Druids#15 – Try Outs

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Eileen makes a selection:

Saturday Morning, Eileen and Walter awakened together. Somehow, during the night, they had gotten themselves into the ‘spoons’ position. Walter was very happy to be in this position. Eileen felt just wonderful and she seemed to relish the warmth and comfort; and, of course, feeling Walters morning wood pressed up against the crack of her ass. Eileen looked at the clock and knew that Ian would be up and very active shortly. Walter was just starting to think that an eye opener type ‘quickie’ might be in order when he heard Ian’s footsteps go from his room to the hallway bathroom. The sound of him tinkling was impressive. His mother could attest to the two conditions of the young boys peeing habits: ‘High Pressure and Poor aim.’ Hearing the splashing noise meant that he was, at least, ‘hitting the bowl’.

Eileen didn’t want to get up, but when Ian pushed the door open and walked into the bedroom she had to reconsider the options. First, she was completely naked (Mum called it ‘starkers’) under the covers. Second: Walter was not only ‘starkers’ but he was sporting a great big hard-on. Third: Eileen had to pee and she was sure that Walter was probably in similar need. Fourth: Ian was standing there, quietly trying to figure what to do next. Ian felt like climbing up on the bed and getting between them for a little playful romp.

Eileen, like any good mother, read his mind and made a quick decision. “Ian, mommy will get up in a minute, go down and find some cartoons on the TV that you and Walter will like, OK?” The boy just stood there, considering his options and then said: “OK”, and ran out of the room and down the stairs. Eileen listened for a moment until she heard the music from one of his cartoon shows. Turning to face Walter, she kissed him quickly and reached down to grasp his stiff cock: “Wow, he’s up early, and, apparently so is Ian.”

Walter smiled at her and returned the kiss. “Yeah, I’d rather just stay here with you, but I guess we had better get up.”

Eileen: “How quick can you be?”

Walter: “Unless I go to the can, it would take me a while. Unfortunately, my first priority is the pressure on my bladder, and then the pressure in my balls. But, in all honesty, if I relieve my bladder, this monster will probably relax, at least for a little while.”

Eileen: “But what about me?”

Walter: “Oh, sorry, I could go down on you real quick?”

Eileen: “No, I have to pee, too.”

Walter smiled knowingly and said: “Well, if you sit down on the toilet and spread your legs, I could pee right between them and we would both get relief?”

Eileen: “That’s a little disgusting.”

Walter: “All right, how about if you take the toilet and I pee in the sink?”

Eileen: “Funny, but no. How about if I just lay here for another minute and let you go first?”

Walter: “You know how I feel about going first.”

Eileen: “That’s one of the things that I love about you, but this time, I defer.”

So, Walter got up and held his stiff cock against his stomach with one hand while he walked into the bathroom. Thank goodness that there was a door because he would not like Eileen to see the way he had to lean over, just to piss with his penis so erect. And, as usual, as soon as the piss started flowing, the erection eased and he was less than half-way erect when he finished. A quick hand wash and he was clean, dry and flaccid. He went back into the bedroom and started putting on his underwear and uniform as Eileen had requested.

Meanwhile, Eileen scooted into the bathroom and got immediate relief. As she sat there, the thought suddenly hit her: ‘Did I just tell Walter that I love him?’ She finished up, washed up and took the robe down from the hook on the door. Pulling the robe on, she went back into the bedroom in time to see Walter sitting on the bed, pants already on, lacing up those big boots that he wore with his uniform. She walked over to him and stood herself right in front of him. She put her arms around his shoulders pulling him against her. Forgetting the boot laces, Walter wrapped his arms around her hips and squeezed a little.

“Walter”, she said very softly, “I don’t want to scare you off with what I said a few minutes ago. I didn’t realize what I was saying until it was out. I don’t want you to feel any pressure, so let’s just forget it, for now, OK?”

Walter: “I heard you, and I was thrilled. I was gone to the bathroom when I realized what you had said. For the record: “I love you, too”. Very much, and I hope that I haven’t changed anything between us by telling you that.”

Eileen: “Walter, you only make me happy. I have wanted to tell you of my feelings for a while, now. It just sort of slipped out, but I really mean it. Walter, I love you, without hesitation and without reservation. I am yours, if you want me.”

Walter stood and kissed her deeply. Eileen felt herself starting to react to him when they both heard Ian, yelling from downstairs: “The good ones are coming on now!”

