Drive-In Theatre

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It was my first summer break from college. Many of my classmates had returned home and found ourselves in an impromptu reunion at the local drive-in, there to see “Wonder Woman”. We were parked scattered around the lot…my vintage VW camper was towards the back…but we started running into each other on the lot before the show and before you know it, we had a gathering of around a dozen behind the snack bar.

I was the skinny hippie kid in school who nobody talked to except to maybe toss a homosexual reference at (even though I wasn’t) but here, everybody was asking how I was doing. How everybody was doing. Eager to hear stories and tell their own. It was as if nearly a year of being in new environments had changed everyone’s attitudes and perspectives. They’d all…grown up.

One of these people was Cindy, who had come with Brad and Carrie. Brad and Carrie were the big deal couple in high school. They dated three of their four high school years and ended up in different colleges. They were obviously still very together. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Cindy and Carrie were best friends. I sort of had a thing for Cindy, a long haired brunette who fit her jeans well, but she was way out of my league. But I couldn’t help feeling that she was looking at me tonight, maybe even making signals. I decided I was imagining things. Dusk settled in and I excused myself to get a popcorn and soda before the movie started. I headed back to my camper.

The movie started. Pretty dark feature for a drive-in screen. I was thinking I should’ve gone to the şirinevler türbanlı escort indoor theatre when I heard footsteps approaching and Cindy leaned into my open window.

“Thanks for getting my hints,” she deadpanned.

“What? What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You could’ve invited me to come with you,” she replied.

I was stunned. “You wouldn’t have given me the time of day in high school. Why in the world…”

She cut me off. “Yeah, well, I can’t sit with the horny toads. Those two are like rabbits. I don’t need to see that.”

I busted out laughing.

“I suppose you didn’t get me a Coke, either,” she said, looking at my snacks. “I’ll be back.”

She re-appeared five minutes later with a pop of her own and climbed in the passenger door. She glared at me from time to time as if she were annoyed that I wasn’t a mind reader. She eventually looked in the back and remarked “Maybe we should switch cars with those two. That back seat fold into a bed?”

“It does,” I replied.

“Ever have a use for it?”

“None of your business!” I chuckled.

“Well pardon me,” she deadpanned. I don’t recall you dated in school.”

“Well they weren’t exactly lining up, you know,” I replied flatly.

“We’re not supposed to line up,” she retorted. “Guys are supposed to woo us. Are you seriously telling me you had this van and never had sloppy bad teenage sex in it? Actually wait…I KNOW you had bad sloppy teenage sex in here because Robin Wright said she got her şirinevler ucuz escort cherry popped in this thing.”

Oh GOD. Robin had told her about that?

“Told EVERYBODY,” Cindy replied as if she were reading my thoughts. Everybody in the locker room, anyway. She was pretty detailed about what your dick looked like. She said you got a thick head but that it fit well…”

“OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed involuntary, laughing and turning beet red. That got her laughing.

We got off the subject of my dick and started talking about where the year had taken us. We chatted through the feature, sharing memories and popcorn. The vibe between us was getting stronger as the evening passed. We teased each other and got a little playful, or as playful as we could as the front seats were a ways apart with open center access to the back. Finally as intermission wound down and the second feature approached, she asked “Are you going to show me the rest of this rig?”

We rolled up the windows, locked the doors, and made our way to the back seat. She sat close to me and gave me a look that even I understood. I leaned in and we kissed. Slow, wet kissing. When we came up for air, I motioned her up and pulled the seat down, turning the rear into a bed. We climbed on and resumed the kissing as we embraced on our sides. I slowly ran my hand up and down her back to her ass. She had a hand up my shirt and was caressing my shoulder. I’m sure my erection was obvious against her.

We both leaned up and pulled our shirts off. I şişli escort undid her bra. She laid down on her back. I undid her jeans and slid them down, then fumbled with mine as I resumed kissing her, laying on my side against her I moved my wet kisses to her neck then slowly to her left breast and started sucking on her nipple as I caressed her right breast. Her breathing intensified. I moved my hand down her side to her legs teasing her pussy as I stroked by it. I kept the teasing up until she finally grabbed my hand and forced it to the front of her panties. I licked my fingers and slid them down her panties to her already wet pussy. She took a startled deep breath and released a small groan.

My mouth made its way from her breasts down to her pussy. I stopped to pull off her panties, then licked her slit, resulting in a very pleasurable sigh. I worked my tongue deep into her before moving to her G-spot and wiggling my tongue hard and fast. She got wetter and wetter and her breathing intensified before hitting orgasm a few minutes later. Her moans were tempered with her quick breaths. As she came down from the orgasm, I quickly slipped off my underwear and slipped my “thick head” into her. She suddenly stiffened with a deep breath.

“Ready?” I asked.

She quickly nodded and I slowly entered, starting with slow pulses and increasing the pace. With her first orgasm still fresh, additional orgasms came in waves one after another. When it was my turn to cum, I pulled out intending to cum on her stomach, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me up to her face. She leaned her head up and put her lips around my cock and I jerked myself off into her mouth. She took my whole load before collapsing back. I rolled off to the side as we caught our breath.

“Rhonda said you tasted salty,” she quipped. I laughed.

We ended up seeing Wonder Woman later in the week at the indoor theatre.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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