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Aimee Ryan

I have auburn hair, green eyes, and stand about five feet two inches tall. My girls can be encased by a thirty-six inch DDD bra. And while many guys are put off by my aggressive nature, the lucky few I play with find out what a mind blowing good time I am.

I went to an adults only club house to try more adventuresome sex. A month ago this guy mentioned he wanted to try anal with me and I was thinking about letting him…

Now, I heard from my girlfriends that anal could be disastrous and painful. Therefore, I repeatedly tested the waters at home with a “back door” vibrator and lots of masturbation (which nicely balanced out the slight pain/pressure sensation). The sensations were unique gave me a stronger orgasm. This was interesting enough that I wanted to try things out with a cock.


The following is a story of a fantasy fulfilled.

I slipped, into the club’s hot tub and started talking with the men and women around me. Right away I saw the most gorgeous hunk with black hair and a hesitant manner. Turns out, that he is a new member and today is the first day that he decided to try out the club’s pool house/hot tub. We chatted and lightly massaged each other in the water while two other guys joined in. They focused their touch on my white soft mounds bahis firmaları and long limbs. Gorgeous was into my idea of not only anal but a long time fantasy of anal with me the crème filling between him and another guy.

The second guy we picked to join us was the one bold enough to be sucking nipples at the time. The man was a looker with the best sucking skills. 😉

My fantasy was on its way to being fulfilled.

You can not believe how wet that made me.

Gorgeous, Looker, and I got out of the hot tub and went to the club’s back bedrooms. We negotiated safety and play limits. IE the guys were not comfy with me tying them up and getting a little whipping in. Oh, darn. Guess I would have to settle for being fucked mindless.

I have to give props, my partners were creative, willing, and disciplined enough to patiently work me up before busting my cherry. IE it was a wonderful experience that I would be willing to repeat vs. 10 seconds of trying and “that’s enough” get me some lidocaine.

I wonder if they smelled the aroma of my musk and felt the excitement they inspired in me. Every time I felt a stroke on my soft plush folds or a mouth on my body I became even shinier with juices.

Looker used his talented mouth on my nipples while Gorgeous and I fucked.

Gorgeous put on a kaçak iddaa condom and fucked my pussy good. Boy did my hips buck. I felt so full. Each stroke hit my cervix just right. I smiled, as he buried his throbbing cock inside of me up to his balls. I wonder what he thought of my velvet sides, pussy grasping at his size, my flesh getting hotter and hotter as he speared me. I was tortured when he began to slowly slide in and out, and thought YEAH as he picked up a faster pace. Lots of lovely mini orgasms for me and a big blow for him.

I was still panting from my orgasms as Gorgeous had me kneel, this time I knew his attention had moved to my firm luscious ass cheeks.

By now, a lubed glove had magically appeared in Gorgeous’ hands. He took a firm grip on my cheeks, spreading them apart far enough to visually see my pink asshole. Then he worked in the lube. I looked down at his cock and saw it swollen, purple, and coated with clear pre-cum. Gorgeous inserted a finger into my ass, very slowly. Sliding it in and out as I focused on relaxing.

Next, Looker had me lay on top of him and as he was about to get a cock massage through the walls of my cunt when Gorgeous ass fucked me.

Gorgeous reinserted his finger into my ass, very slowly. Sliding it in and out as I focused on relaxing. There was very little resistance kaçak bahis from me. Without missing a stroke, he opened me up further. Again, very little resistance.

He began to press harder, and then backed off.

Again, he pressed but this time it was his cock head against my puckered rosebud.

He leaned inward with more pressure and popped that hot hard cock up my ass.

Yeouch?!? Discomfort but interesting. Pain balanced with the feeling of a cock up my pussy and Lookers talented lips on my nipples. Fullness inside, a soft peach being split open with a smooth slippery pressure.

Gorgeous leaned in further, slowly. I started to relax further. I allowed his aching, drooling tool acceptance. Each inch seemed to take an eternity.

Sweat was beading on my forehead now. I bit my lips to keep from crying out. He began to saw in and out of my tight hole, stopping just at the opening before slowly re-submerging back in until his balls spanked my pussy lips. Faster, faster, I was now lost in my own world.

I came hard! My tight asshole cinched around Gorgeous’ girth. Cries and moans from all three of us reverberated through the room. My legs quaked as the energy of my entire body was now being released through my hot dripping twat. I am very fluid when I climax. I literally gush girl cum and splashes of it rained down on Looker as I came three times. Gorgeous kept stroking me sooooo deep. Feeling my own climaxes triggered the guys.

Fantasy fulfilled.

Would I do it again?


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32