Epic Head

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It’s Saturday, 6:00pm. They make excuses to their friends, saying that they haven’t really seen each other in many years. Now that they’re each married to other people, and now can just be friends, they’re gonna catch up over dinner out. No one finds this too odd – after all, many times they’ve been here together, it’s been just as friends. They leave, and head out to her car.

But instead of going out for food, they simply drive around back of the building and slip inside to his room. His roommate can probably be counted on to be gone for at least two hours, so they have time.

The room is small and cramped, but adequate for their plans. She gingerly sits on his bed, and he joins her. Eventually, he lies back, and she reclines down off to his other side.

They keep talking, idly, but the conversation takes a more suggestive edge. He stretches, putting an arm out to the right side. After a moment, she snuggles closer to him, head on his arm, hand on his chest.

Her hand starts idly stroking, first just the chest, then down in bigger circular paths to his stomach. Then she reaches lower.

First, she just strokes the upper legs, the inside of the thighs, teasing a bit, before crossing to the middle. She feels a hard bump there, and first just passes over it as it was nothing, continuing the wanderings of her hand. But before too long, she moves her hand back to the hard bump, and stays there.

Then she begins by lightly but firmly rubbing the spot, slow and steady. As time passes, though, she starts stroking in a more determined fashion, moving up and down along the clearly defined line. The bump grows harder.

She slides her hand up and begins unfastening his pants. Seeing she has difficulty, he reaches down to do it for her. She slips her hand in, under the band of his briefs, and begins to climb in.

She finds what she’s looking for quickly, a soft, smooth head, connected to a turgid shaft. Not yet having complete mobility, she starts by playing with the tip. She strokes it with her fingers, grabbing lightly between her fingertips, and pulls up lightly, as though trying to gently squeeze its juice out of it. She pinches and twists, lightly but firmly, twirling her fingers around the head, curling them under the lip and catching on it as a she pulls up.

Eventually, she indicates he should remove his pants, which he does, accompanied by his undergarments. His cock springs free, standing straight up, pointing at the ceiling. He settles back down again, resting on the bed.

She reaches over and outright grabs the shaft, first just holding it firmly for a second, feeling its pulsing. Then she starts to slowly move her hand up and down, caressing the shaft, stroking its length. Before too long, her hand is sliding up even further on its way up, lightly pulling her fingers up over the tip. She knows that’s quite sensitive, so she stays conscious of his reactions, judging and changing her firmness and speed accordingly.

On the downswing, her hand starts brushing şişli elit escort over his sack, occasionally giving a gentle squeeze and stroke of the gems wrapped inside. Her hand starts moving more strongly up and down the shaft, attempting to catch extra skin on her way up, so as to rub it, and not her fingers, over the sensitive tip. Every two or three passes, she twirls her fingers around the tip, giving it a gentle tug, but not often enough for the sensitivity to be too much.

His breath becomes deeper, steadier, and she judges it’s time to change tactics. She removes her hand, climbs onto her knees beside him and, reaching her left hand across his body for support, leans her face down, right hand free.

She just looks for a moment at the object of her desire, rediscovering it and reveling in the familiarity of it. She pauses only for that one second, preparing herself, giving him an extra moment of anticipation. Someone who knows what she’s doing, who loves what she’s doing, who wants nothing more than to feel the fullness of his cock in her mouth, is about to relieve a need he’s had for years. He’s glad they decided on this, if only for one time.

With her lips a fraction of an inch away, she breathes out warmly. She sticks her tongue out and lightly licks over the very tip, tasting the bit of juice that has already escaped. She licks again, still with just the tip of her tongue, but covers a slightly bigger area this time. She licks again, this time using a bit more of her tongue, so more of it is in contact with more of him. She keeps going, each time using a little bit more tongue, and covering a slightly bigger area, yet still just tasting the tip.

Her hands are supporting her, one to his side and one between his legs, as she tried to very carefully control where she goes. His cock is loose, and it keeps jumping around in excitement between licks.

The jumping around, she decides, is making things more challenging, so she uses her right hand to support the base. Not holding the shaft exactly, but keeping him steady. She continues as she has been.

It has gotten to the point that her tongue is now caressing his entire tip, so she just stays there now, and begins to lick more determinedly. She strokes the tip with her tongue, moving up from where it meets the shaft, lapping up to the top and off. She licks first one side, then the other, the top, the bottom. She comes from every direction, and he doesn’t know where she’ll stroke next. She begins increasing her speed as she does this, moving swifter and swifter.

She licks him, strongly, at a fast pace. Pleasure climbs, building up and up, him wanting to feel more of her mouth, more of him inside her. When it starts becoming too much, she swoops down and swallows him all, head and shaft, in her warm, wet mouth.

She holds him there, tightly, for a moment. Two. Three. Then she begins to tighten her mouth, squeezing a bit, making her mouth tighter. Then she begins to move.

