Dressing Room Stranger Fuck Ch. 02

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As far back as I can remember I have had a fantasy of getting fucked in a public place by someone without even talking to him, this is the story of how my fantasy became reality.

My husband Rob and I had been married for a couple years and we had recently decided that we should spice up our love life a little bit, to that end we started telling each other our fantasies. It was very exciting to hear all of the little things that my husband secretly lusted for. I had been a bit worried when he told me he wanted me to lick his ass for instance, but now I quite enjoy it, especially since he likes it so very much. I also really enjoyed sharing my fantasies with him. When I had told him about my dream of getting fucked in public by a stranger he said that he thought he just might be able to help me out with that. I told him that it was ok, it was just a fantasy and I had absolutely no intention of having sex with someone else, even if it was just a one-time thing with a stranger. He told me that that wouldn’t be a problem as we could find a place and agree to meet there at a certain time and just pretend to be strangers. It seemed like a perfect compromise to me. It also made me very wet, so after our best fuck in recent memory I told him that I was all for it if we could only find a good spot.

The next three or four weekends we went out around town, looking for the perfect public spot for our little rendezvous. We found one spot that seemed good at a local park, but while we were kissing in our joy of finding it we were interrupted by three little kids on their way to the playground, so we decided it would be best to find some other place. Eventually we discovered the perfect location in the local mall. It was the dressing room for one of the stores, we had determined earlier that most dressing rooms would not be acceptable as they tend to have flimsy walls and it would be far too noticeable for us to meet there. However in this particular upscale men’s clothing store we found a perfect dressing room. The dressing rooms were located in a secluded portion of the store; also the rooms were actual separate rooms, no flimsy fake walls here. Additionally each room was equipped with a few furniture items; specifically there was a nice armchair and a table that had some small items for customers to use, as well as a tablecloth that went all the way to the ground. We determined that this would be a perfect place for us to meet and have our public fuck session.

Unfortunately before we were able to set up a time for our get-together Rob had to go out of town for work, the trip was quite a lengthy one, as he would have to be gone for nearly two months. We were very sad to be separated for so long, especially since we had planned such a fun meeting, however we were both overjoyed when we learned that he would be able to return for one weekend after he had been away for a couple of weeks. He had a flight scheduled after a short meeting on Friday morning then he would be able to stay until Sunday morning. We agreed that it would be most exciting if our first meeting after two weeks would be the one we had planned in the dressing room at the mall. We scheduled our meeting for my lunch break, it allowed him enough time to get to the mall from the airport and it also let me do one of my most favorite things all afternoon, specifically go about my normal life with my pussy full of Rob’s sperm. We agreed specifically which dressing room I would be in and that I should hide under the table and tablecloth so that if anyone looked into the dressing room they wouldn’t even see me.

As the day approached I was so incredibly excited. I decided that I should make myself up for the occasion. I got my hair done, not too much of a hassle since my natural bright red hair looks best simple and straight. Additionally I got a manicure and pedicure, both with nice shiny long red nails. That Friday I wore one of my nicest black skirts, it’s as short as I thought I could get away with at my office. I also wore a very nice gray blouse, one that looks pretty professional but also very sexy on me, my favorite thing about it is that it can hold my little B cup breasts without the need for a bra. I finished the outfit off with a brand new black thong that I’d gotten just for the occasion. The thought of Rob’s cum leaking out of my pussy into the thong all afternoon long got me so excited I had to finger myself a bit that morning as I was getting dressed and was nearly late for work.

All morning I was so excited that I don’t think I got any actual work done at all, however I was too horney and eager for my lunch break to really care. Finally it was time for me to go to lunch and I couldn’t get out of the office and down to the mall fast enough. I don’t recall ever being as turned on as I was as I headed for our rendezvous in that dressing room. Once I got to the mall I was happy that I was early enough to browse a bit as I made my way to the dressing room, even though it was very hard to resist my desire to simply run straight there. Once I finally was near the dressing bağdat caddesi escort rooms I casually looked around to be certain that no one would see me as I slipped into the agreed upon room. Once I was inside I quickly took off all of my cloths and placed them under the table, I stood up and was happy to see that there was no evidence of their presence. I went over and unlatched the door like it would be if the room was empty, then I slipped under the table myself. As I sat there waiting for my handsome stranger to come give me the fuck of my life I wasn’t able to resist the need to let me fingers wonder all over my body, the feel of my new fingernails was amazing, especially as they brushed my rock hard nipples, I knew that I would have to use them on Rob’s cock.

