Diary of a Teacher 02: Reminiscing

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It’s raining, and I’ve just finished grading homework for few unlucky ones (if they keep studying like this, I can see them failing class). I have made mixed herb tea, and tried to watch TV, but 99 channels and nothing’s on. I wish I was somewhere sunny and warm, which reminds me of summer after I graduated from university.

For last two years of university I was dating a much older man. He was in early 40s, charming, sweet, good body, tall and strong, pretty good in bed, rich, and most important of all – he was very good with my son. That’s a huge bonus for any guy – be good to my son. Guys who don’t get along with my son don’t really stand a chance. Guys who don’t like him, or he doesn’t like them – that ends fast.

Anyway, as reward for my graduation in 2002 he took us on a month long vacation. We spent two weeks visiting Spain, France, and Netherlands. Wine, wine, weed, and sex. I had him rubbing me under my skirt on top of Eiffel tower. Also, we went to museums and sight seeing beşiktaş masöz escort – we’re not complete savages. After that, he took us sailing on chartered boat. Just three of us on the boat, and I didn’t bother with bikini or clothes unless it was chilly or we were in port. To be honest, swimming in open sea is a little terrifying. Doing it at night was down right horror show when I felt something touching my foot. Screamed and ran out of water like a little girl.

My son was 6 years old back then, easily occupied, so as long he had something to play with, and my boyfriend was willing there was sex on the boat 2-3 times a day, sometimes more. He loved eating me out, and I just had to politely ask to do it as many times a day as I wanted. It was pure bliss those two weeks on the boat.

Day would start with morning sex, or eating me out. Getting him between my legs on the bed, or on the deck if there was privacy. Pumping inside me in missionary beşiktaş otele gelen escort or doggy, until I’d cum and he would follow up with a hot spray inside me. Then I’d have a swim if possible, make breakfast for all of us while he took the boat to our next destination, and we’d eat on the deck in the sun mostly, in the nude. That was only summer that I really tanned – I’m usually very pale, don’t get much tan. On open water, where there was no chance of hitting anything, he’d let my son steer the boat, and we’d move to forward deck. It was hidden from curious child eyes, and we’d fuck in peace. I didn’t even have to be quiet, but I’m not really loud in sex anyway. Habit from teen years when I was doing uncle under everyone’s noses.

I remember one day, we have just finished fucking, his dick still slick with my juices and his cum, and I was resting my head on his stomach, and I just moved over and took his soft dick in my beşiktaş rus escort mouth and sucked it clean. He was slowly getting hard, which was nice for him. It was fourth or fifth time that day. It was a lazy blowjob, and he was lazily rubbing my pussy. Half nap, half oral. It took a long time, slowly dozing off and waking up, and he was hard all the time. I dozed off, and was jerked to wakefullness by a spray of his cum in my mouth.

Next day, he was piloting the boat while I was between his knees sucking on his dick. I was almost able to deepthroat then, and getting better. When I was wet and hot enough, I just straddled his lap and rode him fast. He came soon, but I didn’t stop. I kept riding him, keeping him from slipping out, while we kissed, and soon I had an orgasm myself.

I like having sex under open sky, with horizon stretching out forever with no one around. Mostly I was on top, and my knees were slightly scraped by the time we got home. He had a nice dick – not too small, not too big. Feeling him cum in me was a very special feeling, I was in love with him. He was in love with me.

But, few months later it broke. He wanted a wife and family. I didn’t want any more children, and I started teaching. Ended in tears, and he cried the night we broke up. I finally cried a few days later, and didn’t stop for 3 days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32