Eight Minutes in the Car Wash

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We pulled in to the gas station and he put the truck in park. “You want to tell me we’re at a gas station at one in the morning instead of in bed at my apartment?”

I pointed to the long, squat building adjacent to the gas station, its drive-in conveyorized tunnel car wash. I’d done a little recon on it, knew how it ran, knew all the levels of service it provided, and knew exactly how long the Ultimate Supreme Wash Plus service lasted. I’d run my own car through it last week. I knew that in exactly eight minutes your car got the Simoniz double bond, the wheel brite brake dust cleaner, the tire shine, UV protectant triple foam polish, and a hot wax and shine treatment.

“We never get each other alone like this, and you want to spend our time getting the truck washed?”

“Come on,” I said. “No one’s in line.”

He shook his head, but put the truck in drive again and steered it into the entrance bay. As I looked over at him scanning the instructions on the payment console, my body was already tensing up in anticipation. “Ultimate Supreme Wash Plus,” I said.

He grinned at me. “Are you telling me my truck is filthy?” No, I wanted to say, I’m telling you that I am.

A minute later, the door to the wash slowly opened and he drove his truck onto the conveyor. The candy-colored lights on the entrance arch blinked, encouraging us to drive forward. Forceful sprays of pre-wash and water hit the undercarriage. As he concentrated on getting the truck in just the right spot on the conveyor, I quietly unbuckled my seat belt. As soon as the door closed behind us, I’d only have eight minutes. A loud buzzer sounded and the lights on the arch glowed red. As the door squealed shut behind us, he put the truck in park and looked over at me. “You’re acting very weird.”

“Put your seat back,” I said. “All the way back.”

The way he looked at me, I knew he was starting to understand. He did as I said. “Now push the steering wheel all the way up.” He did this, too. Then I crawled across the center console and straddled him. I pulled my shirt over my head and leaned into him. Putting my lips on his ear, I whispered, “I’m going to make you feel so good.” I could feel his heart thundering in his chest; between my legs, his cock was already hard.

Slipping off him, and onto my knees, I was grateful for the roominess of his F150, and also grateful, for once, for my petite stature. I could feel the reverberations of the undercarriage wash as I knelt there, running my hands up the inside of his thighs. I let my fingers dance ever so lightly over the crotch of his track pants, his hard cock making the fabric taut. He laid his head back on the headrest and I heard him take several deep breaths. I reached up into his waistband and pulled his cock out. I ran my tongue around the tip, licking up the glistening pre-cum. I took him in my mouth, sucking just a little at first, and flicking the tip of my tongue against the underside of the head. I felt his hand in my hair, gently pushing it away from my face so he could watch me as I sucked him.

I leaned forward and took more of him in my warm mouth, working my way down his shaft until I had taken his entire length and I could feel him at the back of my throat. I pulled back a little and let my tongue run along the throbbing vein that ran the length of his cock. His groan turned me on so much that I could feel my pussy start to pulse. eryaman genç escort “Look at me as you work that cock,” he whispered. I lifted my eyes to his face with his cock in my mouth. The way he looked down at me made me so hot that I reached down under my skirt and ran my fingers over my pussy. They came away wet.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and moved my mouth up and down his length, increasing my suction and letting my tongue swirl against the underside of his shaft. At the same time, with my other hand, I put my finger deep into my pussy and used my thumb to rub my clit. The sounds he made as I pleasured him were such a turn-on. I was so wet I couldn’t even finger-fuck myself properly.

Suddenly, the windows went opaque with cream-colored cleanser and I saw we were headed for the rolling brushes. Six minutes left. I climbed back onto him, but was surprised when he reached down and pressed the button to recline the seat flat. As it went horizontal, he edged himself away from under me and pointed to the seat. “Lie down and scoot up. It’s my turn. I want to eat that little pussy right now.”

