Entering the Blonde Dream Pt. 01

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The key turned in the lock. The briefcase was positioned just behind the door, as usual. A car’s lights flashed behind the door’s stained glass.

I suddenly realised that lights were off in the house, and that there was an unusual darkness about the place. Normally, I would hear the radio being on and Lena’s quiet, recognisable movements in the kitchen. Or a TV on. Today, nothing. Not a sound.

I did reach the light switch to put the dim hall light on. A note was attached to the switch, simply stating, “The living room”. It was in Lena’s handwriting. Very mysterious and unusual. Particularly since I could see from where I stood that no light was on in the sitting room.

I took off my black suit and tie, flying it over the staircase railing, and proceeding to the indicated destination. It was pitch dark in there.

I took two steps inside. The curtains were drawn, making it truly dark. A figure moved behind me and the door closed softly, now truly enveloping me in complete darkness.

Hands covered my eyes, and the softness of the skin was definitely Lena’s. “What…” I started, but as she leaned in to kiss my neck gently, I felt the touch of her body against my shirt-clad body. A hardness stirred in my member – she was wearing no clothes. “Wow,” I uttered, stupidly.

My eyes were starting to get accustomed to the dark and her shadowy figure was made apart from the rest of the room. The shape moved around me, and knelt before me. The stirring morphed into hardness. By the time she got it out, it was fully erect.

“No talking,” she pre-empted my question. “No reason,” her soft voice whispered. “Just felt like it.”

Almost involuntarily, I parted my legs when my trousers and pants pooled round my ankles. A wrist wrapped round my cock and slid down to its base. Warm, invisible mouth followed, engulfing it in the wet. “Fuck.” I heaved the words in surprise.

She focused on the tip, her tongue swirling deftly around it, occasionally going deeper, then leaving it with a loud slurp. Couldn’t see a thing – I focused on the sensations.

A trembling, shaky sound trickled out of my lips when her mouth moved down the throbbing hardon. It was impossible not to move hips to try and meet her lips, not to thrust into her mouth. She was more than willing to oblige, taking me deep.

Now, my cock dripping with her spit, oozing precum, hitting the roof of her mouth, I needed her. Overcome, I commanded, rather harshly, “Come here!” pulling her by the shoulders up. I as instantly in place, melting, as my cock rubbed against her pussy, trapped momentarily between her thighs.

I felt her extend her arms – she was reaching for the standing light switch. As it clicked, the room was flooded by light. Once the being blinded by it passed away, I saw her eyes, loving and lusting, wide-open, looking directly into mine. That gorgeous blonde face.

In the split second, the love transformed into need and I found her lips with mine, pulling, tugging, challenging. Tongues duelled soon, darting in and out.

When we parted, panting, she licked her lips. It took me just a second to gaze down at her breasts, grazing against my chest, heaving. Her pink, erect nipples beckoned me. Her tits, large enough, şişhane escort but not too sizeable to overwhelm, have always been her treasure as far as I was concerned. But today, the prelude we just had, made them even more enticing, sexy and alluring. Turned them from “breasts” to “knockers”, turning love into lust in an instant.

Seconds later, she was sitting on the dressing table at the wall, her legs wrapped around my waist, crossed against my ass. My shirt didn’t follow me here, and was already on the floor whilst I was feasting on her tits.

Can’t not cherish, and be spurred by, Lena’s tits. Smooth, kissable skin, the tightness of her tits and the call of her nipples, erect and contrasting with the pale white skin of her breasts – these are just for starters. The tits fit my mouth perfectly, too, filling my greedy, hungry face just enough, giving sufficient space for my tongue to mould it into shape and to suck her nipples and tug them by pursing my lips.

I was never gentle with Lena’s tits. I demanded obedience and submission. There was no question she loved it, and now was no exception. Gentle kisses and sucking finished after a mere 10 seconds, replaced by slow, but hard and methodical, sucking of the tits, one after another, into my mouth, filling it whole. There, what I called “deep sucking” took place: grabbing her tit with one hand, holding it in place and slowly, insistently sucking it into my mouth. Then releasing it with a loud sound, watching my spit drip down off her glistening breast. And once catching my breath, repeat on the other one.

None of this happened in silence, of course. Lena was neither quiet nor shy with her words. Her moans would be directed straight into my ears, ensuring more sexual attention and more frenzy would go her way. Hers were moans of a quiet cat to begin with. After a while, these would transform into louder, more continuous groans, eventually loud enough to bang against the walls, echoing back towards us. She did this with sucking tits, cunnilingus and fucking. It turns me on to no end witnessing her turn from a gentle flower-like kitten to a wild tiger. Of course, even the kitten used dirty words. Lena never ever swears outside of sex, so it becomes an ever greater turn-on during erotic action. The transformation guarantees her continuous hard-on in her lover. Right now, too, when I first touched her nipples, swirling my tongue around, she purred in appreciation. The purrs are not just sounds, though. Rather, they are words uttered very slowly. Today, it was, “O-o-o-oh… h-o-o-o-t…” spread over 10 seconds or so. These get shorter as the action intensifies. When I slipped her entire tit into my mouth and sucked hard, she acknowledged, “fucking hot!” and asked me to “suck’em hard”. Another minute or so and screams, “fuck! fuck!”, “suck those tits more!” and “give your slut what she deserves!” With that, flashes of my cock ramming into her ass and cumming on her tits are all too common in my head.

Then it is what she does. Once she knows my cock is hard, she grabs it and works it. She doesn’t forget the balls, either, but most of all, she uses the precum to lubricate the tip; the instant stirring in my groin that takes place leads to even şişli anal yapan escort harsher application of my lips to her tits. Lena loves sucking on her fingers, tasting the precum.

