Dixie Saga VI – Decision Point

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Chapter 6: Decision Point

Carter’s Club & Restaurant
November 6, 9:35 p.m.

Willow opted for a black evening gown with a scoop neck. It was a simple gown that offset her flowing red hair rather well. The scoop neck showed off her ample bosom and pale skin to maximum effect. She also wore opera length gloves that gave her a gothic look.

Dixie, not to be outdone, wore a red silk Mandarin dress. It was a long dress that brushed the floor. Splits ran up both sides that came up just past the knees that showed off her smooth legs without being vulgar. The high collar fastened snugly around the neck. Its keyhole neckline gave Willow plenty of competition in the ‘bosom on display’ arena.

The restaurant itself was a large open building with a kitchen set into one side. ‘A converted skating rink?’ Willow asked herself. The concrete floor had been covered with carpet. Silk screen dividers were spaced around the room giving it a maze-like feeling. The single candle on each table provided most of the light in the restaurant area. Dixie and Willow were seated after a short wait. After ordering their meals they made chitchat while they waited.

“The tape was blank,” Willow was saying.

“Blank?” Dixie replied. “I don’t see how that could be. Unless I really am going crazy…”

“Crazy?” Willow asked. “What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know where to start,” Dixie said. “It all seems so complicated.”

“Start at the beginning. We have all night.”

“Say,” Dixie said. “Where’s our food?”

“It’s only been,” Willow glanced at her watch. “Wow. I guess it’s been longer than I thought.”

“Oh my god,” Dixie said as she ucuz escort peered around a divider.

Willow leaned out of her seat so she could see whatever it was that Dixie was so aghast at.

There, in the next cubby, was a fairly handsome man with long blonde hair. Beside him sat a full-breasted woman. Willow knew she was full breasted because she was missing her top. She was kissing the man heartily while he groped her chest. Beneath the table a woman was vigorously working between his legs. What few clothes she had left identified her as a waitress.

“Listen,” Dixie said.

Willow strained to hear. It came upon her slowly, identifying the sounds that she heard. What she had mistaken for the usual background noises was actually the sounds of passion. From the sound of it, Willow guessed, the entire restaurant was being overcome with passion. Willow placed the fingers of her left hand to her forehead and mumbled some words.

“Where are you, you bastard!” Dixie yelled. Dixie stood up abruptly and began throwing dividers to the ground. Behind one divider was a woman who had been eating alone. Now she was vigorously masturbating. Behind another an elderly couple whom Willow would have thought well past such, was busy copulating on the table. Another silk screen went down. Behind this one a young man, no more than sixteen was busy fingering a waitress. Another screen was hurled to floor to reveal a mass of withering bodies. Willow guessed that a family had come here to eat.

Dixie stopped before the last screen she threw to the floor. Sitting quietly at a table, just passing the last bite of some delicacy into his mouth, ümraniye escort was a young… Dixie knew she had found who she was looking for. The person at the table was so androgynous that Dixie wasn’t sure if she was looking at a man or a woman. But (s)he was beautiful, or handsome, or whatever the appropriate word was. Dixie knew that she would willing have sex with him/her. All (s)he had to do was to ask. (S)He wore an impeccable white suite that was as androgynous as the person who wore it.

“Ah,” the person said. Even his/her voice was perfectly androgynous. It would be slightly high for a man or a touch low for a woman. Either way it carried a promise of sex beyond anyone’s dreams. “You have found me at last. It is time for you to take the final step.”

“No!” A voice cried from the front of the restaurant. The sound of stumbling footsteps got closer and closer until Bob rounded the corner. He stopped as he saw the three before them.

“You called me forth, Bob. It’s a bit late for you to change your mind now.”

“Bob?” Dixie said looking at Bob quizzically.

“Yes,” Bob said sheepishly. “I called Veshca forth. I knew you weren’t happy. I didn’t know what to do. So I asked Veshca to make you happy.”

“Veshca?” Willow said from behind Dixie. “I know you. You are the ‘Pleasurer of the Unsatisfied’. You take the people who call on you who are unsatisfied with the marriages they have made. But you can only take the willing.”

“Who are you?” Veshca asked of Willow.

“I am Willow. A traveler of the Left Hand Path of the Maiden.”

“So I must choose to go with you?” Dixie asked Veshca.

“Yes,” üniversiteli öğrenci escort Veshca replied, her voice dripping with sensuality. As she continued to speak images of wanton lust flashed through Dixie’s mind. “And I can promise you an eternity of delights that you could never have imagined. Your dreams cannot contain what it is like to be one with us. Your senses will be pushed to their extreme; your body will become an instrument that you or we will play at our will. Others around you will become your toys, your lovers, or whatever you want them to be. Your nerves will always be on fire, never ending; glorious!”

“But it’s not just about sex,” Bob said. “Dixie is the only woman I have ever had sex with. When I fucked you, Veshca I learned something very important about being human. It’s not just how you have sex. It’s about whom, as well. And about being friends. Sex is over in an hour or two. But you can be friends for a lifetime.”

Dixie looked at the two before her. Then she felt the weight of Willow’s gaze on her back. She turned to see tears in Willow’s eyes.

“You’re afraid that I will leave with one of them, aren’t you?” Dixie asked quietly.

“Yes!” Willow said around the tears. “You and I have been friends for so long… Once I realized that I preferred the company of women, it was only a small leap to loving you. But better unrequited love than to see you turn away from me in disgust!”

Dixie looked around at the three expectant faces that surrounded her.

“I have come to a decision,” Dixie said.

* * *

Dixie waited patiently at the bus stop. She had gone home and packed a bag. It amazed her how little she had when she went to pack the things that were important to her. The sun felt good as she got up when the announcement for her bus came over the intercom. She had chosen a bus at random, the furthest that her small supply of ready cash could bring her. She got on the bus alone.

– The End –

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