Walter topkapı escort smiled, kissed her again and released his strong arms that were almost squeezing the breath out of her. She took a deep breath and said: “Hold that thought, today is going to be very interesting for you, I promise.” Remembering the last surprise that Eileen had arranged, a short course in anal sex, Walter was willing to wait and see just what she had in mind.

Walter: “Sounds good to me.”

Eileen went to her dresser and took a pair of pale blue knickers out of her drawer. She stepped into these and pulled them up under her robe. Walter sat back down and finished lacing his boots. Eileen went on out and down the stairs to the kitchen; Walter soon followed, carrying his ‘jacket’. He put the jacket on the arm of the couch. Ian was engrossed in the cartoon, so Walter picked up two of the other bags that he brought with him from the PX taking them into the kitchen: “This is for you, but really for me,” he said while holding one of the bags out to Eileen.

She took the bag and opened the top to look in. It was a small electric coffee maker. Laughing, she said: “Well, I did get a jar of instant this week, but this is better, right?”

Walter smiled and held out the other bag, it contained a two pound can of his favorite brand of coffee: “Right, I can make it if you want.”

Eileen: “I plan on learning, so here’s the deal. You go watch cartoons with Ian and I’ll read the directions. If I goof it up, you can show me your way. If I get it right, then we’re all doing well. You won’t mind if I still drink tea, will you?”

Walter: “Deal, and you can drink tea as long as you want. I’ll be with Ian.”

He went back into the living room and sat on the floor next to the little boy. Eileen sat at the table and carefully read the directions that came with the coffee maker. Soon the singularly pleasant aroma of coffee brewing filled the house and Walter was even happier. Eileen called out from the kitchen: “Oiy, you two, breakfast is served.”

Walter and Ian dutifully paraded into the kitchen to sit down for a good breakfast. Ian had his usual warm cereal (Oatmeal, raisins and something else) while Eileen and Walter enjoyed scones with butter. Walter still wasn’t sure just exactly what scones were, but the coffee really helped to get them down. Eileen uses sugar and milk in her tea but sugar was all that Walter needed for his coffee today. Eileen reminded Ian that he had to get dressed right after breakfast since his father was coming to pick him up. Ian didn’t look very happy about these orders and asked: “Can’t we do something with Walter today?”

Eileen: “This is your weekend with your father. Walter and mommy have some things to do, but it’s only some shopping and stuff. You will have a good time with your father, right?

Ian didn’t answer but the disappointment on his face was easy to read. He got up and started up the stairs without saying anything else. Walter asked: “How about if I dress him?”

Eileen: “I think that he would like that, his clothes are laid out on the toy box in his room. There is a little suitcase there too, can you bring it down when you are done?”

Walter agreed and found his way up to Ian’s room. “OK, soldier, let’s get you dressed and ready for action, OK?” Ian helped and soon they were back down in the living room, fully dressed, watching cartoons again. Eileen checked Ian only to find that he was ‘proper and fit’ and met expectations. Walter had put on the ‘jacket’ part of his uniform and Eileen was happy.

She purposely didn’t get dressed and kept herself in the robe. This was going to be a message for that Rat-Bastard Robert. About twenty minutes later, Robert pulled up and had to park behind Walters’s car. Walter stood up and took a position back, about six feet from the door, as Eileen opened it. Robert opened the storm door and took a single step into the house, stopping abruptly when he saw Walter.

Eileen: “Robert, this is Walter.”

Walter took a single large step towards Robert, extending his hand for a shake. Robert looked at Eileen and then back to Walter. He shook hands with the larger, uniformed man but didn’t have anything to say. He appeared to be a little uneasy and looked back at Eileen: “Is Ian ready to go?”

With that, Ian got up and said: “Hello Daddy.” He picked up his little suitcase and walked toward the door. Eileen squatted to give him a hug and a kiss, saying: “Be a good boy for your father, I’ll see you tomorrow, OK?” Eileen had squatted this way, fully aware that the robe would come open at the bottom exposing her bare legs for Robert to see. She knew that he would look and she also knew that he would figure out what is going on. Ian turned to Walter, saying: “Bye, can we play again tomorrow?”

Walter stooped down to the little guy and said: “We sure can, little buddy.” Ian hugged Walters’s neck with his one free hand and turned to go with his father.

Eileen: “Drive türbanlı escort safely, see you tomorrow-love you Ian, regular time?”

