Getting Over My Ex

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Big Dicks

“What in the hell am I doing Abby?” I said, as I settled back on the couch and put my hand over my eyes. “It has not even been six months since the prick left. I’m not ready to date yet. I never should have listened to you!”

I could hear her sigh on the other line of the phone. “Grace! You need to get over him. Besides,” she giggled, “what better way then to get a little booty?”

“You are no help. I need to go get ready. I will call you when, and if, I get back”

I shook my head as I hung up with my best friend, walking in to my bedroom and to get dressed. Five months, and twenty-seven days ago my husband of eight years walked out of my life. I had known he frequented strip clubs, but it had never entered my mind that he would leave me for a dancer who worked there. I came home one day to find all of his things gone and a message on the answering machine telling me he was sorry, but she gave him what he needed.

I spent the first three months in my bed, never really leaving the house. One Friday night, Abby decided that I had mourned enough. She made me go to clubs, bars, and singles mixers with her. I have to admit, I loved being hit on, looked at, and asked for dates, but not one had ever grabbed my attention. I would come home and throw the numbers I had gotten that night right in the trash.

One night when I had drank one too many shots (I’m such a light weight when it comes to drinks), Abby convinced me to put a profile up on the same dating site where she had met her current boyfriend. I did it as a joke, not thinking anyone would write back, but I ended up getting a e-mail the next night from Bill. His first e-mail was very sexy, and sweet. Thinking about it makes me smile from ear to ear, and makes my body tingle.

We e-mailed back and forth for a month or two and even chatted online a bit. I was scared as shit when he brought up meeting. He must have sensed how scared I was, as he said we should meet at a busy restaurant, with a lot of people around. I was floored when he told me he was taking me to the most expensive restaurant in town. I dragged Abby out shopping with me, and told her it was all her fault so she had to help me. I must have tried on a hundred dresses. I had such a hard time finding one that was fancy, but not to sluttish, or showy.

Finally dressed, I step in front of my full-length mirror and smiled at my choice. The halter-top deep blue dress is a little too clingy, but shows off my 46 DDD breasts well. It is shorter then I am used to, Mid-thigh, but maybe I need to dress a little risky. I’m chunkier then I was 8 years ago, I used to have a strippers body, but I let myself go quite a bit. I tan weekly and wear nothing when I do, so I have no tan lines. I run my hands along my breasts, feeling how firm they are. My hands run down my sides, to my hips.

“Ah shit,” I think, “my thong shows!” I turn my head to the right, and the left, twisting my body so I can see my round ass.

“I wonder if I should go commando? It might be better then everyone seeing my thong.” I pull off the deep blue thong that I had gotten just for this dress and throw it on the bed. As I run my hands along my now smooth hips, I think “Ah, that looks much better.” I love the way my shaved pussy feels when I don’t have any panties on. I run my hand threw my curly brown hair, making sure it has not tangled up in the back, as it is known to do. Out of the corner of my eye I see my bedside clock reads 7:50. “Shit!” I think, “I have ten minuets to get to a restaurant that’s twenty minutes away. Just what I need tonight.”

Fifteen minutes later I arrive, bahis firmaları with slightly disheveled hair and a pounding heart. As I climb out of my car and look around for a valet, I lock eyes with Bill. He gives me a smile and everything else seems to melt away.

He walks up and chuckles, telling me, “Maybe you should let go of your keys so we can go eat.” He says it in such a deep sexy voice that my pussy started dripping on the spot. I smile and drop the keys in the valet’s hands. I wring my fingers as I wait for my claim ticket, wracking my brain as to what to say. Finally something pops in to my head.

“I’m so sorry I was late. I did not leave when I should have.”

Bill gives me a smile that makes me blush, “It’s fine,” he says, “you look so beautiful.”

I blush, yet again, but luckily I am saved from having to reply as the valet gives me my claim ticket. Bill offers his arm, and we walk in to the restaurant. I start fiddling with my purse, as it looks like we are going to have to wait for a long while, but I have barely put my claim ticket in my wallet before he puts his hand under my elbow and says, “Our table is ready my lady.”