It seemed like I had to wait forever for Rob to get there. At one point I scared myself a bit, as I heard someone enter the room, I lifted the tablecloth up a bit and was totally surprised to see a large black man standing there, it was definitely not my husband. It was a bit scary, but I also somehow managed to get more excited as I watched this real stranger take off his pants. I was amazed at the size of his cock’s outline in his boxers, which seemed to be a couple sizes too small, I guess it is true what they say about black men and their penis size. As I stared at his cock outline I was fingering my clit frantically. I guess he had an itch or something cause he reached into his boxers and pulled his dick out for a couple seconds, this caused me quite a bit of trouble as I had a small orgasm and had to bite my lower lip to keep my presence a secret. The man finished whatever he was doing with his cock and put it back in his boxers before putting on the pants he had brought in. He looked at himself in the full length mirror for a couple minutes, then he sat down on the chair for a bit, I guess he was happy with what he saw cause he then took off the pants and replaced them with his own before heading out of the dressing room.

I realized then that I had been holding my breath since my orgasm and I let it out in a deep sigh. I was so excited, I couldn’t believe I was really doing this, I mean here I was absolutely naked, in the dressing room of a men’s clothing store at the mall waiting to get fucked. As I was thinking all this I heard another guy come into the dressing room, again I peeked out through the tablecloth and this time I saw my own bald, goateed, and not black husband. He walked over to the table and put down the pants he had brought in, I was impressed on his attention to detail for my fantasy. I reached out from under the tablecloth, being sure to keep my face as hidden as possible, knowing it would make the whole situation that much more sexy for me and hopefully him as well. I grabbed his cock through his jeans which caused him to jump in surprise, I could sense he was about to say something; I guess his attention to my fantasy hadn’t been as good as I had thought, since I’d specifically said there was no talking. I quickly stopped him from talking however: “Shhh, no talking.” That was enough of a reminder, because after that he remained silent as I slid his zipper down and reached into his pants.

I was pleasantly surprised when my hand slipped easily past a pair of boxer shorts and landed on his hardening cock. I was a bit shocked since Rob always wore tighty-whities even though I had told him many times that I found boxer shorts amazingly sexy. I was amazed at the effort he was going to to make this a great experience for me and quickly forgave him for nearly speaking a second ago. I dragged my new red fingernails along the length of his cock and felt it continue to grow; it was so amazingly naughty and sexy to be doing this all here. I kept up my motions on his dick as I reached out with my other hand and undid his pants, then I pushed them and his sexy boxers to the floor and he stepped out of them. As I watched his cock finish growing in my hand I had a huge urge to wrap my mouth around it, I grabbed his dick softly and slowly pulled him closer to the table.

Once his marvelous cock was close enough I worked my head out from under the tablecloth just enough to get it into my mouth, I was very careful not to look up at him, it was such an exciting experience I didn’t want to destroy it by seeing Rob’s familiar, although handsome and sexy face. Sucking cock has always been one of my favorite things, even before Rob and I got married, it was how I pleased my dates and was able to save my virginity for Rob, which we were both very happy about on our wedding night. Rob always said my blowjobs were one of the best things about our sex life; he loves it when I take his dick in my mouth and massage it with my skillful tongue. One of our favorite things is when I take his soft cock into my mouth and suck and lick it until it’s hard enough to fuck into the very depths of my soul, but I digress.

I could tell that he was very excited about what we where doing cause in about a quarter the time it would normally bahçelievler escort take, Rob was nearing an orgasm. I love to drink my husband’s seed, but not as much as I love having it in my pussy, so I slowed my licking and stopped the blowjob before I got a drink, I would have to wait till the evening for that, or perhaps tomorrow to wake him up.