Slowly şişli escort at first, barely moving, but she starts to suck as she moves her lips, her tongue, and the tight roof of her mouth, up and down in bits and pieces. He can feel his head and shaft squeezed between her firm tongue and the knob in her mouth, the one that makes her mouth so especially suited for giving head, the one that makes her different from everybody else.

She begins to move up and down in longer strokes, sucking as she goes. Slowly, she slides further and further up and down, up and down, up and down. She begins dragging up so her lips are coming close to the tip, and as her tongue travels, it sounds around the tip, sucking all the while. Each time she comes up, she either simply flicks the tip with her tongue, or does a full-on swirl. Sometimes she pauses in her firm, steady motion, to take a moment to simply twirl her tongue around the head two times, three times. Otherwise, her motion is very steady, reliable other than the moments that break it up. The pleasure builds, becoming intense when she focuses on the head, then abating after she starts moving steadily.

After a time of this, she begins sliding up and down more quickly, accelerating slowly. At first, it just seems to increase the pleasure, but as she moves quicker and quicker, the desire to reach the apex becomes more insistent. He doesn’t want her to stop this drive, and he tells her so. She responds be continuing to slide, to suck, to lick, swallowing his whole shaft now and barely slowing down when it’s time to massage the head with her tongue. It’s starting to just become a strong, wide stroke, not having time to do a full twirl, but it will do.

As the pleasure grows, and the desire to release gets stronger, she suddenly slows down, abruptly, and begins to get more deliberate again. His need lessens, but he knows he’s still close. The pleasure stays high as she doesn’t let go, she just keeps working in his cock, licking it, loving it. She loves this cock and wants it to know it’s wanted, desired, and she tries to show without saying that she wants nothing more than to have him explode inside her. She wants to feel his juices squirting the back of her throat, she wants to taste him, taste that sex, a flavor she has not experienced in a long time. She knows, finally, someone will show her how good this feels, how much he wants it, wants her with her abilities and willingness to pleasure him. Some one person in her life, the only one she’d do this for.

Her slow sucking stays firm, but starts picking up the pace again. She goes faster and faster, and his need starts to climb again, now quickly this time. Soon she can feel him turn hard as a rock, his head swelling as he gets closer… and again, she backs off, slowing down. The need abates again.

She pauses a second so he can catch a breath, then starts back up. This time, she means it, and it shows. She steadily takes all of him into her, swallowing him fully sometimes, şişli eve gelen escort his head going practically down her throat. She does this without effort, without gagging, and the increase in tightness is incredible.

She starts getting her hand into the action, moving it along his shaft, sliding up the so-slick cock, not going up over the head, but coming close. She loves the feel of the hardness in her hand, and he loves the added simulation.

He starts to peak again as she starts going faster and faster, stroking his shaft, licking and sucking the head, and soon she is in a mighty, determined drive. He can tell she won’t back off this time, and she doesn’t, letting his need for release grow stronger and stronger.

He becomes ready, and she can feel it, changing what she’s doing slightly, only to accommodate his extra hardness, his heightened sensation. She keeps driving, fast and hard, working to get him there.

And with a mighty groan, an explosive peak, an apex reached, he does. He busts into her, stream shooting hard, squirting all of his pent-up seed into her mouth and down her throat. He doesn’t know what she’s doing, but the orgasm lasts and lasts, sending paroxysms of sensation coursing through his body as he experiences an exquisite pleasure long denied him.

She almost cries with joy as he comes, finally fulfilled. The minute he busts, she swallows as much of him as she can and starts squeezing him in her mouth, making it as tight as possible, and she starts to milk him without moving. He comes and comes, seeming he will never drain. She swallows it all readily, willingly, gratefully.

He starts to come down from his peak, and she lessens the pressure on his cock. She knows that once he relaxes, he will be hyper-sensitive, and she still has plans, to bring him some last spasms of sensation, without it being too much.

He relaxes, his drained cock still deep inside her mouth. She feels it begin to lessen in fullness, drained dry, and totally spent.

When he’s relaxed, she still waits a few moments before doing anything, knowing whatever she does will be felt and enjoyed, almost uncomfortably so.

She relaxes most of her grip on him, and as the state changes, he gasps. Not letting up entirely, still sucking, she starts to slide off his cock, letting it slip out between her lips. He feels this keenly, so she goes slow, trying to drain every last drop from him.

As he begins to think it’s over, she slips him back inside her mouth, just letting it glide in, but she sucks as it comes back out. Yet on the way out, she pauses at the head, and places her tongue against it. Slowly, ever so slowly, she gives it one, final, twirl. The sensation is great, and she can feel him twitching, so she only moves a fraction every few seconds. After a minute or so, she completes her circuit.

She swallows him down one last time, but she knows he’s done, and she merely slowly backs back off and lets him slip fully out of her mouth. She pauses for a beat, then, as is her wont, kisses him lightly on his spent member.

She lies back down, head on his chest, pleased. So is he.


“Thank YOU.”

They don’t rest long, but they soon put themselves back together, preparing to leave. At least they had this, and neither regrets it.

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