I raise my eyebrows in surprise and just get a wink in reply. From the look of all the other couples, we have cut in line. But I hardly care.

He pulls my chair out for me, just like a perfect gentleman. They have so many things to choose from, I am having a very hard time deciding, and tell him so. Ok, so maybe I was also trying to stall when I would have to start talking about myself or him. He reaches across and places his hand on mine.

“I can tell you are nervous. Why don’t you let me pick what we have to eat? I come here often, so I know what’s good.”

I nod and smile at him and get another grin and wink in reply. I take the time when he is ordering to study him. He had sent me a picture of him, but it didn’t do him justice. His brown hair is in a short crew cut and his eyes are a wonderful shade of deep green. He is well shaved, except for a small goatee that is short and well groomed. He is well built, wearing a light blue shirt, with a dark blue tie. I did not dare to peek under the table to see what his slacks looked like — who knows what he would think of me then.

We lock eyes again as the waiter walks away, and I give him a timid smile.

“Relax dear,” he said with a smile, “I don’t bite.” He leans forward and says in a whisper, “Unless you ask, of course.”

I bite my lip as he winks at me. He rubs my hands and arms as we talk about his job as a police officer, and my job as a waitress. The waiter brings back a bottle of sweet red wine a few minutes after he had finished ordering.

“You know, wine gets me a little tipsy,” I said as I took a glass.

“How many glasses does it take to do that?” he asks.

I consider him for a few seconds before answering him “two or three.” I reply.

“Well, well…” he said in a deep, low voice “what would five or six make you do?”

My breath catches in my throat as he runs a finger down the side of my breast. I lick my lips and say, “I think that would get me down right drunk.”

By the time two hours have rolled around, I have had five glasses of wine, I’m on my sixth, and my head is spinning. We had long since finished our food, and I am just about sitting on his lap.

“How long has it been darling?” he asks, with his mouth right close to my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine.

“What do you mean?” I asked, batting my eyelashes at him.

“How long has it been since you have had kaçak iddaa a thick, throbbing cock in your pussy?” He licked my ear, running his teeth along it.

“Mmmmm, about six months.” I reply.

He chuckles in my ear, making me shiver again. “And how longs has it been since you had a hard cock in your ass?”

I gasp, shaking my head, “I have never done that.” I explain, “My husband was not in to anything kinky like that.”

He raises his eyebrows, taking my hands in to his. “Have you ever thought about it?”

I blush and hang my head. Whispering softly, I say, “I think about it. I have even fingered my own ass, but I have never had anything else up there.”

He tips my chin up with his finger and kisses me for the first time — softly, sending shocks down my spine. “Would you like to come home with me?” he asks.

I can not speak, and my face is flushed. I nod my head slowly and he kisses me again, This time a little deeper. “Finish your wine; I will get the check.” he says. I take a deep breath and down my wine as he pays the bill.

As we climb in to his car the valet brought back, I remember that I drove here also.

“Wait Bill!” I cry, “What about my car, I can’t just leave it here over night can I?”

He leans over and gives me a soft kiss on the lips, “Don’t worry, it will be here in the morning. Plus I think you’re too intoxicated to drive, baby.”

I nod and settle back in to the comfortable seat. “How far away is your apartment?” I ask, running my right hand up and down his arm, holding his hand with my left.

He smirks, putting his hand on my upper thigh. “Looking forward to this a bit?”

I moan and nod as he runs a finger up my thigh, just under my dress. I scoot down in the seat to allow him better access just as he pulls up in to his apartment driveway. I growl under my breath, my clit pulsing from just his breath on my ear and a hand on my thigh.

He pulls farther back into the apartments, and parks in one of the few parking spaces available. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “I can not believe I am doing this.”

He opens the car door for me and extends his hand. He leads me up to the third floor, to apartment


“Wow!” I say. “Your apartment is amazing! And very clean – hmmm, I don’t see you much as a cleaning type of person.” I tease him.

“I’m not,” he says, leading me in to the living room “But my maid is.”

I smile at him, taking a few steps until I am pressed against his body. “Will you please take me in my ass?” I ask, with my lips barely touching his. “I am so turned on just thinking about it.”

