences of other employees he expects you to follow directions explicitly. Please remember that he is one of our very oldest clients and I would expect you to satisfy his needs completely.”

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