Robert didn’t say anything. He took Ian by the hand and walked him out to his car. Robert had a car seat in the back so there was no problem. Eileen and Walter stood in the doorway until they drove off. As soon as they were out of sight, Eileen turned to Walter with a big smile: “You played your part very well!”

Walter: “I just did what came natural. So that’s Robert? He doesn’t impress me.”

Eileen: “He was obviously intimidated by you; and did you see the look on his face when he saw that I wasn’t wearing anything but knickers under this robe?”

Walter: “Yeah, that actually surprised me a little. I wasn’t expecting you to do that.”

Eileen: “It’s OK, right? I mean, I really wanted him to know that we are ‘hooking up’, and that was my best idea on how to do it. I hope that you don’t mind, are we still OK?”

Walter: “Absolutely, we’re very OK. “He moved closer and brought her up to him: “So what’s on the agenda for the rest of the day?”

Eileen: “First, I’ll get dressed while you finish that coffee. Then you can change; we’re going out to do a little shopping, OK?”

Walter: “Need any help getting dressed?”

Eileen “Plenty of time for that when we get back, I promise. So, let’s go!”

Walter poured himself a second cup while Eileen changed. She came down wearing a reasonable pair of slacks and a nice floral blouse and flats. Walter did a cursory inspection and asked: “No Yoga pants?”

Eileen: “Not today, but maybe tonight, if you’re good.”

Walter: “Deal!” He charged up the stairs to get changed. Eileen was sure that Mum and Pappy could hear that stomping from next door. But she just didn’t care. “Let Mum get used to that.”

Walter came back down dressed in Jeans and a nice green shirt. He had regular black shoes on and looked like a soldier wearing ‘civvies’. They hopped in Walters’s car and he said: “Where to?”

Eileen: “Just drive, I’ll tell you where to go, OK?”

So Walter drove on, following her directions and soon found himself in the parking lot of a mall in a nearby town. As he got out of the car, he asked: “Why didn’t we go to the Mall near your home?”

Eileen: “Well, this one has a nice big pharmacy, and that’s one of the places that I want to go, OK?”

Walter had no problem with anything that Eileen wanted, so he escorted her into the Mall and they strolled down the hall. Walter spotted a women’s wear store and asked Eileen if he could buy her anything, like maybe, a nice pair of Yoga pants. Eileen giggled and asked him what color. Walter said that he thought that clear might be nice but he would settle for white, or black or red or even another pair of grey. Eileen said that she favored the white, for wear only at home, and that they probably wouldn’t have clear in stock. So, they went in and Eileen found a pair in her size. Walter was happy to pay for the purchase only disappointed that Eileen decided not to wear them home.

They soon came to the pharmacy. It was huge. Walter had never seen one this big. It was part of a national chain. They went in; Walter followed Eileen since she apparently knew where they were going. She found the aisle marked ‘Laxatives’ and got up close to Walter, whispering: “Do you remember what I told you about the Equinox ceremony?” Walter nodded and waited for her to continue. “Well, part of the ritual is the ‘cleaning out. Do you remember that?” Walter again nodded yes, but looked a little confused. “And that it had to be with water?” Walter did remember her saying that, and looked down the aisle again.

Eileen took him by the hand and led him to the area where the prepared enemas were displayed. “In the past, we used these. I didn’t like it, it seemed too impersonal and the water was cold. But this is one option, OK?” Walter was in agreement, still a little confused, but in agreement. She led him by the hand further down the aisle until they came to where the hot water bottles were displayed: “This is the old-fashioned type, effective and I think that this is what Mum and Pappy use.” Walter was beginning to think that he was getting a little information overload. “I think that it is a nice method, but not my first choice.” Walter asked: “And, your first choice would be?”

Eileen dragged him a little further along the aisle to where the syringe enemas were displayed. Picking up one of the boxes: “This would be my first choice; it seems so intimate and personal. I know that this method would take a couple of ‘shots’ to get the desired effect. But if I had to choose, this would be the one.” Walter looked at the box. The picture showed a rubber looking bulb attached to a semi-rigid tube that was three or four inches long. He had no experience to fall back on so he just said: “Looks good to me. Is that all that you need?”

Eileen took the box from Walter and proceeded to the checkout. “I have tüyap escort everything else that we might need, at home. We only need to get this.”

