Eating Out w/ Big Baby

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Last night I was at my favorite Italian Restaurant enjoying a night out alone. The waiter showed me to my table. As I sat down and prepared to look over the menu I noticed that another waiter was walking with the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. She was a light skinned, thick gorgeous woman. Her hair was thick and curly and her smile was enough to light up the darkest night. I sat in my chair and watched as this beautiful woman walked past me. We made eye contact for a second and I knew I had to meet her. I had to know her name. I had to be with her. I continued to watch her walk over to her table. Her nice apple shaped ass swayed back and forth in her form fitting black strapless dress. Her tall black heels made her legs look delicious. I felt my dick start to harden just from watching her walk. In my mind I already saw she and I making love on the balcony of my apartment. As she sat down again we made eye contact. This time she winked at me as her waiter gave her the menu. I smiled as she softly looked away. When my waiter returned to take my order, I asked him to send the expensive bottle of wine over to her table. He quickly returned to the kitchen and came out with a bottle of Vista Serena Pinot Noir. He walked over to me and showed me the bottle. I gave him a note to give to her along with the wine. The waiter went over to her table with the wine and the note. He told her it was from me and to enjoy the wine. She looked over at me and smiled seductively. As the waiter opened the bottle and poured her a glass she read the note. The note said

I would love to come over and have dinner with you. Do you accept my invitation?

She looked over at me and motioned for me to come over. I grabed my glass of wine and walked over to her table.

“I’m glad to see you accepted my invitation”

“How could I turn down an invitation with a bottle of wine attached”

every word that fell from her lips I wanted to catch in my mouth just to taste her essence. I watched as her perfect red lips spoke me into a lust filled trance.

” So, what’s your name?”

“Big Baby”

The smell of her perfume and beşiktaş masöz escort the motion of her lips had my dick hard as a rock and wanting more than dinner.

“So what’s good on the menu” She asked as I took my seat across from her.

“The Manicotti is excellent”

“Is that what you’re having?”

“Well I might order that but I would rather have you for dinner tonight”

Her face lit up as I said that to her. I just knew she was going to slap me across the face for making such a statement o a woman I just met.

“Well dinner is served under the table right now if you’re hungry”

I was shocked by her response. I looked around and made sure that nobody was watching us and slid under the table as quickly as I could. She opened her legs wide under the table and the scent of her pussy was wonderful. I ran my tongue along her inner thigh until I reached her swollen pussy lips. I gently kissed her lower lips through her lace black panties. Again I inhaled as much of her womanly scent as I could with each deep breath. After a few gentle kisses on her pussy I moved her pantied to the side and got my first view of the prettiest pussy on the planet. She was shaved bald with one thin line of hair running from her clit to the top of her bikini line. I opened her pussy with my fingers and was awarded with her nectar which I greedily lapped up like a dog drinking water. I tried to stick my hand as far as I could into her huge pussy. My face was coated with her cum and I enjoyed every drop of it. She squirmed with delight as I nibbled on her clit. I forgot that we were in a public place and for what it’s worth I didn’t care. I shoved two fingers into her pussy as I sucked on her big thick clit. I felt her hand grab the back of my head and pull me closer into her dripping pussy. She started talking to me as I ate her.

“Damn you’re eating the shit out of my pussy. You like your dinner tonight, don’t you?”

I couldn’t answer because my mouth was full of her beautiful pussy. I decided to take things to the next level. I took one of my fingers and shoved it into her beşiktaş otele gelen escort pussy to get it nice and wet. I then took that same finger and slowly pushed it into her ass hole.

“Oh my God!” she moaned trying to remain as discrete as possible. I shoved my finger into her ass, as I licked her pussy like a mad man. Her thick red thighs, closed around my head every time she came; which was hard and often. I took my finger out of her ass and pulled her down in her seat a little. I guess from above the table it looked like she was slouching in her chair. I grabbed her ass cheeks and shoved my tongue into her thick red ass. I fucked her ass with my tongue and fingered her pussy at the same time. She squirmed wildly in her chair until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“I want to fuck you right now. I need to feel your dick inside of me now!”

I was ready to pull her under the table right then and there but she had other plans.

“Lets go out back in the alley. That’s a fantasy of mine.”

I quickly got from under the table. I didn’t care who saw me coming out from under there. I had to have some Big Baby right then, right now.

She grabbed my hand and led me out side and around to the back of the restaurant. We found a tall dumpster knew that was where we both wanted to fuck. We both wanted our sex to be as nasty and uninhibited as possible. She slammed me against the dumpster and snatched my pants down. She began to suck my dick. I stood there and let her do her thing. I looked down and saw a long trail of spit flowing from my dick to her face. I wanted to cum on the spot. I love it when a woman uses a lot of spit when she’s sucking my dick. I grabbed the back of her head and guided her while she handled her business. I was ready to cum but I had to have some of her pussy before I did that. I stood her up and turned her around to where her back was facing me. I lifted her dress up and pulled down her lace panties. I spread her ass cheeks and drove my dick deep into her fat wet dripping pussy. I slammed my dick into her again and again as she moaned with beşiktaş rus escort lust. I reached around and grabbed her huge breast and squeezed her hard nipples as I plowed into her. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw someone standing at the entrance to the alley. I wanted to stop but my body was doing it’s own thing at this point. I watched as this person got closer and closer. I realized it was my waiter coming out for his smoke break as he walked through the light of the street lamp about 20 feet away from us. He stood there and watched as I fucked the shit out of her. I felt the need to put on a show since we now had an audience. I smacked Baby on her ass and made it jiggle as I continued to power drive my dick into her wet pussy.

“Fuck me daddy! Fuck me like I’m a slut. Fuck this slutty pussy daddy!”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I went into overdrive. I took my dripping dick from her pussy and slid it deep into her ass. She moaned as my dick went deep into her ass. I reached around and rubbed her clit with my fingers as I fucked her ass. Her ass was tight around my dick and I knew I was not going to last long. The waiter stood and continued to watched as he smoked another cigaret. I felt her pussy cream over and over agin as I stroked her click and fucked her ass. I ran my tongue along her neck as we fucked. I felt my balls start to tighten and I knew I only had another few seconds before I blew my load.

“Get on your knees in front of me I want to cum on your face.”

Baby, turned around and did as she was told. As stroked my dick until I was ready. At that moment Baby shoved my dick into her mouth. I shot a huge stream of cum into me mouth. I was not expecting her to allow me to coat the back of her throat. I almost passed out as cum shot from my dick over and over again. When I was finished Baby stood up and said

” I do not believe in wasting cum.”

I looked up again and the waiter was gone. I turned to speak to Big Baby and she was walking away like nothing had happened. I stood there for a second trying to figure out what was going on. I walked back into the restaurant . Baby was gone the bottle of wine was gone and a note was on the table. I picked it up and it read

Thank you for the wine and the hot sex. The bill is on the table for both

xoxoxo- Big Baby

I looked at the bill and it was $750.00.! The bottle of wine was $200.00

It was 750 well spent. And I’ll spend it again if I ever get the chance.

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