Early Summer Play

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Many thanks to honeywldcat for editing this story

It was an extra warm early summer day. I had been working on my body to wear my new bikini. It was still too cold to enjoy the beach, so I decided to just enjoy the backyard. I had everything I needed; beach towel, oil, small pillow for my head, book and a tall glass of ice.

The ice was slowly turning into water from the sun’s heat. I was lounging on our new lounge chair on my back. I reached for the oil and realized that I had left it on the counter when I got my ice. Well, for this once, I wouldn’t stay out long and should be fine.

You were running errands and I was too comfortable to move. I thought I would start off tanning the right way, with next to no lines. I untied the neck, around the chest strings and laid them across my chest. I untied the waist ties as well. It was warmer than I thought and I felt sweat forming on my body.

I noticed a shadow cover my face.

“Hey, you are blocking my sun!” I said. I barely opened my eyes. Realizing that is was you, I closed them again.

“You forgot the oil,” you replied. “Want me to rub it on you?”

The sound of your voice and the thoughts of your hands on me made me beşiktaş anal yapan escort tingle. I heard you squirt oil into your hands and then rub them together. Straddling over my middle, I took a deep breath and you caressed oil over my arms and shoulders first.

The feel of your hands on me was getting me excited. I went to stop you as you peeled my top off of me. Pushing my hands back, you leaned in for a kiss to settle my nerves. Of course, fondling my breasts helped as well. Gently massaging the oil in and as you began to suck on my nipples.

My pussy was on fire. Little moans escaped my lips. I felt your hardness push against my middle. Moving down to my legs you began to rub oil on them and worked your way up. My breathing became more difficult for me when you reached my inner thighs. Massaging the oil in with a firmer touch made me squirm. Then rubbing oil into my middle, I felt my wetness increase.

I thought you were done until you uncovered my lower region, letting the sun’s rays beat down on my bare pussy. I forgot for a minute that we were in the backyard. I remembered and started to protest what you were doing. You bent over beşiktaş bdsm escort and started to kiss my neck.

While doing so, you whispered in my ear, “The oil I’m using is edible massage oil. You just need to relax and enjoy.”

How could I not? Your skin was so hot on mine it seared, and your smell was mesmerizing. I knew we had a privacy fence, but at this point I didn’t care if someone else could see or not.

Licking your way down my body I was frozen in place, as you tantalized my nipples with little bites. I heard you grab the glass of ice but it didn’t register. I couldn’t think of anything else while your tongue swept over my slit. You moved my legs so they were on either side of the chair spreading apart my hot, wet lips. They glistened in the sun.

I thought that I knew what was coming next, but gasped when you slid and ice cube over my clit and let the cool water drip down to my rear. It caused me to buck my hips, yet felt enticingly good at the same time. The ice melted fast. You placed another ice cube over my entrance, pushing it in a little, but it also melted fast.

Next you licked up the cool water and sucked my clit, maneuvering beşiktaş elit escort your fingers in and out. You fingers were cool at first, but were quickly warmed by my hot, wet pussy. The way you stroked my insides hitting just the right spot, I couldn’t keep still. I tried not to wiggle around but I was light headed and feeling intoxicated by your touch.

My breathing was uneven, yet I could hear you laugh a little because of my movements. I wanted you inside me and began to beg. I lifted my knees keeping them spread wide. I felt your tongue slowly slide up my burning lower lips. You continued up my belly, over my breasts and to my mouth.

Kissing me with a fiery passion, you entered me slowly yet eagerly. We both let out a cry of hunger. Your silky hard dick intensified my appetite. My noises intensified your energy. I loved hearing your labored breathing in my ear. Your movements increased with speed and force and I couldn’t get enough.

I let out a hard gasp and kept my usual loud YES quiet. Electric shock waves rippled over my body. I held you in me with my legs until you burst your essence inside, pumping hard. Sweat dripped off both of us. You collapsed on top of me for a few minutes. We then decided to go inside to shower off.

I wrapped a towel around me as I walked inside. Later that night, we discovered your ass was burnt and as were my shins and the back of my thighs. The pain of the burns was worth all the pleasure.

It was a summer day I would never forget and looked forward to the rest of the summer.

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