Next I pulled my head back under the tablecloth and worked to turn around in the tight confined space under the table. After a bit I was able to turn myself around and started to inch my way backward from under the table. As I was doing it I imagined him getting an eyeful of my legs and finally my naked ass as they slowly came out from hiding. As I finished moving backward I shook my ass a bit to invite my lover to play with it. He reached down and began to caress my ass; it felt absolutely wonderful. He slowly moved his hands down near my steaming hot pussy, as he did so I spread my legs to give him better access. His hands stopped for a second as I heard him kneel down behind me to be closer to my ass. He then started to caress my backside again and I was in heaven. He kept touching me all over and it was simply wonderful, but he wasn’t touching my pussy and I was getting desperate to be touched there so I started to push my ass around toward his hand, I can’t believe how incredibly horney I was. I was very disappointed when instead of fingering my pussy he stopped and took his hands off of me. Rob normally only liked to caress me and stuff when he wasn’t all that in the mood so I wasn’t too surprised when he stopped, but still disappointed since I always loved his caresses.

I was very pleasantly surprised when instead of sticking his hard cock into me like he would normally do at this point Rob lay down on the floor underneath me with his head between my legs. I loved the few times he had licked my pussy, but it happened far too rarely, I couldn’t believe how amazing things were going, I thought this was without a doubt the best sex session we had ever had and I really hoped that Rob would agree with me, although I guess if not then I would happily fulfill some fantasy of his. As I was thinking about all this I suddenly felt a tongue flick my clit and I jumped with surprise, he had never done that to me before and it was so very lovely. Next he started to lick me all over and it was exactly what I had been needing all day long. I was amazed at how good it was, I figured it was because it was so sexy to be doing this here like this combined with the rare and wonderful feeling of his tongue along my pussy and clit.

The good surprises just kept coming as the tongue sending me to heaven suddenly slipped into my pussy and began to fuck me like a small little jackhammer. I was trying so hard to be quiet since we were in a dressing room in the mall, but it was so amazingly good that I wasn’t able to be totally silent. It was just a short amount of time later that I began to feel the tingling that comes just before my orgasm. When it finally hit it was so amazingly intense that I didn’t even realize I was shoving my pussy down onto his tongue as he kept fucking me with it. After what seemed like the longest orgasm in the history of time I began to calm down as the tongue in my pussy began to slow. I was amazed as even though I had just had my second orgasm of the day I became even hotter, normally twice is about all I can handle for a while and they are normally not near as big as that one was. I realized that I needed his cock and I needed it now.

I begged, “Please fuck me.” He wasted no time at all before moving to his knees behind me to line up with my hot and ready pussy. I felt his cock head on my clit before it moved slowly back past my pussy and just brushed against my asshole. Then it slowly slid back to my pussy and began to slowly work its way inside. When the head of his cock went into me it was so amazingly good I moaned uncontrollably but then I was very disappointed when he just stopped and held it there. I thought it wasn’t very nice of him and I pushed my ass back towards the great cock inside me, desperate to take more of it. He kept teasing me however as he moved so that only the same amount of cock stayed inside me, eventually I gave up, hoping he would at least really fuck me good after he was done teasing. Next he slowly pushed his cock deep into me, it felt deeper than normal, I figured it was probably because I was so wet, I can’t remember ever needing to be fucked so badly. He stopped when he was all the way inside me, I wanted him to fuck me, but it seemed he just wanted to tease. After a second he pulled slowly out of me then stopped again, it was pure torture and I absolutely loved every second.