He picks me up and starts walking with me in to his bedroom. “I thought you would never ask.” He breaths in to my ear as he lays me on the bed. He un-straps the top of my dress with one hand, and runs his other up my leg to my shaved mound.

“Oh baby — I love how your shaved, that is such a turn on. You should have told me you didn’t wear any panties on the way home.”

I kiss him hard, and moan against his mouth as he uncovers my breasts.

He runs his index finger down my slit, just rubbing on my lips, teasing me. I moan and arch my back to try to get him to enter my lips, begging under my breath for pleasure He dips his head, taking my nipple in his mouth, just as he pressed his finger on to my how swollen clit.

“Oh yes!” I cry, “more, please more.”

He teases my nipple with his tongue and teeth, turning me on even more, if that were possible.

“Ohhhhhh, god you’re wet.” he said against my swollen nipple. He pulls down my dress with both kaçak bahis hands, spreading my legs to give him full access to my dripping pussy. He slowly kisses down my chin, to my neck, down between my breasts, down my tummy, to my shaved mound. He slowly flicks my clit with his tongue, circling it, teasing it.

I moan and wrap my legs around his neck, pushing his head against my wet pussy. He runs his tongue down my slit, fucking me with his tongue. He keeps on going, flicking my clit, then going back down and fucking me with his tongue. He kisses back up my body, kissing me deep, letting me taste my juices on his tongue.

“Do you want me in your ass?” he asks up against my ear.

I nod and roll on to my tummy, putting my ass in the air. I hear him opening a drawer and rummaging around.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

He puts his hand on my right hip and lowers his mouth against my left ear.

“Don’t worry; I was just getting some lubricant. It will be cold, but it will hurt a lot less for you.” he kisses my ear as I nod ok.

He takes his right hand off my hip and spreads my right ass cheek. I feel a small, cold drop on my hole. I gasp and clench up as I feel his finger enter me, all the way down to the next knuckle.

“Relax.” he tells me. “I won’t do anything you’re not ready for.”

I nod, relax a bit, and bite down on the pillow as he runs his finger in and out of my ass. After I have gotten used to his one finger and it’s sliding in and out easily, I feel four more small, cold drops of lubricant, and he enters a second finger in to my ass. As my asshole gets used to his fingers my pussy starts dripping, my juices running down my legs.

I reach down and rub my clit just as he asks, “Are you ready for three?”

I moan, and he takes it as a yes. I cry out as his third finger enters my ass, stretching it out.

“How many fingers have you used in your ass before?” he asks.

“Just two.” I say, wincing in pain.

He waits to move until I have relaxed and starts rubbing my clit again. He slowly fingers my hole, being as gentle as he can.

I start moaning, and shaking, feeling close to Cumming. “Oh please stop.” I cry out “I need you in my virgin ass, please Bill — fuck me now!”

He withdraws his fingers, and I feel more lubricant squeezed in to my ass. He presses the tip of his hard cock to my asshole.

“Get ready, relax, push back on me, and just let me get in all the way. I will stop once I am inside.”

I moan and nod against the pillow. I brace myself, but still end up screaming out loud as his 7 inch cock spears into me.

He leans down to my ear when he has gone all the way to the hilt and whispers, “I’m sorry if it hurts; you will get used to it in just a few seconds.”

I nod and slowly press back to him. My ass slowly stretches to fit him, and I moan “It feels so good to be filled up with your cock. Please start fucking me.” I beg him.

He grunts and starts thrusting into me with long, hard strokes. I start moaning louder, still rubbing my clit. My pussy juice is running down my legs and his. His balls slap against my pussy, teasing me even more. I start screaming in to the pillow, rubbing my clit harder.

“I’m not going to last much longer.” he growls behind me.

“I’m about to come!” I scream. “Please, come with me!”

He slams into me harder and harder, until I feel him empty himself into my ass. I start shaking and scream out loud as I clench my ass around his cock. I flatten out, drained by my orgasm, feeling my sore hole close up.

He lays out next to me, kissing all over my face. “Will you spend the night?” he asks, “I make some mean pancakes.” he says, winking.

I nod, laugh, and cuddle up to his chest, falling asleep easer then I have for a long time.

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