Then she works magic with her hands. Pushing my head down onto her tits is one thing, but she also helps position them for me by wrapping her hands round them for me or just playing with and squeezing the other tit, currently unworked on.

I love the touch of her hands on my ass, which invariably happens. Lena tends to use one of her hands on the ass, and rake the other through my hair. These moments are accompanied by swaying of her body, synchronising, seemingly without much effort, of her back in particular with my face, that is when I lean in to suck her tits, she meets my movements by pushing them forward, ensuring more of them inside my throat.

Picture all this, then: the touch and feel of her tits against my tongue, her slender fingers working a handjob on my cock, her “I’m your whore” spoken into my ear while she strokes my hair and massages my ass and the frenzy that ensues. Now, I had fucked many girls before Lena, but there is no comparison to this. This is the chocolate where you have previously only had marmite.

When I was satisfied with sucking her tits, my mind, that is what was left of it, was intent on ramming her hard. I was clearly getting a present tonight, so chances for that were rather high. My cock, throughout all that time, was dripping with precum already; it was getting rubbed against her pussy when I was busy with her tits.

“How do you want me?” Her question was a clear indication that tonight was different. Often, at this stage, it would be time for me to eat out her pussy, but it looked like today I was getting what I wanted. My lips curled in a wry satisfied smile. I whispered the answer into her ear. Her eyes widened in what looked like genuine anticipation.

What I wanted needed a little setup, but it was a matter of a minute, positioning our bodies. I wanted an animalistic, depersonalised sex, where I am in control, and she just receives. Previously, even with Lena, I didn’t entertain this thought, but today with all this, I plucked up the courage.

The blanket off the sofa was flung quickly onto the carpet. Lena first lied down on her back. What she did next, at my command, was rather acrobatic, which is what we men like in our girls! She raised her legs up, spread them and then bent her body to place them back on the floor beneath her face (this is sometimes called a “butter churner” position). The raised her ass high up, exposing her bald, shaven pussy to my view. She now grabbed her ankles with her hands, immobilising them. With my cock as hard as it can possibly get, I pushed a few cushions under her body.

I grabbed my cock now and rubbed it hard against her clit. The advantage of this position is not only a complete exposure of her groin to me, it’s also that she can watch from the floor what I am doing.

I crouched above her now, my cock poised directly at her exposed pussy. The look on her face was pure lust. I made my first dip now. It felt insanely dirty, like fucking an animal. It was incredible. The hard rigid cock, şişli bdsm escort like a rod, sliding into a hole. And, my, was she tight! She groaned at that first entry and licked her lips. I pushed in properly now, feeling her warm moist insides pulsate around me. The heat wouldn’t let me stay in one place for long. I slid out, instinctively, automatically, involuntarily, watching Lena moan out an “Oh fuck!” and grab and squeeze both of her hard tits with her hands for a few seconds, before returning them to hold her ankles in place.

My cock returned to the surface, glistening with her juices. My hazed mind poised it now directly over the gaping hole. If she was an animal, I was an animal. Succumbing to the drive now, I began:

First, I started slow and rhythmical movements, and shallow, moving my hips down and up just slightly, the head of my cock only just disappearing within her. She pursed her lips, her rack visibly heaving. Her low, continuous moans spurred me on.

Next, I went still slow, but deeper, watching the rod slide all the way down and up. It was now, too, that I added my fingers, rubbing her clit hard. “Holy SHIT!” she yelled, and hr thighs shook quite visibly. Getting now in a steady rhythm, rewarded by more moans, groans and wheezes of pleasure, I spread her folds open, too, in order to appreciate the pink of her flesh, rubbing her vigorously. Her eyes, now half-shut, half-open, she started thrashing about on the floor, continuing to breathe out dirty language: lots of it about dick, hard stuff and her being my slut. All before I moved to the final stage.

This is where the fucking turned into what can only be describing as ramming her. Steady, insistent, hard thrusts, punctuated by the slaps of my tight balls against her ass, our moans and yells with each beat. She was trying to hold on to her ankles but was shaking and her sweaty hands were making it more and more difficult for her to keep her grip. Myself, no longer was I seeing her as human – she was my sex toy now, an object toward the fulfilment of my desire. Unbeknownst to my conscious, I started slapping her ass and thighs; she did not seem to mind at all; in fact, it seemed to spur on her submissive self as her guttural groans clearly indicated. Her reddened skin only encouraged me towards more harshness. She was now more wet than I have ever seen her before; it was akin to going through melted button: smooth and slippery. She now was able to only shout “Fuck” in response to the thrusts as her juices, along with my oozing precum, attempted to eject from her hole every time my stiff dick left a little space for it to do so.

Although she has clearly now been overtaken by multiple orgasms – the spasms have been going on for quite some time, and it was without any doubt that the slapping action was only producing more – this net one was so sizeable that she left control entirely, and we found ourselves on the floor, in a heap, in a peculiar blend of sweat, stickiness, arousal and instant laughter.

It’s difficult to explain this, but this sudden, unexpected mishap resulting in us collapsing on the rug, breaking the steamy moment, averting what would have likely resulted in my own orgasm within two minutes at best, was just about as satisfying as my cumming inside her – or, even better, all over her pussy and ass (one can lick that off) would have been. Giggling, we turned to each other, sweaty, leaning in for a surprisingly tender, almost asexual kiss.

Then, she looked at me long and yelled out to the room, “Josie, you enjoyed watching this?”

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