I guess the whole situation finally got to Rob because the next stroke he slammed his cock hard and deep into me. I was shocked and screamed out as he started to really fuck me hard and fast, just like I wanted and needed him to. I could hear him grunting a bit as he hammered his cock into me over and over; it was so amazingly bahçeşehir escort good I couldn’t believe it. I was trying really hard to be quiet, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if everyone in the store knew what was going on, though I’m happy to say at least it wouldn’t be everyone in the whole mall, that’s about as loud as I wanted to be. I was so turned on and he was fucking me so amazingly hard, he was managing to reach deep into my pussy, deeper than he ever had managed to before. Not surprisingly I began to have the most powerful orgasm of my life so far after what seemed like only four or five seconds of getting the fucking of my life. It felt great to feel my pussy spasming around that hard cock as it kept pounding into me relentlessly. Then amazingly it got better as he began to spew his cum deep into me. Somehow my orgasm managed to become even bigger as his cum began to fill me up. My orgasm was so incredibly powerful that I guess I passed out at some point since I don’t really remember all that much of what happened after that. I only remember realizing that I was alone with my naked ass and cum filled pussy sticking out from under the table in an otherwise empty and completely open dressing room; the excitement of it all caused me to have a little orgasmic aftershock.

After I calmed down again I got up and began to get dressed, first putting my thong on and relishing as I began to fill the cum slowly leaking out of me into the thong. After I got dressed I drove back to the office and spent the afternoon enjoying the feel of cum slowly leaking out of my pussy as I talked on the phone, attended meetings, made copies, and so forth. I was so amazed at the wonderful sex from lunch and I couldn’t wait to get home and see if Rob might be up for a second round that evening.

When I finally did get home I had quite a big surprise waiting for me. I had expected to see Rob’s red Nissan in the driveway but the house seemed empty when I arrived. I figured that he was waiting to surprise me and had a naughty smile on my face as I opened the door and walked into the quiet and seemingly empty house. I thought for sure he would be in the bedroom, but when I looked it was empty, I thought maybe the kitchen since we sometimes enjoyed fucking there, but again no luck. I eventually made my way through every room of the house without finding my lovely husband. Eventually I decided to act like it was no big deal and pretend like it was any other day with him out of town, hoping he was out getting me a surprise gift or something. I went and got the mail and then came back inside and checked the phone messages, that’s when I got the surprise of my life. There was only one message, it was from Rob, but it wasn’t at all what I had expected.

“Hey honey-pie, I’m so horribly sorry. The meeting this morning ran late and I missed the plane. This small little town is so shitty that there isn’t another flight until Sunday morning when I have to leave to come back anyway. It really sucks honey-pie; I was so looking forward to being with you this weekend. I guess we’ll have to find some other time for that thing we had planned, I know you were really looking forward to it and I’m so incredibly sorry. Please give me a call and we’ll talk tonight and I guess I won’t see you for another five weeks or whatever. I love you so very much honey-pie and again I’m so very sorry.”

I listened to the message what seemed like twenty different times. I kept thinking and hoping that he was just playing around and he would jump out of a closet or something any second, but when I dialed the number for his hotel room he answered the phone and my tears began. I told Rob everything that had happened through my constant tears. I told him how I had been so excited and how I had seen the black man and how a guy that looked just like him had come in and I had fucked him, I don’t really know why but I didn’t tell him it was the best sex I’d ever had or that the stranger’s cum was dripping out of my pussy even as we talked on the phone. I was so worried that he wouldn’t want to be with me ever again, however I was also sort of horney and had to actually stop myself from putting my hand down my skirt. Rob certainly wasn’t pleased with what I did tell him, but he said he understood that I had thought it was him and he was willing to forgive me because it was just an accident and I hadn’t meant to cheat on him. I was very happy that Rob still wanted me but I also felt really bad about what had happened, partially because I had actually cheated on my husband, but mostly because I couldn’t believe how amazingly good it had been. Even though it made me sad, later that night when I thought about what had happened it made me horney more and I had to play with my clit until I came before I could get to sleep.

Rob came home eventually and I tried to convince him to give my fantasy another try, but he wasn’t up for it, not even when I told him we could come up with some sort of secret password to make sure the same thing didn’t happen again. He obviously still loved me but it seemed he thought I was tainted somehow now. That was why when I found out a few weeks later that I was pregnant I told him the baby was due two weeks before what the doctor had told me, we were both very happy as we had always wanted a family, I couldn’t make myself tell him that the child was most likely the other man’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32