Enjoy your Day

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I woke up early, looking forward to another day of working from home. I threw on a pair of shorts and stumbled upstairs to make coffee and unload the dishwasher.

That done, I carry two Yeti Mugs full of coffee downstairs, leaving one on the nightstand beside R and turning on the tv so she can slowly wake up to the “news.”

I then take mine into the other room and turn on some music to cover the TV’s sound drifting in. News, or rather what passes for news these days, is not something that starts off my day in a way I want. I begin scribbling in my notebook, dumping the thoughts my brain chewed on during the night.

Last night that didn’t amount to much, just random fluff and images in my head of R and I doing dirty intimate things.

I dump my brain into the notebook and head for the shower. Even though I am working from home, I am trying to start my day with a routine, including a hot shower ending in a few minutes of cold to kick start the system. sarıyer escort Somewhere in that time, R came in and brushed her teeth, and headed back to the bedroom.

I finish up and get out, dry off, and take care of my beard and hair. Again trying to stick to a routine as that is your religion when you work from home.

I wrap my towel around me and head for the bedroom to get dressed. I was expecting to find my goddess back under the covers watching the news and easing herself into her day. That is not at all what I see.

Instead, I find R sitting on the edge of the bed, her eyes closed, legs spread, and her fingers are moving softly on her pussy.

I stand there for a moment, my towel falling to the floor, and my cock twitching as her fingers work themselves into the folds of her lips towards her clit. A soft moan drifts from her.

Then her eyes open and meet mine, and she lifts her fingers away from her pussy and points silivri escort to the floor in front of her and says commandingly, “Knees.”

I mindlessly move that way, my cock even harder. I am soon at eye level with her now wet pussy, and I can now smell her arousal, and to say that feeds my own would be an extreme understatement. The smell is one of my senses that stokes my inner fires, and R well knows that and reruns her fingers between her lips, across her clit, and reaches forward to graze my lips lightly. I breathe deeply, and I am hungry for her hot pussy.

She softly but with clear intent grabs my hair and pulls my face into her. I try to start slow and lick along the lips, but that is not what she wants. She begins to not so gently fuck my face.

She shows no concern for anything other than her immediate need, not even my growing demand for air.

I am not going to complain as I wouldn’t have it any other way. Serving şirinevler escort her passion is a happy place that I don’t spend near enough time. All I want is for her to reach her climax, and soon that is what happens. She screams, tightens her legs around my head, and pulls my hair even harder.

Then she relaxes and catches her breath.

I move my hands towards my now achingly hard cock, but she puts her foot in the way and pushes my hand back.

She follows that with a firm and breathy, “No.”

Then touching a finger to the head of my penis, she catches a large drip of precum that has formed and spreads that light on my lips.

I am now the one that is breathing heavily. The combination of her juices all over my face and the dirtiness of tasting my own as well flips all of my switches.

“I have plans for that hard cock of yours later, and I want you to be desperate to serve my every whim. So hands-off.”

She immediately follows that with, “Don’t wash your face too well either. I want you to smell me all day, reminding you of what awaits you later.”

It will be a very long day, but with the promise of serving my goddess in any way she desires, knowing that she always rewards her ardent worshiper in her own time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32