This wasn’t part of the plan. This was going to be me pleasuring him for the length of time it took to get a car washed. And besides, I didn’t think we had time for this detour, considering the different ways I wanted to fuck him before the car wash was over. But the way he looked at me, I didn’t waste a moment scrambling up the seat so that I could rest my elbows on the back seat. He pushed my skirt above my hips and lifted me so that my knees were on his shoulders. Then he edged my thighs open with his head. The moment his lips touched my pussy, I had to stop myself from grinding myself into his face. As the rollers rocked the car back and forth, he ran his tongue first down one side of my clit, then down the other. Then he let it run gently over the top and I felt like I was going to come right then.

Being inside a private, enclosed space, with the roar of car wash implements in the background, stripped away my inhibitions, and instead of biting back my sounds of pleasure, I let them come. “I love the way you sound when you’re getting fucked,” he said.

“Put your fingers in me,” I said breathlessly. “Fuck me with your fingers as you eat me out.” He immediately put a finger in me, but it wasn’t enough–I needed more. He pulled out and worked two in. That was better. He leaned back into me and bathed my clit with his tongue as he thrust his fingers in and out. I opened my legs wider and wider until I had one foot on the driver’s side window and the other on the dashboard. He looked so good between my thighs. I moved against his fingers, my pussy gripping them tight. “That is so fucking good,” I panted.

The car lurched forward and was doused in an enormous splash of water, sending the creamy foam streaming down the windows. I realized we were now in the UV foam wash. We had four minutes left. He drew back and wiped his mouth with a handful of fabric from my skirt, and laughed. “You are dripping.”

I pulled his head to mine. “I want you in my pussy right now.” He grinned at me and ran his tongue over the edge of his front teeth in that way that drove me insane and I felt myself on the edge of losing control. “Then I want that bra off,” he said. I’ve never taken a bra off so fast. His hot tongue was on my nipple in a second, and I could ankara escort bayan feel the stimulation as keenly as if he’d been licking my clit. I groaned and opened my legs wide again, raising my hips to meet his hard cock. “Please fuck me now.”

He guided himself into my tight cunt slowly at first and he felt so good that I tried to pull him in the rest of the way, but he pinned my arm against the seat and tortured me by making me take him inch by inch. With my free arm, I reached down for my clit. “I am going to come so hard on your cock, daddy.”

He gave me that sexy grin again. “Oh, are you going to come on my cock?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He pushed himself deeper into me, and a look of pure pleasure crossed his face. “Oh my god,” he groaned. The soap rained down the sides of the window as the car was jostled by the foam brushes. He pulled back a little so he could watch his thick cock moving in and out of my pussy. I kept playing with myself as he fucked me. “That’s right, rub that clit while I fuck your tight little pussy.” He released my arm and pushed my right leg up so that it was on his shoulder. “Can I fuck you harder?”

“Daddy, you can do anything you want to this pussy.”

He started pounding me so hard I couldn’t tell if the truck was rocking from the foam brushes or from us. Water flowed down the windows again as the conveyor moved the truck forward, and I saw, for the first time, a security camera trained on the belt. I don’t know why I hadn’t even considered this possibility–I seized up a little, and he noticed. “What’s wrong?”

I pointed to the camera, and he wrenched around to look at it. “What if someone’s watching us right now?”He ran his hand over my breasts and tweaked my nipple. “You mean, what if the night clerk is in the back room, watching us on the security feed right now?” I nodded. He started fucking me again, this time with slow, deep, long strokes. “If he’s watching you get your pussy pounded like this,” he whispered in my ear, “then he’s stroking his cock.”

The idea of another man jerking himself off as he watched me get fucked was such a turn-on–I pictured him standing in front of the closed-circuit TV, spitting in his hand, and then jerking off his stiff cock as he watched another man get his cock off in my pussy. “That’s so hot,” I whispered.