Walter paid for the purchase and they strolled around the mall a little while longer. The more that he thought about the enema bulb thing, the more his cock let him know that he liked the idea of fucking Eileen’s ass again. They had a quick lunch in the Mall and Walter bought some bagels to take home for Sunday Morning Breakfast. He wasn’t so fond of those ‘scone’ things. They eventually headed for home. They stopped for gas and a few other things on the way. As they neared the house, Walter asked: “What about dinner, want to stop and get something to bring home or I can always go back out later?”

They decided that a pizza might be in order and that they would call out later for delivery. So, Walter got them home a little after three. Pappy was in the front yard when they pulled up. Pappy was glad to see Walter and the two men greeted each other while Eileen went on into the house. The men chatted for a few minutes before they both went in the front doors. Pappy told Mum that Walter was down again, to which Mum responded: “You didn’t hear all that ruckus on the stairs this morning?” Pappy pointed to his ear and said: “I didn’t put my hearing aid in until after lunch, I didn’t hear anything.”

When Walter walked in, he didn’t see Eileen in the living room, Dining room, or kitchen. “Eileen?”

“Up here, Walter. Come on up.” He heard from the stairway.

Walter went on up and just as he got to the top step, he saw Eileen with the new Yoga pants on standing in the bedroom checking them out in the mirror: “Well, what do you think?”

Walter couldn’t believe how good she looked in them: “You look great, but no panty lines? ”

Eileen gave him one of her devilish looks, and said: “Of course not, no knickers.”

Walter grabbed her ass and pulled her to him. Eileen managed to turn herself around to face him. She could feel the bulge in his jeans and said: We can take care of that in a little bit. But first, I want to try out our little purchase, OK?

Walter stood there with both hands on the cheeks of her ass speechless. “Do you mean we’re going to do the ritual?”

Eileen: “No, that’s still weeks off. I just want to make sure that we are happy with the method and that we can do it. It would be too late to change if we wait until the Equinox only to discover that we don’t like it, or it didn’t work for us, Right?

Walter could find nothing wrong with the logic. “OK by me. What’s your pleasure?”

“Wait here. Oh, and shed the shirt and pants, I’ll be right back.” Eileen went out of the room and down the stairs. Walter still liked the view of her in those Yoga pants, but he busied himself stripping off his shoes, shirt and jeans. He decided to leave the T-shirt, jockeys and socks until he received further instructions.

Eileen soon returned with a round pan. It was white porcelain and looked like an upside-down world war one army helmet. She had the box, with the syringe in the pan. She handed the box to Walter and told him to unwrap it. She took the pan and went into the bathroom. Walter could hear the water running in the sink as he removed the bulb syringe from the box. He put the empty box on her dresser and walked the ‘works’ into the bathroom, handing it to Eileen. She took it and washed it in the sink. She washed the tube and filled it and squirted it out a couple of times. She had a little bottle, with some pale green flakes, that she sprinkled into the pan. Walter could smell mint. She filled the pan about half way and said: “Let’s go.”

Eileen carried the pan back to the bedroom and put it onto her dresser. She took a jar of Petrolatum out of the drawer and applied a thorough coating to the tube. She squeezed the tube expelling the air and then dipped the tube into the water. Releasing her grip, the bulb slowly filled with the warm water. She left it in the pan and turned to Walter, kissing him quickly:” OK, now you’re ready for this, right?”

Walter could only nod. He absolutely did not know what to say. He watched as Eileen removed her blouse and bra. She worked the Yoga pants down her legs and put them onto the hamper with her other clothes. She had a towel on the dresser which she spread on the foot of the bed. Taking a kneeling position on the end of the bed, she lowered herself so that her shoulders were on the bed and her ass was high, facing right at Walter: “I’m ready, let’s try it. Now, go easy and I’ll let you know if I need another. . . Oh. And put a little of that Petrolatum on me before you insert that tube, OK?”

Walter was again only able to nod, but thinking that she probably couldn’t see him, he finally managed to get out: “OK”. Walter picked up the jar of Petrolatum and scooped out a blob onto his index finger. She was bent over with her knees apart, so he didn’t have to spread her ass cheeks apart; he could see that beautiful little pucker clearly. So, he daubed the Petrolatum onto her hole. “Put a little on the inside” she instructed. So, Walter pushed ever so gently against her and his finger tip entered, up to the first knuckle. As he had learned previously, from her, he rotated his finger ensuring an even coating of the slightly sticky lubricant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32