“You like that, baby?” he growled, speeding up his thrusts. “Yeah, I know you want him to get himself off watching you get fucked so good.” This idea was so intensely hot that my orgasm crept up on me without warning. It bore down on me like a freight train; there was no way to stop it. I imagined the night clerk groaning as he stroked, watching me get fucked, then imagined his roar of pleasure as the cum exploded from his cock and streamed over his hand. My orgasm sent my body into a convulsion. “Fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming so fucking hard, oh my god, don’t stop!” I clamped down on his hips with my thighs and my pussy throbbed. I threw my head back and cried out so loud that I was sure I could be heard over at the gas station. “God, I’m about to fill you up,” he said, as the truck lurched forward again, into the last segment of the wash, the hot wax. Though I was still swimming in the waves of pleasure from my orgasm, I put both hands on his chest and pushed him off me. We only had two minutes left. He looked down at me, confused. “What are you doing?”

I sincan escort pulled my legs up and flipped over so that I was lying on the inclined seat face-down. “I want you to finish in my ass.” I heard his sharp intake of breath behind me. He gently ran his hands across my buttocks. “Are you sure?”

I looked over my shoulder at him, biting my lower lip. “What are you waiting for?” He fingered my pussy and used my post-orgasm wetness to lubricate my asshole, then pushed his cock back up my cunt to get it wet.

As I watched the hot wax droplets sprinkle onto the rear windshield, he used his hand to push on the small of my back so my ass was raised up. I reached behind me and pulled my cheeks open so he could push the head of his cock inside me. He went slowly, pushing against the resistance, and for a moment, I couldn’t imagine there was any way he could get his big cock inside that tiny hole. He reached underneath me and hooked his finger in my pussy while, with his other hand, he continued to thread his cock into my ass. I gasped as I began opening up to accommodate him–a strange sensation, edged with pain. I knew beyond it was an entirely different kind of pleasure, the kind that was impossible to put into words, but he had to push himself entirely inside my ass to get me there. He continued lubricating his shaft with my juices, easing his way into me.

“Holy shit,” he groaned. I rocked my hips against him to take him those last couple inches, and finally I felt his body against my ass. He was balls-deep and slowly started working his cock in and out of my tight hole. He pushed my head down and tangled his fingers in my hair. “Beg for it,” he whispered. “Tell me how bad you need to get your ass fucked.” I clenched against his cock, barely able to speak. He pulled my hair harder. “Beg for it.”

“Oh, daddy, I fucking need that cock in my ass.”

He reached around beneath me and found my clit. He flicked it rhythmically in just the right place, faster and faster as he fucked me. The sensation was so good it was almost unbearable. I ground my hips against him. “Fuck yes,” he growled, “milk that cock.”

I felt the truck come to stop on the belt. The air dryers roared on. I knew the door would be opening any moment. There couldn’t be more than thirty seconds left before we were exposed to the world again. He took hold of the edge of the seat for leverage, using it to push himself as deep in my ass as he could go. “Right there,” he whispered. “Right…fucking…there. I’m gonna come, I’m gonna fucking come.”

Hearing his voice, hoarse with pleasure that I was giving him, sent me careening toward the edge, and before I even understood what was happening, I was coming again, just as he exploded in me. He roared as he filled me up with his cum.

I could see the tunnel growing lighter as the door slowly opened, but I could barely move; my legs were quivering. As the hum of the giant dryers ceased, he helped me sit up. The blinking lights of the exit arch lit up his face as he smiled down at me. He started to say something, then just shook his head, and tucked himself back into his track pants. As I pulled my shirt back on and smoothed my skirt, I could feel his cum dripping out of me, but I didn’t care. I fell against the window like a rag doll. I was completely used up. He readjusted the driver’s side seat and reset the rear-view mirror, which I’d kicked askew.

The door was all the way open now, revealing the bays of fuel pumps and illuminated lottery signs. As he steered his truck out of the car wash and past the gas station, I saw a single figure in front of the window, watching us as we drove away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32